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Extreme Homeless Man Makeover!

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Shirts Available Now -http://vitalyzdtvstore.com I always wanted to make random homeless man day...and today I decided to do extreme homeless man makeover :) Subscribe to my second channel for more pranks and vlogs https://www.youtube.com/vitalyzdtvsecond Send me some personal love here :) P.O Box 7937 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Follow my fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Vitalyzdtv Check out my weird pics: http://instagram.com/vitalyzdorovetskiy Follow me on: https://twitter.com/#!/Vitalyzdtv
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Text Comments (79202)
michael dagnaw (35 minutes ago)
to plles god
Jacky Medina (4 hours ago)
You have a good heart 😍💗
carter world (7 hours ago)
This is amazing
Its_yo_potato_ Sadie (8 hours ago)
People liked this video so much that they flipped their screen upside down and liked it again! 💕💗
akash mandavkar (13 hours ago)
You are god😎😎
Arturo Torres (1 day ago)
Do this again !
Roll Wohlwend (1 day ago)
you are soo nice! :D
Jayden Jordan (1 day ago)
This touched me
Carlos Rodriguez (1 day ago)
That was really nice good job
žarko anušić (1 day ago)
This man is legend
GoalKeeper (1 day ago)
I love this kind od People the most. People who helps other People. Thank You so much for helpin to this man
booognish (1 day ago)
Vitaly has a non working dick. Look it up. Vitaly porn
Sander Nilsen (1 day ago)
Old but Gold <3
Always Angel (1 day ago)
If anyone dislike this video prove it!
Madafaka MVM (1 day ago)
omg i love this video so muchh also this video made me love you vitaly!!
god Brother (1 day ago)
Danm son does dance moves are lit 4.00
Mel Games (1 day ago)
4:04 they aren't wearing seatbelts! Dngerous
Jane Bia (2 days ago)
You are a kind person
Kamil Pietrzak (2 days ago)
You are really nice
somerandomdude (2 days ago)
3:52 literally me and my friends lmao 😂
ZackieLovesSalad (2 days ago)
2:27 He misspelled "Homeless" That's just warming my heart more, idk why
kewlkiddhanna (2 days ago)
Your the best
Piggymod 88 (2 days ago)
I cant wait to help the homeless on Christmas
Klyde Bryant Fernando (2 days ago)
Dang i thought vitaly is just a dumbass prankster but... VITALY PLS KEEP MAKING VIDS LIKE THIS
yazmin garcia (2 days ago)
That was nice and touching (applause)... Myself have picked up homeless for rides or help them out of the cold rainy day to a shelter and have fed a couple of them. I dont have plenty of $$ like this guy and if i would I will be doing the same thing by giving them haircuts and buying them clothes. But by experience you really dont need money to make someones day, it feels good just to give, whether is second hand good clothing or a dollar menu food. People in need will be greatful. God bless the homeless.
Mist&R Nova 2TM (2 days ago)
I love you😭😭😭😘
Mat Mat (2 days ago)
this made me happy all heart
the cluettclan (2 days ago)
we need more people like this
Andri Shahidah (2 days ago)
This is the sweetest thing ever by the way " HELP PEOPLE
Mami Joof (3 days ago)
God bless you♡♡♡♡♡
Arndi Zulkanaen (3 days ago)
Yeah u guys shouldn't have dislike u know. Sometimes u will be homeless like him.
NotNormal YT (3 days ago)
3:37 dRUnk dRIvInG iSn'T allOwED!
Mr NoobGuy (3 days ago)
Who hates homeless GIVE ME A DISLIKES Who like homeless give me a likes Just want to know how many haters and I’m not a like begger
Bailey Cervantes (3 days ago)
Thank you for doing what you do for the homeless
Sslumped Nate (3 days ago)
hey my dad works for the ceo he drives him and his family everyday
Ella Campbell (3 days ago)
God bless your soul
Gamer1702_G3 (3 days ago)
Vest video
jordan Harrop (3 days ago)
This is my uncle lol dm me for pics !!! He's on crack 90% of the time
jordan Harrop (3 days ago)
I've sent him the pictures he dm'd me half an hour after I posted it he wants to do a video on him
Sslumped Nate (3 days ago)
do it then
jordan Harrop (3 days ago)
Yo ? I'll straight up expose him
Sslumped Nate (3 days ago)
jordan Harrop yo
Adnan Ashraf (3 days ago)
No doubt you will go to heaven
ya ik right 😢😭
Fakhra Al mehairi (3 days ago)
Good job vitally
Ian Robertson (3 days ago)
I did something similar to this for a disabled girl who was in a wheel chair. I asked her what she wanted most and she said "I want to be fucked" Ok then I said so I wheeled her into the local park as it was getting dark I then lifted her out of her wheel chair and laid her down by a tree I then ran off with her wheel chair shouting "YOUR FUCKED NOW"
We need more people like this
This guy is super humble
Katelyn Terpstra (4 days ago)
3:52 cracked me up
Shannon Green (4 days ago)
This is so pure and sweet
Angie Maldonado (4 days ago)
This made this cry
Bennett Wade (4 days ago)
The people who disliked have really small phones(or computers)So they missed the like button Be gratitude to homeless
Heny 77 (4 days ago)
Acronex 07 (4 days ago)
What a Nice guy
Poppy wilson222 (4 days ago)
U are so kind
Abdulmatin Fairuz (4 days ago)
I'm happy for him
Egbert (5 days ago)
Wonder how they're doing in 2018?
inuyasa milki (5 days ago)
Oh so cute...he is so happy..god bless u dear
Andre Fuentes (5 days ago)
What's sad is the people that dislike are people that think that they are dumb for helping a homeless person. But what they don't think about is what if it happens to them. They don't think about it. They think that they have so much money and they think they will never run out but they are. Most of the people that actually liked the video are people that can be struggling them selves. So what im trying to get at is that just because you have money and you thinl you will never run out well thinl again because one small misstep and you will be homless your selves. Good vid and god bless you for helping this homeless man.
504 Whxte (5 days ago)
Nicholas Sheridan (5 days ago)
2013 WOW!!!!
IWantTakis (5 days ago)
That homeless man is such a mood when he dances in the car
harsh kumar (5 days ago)
Very good Vitaliy
Bishop Galane (6 days ago)
Please keep doing good
Naladia Saunders (6 days ago)
Thank god yall are helping him who ever disliked this fuck you hatter
Brian Lorenzo (6 days ago)
They should be his friend
Brian Lorenzo (6 days ago)
1like = 999 dollars for the kindness man
Shailey Vlogs (7 days ago)
He so cute
Shailey Vlogs (7 days ago)
This man is so cute and greatful I wish he was in my family
BTS Fangirl (7 days ago)
Bro I'm crying the fact these youtubers are so nice and would actually help him is just amazing tbh♡
thunder brothers (7 days ago)
dude... I know that brizillian steakhouses like that costs alot.... it is so good too. I bet that man had a very blessed day
Kanglers (7 days ago)
roger pro (7 days ago)
Good man
kimani Thomas (7 days ago)
kimani Thomas (7 days ago)
Omg I feel even more happy
kimani Thomas (7 days ago)
Aww I feel happy for him 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Remington Peters (7 days ago)
wow we need more people like Vitaly
Helen love joy (7 days ago)
Amy Coulter (7 days ago)
That is so nice
johnpaul 222 (7 days ago)
If you dislike your actual sad
Samuel Lyons (7 days ago)
3:50 😂😂
ZEPETO Official (7 days ago)
This made me cry. 😭😭😭😭😭
We can make the world better we help others end others help others together we are strong :)
K Mckivey (7 days ago)
all the jenna marble fans voting down
Rebel Angel (7 days ago)
Don't dislike plz If you can help or not
FROSTanims (7 days ago)
The people who dislike this video doesn't have a heart
Robert Malone (7 days ago)
Why not help him get a job so he doesn’t be back in same position
PreNUME (7 days ago)
You make me fell sad!
Lil Mony (8 days ago)
3:40 😂😂😭
Flexible Nastics (8 days ago)
We are all humans and should all be treated eqUly
Mr. PUP (8 days ago)
Mr. PUP (8 days ago)
Rachel Dooner (8 days ago)
U made my day
crazy_ gen863 (8 days ago)
Eden_ Gacha (8 days ago)
I’m so jealous
Im Honesty (8 days ago)
4:24 get the fuck out of his face
MKs (8 days ago)
they're homeless because poor thinking
Mila Hoon (9 days ago)
U r a very amazing person good things r going to happen to u one day
Angels in the Sky (9 days ago)
Buy him more and give him home gudluck and God bless
Nevaeh Palethorpe (9 days ago)
He is the best homeless person ever in the world
SPAZ.Clan.Official - (9 days ago)
This made me cry 😢
Camryn Wyatt (9 days ago)
One like = new clothes for the homeless
Min hae young (9 days ago)
This video makes me so happy! God bless you❤️❤️
GamePranks (9 days ago)
get this dude a house please
5:56 OMG

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