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CK Transfer Khao Lak, Thailand 2018

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https://www.charoenkit.com/ presents Who is CK Transfer? CK Transfer or Charoenkit Corporation Com LTD is A Premium Transportation Company In Khao Lak, Thailand. A business that ensured a customer first service taking into account what is important for our customers. 1.Safety is our number one priority and our structure takes into account both customer and employee. 2.Quality and cost are also paramount within our service as we ensure value for money and offer a reliable first-class service. For our establishment to grow we are consistently improving our services and upgrading our equipment to ensure that we are one step ahead of our competitors. It takes time to build a fantastic reputation as a first-class service delivering value for money and ensuring a safe journey at a reasonable cost, affordable for everyone. Having a strong network built through excellent working relationships with other stakeholders, we can offer more than others as we already have an excellent network across the South of Thailand. Services we offer: 1 Airport transfer: Phuket or Krabi Airports. 2 Taxi service taking visitors to all tourist destinations. 3 Motorbike rental with a “drop off delivery” to your hotel. It is our priority to help you experience Thailand and to ensure you are happy throughout your time with us. Please visit our website for more further information and Get Social with CK Transfer, A Premium Transfer Company in Khao Lak, Thialnd: https://charoenkit.com/ https://www.facebook.com/KhaolakPhangnagPhuketKrabi/ https://twitter.com/cktransferyou https://www.instagram.com/cktransfer/ Hotline Number: +66 63 0853599 ( Whatsapp) E-Mail Us: [email protected]
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