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Text Comments (912)
Jessica Toone (2 days ago)
This encouraged me to get off youtube, go downstairs, remember it was advent and eat a bunch of chocolate 🍫
kannan natesan (12 days ago)
Good 😍
Shirin Hasan (14 days ago)
Where are the sources listed for these claims? Thanks.
Rosanna Lyne (16 days ago)
i thought this is FIVE MINUTE CRAFTS no how to teach me how to live a life
May Blossom (22 days ago)
well, the diameter of Mars's largest moon is 22 km. that means we have to run more than the diameter of a moon if we eat only 100 g of chocolate. imagine urself doing that.
So your trying to tell me that after I eat a food depending on it's calories I gotta run for that long ? What in the RAGANI Eats egg Alright now to run for 22minutes! Like I can't even run for a minute fam LOL
Uha Latha (1 month ago)
thank u for such a useful vedios
Mary Parkin (1 month ago)
Who chooses these awful tunes I have to put on mute sooo distracting
Naseem Mukhtar (1 month ago)
*Watching this while eating* _lol_ 😂
Jeffy Jeffy (1 month ago)
2:19 Tomatoes are good for your heart. 6:36 They’re highly acidic. So should we eat them or not...?
Jonathan Akers (1 month ago)
I'll put it this way, I am fine with tomatoes and tomato sauce but tomato paste gives me hearburn/acid reflux since it is concentrated. They are good for your heart but if your stomach can't handle them it is best to avoid it.
Rebecca Heaton (1 month ago)
Me: I'm hungry 5 minute crafts: everything in your fridge is unhealthy for you Me: THAT'S BS!!!!!!!!
zain ali (2 months ago)
why people say me eat more it will make you thicker
Orlando soto (2 months ago)
Eat plants not animals or dairy products if you want to be healthy.
Jonathan Akers (1 month ago)
My problem is people like you just blindly telling people to stop eating meat when a lot of people can't healthily sustain that diet. It shows a profound ignorance and lack of foresight on your part. Insult me all you want, you aren't a medical professional and you obviously haven't seen the downside of veganism. Your own experience doesn't = everyone elses, that is called false equivalency. The fact you think plants don't cause illness just shows you have no idea what you are talking about...even common sense should tell you they can.
Orlando soto (1 month ago)
+Jonathan Akers I know from my own experience. I didn't judge vegans, I tried to see their perspective. Unlike you I've tested and transitioned my diet from meat to full plant based. You can't even get up from your couch.
Jonathan Akers (1 month ago)
Yeah, you aren't a health professional
Orlando soto (1 month ago)
+Jonathan Akers yea yea yea whatever
Yasmin Seah (2 months ago)
So real sushi will help you lose weight right?
menomaminx2nd (2 months ago)
Anything here not stolen from the bright side Channel? On the bright side, quite a few of these are wrong, so not exactly a big loss;-)
Yasmin Kalaniya (2 months ago)
Random Pie (2 months ago)
wrong. brown sugar is more healthy then white suger cause in white sugar they process it and bleach it to make it white and brown suger is not any of those things
Shamarra’s World (2 months ago)
You are what you eat. So if I eat chicken Im a chicken.
Mansi Bhadauria (2 months ago)
Nice facts
Kamilla Iqbal (2 months ago)
Probiotic yogurt
Jisela Hernandez (2 months ago)
Ok now I can't wat an orange...
Jisela Hernandez (2 months ago)
Jisela Hernandez (2 months ago)
1: 38 wow was about to eat a dark chocolate bar but nvm
Valak The Nun (2 months ago)
It says to contain only 14 But it has played over more than *50* "Facts"
Stacey White (3 months ago)
white sugar is bleached so it is less healthier than brown sugar
Mara pooh (3 months ago)
Just for all the people, who might take brightside's ideas into consideration, please do research for yourself, because this is not always accurate.
Can I point one thing out? 5-Minute Crafts is stealing facts from Bright Side!!! ANNDDDDD I thought this channel was a crafting channel! Not a food fun fact channel!
Sarah Beara (3 months ago)
1:41 I like sweet things I hate honey😨😭
Meredith (3 months ago)
whole grain bread contains a lot more fibers sooo it will make you full
2:51 im allergic to ginger 😂😂
raiyan khan (3 months ago)
im copletely HELPLESS without sugar ;(
Gaming Kid (3 months ago)
Fact : sugar has less calories than honey. In fact, sugar is low in calories
Panda Pop (3 months ago)
no coincidences. God is so creative. The food looks just like the parts 😊 amen. Praise Jesus. Jesus is LORD
Pyroxelle (4 months ago)
What not to eat on an empty stomach: - Don't eat anything because all foods causes side effects just starve to death instead of eating. :-)
Nightcore Music (4 months ago)
0:15 -500 ml of coca cola has about 135 calories .but 500 ml of milk has 310 calories that doesn't mean coca cola is healthier
Omg its Colorado Yay (4 months ago)
I eat pizza pink donuts and orange juice
Its OK to LOSE HE Said (4 months ago)
its amazing how the body parts and what need to eat have similar shapes😮
#TRENDING FACTS (4 months ago)
ciel phantomhive Yaa,its true For more facts watch https://youtu.be/uJ2mhDjDQS4
Yzabel Laniohan (4 months ago)
Bruh I like this channel but seriously like in this video they say that some of the stuff u shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach they put it for they stuff that u can eat on an empty stomach like seriously we’re not stupid
teolv 01 (4 months ago)
4:25 - I was hoping for an actual recipe...
Dino's go Rawr (5 months ago)
Omg I love your channel
Peyton L. (5 months ago)
Alright, thought I would like this video but I changed my mind...IMMA EAT WHAT I WANT TO EATTTT!
myHEXOR (5 months ago)
Brown bread is healthier than white bread. That has nothing to do with calories you idiots.
Jusuf Agung (5 months ago)
Spices are good for your stomach. Only when you've been used to it since your childhood.
Jusuf Agung (5 months ago)
Originally, no cheese and mayo in a sushi.
M S (5 months ago)
Eat whatever you want and whatever you like.. you'll die anyway 😎
Egg Master (5 months ago)
What a bunch of bullcrap
Cloud Shine (5 months ago)
The whole carrots give you night vision is not true.
Noelife (5 months ago)
To help my fellow friends and not hating on 5 minute crafts, Eggs and butter and milk are actually terrible for your health, you are told they are good by the companies in order to make u buy more. Our delicate digestive systems are not made to eat animal products. And even though they say non GMO, the food of which the animals are fed contain GMO and other harmful bacteria. If a pregnant woman eats lots of dairy during her pregnancy, it can lead to a worse out come for the child and can lead to cancer. You are taught that milk and eggs has protein, when they don’t. Plants have protein, animals eat the plants and therefore leading to the thinking of dairy being good. I am not saying to stop having dairy, I am stating the fact that you should try to be more aware of how much dairy you consume. Thank u
Alfia D'cunha (5 months ago)
Just wow. . you just made my life healthy & easy.. thank you...
ted regnier (5 months ago)
My daughter also likes this so she watches this.
ESTO (5 months ago)
That second one about the bread, its not the calories that count is the fibre and nutrients in the brown bread
Code_name MYSTIC (5 months ago)
Honestly half of this in fact almost all of this, is fake..
Radha Rawal (5 months ago)
superb videos u make..just subscribed your channel...😊😊😊thanks alot
deviance 713 (6 months ago)
is it just me or you also got subscribed to this channel automatically..i never subscribed it but now when i saw i was surprised *WEIRD*
Sameer Khan (6 months ago)
#TRENDING FACTS (4 months ago)
Sameer Khan Watch this video for more food fun facts https://youtu.be/uJ2mhDjDQS4
cute princess (6 months ago)
U r what u eat ! 👌👌👌
We are Tigers (6 months ago)
1:14 me 😂😂😂😂
iLoVePiCkLeSbRa aka me. (6 months ago)
You confuse me, in a video you talked about how veganism is good and in this video you talk about meat and dairy being good? Someone help my brain!
Noobie (6 months ago)
0:16 the truth is not the truth cuz in white bread there are no cereals in it. In brown bread it is
Iwona Wdowin (6 months ago)
2:36 XD
Nicole Dee (6 months ago)
When I found out "Eating 5-6 times a day will make you thinner" Me: Grabs some food on the refrigerator
Noushad Noushad (6 months ago)
and iam 5 me
Margaux Yumang (6 months ago)
Nuts yum
Madeliene Sison (6 months ago)
i think others are BRIGHT SIDE videos just look closely on the bottom☺
Madeliene Sison (6 months ago)
just others😊😊
Exile 44 (7 months ago)
1:39 but honey is sweet
dmusic player (7 months ago)
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kashif asrar (7 months ago)
3:33 it is written bright side and the channel is 5 min crafts it a myth
I want video for best thing for tyred
matsukko_ (7 months ago)
Debunking almost everything in this video! Tbh i don’t recommend clicking read more because this is a long ass comment 0:05 Eating a few hours before bed has no effect on the body, other than maybe if you ate a TON of food. Does it normally hurt for food to digest?? Nope! So it should be the same unless you eat a lot, or of course have an underlying health issue, but your fine other than that. 0:16 i have heard this myth so so SO many times. Yes, they may have similar calories, but that doesn’t make one thing healthier! As the Gabbie Show (Or Gabbie Hanna) once said; “The best way i have ever heard this explained to me was, imagine a 100 calorie pack of banana muffins v.s an actual banana. The muffins have, you guessed it, 100 calories, but the banana has 110 calories.” Well yes, the muffins have less calories, a banana is still healthier. Just like with the bread, whole wheat is healthier than white bread. 0:26 Unless you have a different health issue, Juice doesn’t do literally anything to your body unless you had hundreds of tons of juice. 0:35 Calories are not everything. In fact, a normal adult needs THOUSANDS of calories a day to even function correctly. Of course, good calories, but still. And not all sushi has cheese, mayo or soy sauce. In fact, who puts cheese and mayo on sushi?? 0:44 Actually, dark chocolate is NOT good for you. It’s healthier than milk chocolate and white chocolate, but it is still NOT GOOD FOOD! A couple years back there was a test run by scientist to see how healthy chocolate was. The results EXPLODED on the internet, but all the scientists claims were soon found to be false by the way they tested it. 0:54 I seriously do not recommend eating 5-6 times a day, because if you exercise your body will just be burning the food you ate and not for actual fat. While eating less does make you thinner, not in a good way. It also depends on what food you eat. Are you implying i can eat 5-6 helpings of chocolate, whip cream crepes a day and get thinner? 1:02 The average human adult needs 6-8 glasses of water a day. What the fuck is “as much as your body requires” supposed to mean?? 1:10 I’m not sure about this one actually 1:33 Cold drinks do not worsen the blood circulation unless it is soda or any other type of soft drink with sugar. Oat porridge is just as good as soft drinks. 1:41 Because honey is natural..?? I thought this was common knowledge. If you have that fake honey shit with pounds of sugar and corn syrup that can lead to diabetes in large doesses, but sugar is not the only way to get diabetes 1:49 ????? What do these facts have to do with each other?? Spices and wheat are different 1:57: Same problem as before 2:07 Again what the fuck get your facts straight 3:35 There is no “correct” portion of food. 2:26 No they fucking have not
ellie-gordon 14693 (7 months ago)
If you're going to try to stop me from nutella, it's not gonna work. You savage you looked down here
Holly Stai (7 months ago)
I' not sure that all of these hacks are correct but I still like having somehing to watch when I'm bored
Juliet Forte (7 months ago)
Im hungy and i did eat a yougurt sorry
KARMAZYNA (7 months ago)
What sort of a psycho eats sushi with cheese and mayonnaise...
Gabby G (8 months ago)
How does eating 5-6 meals a day get you thinner? I don't necessarily believe that.
bts holo yay (8 months ago)
So eating bananas will grow your umm .... You know what
Veronica C. (8 months ago)
Almost everything on this video needs to be fact checked better and/or just taken off period. Seriously, much of these "facts" are just repeated myths and half-truths that will cause people a lot of harm. Also, it'd be nice to see some actual reputable evidence with links in description to back up the claims made in this and other videos.
Rosemary Williams (8 months ago)
Synnovea Husbands (8 months ago)
1)brown bread has more nutrients 2)since when is cheese in sushi? 3)rly?running for 20 mins for AN EGG? 4) carrots do not give you night vision 5)half of these 'facts' are fake,the list goes on and on
Mint Yoongi (8 months ago)
I stopped eating sugar. I got depression, insomnia and heartaches. Science, you suck
Gabriela Bakun (8 months ago)
I swear in every video I have at least seen something in Russian. I see it all the time and I don’t know why
Prepre ._. (8 months ago)
Oh boy, Jungkook must have eaten tons of Avocados to grow.
Random DIY (8 months ago)
Oh my gosh thansks so much! ! U guys r so smart
Robot_Wolf (8 months ago)
If beans are good for your kidney, then should you eat, kidney beans!? Eh? Eh? No? No one? Okay I'll leave.
BlazeYT (8 months ago)
2:14 Mom am i a carrot
Itz_Sunya (8 months ago)
Me Watching Video: What Not To Eat On A Empty Stomach: Candy Me:......im eating candy while watching this video...................... f**k
Talia.Trykiai •T (8 months ago)
Brown bread has fibre and white doesn't, and fibre helps clear the gut, so brown bread is healthier These facts are either 90% bullcrap or really obvious
Calypso R.-S. (8 months ago)
It's hilarious how this channel only "gives hearts" to comment like "This video was the best! You guys are SO awesome. I'm SO trying all of that later. Ily!" While they completely IGNORE all the comments, taking nothing into consideration. Gosh, if you complain about how much haters you have, just try to listen to them a bit! Please!
Cat Bot (8 months ago)
Lol dude is just TINY life hacks
Minister_Of_Films26 (8 months ago)
Because calories determine what's healthy and what's not...
mc heaveN (8 months ago)
Wouldn't recommend this video for people who don't have any basic knowledge about exercising and dieting. For the others, this video is a big help. Keep it up!
Project Create (8 months ago)
Any chocolate is good for you in terms of improving your mood. Too much consumption, however, is bad for you skin. Wheat bread is healthier because it contains more grains meaning it doesn't hold as much of the never ending empty calories that white bread has. Brown sugar is not as processed as sugar which is why it is considered more healthy. And if you have citrus in the morning, it is safer to have it as lemon water to boost your metabolism before consuming anything.
Amelia Knyff (9 months ago)
Good to know. Super smart
Arsh Farhan favorites (9 months ago)
They are coping bright side
Arsh Farhan favorites (9 months ago)
Aren't they????
Floris (9 months ago)
This is so dumb, bland, and superficial. Most of the time the "myth" and the "fact" aren't even related, neither are they objective and scientific statements. These kinds of statements actually cause more harm than good, because it's way too oversimplified.
sehreen sabbir (9 months ago)
is apple is a citrus fruit ?????
Peridot Schuyler (9 months ago)
Why does this make me feel guilty of eating fast food even if i dont?
Peridot Schuyler (9 months ago)
0:35 sushi has cheese and mayo now, great 😒
Hanna Lanna (9 months ago)
Is it just me or does all the food and body parts in the You Are What You Eat section look identical??!!
salma سلمى (9 months ago)
watching this and eating cake lol

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