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10 Muscle Building Mistakes (KILLING GAINS!)

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The 10 Worst ​Muscle Building Mistakes that ​you should avoid. These mistakes are common for beginners that are starting to look into how to build muscle as well as advanced. If you're looking for the best bulking and muscle growth diet/workout you should first make sure you're not making these mistakes 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=man Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2wMv9NU TIMESTAMPS: Mistake 1 - Always Sticking to The Same Rep Range: 0:57 Mistake 2 - Undervaluing The Importance of Food: 2:53 Mistake 3 - Having Too Low of a Meal Frequency (Intermittent Fasting): 4:24 Mistake 4 - Overvaluing Supplementation: 5:44 Mistake 5 - Not Trying to Develop Neuromuscular Connection: 6:52 Mistake 6 - Working Out Too Much: 7:39 Mistake 7 - Avoiding Intense Weight Training Sessions: 8:57 Mistake 8 - Not Switching Up Your Training Style (Drop, super, tri sets): 9:58 Mistake 9 - Not Realizing Barbells and Dumbbells Are THE BEST: 10:48 Mistake 10 - Not Allowing Your Gains to Stack Up: 11:27 I've spent years trying to build muscle naturally and let me start by saying it's not easy. There's so much misinformation out there on how to build muscle as a natural and even if you were to find the right information there's so much of it that it's easy to get overwhelmed and not take action. I felt that first hand as ive gone through phases where my goal was to strictly be as bulky as possible and other phases where the goal was to get as lean as possible. Over the years of going through dirty bulks, clean bulks, cutting phases, trying different supplements, as well as constantly modifying my workout plan I went through a lot of trial and error. And I want you to avoid making the same mistakes that I did so you can see results as fast as possible by focusing on the things that truly matter when it comes to building muscle while ignoring the rest. So today I want to go over the 5 biggest muscle building mistakes that you're probably making that are preventing you from seeing the gains you deserve. Let's jump right In and start with the biggest workout related mistake that beginners and advanced people make. Always sticking to the same rep range. There is a rep range that is believed to better for building muscle and even though there's a lot of debate about what the best rep range is most people will agree that it falls somewhere between 6 to 12 reps. The best results that I noticed were always within a narrower rep range of 5 or 6 to 8 reps. However by constantly sticking to this same rep range you're going to have a lot of trouble making progress especially after you're no longer a beginner and results start slowing down. This is why you want to spend time with three different rep ranges low moderate and high. Your moderate rep range could be 6 to 8 reps. Your low rep range wlcould be roughly 3 to 4 reps and your high rep range could be 12 to 15 reps. You would spend two to three weeks working on each rep range and you would do this because each rep range has benefits that will transfer over to the other rep ranges helping you get stronger and build muscle faster. The three to four rep range allows you to lift a much heavier weight which will then make the weight that you were using for your moderate and higher rep ranges a lot easier allowing you to lift heavier weights for those rep ranges as well. With a high rep range of 12 15 or even 20 reps you'll be increasing your endurance and your body will adapt to an increased production of lactic acid. This will help you squeeze out extra reps at the moderate rep range and even the low rep range with the very heavyweight. Breaking up your work out into periods of low moderate and high rep ranges is known as periodization and this will allow you to continuously increase the intensity of your workouts in the shortest amount of time possible ultimately leading to some very impressive results. Your body is very good at adapting and periodization is a great way to constantly keep it guessing which is a big plus when it comes to building muscle. The next mistake is undervaluing the importance of food. If you happen to be a hardgainer you have to eat a lot of food to build muscle. if you're not a hardgainer you still have to eat a lot of food to just not as much. Muscle is metabolically active tissue and due to our biology and the way that we've evolved our bodies try to conserve energy whenever they can to ensure that we don't starve. So from an energy conservation standpoint your body doesn't want to build muscle and you're going to have to force it into growth.
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Text Comments (2766)
Steve (15 hours ago)
Resistance bands work very well
Pitt Bull (1 day ago)
best is to work out instate off watching all this cunts videos on YouTube looking for how and how meany lol
Lil Markos (1 day ago)
I'm 14 yrs old, i weigh about 49 kilos (108 pounds), i am 163cm (5"4) tall. I started going to the gym 2 weeks ago, my aim is to go consistently 4-5 times a week and put on weight by eating more. What should my calorie intake be? How much protein should i have a day? Anyone that knows the ins and outs?
Chris Cole (23 hours ago)
Don't start building muscles this young, you'll retard your growth. There is a reason you don't see young boys in the gym. Focus on school, develop good habits as a kid, then hit the weights when you are an adult. Seriously, you hurt yourself in the long run it you don't.
NIHAR (1 day ago)
First get 18 and then start with supplements...for now focus on study
Masood Sayed (2 days ago)
Take a shot every time he uses a picture of a dude on roids
Swole Ass JJSLAP (2 days ago)
A lot of bad advice in one video.
Titonik On Blitz (2 days ago)
Actually the thumbnail is wrong, you build muscle by doing more reps with a lower weight, but you build strength by doing a few reps with high weight but it's unhealthy for you heart
Dzintra681 (2 days ago)
#1 Assuming everyone trains for gains
Maxwell Parrish (2 days ago)
My gainz are better than yours
HackeRsWorlD (2 days ago)
This actually makes sense
marc duvurge (3 days ago)
This dude not even that big. Nigga you dont have to take no protein or nothin. Just do 700 diamond pushups a day 300 for pull ups 250 for abs with 10 second breaks. Take control of your stamina.
Isaiah Valdez (3 days ago)
I did not take protein shake I just eat right,sleep right, workout right and stay on track Change the plan not the goals And being patience for the result Bam. I got lean muscle good!
I can lift weights but one problem. It’s in my basement and I have intense arachnophobia. Anyway should I do over a 100 or 200. I’m a twelve year old trying to get big. Martially,sexually, and litterally.
Miguel Navarez (3 days ago)
Quick question involving protein shakes, is it best to take it after every work out (I work out weekdays) or after every other work out
Jeremy Storms (3 days ago)
Take the many meals a day tip with caution. It CAN lead to diabetes due to too many insulin spikes and resistance buildup
Ant Fe (3 days ago)
I’m just fat
Yash Pande (3 days ago)
Now i know my mistakes
marshall mathers (3 days ago)
Just saw the picture on the cover this lie deserved a dislike
Giovanni Masi (3 days ago)
I do dumb bell curls 20 lbs on each arm 3 reps x 20 each Is that o.k. or too much?
I Want Lee (3 days ago)
There are maybe two or three legit fitness channel's on youtube, and this isn't one of them. Wish I could block all of these idiots.
ktn (3 days ago)
Liked and subscribed then I read the comments and unsubscribed
Nicholes property (4 days ago)
Want to build muscle? Find a weight you're comfortable with, pick it up and lift it until you can anymore in the 8 to 12 rep range. Do that 10 times BOOM.
Tony Porter (4 days ago)
This guy looks so wholesome at 1:58
Justin roesler (4 days ago)
All this knowledge and still small af.
Derek Gagne (4 days ago)
Help me..im bulky..but i want to cut up??? Tips..thx in advance
Michael G (4 days ago)
Lol the thumbnail says use heavy weights little reps, even tho that just turns you into a fucking monster and doesn’t give you lean muscle
Mark Kevin Mercado (4 days ago)
ADgamez (4 days ago)
Subscribe to peediepie
Cleit (4 days ago)
Not factual information😂
Up Stant (4 days ago)
I'm a starter i do 3*10(3sets of 10reps) and i have a slow muscle growth. How Many reps and sets do i have to do to get alot of muscle growth?
Timothy Medic (4 days ago)
Why is this man at the gym in a collared shirt
MAXETIX™ (4 days ago)
Sebastien Roux (4 days ago)
How do you eat properly when you don't have a lot of money... 1 gram of protein per pound for me is about 2 steaks. So can't really bulk so how about cutting? Oh wait, now I need 1.5 grams of protein minimum per pound... So even more. I feel like trying 15-20 rep sets just so I won't need that much protein. At the moment I can afford about 0.5 g protein per pound.
Javier Chavez (4 days ago)
This was a stupid ass video
drake iverson (4 days ago)
He looks like ramos.
Rodzel Jegonia (5 days ago)
please any one how to grow muscle or how to get fat ? im totally malnourished
Brian Michael (5 days ago)
Just tuned in today and really have been liking what you have been saying.. I use to lift years ago.. I got up to a decent level but then I let life things and other excuses distract me from my fitness and working out.. years past.. Im now 41.. Early this year I was 330lbs at 6'1.. Obviously that was waaay too heavy.. I've dropped down to 285 thankfully.. but still have a long way to go.. plus I want to build my strength back up. In 2009 I was benching sets in the 300's.. and It will take some time to get back there. So, How can I strip weight off while building muscle for strength? Just low carb/calorie and high protein?
Stephen Schaefer (5 days ago)
Supplements are drugs. Just use steroids (if you’re old enough). Life is short get what you want. I did, I’m never EVER going back.
Stephen Schaefer (18 hours ago)
LordHowardHertz No, sir. I started because I was testosterone deficient due to a brain injury, but I now use a slightly super physiological dose of testosterone cypionate and stack it with other steroids and drugs. My brain injury symptoms have responded well, and I’ve put on probably 30 lbs of muscle. Just went through my second cut. If your meds are properly managed by a doctor you will see excellent results without any terrible symptoms. You can find doctors who will help you body build. You just have to know where to look and who to ask.
LordHowardHertz (18 hours ago)
Doesn't that mess u up
Shnapping (2 days ago)
Stephen Schaefer I'm against steroids but I kinda respect your comment
Nelson Gj (5 days ago)
I dont want to become bulk ..i just want to become atleast like the mahn in 5.50 ....am so lower than that...budget is my problem ...i dont want muscle i just want add some weight ....am 21 years old male 6 feet height and having 55 kg (121.254 pounds ) ...soo pls anyone tell me wht to do am sooo thin
Topsiekku (5 days ago)
Intervalli harjottelu nostaa hormoni tasoja. max 20min reeni
tim sullivan (5 days ago)
Good vid. Very informative:)
cowboy juggernaut (5 days ago)
Counting Reps is for suckers. if you're not contracting and stretching to failure each set then you're not doing shit no matter how many reps you do. Btw you burn more energy sleeping than working out.
Nate Mothafucka (5 days ago)
Light weights, max reps. Then progress from there. Maxing out is not the way
thoughtank101 (5 days ago)
one plan you can do ones you are no longer a beginner is to go on a heavy weight training doing 2 to 8 reps only. You will develop strength that will then help you use heavier weights with higher reps, which will then allow you to grow bigger muscles.
lost twice (5 days ago)
999k subscribe...
Stefan Farkas (5 days ago)
so my trainer told me to do as many reps as I can.
DJ Jacktor (5 days ago)
How do i increase my appetite?
Tom Brady's Emotions (2 days ago)
Smoke pot
xXegoplayerXx (6 days ago)
i can agree with almost everything, but just dont take preworkout.. it is basically legal drugs similar to amphetamins and is really not healthy. I got heart problems from that shit even i took it just once every week or so.. so please stay away from this shit!
Hamza Rebronja (6 days ago)
I thought Sergio Ramos was a footballer
Jonathan 079 (6 days ago)
Bro I work out and eat what ever I want and I'm always progressing always
Jonathan 079 (6 days ago)
You just keep add weight and rep it's simple
Kingkiller171 (6 days ago)
Sorry, I have to disagree with what you say in your video and to be honest your body looks like shit
mario Gomez (6 days ago)
This is not true ronni coleman train like this 15/20 rep and u want to tell me something come one
Glitch Room (6 days ago)
My metabolism is really high and I dont eat that much just because of money and stuff and I still do exercise but i guess it'll take a long time
View (3 days ago)
Are you sure your metabolism is high? A lot of people claim that like one of my friends when all he does is drink water for lunch, i have an Asian Metabolism so i keep track of my calories just to make sure im eating enough (Currently eating between 2.8k to 3.2k calories a day, did 3.3k to 4k calories for a week and only gained 5lbs 😂😭)
Daltira (6 days ago)
Mistake all noobs make. Not enough sugar.
vel lakuta (6 days ago)
O man i remeber when you had less than 100k subs
Ana Fb (6 days ago)
Soooo helpful!! Thank you!❤️
Connor Roberts (6 days ago)
Heavy sets and low reps activate fast twitch muscle, high reps and lighter weight will activate slow twitch muscles, simple.
Angel Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Does eating ass count as a protein?
7rue Op1n1on (7 days ago)
4x14 is the way too go, unless you're power lifting.
Eric (7 days ago)
Advice seems to be good until he is talking about confusing muscle lmao. Every 3 weeks lol u do change ur routine but for like 2 months. But changing routine is not about confusing ur muscle but to develop better overall muscle by incorporating different exercise. Cant do everything all at once since it will be over train. How the heck u track ur progrss in 3 weeks. Also, high meal frequency is bull shit. The point of what u r trying to say is to eat enough, not eat frequently. Better to tell people by eating frequently, its easier to hit ur macro. Drop set or super set is ok but the reason is more similar to high rep approach which supplements low rep approach. Like if u agree. Not bad for 900k subscribers.
Daniel Smith (7 days ago)
3:25 don’t worry the ladies got that one
Daniel Smith (7 days ago)
Great video.i tried this ever since this came out and I’ve noticed major improvements.thank you
Richard Dawson (7 days ago)
my body is ready
Muhammad Sega (7 days ago)
I knew you would be smart Keep up
Meric Van Helsing (7 days ago)
that work for me !!! I do Power-lifting (heavy weight - less reps / max.6) since 240 days, and I feel in great shape with my 56-yrs. I'd loose 16-kg (from 90 to 74), build a visible six-pack and bench 90-kg/squat: 75-kg/ Barbell-Row: 70-kg/O.H.P: 55-kg & Dead-lift: 110-kg after near a year of intensive training with 6-meals a day (before and after training). It was a hard time to get over there but as Arnold did once: No pain - no gain !!!
Yeet Yeet (7 days ago)
The thumbnail is wrong
Saylor Cline (7 days ago)
Guy talking isnt even that big
Jacqui Ireland (7 days ago)
This thumbnail is bs it’s one of the first things you do in sports studies more reps means more cellulite being replaced by protein and more weights increases muscular endurance and strength so it should be the other way round
Stone Kold111 (7 days ago)
Sweet thanks
Ashish Magar (7 days ago)
I'm four months into gym and IDK if I can be considered a beginner anymore, but most of what you said went over my head and most of the rest that I did understand contradicts some of things that I used to believe about work outs and diets. Bottom line is, you spoke gym language and I failed to understand most of it. I'd really appreciate it if all this could be summed up in short and in simple language for better comprehension.
Redders6038 R (7 days ago)
God you have no fucking clue
Patrik Leitner (7 days ago)
whaaat? If you go 8 reps do a weight you can barely squeeze out the 8 reps. If you go 9-10 reps you have to increase the weight o.O How am I supposed to increase the weight if I can barely squeeze 8? And with increased weight there is no chance for 10 XD I must have misunderstood smg.. :D
World Story (8 days ago)
Bro... can you give subtitle on your video
Duffy Polk (8 days ago)
Exhausting the muscle of oxygen in anaerobic. Increasing oxygen is aerobic. Anaerobic builds muscle. Burn it till there is nothing left. Forget reps. Burn till there is nothing left. You bulk. Aerobic burns calories. In addition to anaerobic you need aerobic, so you don't have big muscles AND a big belly. The aerobic allows you to lose the extra weight and increase stamina, while the anaerobic, makes you the incredible Hulk. There you go. Now ignore all these work out videos.
josh jordan (8 days ago)
Bs starts from the kitchen. I eat mcchicken all day long and i look bigger then u.
AL3XZZ (8 days ago)
If anyone takes the time to read this and help, thanks brother. I'm 13, around 4'10-4'11, and I weigh at my best 80lbs. I'm inbetween 76-80 usually. Obv, I'm underweight and I wanna get to 90 as my goal or 95. I'm starting to eat more but I haven't seen alot of results. What can I do?
CDub (8 days ago)
Why is he computerized/cgi?
BUTT HURTZ (8 days ago)
My dong is long and I got it going on
Vin Berg (8 days ago)
2:00 Doing 3-4 reps with high weight won't increase the weight you use when you work with higher rep ranges. Two completely different types of training.
Bichr Salhi (8 days ago)
People tend to forget the reason we go to the gym: BE HEALTHY. Stop looking for something you don’t need. Eat clean. Workout. Enjoy a healthy life. Diving too much into details will make this healthy practice a living hell. It’s sad most people workout to get that “wow factor” even if it means destroying their bodies on the long run
Tabletop Painter (9 days ago)
I alwayd do 15 to 20 rep range
Tony D (9 days ago)
It doesn't apply to everyone, my body tends to turn meals to fat so I have to watch my diet, 2 meals aday plus protein shake works fine for me,my brother eats all day and still skinny.
DontTestTheX (9 days ago)
The biggest mistake is the desire to be 'big' in the first place. Some ridiculous looking shapes out there. Be natural. Be yourself.
James Woodall (9 days ago)
And by changing, it makes it much less boring
smoke smoke (9 days ago)
bullshit! more reps more pump. when you lift wheights you pump the blod in the muscle and that counts muscle growing
Mark Vallega (10 days ago)
Do you have a book?
ses S (10 days ago)
Yeah go ahead and listen to this strawman.
Kaven Haul (10 days ago)
20 reps? I had no idea that was a thing
Jeff Goldbloom (10 days ago)
Isn't like 20 reps good for women losing weight ?
alvaro munoz (10 days ago)
I always add more weight every 2 sets until my muscles give out. Is that good? Thanks.
Tainted fainted (10 days ago)
I'm a skinny guy wanting to gain sone muscles but i i don't have any equipments to begin with and i can't go to the gym. I've been eating alot of protein everyday and my workout involves of me 5 reps of push ups and 10 reps of squats. Anyone knows anymore workout that can help me gain muscles even without any equipment?
AL3XZZ (8 days ago)
Hey man I'm the same here except I can go to the gym but, I'm just 13 so if I'm wrong then sorry but, there are a lot of useful excercises you can do to help your strength. Calisthenics (Muscle Ups, you can practice if they have those bar thingies in your local park if there is one, or find a bar that supports your weight) You can try different forms of pushups to challenge yourself, squats, and stuff like that. Some stuff I do is find a bench somewhere, sit on the edge, put your hands on the bench facing behind you, your legs stretched across with your heels barely touching ground, feet facing forward, body (except hands to support) mostly floating, and push up and down. Idk what they're called so I did my best to describe. gl brother
Sander Silde (10 days ago)
Listen, 2years ago, I thought like why the hell not try working out and do my body some good. I used at first 5kg cause even then, those were hard to lift after 36x4, I did shoulders too while doing the back, lifting them on my sides while doing 15x5 etc. After 1.5 month doing so, my body changed super fast while gaining weight and guess what, I didn't even knew protein existed. Workout routine was the whole week, I started off by doing every week, every day. I didn't give up and I was happy with my results.. Also not to mention.. I used to lift sand bags, ceme t bags 50-70kg and it kept going up and up each week. It was the best thing ever, it worked for me and it still does.
AAAAKBthat! (10 days ago)
The fucking click bait is wrong!
JDagless , (11 days ago)
Some great advice, I always struggle With trying to gain. I tend to metabolise food just as fast as I consume it
A Rod (11 days ago)
I have been incorporating an eccentric phase focus and drop weight routines. They work great and I'm able to increase weight almost weekly. So I'm able to kill my high, moderate and low rep ranges and have consistently awesome workouts. Dieting is the toughest as I can't really scarf down food at work so I have to take casein while I wait for lunch time. This video is awesome! Thanks for the info.
Naveen Kumar Mavi (11 days ago)
Santiago Godoy (11 days ago)
Too much talking, my ADD can’t handle.
MisterTonyG (11 days ago)
Kudos on emphasizing the difference in approach for naturals. This is a commonly overlooked subject. Big difference in workout regiments between a natural and someone on gear. Good video.
SGS_LeeLee (11 days ago)
Your vids are so useless
AL3XZZ (8 days ago)
where are yours then? if you gonna talk shit, at least be able to do it better
BDKilla-98 (12 days ago)
Does this guy even lift
Che Che (12 days ago)
I let myself go for 2 years and gained my muscle back😂 without diets

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