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Star Swarm - GeForce GTX 980 - Direct3D 12 - Follow Mode

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Star Swarm - GeForce GTX 980 - Direct3D 12 - Follow Mode
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epicmetalness (3 years ago)
looks like shit tho
Dexter Dexter (2 years ago)
+epicmetalness Totally...they have to work moore on this engine.
stereo man (3 years ago)
I can't wait for stackable Vram, finally SLI and crossfire setups will have access to the memory on both cards, its crazy it took them this long to figure it out.
I'm the captain now (3 years ago)
its so smooth.
cool_mind (3 years ago)
i wish the released this for us to try 
George Narwhel (3 years ago)
+cdeep29 This scenario is free to download through steam.
p cha (3 years ago)
Console owners don't seem to understand benchmarks lol. 'Wut no 60fps dafukdisshit lmao'
p cha (3 years ago)
For comparison the tech demo ran at 7fps on a Radeon r9 in dx11, and 43fps on dx12 with the same Radeon r9.
p cha (3 years ago)
Dx12 coming to XboxOne in Nov
p cha (3 years ago)
-toy story/ lord of the rings graphics no deffered rendering.
p cha (3 years ago)
Dx12 offers up too 600% increase over dx11. 600k draw calls over dx9's 6k. Over 1000+ AI controlled characters onscreen at a time.
kolz4ever1980 (3 years ago)
I just find it hilarious that xboner people think they are getting the full advantage of dx 12... Oh poor console trash people.. They never stop being amusing for a moment..
kolz4ever1980 (3 years ago)
+Taareek12  he also made a recent statement that the xboner only gets a 20% increase while the pc gets a 600% increase with shown results on youtube.. Hmm that with them moving first party games to windows 10.. can we just say rip xboner trash in 900p? lol.. The pile of shit will be more worthless than ever with out it's exclusive and only poor people will even on that pile of shit.
alexsch73 (3 years ago)
Taareek12 (3 years ago)
Dude, Phil Spencer made a statement few days ago on Twitter saying: "We knew what DX12 was doing when we build the Xbox One". Don't you worry.
kolz4ever1980 (3 years ago)
+4EverDubin  Well yea. I do find it also exciting for what will come out this but damn the way some people are expecting cgi graphics on a console with only 8 gbs of ram (and that 8 gbs of ram is not going all to gaming since at least 3 gbs is reserved for the os's the system has) is just comical.
~Nimble Navigator~ (3 years ago)
If anything I'm more excited for what XOne owners are going to be get with games fully designed for Dx12 than anything coming from PS4. 
Sqweezul Bourdain (3 years ago)
I can't wait for the new AMD 390x that's coming out very shortly. Cheaper and faster than the GTX 980. Can you imagine how fast this will run in just a few short months? WOW!
Johnnyxp64 (3 years ago)
go microsoft go directX 12!
IamHiyatiger (3 years ago)
the video isn't 60 fps? tha fuck?
Dark Knight (3 years ago)
it is already 60fps, check it down right the video
Liron Hazan (3 years ago)
This kind of not so good at all graphics makes the video card go below 30fps? OMG
Hector Cuper (3 years ago)
+Sed1er 0:42, 0:52, or you know...watch the video
2sallads (3 years ago)
+Hector Cuper Where are you getting 30 fps? It never drops past like 90. 
~Nimble Navigator~ (3 years ago)
Well you have to understand great looking games come from great artists. These are engineers showcasing what's further possible for future games designed with Dx12. So if anything this give more capabilities to art directors to make near cgi like games if anything better to current games today.  Example, there are better looking console games than PC games. But is that because consoles are more powerful? Far from it, it's because they have better artists with emphasis on graphics.
Rafael Figueira (3 years ago)
it's not about the quality of the game it's about the complexity, it is a benchmark   --' 
RizzyWow (3 years ago)
If you look in the top left it clearly averages 90FPS… nice try PS fanboy.

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