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Rich Gang - Lifestyle ft. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan

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Rich Gang feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan - Lifestyle
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Text Comments (107206)
Michael Greniker (6 hours ago)
When you’re speakin Arabic and don’t even know it
Da BigG (9 hours ago)
RIP english language
Lewis Lemons III (9 hours ago)
Just noticed how the camera went to Baby when he said Devil.
Bryant (10 hours ago)
It’s 2018 still waiting for the English version
Trauters ,The Yowie (11 hours ago)
His parents are still waiting for his first words
Kimberly Franklin (11 hours ago)
Where it all begin
DUB11N MODDING (12 hours ago)
I love this song
Luceni Simões (14 hours ago)
thenq love you
Lazy Lil (16 hours ago)
Still Listening to this day
Ronny Mercedez (16 hours ago)
Alguien me puede decir quien es el calvito que usa la gorra? Por que le dan tanta cámara si no canta?
Joseph Hala (18 hours ago)
franklin healey (18 hours ago)
I fought someone and kicked there ass while listening to this song
caio henrique (18 hours ago)
Life Style 😎💎👏👌
Tina Cagle (18 hours ago)
I love this song
Travis Blair (20 hours ago)
2014 was the year man fr fr
Alexis Eusquiano (21 hours ago)
Does anyone else understand this song now O___o that’s weird I learned a new language through the years
Pasta is cool (7 hours ago)
Alexis Eusquiano it’s not even hard tho
Rj Diggs (21 hours ago)
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the caption option doesn't work for this video?😂
Pasta is cool (7 hours ago)
Rj Diggs it’s like that for a lot of vids and that’s from them turning them off
Rj Diggs (22 hours ago)
0:34 RIP English language.
Pasta is cool (7 hours ago)
Rj Diggs nah that’s 🔥
Michael Jepson (1 day ago)
No languages (other than the English language) were harmed during the recording of this video.
Roberto Reyes (1 day ago)
English please
devaunie clarke (1 day ago)
2018 any1
fantactic gamer (1 day ago)
Young thug joins the chat.. Mumble joins the chat... Young thugs verse typing.. English leaves the chat....
Vlogs Tv (1 day ago)
quase em 2019 e eu aqui !!!
Erykah Robertson (1 day ago)
Rap is in spanish
Jesus Rosas (1 day ago)
*Young thug starts rappin *Google translate has left the chat
Miguel Zermeno (1 day ago)
Fck is birdman there for dude is trash
adam garza (1 day ago)
Alesha Monica (1 day ago)
Dis heaaa lyyyfeeestyyyleee
Rshi Dreher (1 day ago)
They did that
RasTon ______ (1 day ago)
Here for Soulja boy 2:48
Pasta is cool (7 hours ago)
RasTon ______ (1 day ago)
Like if young thug is better than lil pump
Nick Esposito (1 day ago)
2018 n on
karlito monde (2 days ago)
Exellent même en 2k18 riche gang plaiboy respek that ...
Ty Movie (2 days ago)
0:24 what the hell English please only thing I understand is life style
Eric Camarillo (2 days ago)
The language sounds like the first stage of possession.
Anthony Gordon (2 days ago)
This is hot. BUT why not all Sistas in the video? I wanna see BROWN Skin!
Bre Norris (2 days ago)
Steven (2 days ago)
this dude wearing a dress...smh
Giorgio cartier (2 days ago)
Minoy minoy
Daswahn James (2 days ago)
Always go back to this song for memories 😂
x_x rankk (2 days ago)
joe clark (2 days ago)
365 Million views
Eze Sargeant (2 days ago)
this bring back memories bruh
itspanchitotho ayy (2 days ago)
Ima start using the new language you guys have made.......
Pasta is cool (7 hours ago)
Imsogumop (2 days ago)
I swear baby knew what the future would bring got everybody wanna sign
ZIIR0 (2 days ago)
Still waiting for the english version here in 2018/2019
BabyGirl _2017 (2 days ago)
I can understand it bc I felt dat💯🤣🚫🧢
t-seri es (2 days ago)
So deep
Rock Jimmy3 (2 days ago)
If you still watching this music video click the like ❤️❤️👇👇 2018 2019
Slushy Puppy (2 days ago)
Even tho spongebob erased doodle bob he came back and became a rapper
Elkridge 8 Cqeu (2 days ago)
Gd gddjhgagahhsuhssuhusuehsuehsushhshshsushahjshdhehe
Terri Ann Blackwell (3 days ago)
Even before I understood all of the rapping, I loved the song! 🔥 Wish I were Ms. Gladys! 😊
The Nameless King (3 days ago)
Doodlebob inspired young thug
christopher curran (3 days ago)
I beez omma flabba dabbah hooh hoo.
Ray Shelton (3 days ago)
Them bros need to get back in the lab and cook up some more heat they were dropn heat like drake back to back . Personally i think if it aint broke don't fix it. Both of them are very strong artist i just think they were stronger when they were a group.
A R U D R (3 days ago)
still listening | Still didn't get it
Placeholder Name (3 days ago)
Beat: 9/10 Visuals: 9/10 Lyrics: 1/10 Total: 19/30
ANTi (3 days ago)
Shit like this makes me worry about how bad music will be 20 years from now...
Beau oskey (3 days ago)
What happened to all your other videos
Zach Potter (3 days ago)
I though of shit. Then I thought of this
There’s no way they were serious when they made this 😂😂😂
Nick carti (3 days ago)
Still listening in end of 2018😅😅😅
xXM4v3r1ckXx (3 days ago)
0:33 Say What?
noob nikhil yt (4 days ago)
i only understand 12 % because that is english
Anicka Parker (4 days ago)
Lol thugga created Slime language 💪💯
S Tru (4 days ago)
Reminds me of my summer vacations in Cali👍
kyng busta (4 days ago)
Nevva forget this song
Skillzerk (4 days ago)
ephram jones (4 days ago)
364 m views....Im still listening to this & its 2018 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Zappy Doggo (4 days ago)
Homie really said "Ditto lobster ship" then dipped
Joealy G (4 days ago)
1% of us are still 99% good.:
david blum (4 days ago)
That 2yr old toddler Talk!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Harrison Battle (4 days ago)
my names harrison battle and i love men
Rania tariq (4 days ago)
I don't understand anything 🤷‍♀️
Richard of Nottingham (4 days ago)
Birdman last big hit....threw Wayne in the trash can for 1 hit...
Runt Dawg (4 days ago)
Almost 2019 anyone?
Kmy Kmo Luca Sickta (4 days ago)
Lil wayne tell birman is rape him when his kid.. Thats why Lil wayne is Gay same like his father birdman...
Pisti Toth (4 days ago)
2018 dec
carlo pardo (4 days ago)
i like the song.. hehe
ted (5 days ago)
good times
Dejuan Calmese (5 days ago)
You just mad you can't rap that fast
Dejuan Calmese (5 days ago)
Shut up hater's y'all bitch's
Paul Gillespie (5 days ago)
that foos tight
RecklessPlayz (5 days ago)
trys to turn on captions:youtube says: unidentifiable lauguage
boy wonda (5 days ago)
still listening to this everyday
Gknxcbj Chjznmvc (5 days ago)
This sounds better in 2018
Semaja Smith (5 days ago)
Who watching in 2062
KamiZillah (5 days ago)
snckmiggabagniddabikinna LIFE STYYYYLEEE
Snow Man (5 days ago)
This was my high-school freshmen year anthem.
Paul Gray (5 days ago)
NateDahGreat (5 days ago)
Destroy Peen December anyone?
burglar Jimenez (5 days ago)
Where can I learn this language ??? So I can understand the lyrics
Infamous Villian (5 days ago)
soooowoooooppppp to da whole G gang
Infamous Villian (5 days ago)
listeneing to da last day
Veire Fernandes (5 days ago)
alguém do Brasil
Kai The y3n (5 days ago)
Sounds like my 3 year old cousin when he cries
JOE EL CHOLO (6 days ago)
I can see bone thugs doing a remix. Lmfao
Juanita Rodriguez (6 days ago)
He know how to make f**** songs
Damien Whitney (6 days ago)
Fr this is like one of the only mumble rap songs I like but idk why, maybe the beat and mad hard bass. Lmao
Im gOd (6 days ago)
I'm bumping this on HOV 2018..…!!

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