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VideoToGif - Android App From Scratch - #6 - Creating Options Menu

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In this part of the series I begin creating an options menu, grab a few good looking icons and create the .xml file so that I can have a settings activity to set many needed settings for my application. http://code.google.com/p/videotogif/
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faisal naseer (2 years ago)
404 project missing. please provide project code or libraries link.thanks
Xane Myers (6 years ago)
@mattbeast44 Boolean is a value that can only be 0 or 1.
Semi Sharp (7 years ago)
You are awesome, i'm a complete noob to this, but so far everything you have said has worked. It would help if you explained things a little clearer. To you it probably seems so obvious, but most of your variables left me in a state of wtf? Haha, i did javascript for a few years, but this is sort of different, for instance the boolean? what the bejizal is boolean? haha cheers
squarepusher303 (7 years ago)
Safeer Khan (7 years ago)
very bad quality..

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