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Biggest market crash in my lifetime coming: Jim Rogers

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Rogers Holdings Chairman Jim Rogers on the state of the markets and the future of blockchain.
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Sarkar Uttam (14 days ago)
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S Stevens (14 days ago)
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Milton Roy (14 days ago)
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Oliyt Muty (14 days ago)
I think you are right.
anam haque (14 days ago)
Thanks for the information, I almost signed up.
Christopher Tolman (26 days ago)
To sustain an economy country by country, people in the country must produce something of actual value.  Hard goods.  This is what makes demand for local currency go up, because foreigners need that particular currency to buy the goods.  This means we need as much agriculture, manufacturing, energy, technology as we can get.  When you have too high a percentage of people working in service, government, and non life sustaining industries you aren't producing anything that anyone else needs.  Teach your children to go into industries that have material need and value, and to learn how to make and produce things.  The only reason our country has been held up so far above others, is because the dollar has historical trading value on the global market since WWII.  It is the top currency borrowed, which means there is demand for it.  Secondly our debt is too high to sustain.  We can't make the interest payments, so congress keeps raising the debt ceiling and borrowing more money to pay the interest.  It is a vicious, inescapable trend.
Nice Trade (29 days ago)
Research, Markets usually begin to take profits/sell off 4 to 6 months before a Presidents term ends.. until then as long as Trump is President the Bull run will continue..
jayjayhere fre (1 month ago)
Oct 10 ,2018 just started.
Byron Castillo (1 month ago)
???? October 2018?
Robbie Holyoake (1 month ago)
top man.
proletarian guard (2 months ago)
wait wait, you mean to tell me that capitalism is going to fail again? dear god what a shock...
Chris Choir (3 months ago)
He has been saying this for 10 years... complete idiot
Prince hectoroftroy (3 months ago)
buy bitcoin
Andrew Youssef (3 months ago)
100% correct a recession is guaranteed to happen & well overdue. Since WWII the US has had 11 major recessions starting in 1945, 1949, 1953, 1957, 1960, 1970, 1973-1975, 1980-1982, 1990-1991, 2001, 2008. In my opinion a recession by next year or by the next presidential election of November 2020 is more than likely to happen.
alex droogy (4 months ago)
Jim Rogers has been predicting the "BIGGEST MARKET CRASH" every Fucking day since before he grew his two hairs on his plot. On his Fucking tomb stone it will say "MARKET CRASH IS COMING AND THE SKY IS FALLING".
Gun Li (4 months ago)
well he s right again, usd can't be stronger for this Q.
Harold McBroom (5 months ago)
Why are all the people in the thumbnail wearing the same looking suits, and they are all bald headed, they look more like Russians, than Americans.  If anything is coming, it's because it's being planned to happen.  The Economy isn't some random occurring sea monster like Godzilla, because the Elite have been for countless decades providing for the safety and security of their own bums, while leaving ours out to dry.  Try to take your money out of the bank in mass, and you'll discover how fast they close their doors, and call the police to defend their thievery in keeping your money exactly where they want it, in their pockets!
Jay Kraft (5 months ago)
Jim Rogers shtick: say the market is going to crash in 2012, then 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and keep going until it finally does after gaining 300% but falls 40%, and claim victory.
Tana Murphy (6 months ago)
What does this guy have to gain from this? Everyone seems to be fighting for our attention these days. No one says something for nothing. A lot of noise but who do we listen to?
Benjamin Miiller (6 months ago)
Varney is such a douche bag, drumph ass kissing trumptard, that he is a waste of time even watching him
Deshon Miller (6 months ago)
He got game read his books and you'll see what I'm talking about! PEACE
b00gie'man (6 months ago)
i hope everyone loses there jobs n houses LOL i will buy up million $$$ homes for next to nothing!!!!!
Jim Rogers every time I see him or a title on youtube: "bla bla crash bla bla soon" or "crash bla bla crash bla crash"
Jlee. Toshi (6 months ago)
If Jim Rogers is attending the Blockchain event, then he surely wants to diversify his investment. He knows the crash is coming!
Jim Christl (6 months ago)
Gold pushers . Of course a crash is coming especially if you say it for a decade. Just the same as a dead clock is right twice a day.
Jay M (6 months ago)
Hawk Bokdol Kim (6 months ago)
They have been saying this more than 3 years now
Diosdado Sasil (6 months ago)
TheZacman2 (6 months ago)
I like Jim Rogers.
Did Z (6 months ago)
Lol who hired this clown?
Preston Sadners (6 months ago)
"Hello, goodbye." Jim Rogers gif.
Don M (6 months ago)
He sounds like a horoscope, my blind deaf cat disagrees with him and I believe my cat over mr. Bow tie
Greg Savacool (6 months ago)
We're now trying to predict when the market is going to crash rather than a boom, sounds great. We do have the king of sent in office, so...
Patel Vidhu (6 months ago)
People become too optimistic when crash is very near.
Paul Heckman (7 months ago)
Who would listen to these smiling, gurgling morons
KidScipio (7 months ago)
he been saying this 10 years. maybe he'll be right someday
John Thompson (7 months ago)
John Thompson (7 months ago)
ask your elected local and state official's,,, they do the criminal insider trading.
dan020350 (7 months ago)
invest in fear -.-
Christoph EGGER (7 months ago)
Remember the guy tell the sell off will come since YEARS.
fugly75 (7 months ago)
he's been saying this year or next every year since 2010
Lucid Jackson (7 months ago)
Buy high sell low
Steve Cunningham (7 months ago)
If it crashes it crashes who gives a shit. That means everybody Will have to get off there fat arses and actually do a bit. Who put the roo in the stew blue. Tie me kangaroo down sport.
kathleen smith (7 months ago)
I agree - there is a market crash coming, market is up due to QE and there is a direct correlation between stock market and QE. Now that QT is coming (Easing) the market will correct and it will crash. He knows nothing about crypto -- blockchain without decentralization is nothing, it is an encrypted ledger. Bitcoin type decentralization is what makes so secure, this is what all this idiots don't seem to get. People need to get out of the corrupt (central bank) fiat system and put their money where it will be immune to the bank closings (aka Holidays) and money confiscation that is coming. Only safe places out of fiat matrix -- physical metals (gold silver) or crypto, everything else is in a debt fueled bubble.
mark621000 (7 months ago)
what about your sin?
AZ Niteforce (7 months ago)
Rogers is another clown
David Shaw (7 months ago)
He lives in Singapore! That's the real story right there. Boom.
Mike Rosol (7 months ago)
hes been wrong for the LOOOOOONGEST time now
Renaissance Man (7 months ago)
One day every doom and gloomer is vindicated. You just have to wait long enough.
Robyn Linn (7 months ago)
Market crash? Opposite for those in CRYPTO space...
DelbertStinkfester (7 months ago)
Hey guess what.....Some day we are all going to die....May not be today.....May not be tomorrow....but the day is coming....Ya but when....I don't know but I sure wish I could figure it out
var1328 (7 months ago)
The prophet of doom strikes again. He is always predicting a crash so one day he will be right . Then he will crow like a rooster.
Andrew H (7 months ago)
He was saying, ''Later this year or next'', for over a year.
72CCHPhilip (7 months ago)
One of the day Jim Roger say will be right it will be future coming event.
Philip Kennedy (7 months ago)
Most of these legacy financial gurus don't want to understand cryptocurrency because they're too busy selling "buggy whips." -Phil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6paNbj9SKA
mel saint (7 months ago)
He surely is bad at market timing
HumbleTrader001 (7 months ago)
He is a broken clock peddling doom and gloom snake oil just like Peter Schiff.
jwang604 (7 months ago)
I predict a housing crash in the near future.
Mike will (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is SCAM, "bitcoin" has at least 7 times more volatility then gold and is a "collective Ponzi scheme". Nobel prize winning Economist, Billionaires and anyone with a working brain, can see it. You might as well invest in the Elio. I have an investment idea, Send your money to my online " bank" that will, in return, "log" your money and give you and everyone, a "value" for your investment, We will call it "idiot coin" ..No..that's not good. DAEHTIHS is better (it's Shithead spelled backward) then idiots will send me money and have a "belief" that they "own" something. I can unplug the server anytime I want, and no one will ever be able to track me or find me.... GREAT IDEA!! It's even better then "mortgage backed securities" and Bernie Maddoff
Dmk Dmk (7 months ago)
Crusty old white guys, plenty of cash, out of shape, pot belly, little regards to health and life style. Preaching to us? These fools are ready to kick the bucket at any moment.
Bill Martin (7 months ago)
The blockchain is the most inefficient database ever. There is only one use for it: a decentralized network for cryptocurrency where each person running a full node has an incentive to run a node. If it is a centralized blockchain why not just use a database from Oracle?
Daniel McCoy (7 months ago)
Just look at the trend, it's already happening.
Dennis Menace (7 months ago)
Its coming sometime I would say in the future. Laugh while you can before you cry.
This guy has been saying this for year's!! Anyone who looks at the history of stock market can predict what's gona happen!
Robert Ledingham (7 months ago)
I will tell you Jim. Litecoin, Populous, Veritaseum and OmiseGo for the Asian market. You are welcome :)
Mr Bojangles (7 months ago)
Higher debt, half of FED reserves have now been spent on govt debt and MBS.
Douglas Smith (7 months ago)
What is Blockchain technology? It is single handedly the biggest thing that will give us our freedom back from the corruption of the centralized banking system and the federal reserve. It has been openly said countless times that the federal reserve has been unconstitutional since it's birth in December of 1913. Blockchain will end the Fed if we the people decide to speak out and buy in. Blockchain eliminates the 3rd party source and creates a monetary backing for our currency circulating as opposed to the current fiat currency. Nixon was a prick for taking us off the gold standard as well. We should have not let all this get so bad in the first place but no one has been doing anything of significant value to stop it until now. Buy into Blockchain technology and save mankind from corruption.
Lee Cubit (7 months ago)
It is always a waste of time listening to Jim Rogers, he never realy tells you anything.
In4cer in4cer (7 months ago)
Roger has been saying the same old crap for the past 30 years. It's all BS. Sure, market will go down @ some piont,,,,!! He has been promoting Asia for the past 20 years to no avail.
Robert Jacobs (7 months ago)
I can't stand Jim Rogers. Totally worthless for anything but himn' and han' around all questions never answered.
Gabriel Martinez (7 months ago)
You can't just look at the debt by itself, you have to compare it to the GDP. For instance, who is in better/worse shape? a doctor with 100K debt or a McDonald employee with a 50K debt? The doctor has more debt but also makes more money. So look at Debt-to-GPD Ratio, which is at 103%, and going down since 2016. As long as the economy keeps growing we should be fine. Also, Greece blew up at a DEBT-to-GDP ratio of >125%, and with 90% foreign debt, the US is not there any time soon, we have only 30% foreign debt. We might have a debt crisis in the future, but not anytime soon
Ignotus Peverell (7 months ago)
Listening to these fossils talk about “blockchain technology” is horrific. Neither of them get it. Then he says he’s holding US dollars? After talking about all the US debt? Does he not understand that the only way to reduce the debt is to drastically devalue the dollar? Why are these dinosaurs even employed still?
TheBigRague - Tino (7 months ago)
Fox, have Jim Rodgers contact me.
Stacker Noob UK (7 months ago)
Cringeworthy repsonse from Jim on blockchains. The basic answer is blockchains are trustless systems that eliminate any middle man. They eliminate disputes of ownership by decentralising consensus. There, thats it. Thats all anyone needs to really know on a basic level.
John Ellis (7 months ago)
The pumping of money - from out of nowhere - into the banks has worked for the last 10 years. The world now has massive un-payable debt - fact. When will the house of cards come crashing down? Deutsche bank short of funds - Draghi - give them 60 billion a month! I'm ready and have been since 2008 when this lunatic exercise began. Don't blame anyone for not giving the date of the funeral.
Jimmy Witts (7 months ago)
Useless dude. Fuck you Jimmy.
TheHoplite14 (7 months ago)
I'll tell you, the blockchain is great stuff. However, it does not require the auctions around the tokens in order for things to maintain integrity and fluid transfer. That is simply a byproduct of there being USD and other currency on the opposite end by which someone can bid up the value of the cryptos with. I'd blockchain is usednto process transactions around contracts, the miners could be compensated with a contract denominated in fiat money and the process would still work the same. 99.999% of these tokens out there are unnecessary and they don't serve remotely as an intrinsic store of value. If we were all to be paid by, say, Bitcoin and transacted in Bitcoin, the market around it would be less volatile. Much much less volatile, and the price of Bitcoin would finally take shape for value in terms of real goods. I guarantee we wouldn't see it jump up overnight to equate to 20k usd or 10k usd. It would stop being exchanged in the way that it isn't and the price would fall relatively flat (except for some mild hikes due to money velocity or inflation)..like any other currency.bbut we're talking about something bouncing between 30-40% on volatility to going to .01-1%.
Brian Crane (7 months ago)
Rogers has predicted *20 of the last 5 market crashes* ...
To Day (15 days ago)
T Hambone Rogers putting people in fear
T Hambone (1 month ago)
Rogers is a LOT wealthier than you..
James Schultz, Ph.D. (3 months ago)
LOLOLOLOL...so true and awesome.
zenubi (3 months ago)
Kinyson Cross (4 months ago)
Brian Crane source please?
J. S. (7 months ago)
Folks becareful of cryptocurrencies. Always read the SEC filing. Very interesting reading. You would be surprised how many professional thieves are bringing cryptos to the market. The ICO market is as volatile as IPO'S or worse. If you have to answer accredited investor questions be aware! If your shares are too easy to get on the ICO be aware. If there are no recognizable reputable firms on the offering memorandum be aware. Our SEC can't possibly keep up with the fraud. Buyer beware...READ THE DISCLOSURES.
J.S.A. Libertus (7 months ago)
We should bring back OT rules for false prophets; If your prediction doesn't come true, we kill you with rocks.
N (7 months ago)
Block Chain = The Deep State's sure fire way to get the world's money. How can JR not see that? Of course The Deep State includes the various International Cyber Mafias that work for them.
Waer Waters (7 months ago)
They've been saying that for over a decade. And even the smallest drop will be the proof they're right. I'm pretty sick of those doomsters who just keep repeating the horror untill they're right. I believe in a massive inflation spike where the stockmarket won't even matter anymore and will be at 100 times higher but without value or buyers like in Venezuela.
Bruce Maddox (7 months ago)
the market did not crash in'08 because of the Federal debt Mr. Rodgers...rethink your permabear commodity/gold pitch
Richard Dixon (7 months ago)
He got rich, then he got arrogant
Richard Dixon (7 months ago)
Personal debt is lower
Richard Dixon (7 months ago)
Rogers has been saying it for 20 years
Check the following videos which expose the truth about Rogers revealed by the leading financial mind on earth http://www.avaresearch.com/articles/crooks-liars-idiots/another-brilliant-call-by-legendary-investor-jim-rogers http://www.avaresearch.com/articles/crooks-liars-idiots/stathis-exposes-broken-clock-jim-rogers-and-the-media-extended http://www.avaresearch.com/articles/crooks-liars-idiots/jim-rogers-claims-to-own-the-dollar-now-that-it-has-soared http://www.avaresearch.com/articles/crooks-liars-idiots/definitive-proof-that-jim-rogers-is-a-contrarian-indicator
grokker99 (7 months ago)
These old dum trumpterd fuks r stuck in the stone ages. Just retire and get out the way.
Kevin Snyder (7 months ago)
Wall Street will have a serious pullback by November. 💵💵💵
Bruce Maddox (7 months ago)
Kunal Jaiswal (7 months ago)
sell off until Federal bust.. lol Can American banks sustain this.. Why the heck this conversation moved block and sh*t .
Noureddine Arfan (7 months ago)
No such a thing happening.
Larry Johnson (7 months ago)
puppet masters will not allow bit coin or any other alternative currency to replace gold or silver and fiat currencies. the rothschilds have been selling off large amounts of properties in preparation for the financial collapse which will start in america then spread globally. those who have a false sense of security will be shocked when reality strikes.
Tomherbs (7 months ago)
He looks like an old version of problem child
MASTER BLASTER (7 months ago)
OPPS Jim Rodgers has never been right in 40 years - Earnings & Profit record high - full employment - TRUMP just ended the Korean war
markyhabs (7 months ago)
Hes a zion globalist... means it’s deliberately done
Jack Che (7 months ago)
Buffett said otherwise, who would you chose to believe
Rumi Sethna (7 months ago)
Idiot has been predicting crash since 2008
Rumi Sethna (7 months ago)
I AM THAT I am that and Shiva Krishnan are two accounts operated by same person....who is of indian origin....you can just Google my name isle of man n RUMI sethna....you loser
Rumi Sethna (7 months ago)
I AM THAT I'm one of the richest man in the isle of mann. Shiva Krishnan is of indian origin....thats a fact...you are a loser too another fun fact
Movies RUS (7 months ago)
By the way, he told me he blocked your dumb asian ass. That's why he hasn't replied. Unless you can show me your trades making more than 100K pounds per trade, then don't bother replying. All you'll do is prove you're a dumb fucking nippy.
Movies RUS (7 months ago)
Rumi, you're stupid man. You just yap yap yap and have no fucking common sense. I just spent days going over his material, talking to him about trading and looking over his trades. I got to see his live fucking trades. His dude is the only successful trader I've seen online that shares his knowledge for free. In the last two weeks alone I saw trades that made over 100K pounds per trade. He is a fucking rich cunt. I don't think your dumb ass has ever made anything near 100K pounds per trade. Only a real loser calls others losers. A winner focuses on their own game. By the way, his name is Shiva Krishnan, but you might be too dumb to understand that he is not Indian. He is a pacific islander. Here you are trying to tell him what his culture and background his. Fuck off. Maybe talk to him, you'll learn something. Fucking keyboard warrior.
Rumi Sethna (7 months ago)
By the way Shiva has a third eye....which can see the impossible.... Just that your third eye got misplaced some where else hahahahhahahahahahha....
No Hope Equals no fear (7 months ago)
a crash ... then a revolution
No Hope Equals no fear (7 months ago)
its so weird that this was soros right hand man
Gardner Gee (7 months ago)
In 2017 he said it would be the end of that year or early this year. Now it's the end of 2018 or early 2019. If you predict a downturn all the time eventually you'll be right.
Kinyson Cross (4 months ago)
Richard Dixon what do you mean by this sir?
Leeann Pham-Dhabhar (6 months ago)
Richard Dixon congrats
Leeann Pham-Dhabhar (6 months ago)
Gardner Gee yep
Richard Dixon (7 months ago)
Gardner Gee I’ve been made a millionaire since he started his sky is falling in the early 2000’s.
cmscms123456 (7 months ago)
Trump and America FIRST is BAD for the stock market, because corporations have shifted to GLOBALISM.. FAIR TRADE is a DISASTER to Corporations that have moved to slave labor markets.
cmscms123456 (7 months ago)
The DOWN SIDE..... It will be costly to move back to America, and the costs of doing business will be greater... BUT Henry Ford believed, 'pay your workers enough to buy what they are building, and you are creating your own market, for the products you build... <LONG TERM THINKING... GLOBALISM < is SHORT TERM THINKING, get rich quick scheme, that eventually collapses in on itself.
Dustin David (7 months ago)
But how about those new pearly whites Jim's rockn!!??
The Moon (7 months ago)
Hmm, his responses regarding blockchain clearly suggests that he has no clue what it is, yet he has the courage to actually disregard cryptocurrencies, as if he knew what they were. He is right about the debt and the stock market crash though, it’s coming alright. 🌙
aleksander suur (5 months ago)
Yes white paper is the idea, that's the point of it, Satoshi came up with it from nothing. Bitcoin is an idea that has been implemented in real world, you want to know how it works in real world, you need to understand the ideas that got it started in the first place. Once you get that down pat, then you can start thinking about how it actually performs in the real world, for example why is the current price what it is, can it go up, can it go down etc. Understand that bitcoin price is pure speculation, but it's set up from the very beginning so that it still works, even though it's completely ridiculous that it has any price whatsoever. It's a neat piece of technology for sure, but it's even neater piece of social engineering and economic manipulation. Satoshi was a true genius to come up with it. And you will never ever understand how it works or why it works at all without reading the original papers.
SpaceWalkTraveller (5 months ago)
Physics studies the natural world. The white paper is an idea. You need to understand the difference from ideas and the natural world. Yes and Einstein quote does apply with Bitcoin as people like you don't really understand it, even though you think you do. Your understanding of Bitcoin is very different from many other so called expert. Anyway Keep living in your bitcoin delusion and watch as the price keeps going down.
aleksander suur (5 months ago)
+SpaceWalkTraveller In physics, you first have reality and then you get physicists trying to figure out how it works. In IT you first have the white paper and then you have programmers who implement it. No matter how brilliant Einstein was, this quote does not apply here. The entire point of bitcoin and copies is that you have a hard set of publically available rules, that govern the operation of the entire system. These rules and reasoning behind them are described in the original white papers, so if you want to understand things, then this is where you need to start. The systems are an implementation of these whitepapers. Any other source of information is substandard and unreliable. If you have a question after you have read the documentation, now that's a different matter, but your question won't be "what is cryptocurrency" after you have read the very definition of what it is.
SpaceWalkTraveller (5 months ago)
That's a really strange answer. I always ask questions and try and learn about things. To say you don't ask questions what crypotcurrencies are is really a weird answer. Even when you read things you should ask questions that is just 101 learning. As Einstein said if you can't explain something to a 6 year old then you don't understand it yourself. Your comment clearly explains that you have no idea about cryptocurrencies. Keep dreaming.
aleksander suur (5 months ago)
+SpaceWalkTraveller You don't ask people what cryptocurrencies are, you go and read the original Satoshi whitepapers if you want to actually find out. And then you think really long and hard about it. Personally I would give it pretty good chances that a cryptocurrency, will eventually take over, but only one, not bunch of them. Take it as you will, I won't even attempt to explain my reasoning over youtube comments, it's not simple enough problem for that to work in any way.
Scott Engel (7 months ago)
Jim Rogers has made a career of predicting doomsdays like TV preachers predict the rapture. Don't get me wrong, it is tremendously entertaining and I cannot wait for the next version of the same story. I do wish he would cry or pound the table for dramatic effect or speak in Mandarin since he such a fan.
King Miura (7 months ago)
Jimmah has been playing this same game for years.....why does he continue to try to accumulate money in his few remaining years? Short the market Jimmah and shut up.
I agree (7 months ago)
"Blockchain will change our future but not so sure about cryptocurrencies"... What an old fart. Just shows he has absolutely no clue what he is talking about.

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