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How to Know If a Source Is Reliable by Shmoop

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No, this does not involve tracking authors down and grilling them on their credentials. You are not Liam Neeson, and this is not Taken 3. You're sleuthing methods will need to be a bit more covert. http://www.shmoop.com/help/cite-shmoop/ Learn more about writing on our website: http://www.shmoop.com/essay-lab/
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Text Comments (89)
Drew Dude (5 days ago)
3:26 I don’t believe that’s how corn works
BigDadNau (11 days ago)
the new york times writes more fake news than reliable news
RCT God (19 days ago)
School is bad they made me watch
Susan Lancaster (3 months ago)
Check your spelling please; the illustration should say "pesticide."
Rayyan Akber (3 months ago)
everything is made in china
Akshar Balkaran (3 months ago)
Chris Abirizk (7 months ago)
BurnedUpifyed (7 months ago)
Wikipedia is arguably a more reliable source than stated. Anyone can write anything, but the speed of corrections to it are lightning fast. Try it yourself, edit something and see how long it takes Wikipedia to correct it.
Chara Dreemurr (27 days ago)
i tried, 5 minutes later got blocked and redited. wikipedia is good
claykid12345 (8 months ago)
le shmoop has arrived
weedbong_ (8 months ago)
I love how Shmoop itself is literally everything they say counts against a source's reliability. Don't listen to it, kids. Just take your notes and get your grade.
Pxndx Lunx (9 months ago)
Every damn college teacher tells me Shmoop is not reliable.
Johnny V (9 months ago)
lol liberal media is reliable.............
Jacob Roth (9 months ago)
Jackson Kemp (9 months ago)
Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Paul.
Julian Meier (9 months ago)
wiki is not a good sorce????
Julian Meier (9 months ago)
Meet maria always cutting corners "wink"
Barry Boo (9 months ago)
Lets use this video to determine if the comment at 1:17 is reliable: Ellen Siminoff, the President and CEO of Shmoop co-founded Yahoo. She is also a New York Times internet contributor, so anything this video says about the New York Times is probably biased (1:17). Shmoop, what are you doing? Posting a video about reliable sources and being an unreliable one yourself????
I could swear this video was sarcasm if I didn't know otherwise. Employing a layer of political sarcasm (1:18) is extremely dangerous, as it could be interpreted as truth by young kids (the ones viewing this video). Frankly, a poorly made video like this is much more damaging to watch than reading a Wikipedia article (which are highly accurate, by the way.).
BrooksP King Of Koiyn (1 month ago)
Canada's Sesquicentennial it is true liberal media is stupid
Q.K. Lawson (9 months ago)
Wikipedia is definitely a reliable source. Every edit is checked against hundreds of filters which weed out 99.9% of vandalism instantly, and dozens of people are checking every single change the the site. And, sources must be cited when adding to Wikipedia, so there is a safety net there as well. If anything is not a good source of information, it is this video. 1:18 sounds like satire, and if it is not, it is completely inappropriate for an educational video.
Donald Joyal (2 months ago)
Simply not true. Anyone can edit Wikipedia and may never be detected. Not a site to trust.
Eazy-E (3 months ago)
Wikipedia is cancer
Q.K. Lawson (9 months ago)
Timmy Timbit (9 months ago)
1:18 is DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE for an educational video. Shameful that stuff like this makes it to the eyes of Primary School kids.
Jacob Hugo, (9 months ago)
i don't like this video
ThatRandomDude (9 months ago)
At the start why did I hear Allah akbar
ExtraEarth 33 (10 months ago)
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Timmy Timbit (9 months ago)
Yes. It's extremely disappointing that a video with layers of sarcasm is being passed off as "education" for Grades 3-8.
Ethan Johnson (11 months ago)
Sarah Countiss (1 year ago)
why tho
Julian Cerino (1 year ago)
Rhyan Pearson (1 year ago)
Champ 🤣🏌🏾‍♀️
427Arbok (1 year ago)
Y'all do realize that Wikipedia cites its sources, right? It's unstable information, but the sources can be fact-checked all the same. Also, I have distinct concerns that this promotes the idea that "any bias makes a point invalid," which has grown significantly as of late and is a massive detriment to any and all forms of intelligent discourse. Unbiased coverage is a myth to begin with, and accuracy can be achieved only by understanding biases and concerns, not throwing them in the bin.
If i've ever seen biased, it's this video.
Audrey (1 year ago)
Moto Vate (1 year ago)
honestly, why
[S]-Julia Cliffe (1 year ago)
always love a good porpose vid
samsung (1 year ago)
Michael Cordell (1 year ago)
this is fake
Kamann Clay (1 year ago)
Nah B
Andres Pineda (1 year ago)
This video im learning in class the teacher is boring and short
Mauricio Garcia (1 year ago)
Bikalpa Dulal (1 year ago)
Let me get Uhhhhh Boneless Pizza With a 2 liter coke
arsenicCatnip (1 year ago)
Jakob Stubbs (1 year ago)
You guys are complete idiots. Don't listen to the New York Times on everything lol
Caitlin Skinner (1 year ago)
Always looking for engaging educational videos that actually accurately convey the direct instruction's message. Thanks!
Sirius Bit (1 year ago)
how very hip and cool, im practically xD'ing in my chair as we speak! well meme'd good sir ;))))) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
theGAMINGASIAN (6 months ago)
le epic video epic gamerz
claykid12345 (8 months ago)
le epic shmoop has arrived
Jakob Stubbs (1 year ago)
Sirius Bit lol
Olowale Oko (1 year ago)
my teacher makin me watch this boring ahh video 😭😂💀
KennethManegdeg (1 year ago)
how do i know if shmoop is reliable?
Drew Dude (5 days ago)
KennethManegdeg tru dat
Julian Meier (9 months ago)
Johnny Appletree (9 months ago)
If this video is any clue, its not. Sarcasm should never be used in education (1:18). I would say Shmoop is a thousand times worse a source than Wikipedia.
Eric Schmidt (1 year ago)
its not tho wiki is reliable
Char Robertson (1 year ago)
The New York times, and Washington Post have printed more satire than The Onion.. smh
Bill Frick (1 year ago)
1:18 "it's safe if backed up by liberal media" lmao no, fake news
weedbong_ (8 months ago)
Absolutely fucking not. They're always being bribed to support somebody's bias.
Sir Canada (9 months ago)
I believe that what the video was intending was satire. But, satire should NEVER make its way into educational videos. It is disgusting that that little joke made it in, and has now confused 100,000 schoolchildren.
Lahbreca (1 year ago)
Indeed, that point deserved a massive dislike. Seeing both the media reports and various Youtuber's takes on the recent political situation, I am quite a lot leaning towards seeing certain sources on Youtube much less biased and more credible than traditional media. It's just a new paradigm, and the journalistic and academic world is quite far behind. Of course it's obvious to everyone that on average Youtube is not a strong source. But at the same time, you have lectures form people like Jordan Peterson and Richard Feynman there. And I get people literally not watching those lectures by Peterson specifically, because "they are from Youtube, and it's not a trustworthy source". In reality the media are currently quite clueless, and it's quite a saving grace that we have Youtube - despite it's flaws, it actually has some _very_ good sources.
Ashley S (1 year ago)
Actually from what I heard Wikipedia is becoming more correct these days.
S B (13 hours ago)
no it actually is @Drew Dude
Drew Dude (5 days ago)
Ashley S did you hear that on wiki
Lahbreca (1 year ago)
On the other hand I used to see people disregarding it as a buch of Snobs - in fact, one of my teachers, who is really adept at the academic side of things said off-the-record at some point that he also sees the academic disdain for Wikipedia as largely pointless snobbery. Sure, there are a few articles that draw the ideologically motivated crowd, and that become untrustworthy as a consequence. But on the average it's pretty darn good. Most of the mathematics pages are so detailed I have no chance of understanding them, and while that is not a measure for reliability, it's at least a hint in that direction. Clearly they were written by someone who was not simply talking out of their ass.
San 920 (1 year ago)
Depends on who is editing the info
Inhuman Ash (1 year ago)
3:54-3:57 TD* REFERENCE!?!? V If you don't know what TD is, click here. *Total Drama, more specifically, Total Drama Island.
Corinne Altham (2 years ago)
1:17-1:20 is a little confusing. Sarcasm is tough because students need background knowledge to understand that second layer of narrative.
Exactly. Myself, in Grade 10 can easily understand. But this video seems aimed at a much younger crowd...
I have to watch this for school
Eric Schmidt (1 year ago)
Lahbreca (1 year ago)
Otherwise a good video, but the point at 1:18 is utter garbage - in fact, from the way they phrase it you almost could swear they were being ironic - but I guess they were serious. Saying media is safe, if it's part of the leftist establishment is incredibly naive, and looking at current political issues from many sides I honestly think Youtube is often lot more credible than the media. And Youtube cannot be judged as a single entity - you should really judge each channel separately. There are lectures from Richard Feynman in there, for crying out loud, so clearly some of the information is actually valid. If anyone objects to a Feynman video simply because it's on Youtube, they are being a clueless snob. So obviously it depends on the channel - and in reality most people can at least tell the _incredibly reliable sources_ out. Take Jordan Peterson's lectures, for example. The guy uses sources from Neitzsche to Jung, and from Dostoevsky to Darwin. He has done countless scientific papers. And yet some mistrust him, because he uploads to Youtube. Really? The way I see it is Youtube and even Wikipedia are radically different beasts, and we don't know yet how to discern the reliability of such sources.
SKYLA RUTAN (2 years ago)
same boring af cute cat tho
Ethan Sligh (2 years ago)
That wasp pokesniped like 10 people
Andrew Klein (2 years ago)
wow this video is legendary 🔥😏 I'll keep using wikipedia tho
David (DJ) Kenney (2 years ago)
I love this so much😲
UnieTemp (2 years ago)
We speak i&s!
UnieTemp (2 years ago)
Dont worry About It (2 years ago)
why did the guy sailing stuff out the trunk have to be Mexican smdh
Caleb Jones (10 months ago)
It says it in your name- DONT WORRY ABOUT IT
glitter brat (2 years ago)
righhhht? leaving this vid now
Jan-Ross Liiver (2 years ago)
This is so Hip. I can relate so much to this video.
Dominic M (2 years ago)
Astrotrain Reviews1 (2 years ago)
Cool, this was very helpful for my class work.
Jayvolr (2 years ago)
Wikipedia is probably the best learning tool of all time, sir.
weedbong_ (8 months ago)
I usually go to Wikipedia and use the references tbh
SKYLA RUTAN (2 years ago)

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