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Converting Australian dollar to Nepali Rupee // Melbourne Express

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bhupal grg (23 days ago)
Anita Paudel (2 months ago)
Saitan (4 months ago)
Kasto aalu haru Jana thalyo Australia😁😁😁😁😁 Torpe
Sagar Chhetry (10 months ago)
I watched your channel for the first time and I have suscribed you channel. You presentation was awesome . ✌✌✌
Ajit Ghemosu (1 year ago)
sano saugat malla ni raixa Australia ma
San G (1 year ago)
curly kapal bhako keto is cool as hell
prajan gurung (1 year ago)
Your video is very interesting. ..Aaje aistai ramro video banunu Bhai 👍
Deepak Bastakoti (1 year ago)
11:23 majnche majjako raixa hahahha
deewana mastana (2 years ago)
saarai bakwas lagwas
Kamal Kc (2 years ago)
I didn't think so my broo Well you showed typical Nepali fashion
InfoMatrix (2 years ago)
too long intro ...useledd
ALL IN ONE (2 years ago)
Susan Subedi (2 years ago)
neelima limbu (2 years ago)
hello kanxa
Bimal Bhujel (2 years ago)
Nidhi Dubey (2 years ago)
Dis is super awesome.....loved dis episode!!!! Good job hello Australia TV team 👍👍👍😊😊😊

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