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Who Controls All of Our Money?

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Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/9FS8uF Check out the previous episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtXybjiR3vY Become a Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV Hidden Secrets of Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Sources: http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Documents/quarterlybulletin/2014/qb14q1prereleasemoneycreation.pdf The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve (1994) - G. Edward Griffin The Money Masters (1996) - William T. Still https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/mar/18/truth-money-iou-bank-of-england-austerity http://positivemoney.org/how-money-works/how-banks-create-money/ Graham Towers full written interview http://www.michaeljournal.org/articles/social-credit/item/money-is-created-by-banks-evidence-given-by-graham-towers Paul Tucker Quote: http://www.bis.org/review/r071217f.pdf Marriner eccles Quote : http://www.mindcontagion.org/banking/hb1941.html James. A. Garfield: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/288058-whoever-controls-the-volume-of-money-in-our-country-is Central Banks put in place after 2000: http://www.activistpost.com/2012/09/state-owned-central-banks-are-real.html //Soundtrack// 0:00 NGHTMRE & A-F-R-O - STRONGER 1:10 Giyo - Are the Animals Gone 2:20 Nanobyte - Honour 6:12 Afterlife - 5th & Avenida 8:30 Kidnap Kid - Moments (feat. Leo Stannard) 9:38 Jakatta - American Dream [Afterlife Mix] 10:43 3rd Core - Mindless And Broken (MJ Cole Mix) 11:39 Aphex Twin - Xtal 12:20 Be Major - Miss Words (Patty Kay Remix) 13:44 Nova Nova - Tones 15:47 Maths Time Joy - Walk With Me 17:13 Ef - Två 18:08 Chasing Dreams - I See You From The Clouds (feat. moshimoss) 20:30 Balam Acab - Motion » Google + | http://www.google.com/+coldfustion » Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/ColdFusionTV » My music | http://burnwater.bandcamp.com or » http://www.soundcloud.com/burnwater » https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV » Collection of music used in videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOrJJKW31OA Producer: Dagogo Altraide » Twitter | @ColdFusion_TV
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Text Comments (7314)
Diane Benzler (8 hours ago)
The banks and federal reserve seem to do a lot of underhanded things!
Samraj Dwivedi (21 hours ago)
Hey Coldfusion, You did a lot of research on this. So have you thought of something that can be done from the mass public to make this system either shut down or work the other way around? Other way aorund meaning the system provides less debt based credit and the ones who have to pay huge taxes are the Richest themselves. Or any other way that you think things could get better?
kipponi (20 hours ago)
This is best of them all to give hints who rules the World. Those who create money for nothing. And Nixon said it is temporary thing to move Fiat money ha ha. Abraham Lincoln what a great man he was. That book I changed title a bit: The Creature from Jekyll and Hyde Island.
Tammy Reynolds (1 day ago)
Bitcoin is bust.
Rafael Soares (1 day ago)
Your position of what a Central Bank is in relation to market stability is incredibly inaccurate. It's basically a pre-1920 view. Any serious economic and non-biased analysis of the role of central banks in the last 80 years would prove this view wrong. Central banks are key for market stability, inflation control and keeping unemployment in check.
Willy (1 day ago)
Cryptocurrency is VERY easily manipulated. The boom and bust of Bitcoin was devastating for the average man that decided to throw his life savings into Bitcoin at the promise of getting it back tenfold. However, the few that had massive amounts of Bitcoin and/or understood the system fully was able to easily manipulate the system to not only gain massive wealth when it rose in late 2017, but also gain at the same rate as it fell in early 2018. If you know anything about short selling stocks and using computer bots to buy and sell thousands of times per day you could be among those that profited on the massive spikes seen in all cryptocurrency. This is perfectly legal for the average man, since cryptocurrrency is technically NOT stocks even though they may perform similarly. I YOU want to gain wealth in the same way I have, you can do so here: https://cryptotrader.org/?r=2596 Pulling wealth seemingly from thin air is what every man dreams of, but when you realize that the wealthiest of the wealthy are doing exactly that it can be infuriating. Luckily the average man in the age of computers has been given the chance to have his own "Federal Reserve". You do not have to be a computer programmer to use https://cryptotrader.org/?r=2596 With the creation of the internet humanity has been blessed with unlimited information and, as Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is Power".
NESARA GESARA: Take money from the rich that they have STOLEN from the people via the corrupted politicians in the world and give back to rightful owners "citizen of the world"! The globalists are responsible for most wars, pollution (so called climate change), immigrants, diseases, poverty, etc., but the people (the working class) have to "PAY (TAXES)" for the problems they have caused!
Banks create fake money
ABDUR REHMAN (1 day ago)
I need your kind email, so I can get help from your side on this topic for research purpose. Thanking you in anticipation.
ABDUR REHMAN (1 day ago)
Hi. It's a very informative, and I have also made my mind to do research on it. This whole system is just like a bubble, and in my point Of view it's near to burst. This world needs a new economic system which set new standards for economic growth. People around the world are tired under this fake system. Some Riches are just controlling the world by this fake currency which is backed by none. So I am seeing a very soon destruction of this system.
Bigg Dee (2 days ago)
The dollar is a piece of paper that's backed by the US Military if it wasn't for that everyone will pull out of that system plain and simple
daniel meman (2 days ago)
Holy fucking shit. I just finished the video. Dude, research the effect of central bank independancy from the government on economic growth. Yes there has been empirical studies on this, and yes,they will prove that your entire point could not be further from the truth. If the government can print and spend money, when a president wants to remain in power they will print money and spend it with no limits,resulting in hyperinflation and the destructions of the entire countries savings. This has happened and is the reason central banks in developed economics are independant.
daniel meman (2 days ago)
Money is printed so that commercial banks have enough real currency to back their digital assets. Their assets grow through them making profits from interest charged on debt, brokerage, sales, etcetera. When they make profit of $1,they generally lend out $10, and then charge interest on it, turning their $1 into say $1.5 over a year, this creates money. Loans do not create money, they borrow it from the future, that is the most fundamental concept of the system, and the entire reason the federal lends money to the government instead of printing it,so that they aren't just constantly increasing the money supply by unlimited amounts, rather they are writing a loan to the government that the government will have to pay back, which forces the government to control their spending and not buy unlimited assets. You've made all the checks and balances that the system uses to prevent financial collapse sound like the problem. You need to understand,lending money is not creating money,on the balence sheet it is both an asset and a liability to the bank. No assets were created. Interest repayments create money but that's a different story. The creation of money occurs when commercial banks assets increase,but they don't have enough currency relative to their assets,so the Fed prints money to pay the banks.
daniel meman (2 days ago)
No equity* was created sorry.
daniel meman (2 days ago)
The worlds reserves are not backed by USD, they just include USD, they also include gold and other countries currencies. USD is the most widely used since the Bretton Woods System, which had to collapse for the benefit of America (otherwise they were effectively fucked and the rest of the world was taking advantage of them. The other curencies you've tied to the USD in the video have not been tied to the USD for many decades now. They are mostly all floating.
daniel meman (2 days ago)
The federal reserve is not controlled by the government so that the government doesn't have the power to simply print money to finance their purchases. the reason for this is so they can't spend an unlimited amount of money and crash the value of the USD, effectively eroding the savings of every US citizen + many other countries. Think Donald Trump with access to a free money printing mission. You've portrayed it as though this is a negative thing, but studies have shown that countries with independant central banks are more stable,have higher economic growth and better living standards. You can tell that most of your research has just been self directed, and that you've missed most of the macroeconomic concepts underpinning the structure of the Financial system, as well as the empirical evidence to support those concepts.
shane (2 days ago)
This system will fail when population stsrts to decline. Its working because poor people want money.
michael sims (2 days ago)
That was mind blowing I knew some things but you taught me a lot
Diverse Alkebulan (2 days ago)
cold fusion have you ever read the ( Coming Battle) or None dare call it conspiracy? Great reads.
Patrick Wentzell (2 days ago)
every individual is in control over there own money that is how it needs to stay. money itself is not more important than life. the scale lately is unbalenced there is no even Steven anymore. everyone is in a hurry now a days when the hell did paper Bills get to be more important than anything else? I've seen money out weights other things. I've had to listen to husbands arguing over money situations it is really sad. love is replaced with gotta work and paying Bill's. when is the human race going to learn that clocks and money can not control anyone you know what I'm talking about dont you? yes we want money but love passion romance these are important too. remember what life was about in childhood carefree fun no obligations at all. money can not control us. think about this being stranded on an island with two choices either get rescued and let go of all that rich amount of money. or keep it but you never get off the Island ever. sometimes we need to stop take a look around and realise just how good company is there is no value in it.
Pratik Sahare (3 days ago)
Please make more vedios like this
bill miller (3 days ago)
Money? Its just points now, mere pixels we trade for other points and some goods. It is not even real.
Chrison Joseph (4 days ago)
1st bank was by Knights tenplar
Dre Ramos (4 days ago)
I love the video ColdFusionTV. Fantastic information! Society is a business. PERIOD. Always has and aldehyde will be! Keep up the fantastic knowledgeable videos!
Dre Ramos (4 days ago)
C. Glass (4 days ago)
An excellent overview, though I must say I'm surprised you didn't mention the Rothschild family at all.
Nasser Dean (4 days ago)
Ed Carson (4 days ago)
You’re not talking about money. Your talking about currency IOUs.
anita hinojosa-wells (4 days ago)
Great information! It shows that we are just here forthwith pleasures of a few families amusement! That’s so inhumane!
Holidayin germany (4 days ago)
This is why these criminal banksters wants us all dead cos they're afraid we will put them in prison.
matzpimp (4 days ago)
The Jews control the money in Bitcoin was made so people could buy child pronography
Grant Taffs (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/_L4soV1H-Ds The dollar cancer and gold cure
Raghav Kapoor (4 days ago)
So why don't government get rid of federal banks.
Antulio Rodriguez (5 days ago)
I known it sence the early 80s
Travel 4k (5 days ago)
This is the best video on this topic available.
Bud Nunyerbusiness (5 days ago)
If you love money you are already evil.
Michael Thompson (5 days ago)
Yes people are you are getting screwed by the powerful (Spoiler alert!) If your looking for things that you personally can do to scale back the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, start with these 5 things: 1) Save at LEAST 10% of all you earn. If you are not saving at least that amount you are no better then a slave living for what your master gives you to eat. (Get yourself a free PDF copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon”: http://horizonspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/ebooks/the-richest-man-in-babylon.pdf Easiest book you’ll ever read on personal finance and is taught in parable so enjoyable to read as well.) 2) Keep your money in physical form. Either in Gold, Silver or, more pragmatically, physical currency (Remember in the most resent financial panics in the US (2008), Cyprus (2012), Greece (2015), etc. people were trying to get physical cash, not Gold or Silver.). If you must use the banking system only use Credit Unions or Savings and Loans. Keep only as much currency in it as you need for expenses over the course of a couple of weeks or a month tops (Business owners will need more because of tax and logistical reasons.). 3) If you are a wage slave paying down a lot of debt talk to an attorney about bankruptcy. You are doing your patriotic duty by not repaying banks! Fractional reserve banking is fraud so don’t lose a single nights sleep if you don’t repay another cent of it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFDe5kUUyT0&list=PLE88E9ICdipidHkTehs1VbFzgwrq1jkUJ&index=4 ) 4) Try keeping your patronage away from large entities, i.e. don't use Google use DuckDuckGo.com or some other small search engine that does not have massive power and also tries not to keep personal search information. As I always say, " Whenever you centralize power it always helps the powerful." And yes I realize the irony of saying this on a Google owned platform. :) 5) Vote 3rd party, preferably one that pays lip service to freedom and liberty. Your vote doesn't really count anyway so you might as well make the powerful pay more for the privilege of owning you by adding the number of parties that they have to bribe (Remember action 3 above.)! You can search the internet for other actions that you can take and if you have any good ones feel free to let me know. The first two are hands down the best an individual can do (Least effort and most effective.).
Ron Metoyer (5 days ago)
Very informative, thank you!
Derek Elshaw (5 days ago)
Ty Kenyon (5 days ago)
My only problem with crypto currency is, is you can't use it in the desert. You need electricity & computers... What if the power went out in a major city
iwe timer (5 days ago)
*_D A J J A L S Y S T E M S_*
Alexmarr7224 (5 days ago)
If I can wish for anything it would be some sort of military might to be able to eliminate central banking and any form of unrighteous greed with immediate and deadly consequences. With the same consequence for me if I turned
joe blow (5 days ago)
Central banks and compounded interest on national debt.
Sam Bharda (5 days ago)
whatch the documentry - movie The.Conspiracy.(2012) for a real truth
Eddybarrett84 (5 days ago)
So is bitcoin the answer? Can’t it be ran just like the current system if bitcoin is not backed by gold?
D Kahn (6 days ago)
Go look up and watch... The Money Masters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2i6uftJhB8 Watch out for the pen.
edi (6 days ago)
I knew most of it already, but the things he said he could make another video about on another day are the things I'd be really interested. Especially why do so many of us work hard and still make less at the end than their parents? Why do states bitch about a lack of skilled labour when said skilled labour doesn't find a job, or gets only short time employment which prevents them from getting a family or buying a house?
Ismael Zaragoza (6 days ago)
Here is a joke where does religion fit in this?
protoword (6 days ago)
Than what, you know, we know everything about what you said, but there is nothing you can do! It is already late, you are in tight grip of system that you cannot change! They know it, and let people talk about it. This system could not be eliminated but only if is overheated itself! They built it for century and one or few videos cannot hurt them. They are very smart, they will not let so and don’t think about colapsing dollar or some catastrophy, they will prevent that, because they want to stay in power! II WW is great lesson they learned! Sleep well...
ferkemall (6 days ago)
The Jerws !
Bill Oxley (6 days ago)
Simply put,we are all slaves.
Mark Thompson (6 days ago)
I like your video intro ..... great job ....
Financial Freedom (6 days ago)
100% correct. he explained it in very simple terms and got it all correct. as a day trader in stock and shares, he knows what he is talking about. you good fellow got a thumbs up.
Bogdan Jocović (6 days ago)
The world is off tracks for a long time now. Not just the economy, it's crucial to realize that, everything it's going down. How can I say something like that, in this so modern world and respect of human rights that we have today? Just ask some average old fella how it was, for example, in 1960's. How they lived back than, for how long they have worked, what they could do with money earned, and, most important, what did they do with "no work" time. Sorry for my english.
Mary Hill (6 days ago)
Thank you. I am an American with a college degree and sadly, this is the first time O have heard any of this. I am definitely one who has been overrun by the Fed, having lost all my investments in the stock market and real estate in the crash and burst in 2008 and later. After much struggle, I even finally lost my home to foreclosure this year. I can now see how Fed policies played into that and left me a poverty stricken widow in rental housing with massive debt and no reasonable way out aside from rejoining the workforce at age 62 and facing the age bias inherent in that endeavor.
KevinMooreFan33 (7 days ago)
Well young man now you've met five people. My parents were older and my grandmother lived two houses down. She was born in 1901. I learned a lot from them. Rule number one on finances in our house was. If you don't have the cash to pay in full don't buy the item. Live below your means. Long term gradification is best. Self control...know the difference between a want and a need etc. Ty for this brilliant video!!!!
Kelly Diggs (7 days ago)
Excellent video. Great Research. 👍👍😎
SE ASIA (7 days ago)
Absolutely excellent job!! Thank you Sir!!!
Colleen Pritchett (7 days ago)
And now you know why JFK was killed and why you will always be broke....this will collapse....
Volcano Collins (7 days ago)
Well done
Lisa Kossik (7 days ago)
Thank you God bless ✝️
Luz Cochran (7 days ago)
Harold Wagner (7 days ago)
Excellent research, but ... where is China in all this?. Also, the underlying economic/industrial strength of a country is crucial.
Vegas Mgtow (7 days ago)
If you don't borrow money, pay your bills and have an emergency fund. YOUR in the top 10 %.
Jose Ramon Fernandez (7 days ago)
Thank you.
ÆMEROX (7 days ago)
Keep your eyes and ears open.
adv nar (7 days ago)
F**K U
Nixon is a piece of shit.
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
The Messiah is coming with all Heaven Angels
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
Let's us gain understanding of the beast 666 in many forms.
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
The government summited to this beast of a devil
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
The dollar is filled with Santantic rituals and all there money.
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
With all Heaven Angels waiting
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
To weigh in on them
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
Allah told me he got my back and front
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
The laws of freedom is written where everyone could have a copy of such rules and filled Santantic rituals in their law enforcements.
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
They control everything Sapanell Allah
tamika jackson (7 days ago)
Digital currency is like the matrix systems of everybody money tied in to a bunch of theives who can't be trusted.
Vk Travel log (7 days ago)
Also dont get me started on publicly traded companies and the crooked management and their golden parachutes. Make millions when they do a good job and make millions more when they do a crappy one. What a scam!
Richard Garnache (7 days ago)
Complete baloney ... The Fed Reserve was started by a Congressional Decree that gave 5 whole years of debate before making any final version Law //// It was NOT created at Jeckel island ... LOL That decree was many years before Jeckle island btw. ( 1902 ) .... It was debated on the OPEN in Congress and the final version was BETTER than the 4 previous Central Banks that were almost the same. This vid is more CRAP from You tube.
Otis Schmakel (8 days ago)
realize that you have evolved beyond money and that YOU are an immutable currency
Elaisa Kasan (8 days ago)
Since devices which produce energy with a low marginal cost, have been suppressed for more than 100 years, there is a lost opportunity cost for this suppression. Also, there is a multiplier effect throughout the economy since we overpay more than once for the overpriced energy embedded in everything we buy including food, transport, housing and more. If you add up the excessive cost we paid for everything for the last 100 years, including higher health costs related to pollution, the total lost opportunity cost exceeds $2.4 Quadrillion, considering Dollars spent 100 years ago are worth more than current Dollars. The lost opportunity cost is more than one million Dollars for each person on the planet earth. This is the motivation for the UFO ETI Free Energy secrecy. Where did the number $2.4 Quadrillion come from? $6Trillion per year global energy expenditure times . . . 8x multiplier as the effects of overpriced energy percolate through the economy which is the fed money multiplier (12x) times the Kummel Ayres energy contribution multiplier (0.7x) described in The Last Oil Shock, pg 116-123, times . . . 100 years, divided by two, since 100 years ago oil & coal had a low net cost. Which is: $6T x 8 x 100 / 2 = $2,400 Trillion Sources: https://www.apparentlyapparel.com/uploads/5/3/5/6/5356442/energy_suppression_cases.pdf https://www.enerdata.net/publications/executive-briefing/world-energy-expenditures.html
Mommy of 5 (8 days ago)
Good vid. but you forgot to mention about the human security's issued by the dept of commerce? These security's are what our government uses to get the Fed. Reserve off their back and to get more and more currency for all their Bullcrap activity's. What are these securities you ask? Us, when we are born our live birth record is kept by mandate by every hospital or port of entry,which is one in the same,your parents are given a birth certificate to be later verified and linked to a I.D number attached soc. sec. which is then given to the Fed.reserve to cover for past debt. and future gov. spending.This sounds crazy I know but your life of work and paying taxes ensures this monopoly continues and the game keeps playing out as we lose every time , Lincoln and Kennedy tried to make us realize the puppet masters and free the people from this secret slavery that is generational,keeping us always taking the bait of an illusionary life that can never be until the $ lenders are taken out of the way, go back and listen to J.F.K,s last speech, He tried to alert us of this conspiracy. Can you keep getting loans on your house if you dont pay on the premiums? The Gov,t can and does , you pay it back with your life, your whole life ,then train up your kids to do the same damn thing,who"s the dummy now??????????
bluffmasterhara (8 days ago)
Its all MONOPOLY money
Wesley Freeburg (8 days ago)
Understanding how the system works is important. Understanding how it may be FIXED is essential. https://medium.com/@wesfree/the-natural-order-of-money-and-why-abstract-currencies-fail-a-critical-review-e05f928fb64c
Trey Anders (8 days ago)
Why pay attention to this when we have Netflix and news to watch!
1allanbmw (8 days ago)
Kennedy was killed for the same reason as Lincoln: Legal Treasury Notes (Constitutional), not Federal Reserve Notes (= debt). Remember the $2 bills from 1963? There was a whole new series planned of silver certificates (Treasury Notes) to replace the FRN's.
Vk Travel log (8 days ago)
Yea the general public are fools while the rich continue to take advantage of the common people. Problem is 99.9% of the people dont realize this
Wolfgang548 (8 days ago)
I've heard John F. Kennedy wanted to rid the Federal Reserve and go back to the gold standard which is likely one of the reasons he was assassinated.
John Sergei (3 days ago)
Lincoln, Andrew Jackson & Ronald Reagan (ordered the Grace Commission) upset the banks, see a connection?
Rich Brake (3 days ago)
The U.S. dollar was still tied to gold until 1971.There was still a gold standard.
mojoe jojo (4 days ago)
+Bakrain LBJ would often flop his dick out hence the name Johnson referring to a dick.
Raggea (5 days ago)
lincoln and murphy.......
Milton Holley (6 days ago)
Women control the world. They control 100% of the pussy and 1/2 the weath in the world.
Jamie Isbitt (8 days ago)
Onpoint however an iceburg is bigger below the surface and this is just scratching at it. I believe a growing number of people are starting to twig the world can not continue with our current monetery system and there is no flciking of a switch to change things without causing carnage so how do we start to transition away from it? A move towards a resource based and sharing economy maybe?
IdentifiablePerson (8 days ago)
Moving money from private hands to government will not solve the problems. Money is false, because money is not an object of nature. Therefore it shows two things: (1) Anything that you create using something false will be false also. (2) Since money is false, it cannot be necessary to run the economy. Therefore, remove money and create moneyless economy (MLE). MLE is the only natural and therefore true economy. MLE can bring heaven on earth. To learn more about money, central bank economy, and MLE take a look at the free book on soul theory at https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/
Miriam Chartier (8 days ago)
VERBALMILITIA (8 days ago)
[email protected] THE SCAM !!! https://www.facebook.com/notes/marc-douglas-vogt/verbalmilitia-the-four-horsemen-of-truth-marc27/1745254852196644/ THE BEAST by marc27, a completely informed free slave [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!! We got completely scammed in 1763-1776-1781-1783. URL: Shall Not means Shall in Legalese ! https://lawyerist.com/thy-legal-writing-shall-not-include-shall/ [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!! URL The Legal Definition CONSTITUTOR, He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation. https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Constitutor https://thelawdictionary.org/constitutor/ DOES THIS LOOK LIKE 'THE LAW' TO YOU OR A VATICAN /BRITISH MONARCHY /FEDERAL AGENT FREEMASON ONE SIDED OPEN ENDED DEBT CONTRACT SCAM ON YOU? 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URL 1st Contractual Liberty for the English word law that has no Legal Authority at all and A1 S8 C15 for Contractual Policy /Statutory Law only you create. Take your real power back ! I tell Holy Pedophile Policy Enforcers that even Murder is not 'against the law' on the streets and they ask me if they are free to go now and all I need is my knowledge and words to do it. Even Murder is a Contractual Policy Violation, not ‘against the law’ that cannot exist, because it’s The British Monarchy Common ‘Law’ not law Legal System, which can never be common law, which are English words, not Contractual Policy Legal Terms, that have no Contractual /Legal Authority at all, in Court, in Contracts anywhere else. The Common ‘Law’ Legal System is under The Roman Civil /Canon ‘Law’, world wide, already, which can never be ‘the law’ at all, which can never exist, because it’s impossible and if you don’t know that Contractual Policy writing Politicians cannot write law or even Statutory ‘Laws’, that you, individually Contractually create for the Artificial Person /Federal Corporation you have, (or belong to, if it’s not just you, that cannot be owned, just like anything or any thing else in reality), out of Contractual Policy the instant you put ‘your’ Legal Name Signature on any Legal Document /Vatican Federal Debt Slave Contract as a contracted Constitutor. Again, just to reiterate for you to be able to overcome your lifetime of pure Vatican debt slave perfect programming, of, by and for The Scam, if you still don’t know that Politicians can only write Contractual Policy, not law, you clearly have ‘Government’ as your only actual man made Vatican Debt Slave and Extermination Nazi Policy Legal God and Politicians as your scamming for The Scam Legal Gods right along with every Holy Pedophile Policy Enforcer for the exact same The Scam everywhere else on planet Earth you may choose visit or move to, to live, then clearly now, you always will, because you have made the pure slave choice to after seeing this lost common knowledge, pure common sense, obviously real, correct easily verified as Legal fact and true information for the first time in your one and only life and you have chosen The Scam and The Legal Fiction World as your false, fake and untrue reality because you are a true, pure total slave who loves having voluntary masters by design. -marc27 Thy Legal Writing Shall Not Include “Shall” By Andy Mergendahl on June 12th, 2011 26 comments Legal writing should be precise, and its meaning should be as close to indisputable as possible. That’s what we get paid to produce. Yet one little word, “shall,” continues to muck up legal writing (particularly contracts) everywhere. SOURCE LINK https://lawyerist.com/thy-legal-writing-shall-not-include-shall/ [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!! You cannot buy things now with that man made Mark of the Beast SS# in your forehead that you can only Legally Purchase Registered Claimed Federal Property that cannot be owned that you can only be in Legal /Illegal Possession of with those Vatican Debt Cred /British Monarchy Federal Property Federal Reserve Notes in your right hand for The Scam /for The Beast and not buy things for you to even be able to have, much less 'own', because it's not 'your money', by design. Government is not my 'God'. The Holy Roman Bible is a lifelong debt contract. -marc27 [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!! This entire The Scam is merely an English word for Contractual Policy Legal Term bait and switch con job for the World Wide Vatican One Sided Open Ended written in Shall Not means Shall in Legalese Vatican Legal Fictional Constitutional Debt Contract Scam, you like only believing you have rights so you got conned into signing Contracts for Contractual Liberties for something that does not exist cannot and has not ever existed and if they were honest, it would be spelled 'writes' not 'rights'. The Legal Fiction World is a voluntary debt slave word magic debt contract scam we run for fun on little tiny babies for all scammers. The Roman Mark of the Beast System now not known as The Roman Canon ‘Law’ /Civil ‘Law’ that can only be contractual Policy, not law began in the Year Zero, which is why it’s called the Year Zero. Things cannot be owned, rights cannot and do not exist and there is no such thing as law. Unless you are a total scammer you've contractually been completely scammed by The Scam, Berth Contract Civilly Dead, for life. 100% Voluntary Contractual Liberty, is The Scam. Everything is a lie and a scam of, by and for all scammin’ scum. Our Words are Weapons, Our Ammo, the Truth. VM /VM Army marc27 PS. Here total truther fails who can only cry about ‘Jews’ for The Vatican World Wide Constitutional Debt Contract Scam by design because of The Post 911 Fed Psy Op that was The Total Truther Fail Movement and still is, of, by and for The Scam, of course: Israel's Constitution of 1958 with Amendments through 2013 https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Israel_2013.pdf?lang=en [email protected] VM ARMY !!! The Scam, like all scams is a what, not a who and like all scams, it’s man made and once known to the world, will fail to ever work again for a couple of generations at least. -marc27
VERBALMILITIA (8 days ago)
You're all brainwashed as fuck to go right back to worshiping Government as your God because of The End The Federal Reserve Banking System Act, now Statute, that can never be a law, much less a bank Post 911 Fed Psy Op.
Brilliant, teach your children this & forget school.....
lastpokemon (8 days ago)
I sum it up, Jews control the Feds, the feds just print money without gold cover but they reply on the petrodollar, so they can issue money to other countries in return these countries sell you cars and good. so to keep issuing dollars America should always be on trade deffest! anyways Jews like goldman sachs control the banks and the feds -- means American are the slaves of the Jews forever
ben smejkal (8 days ago)
You did it!!!
Aravinth Ponnusamy (8 days ago)
when i think about it i can say there no accountability but to say this system will fail we need something which will replace this. Hence cryptocurrencies seems a possibility. But for that to come into effect will take 50 years maybe. So we are in for a chaos..Cheers!
D Kahn (9 days ago)
Yes, the real reason for all "recent" wars has to do with those small countries not allowing the International Bankers control of their countries money.

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