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The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

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Kento Bento (14 days ago)
Yet another North Korea video from Kento Bento. Are you guys getting sick of these yet? You can support us by buying us a coffee at https://patreon.com/kentobento Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, INDONESIAN, ARABIC, SPANISH, VIETNAMESE (click 'CC') ★ Help us with subtitles in your language! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=Usu9z0feHug
Holly Wood (2 days ago)
Speak slowly son
Ripxx (4 days ago)
i want more of them lol
gananannaa bannanana (5 days ago)
Kento Bento ooo
CIA (6 days ago)
No. I love N.Korea videos.
Hecc no I love this
Luke Martin (4 hours ago)
First time a nation state rob banks of other nation state? interesting. I guess years of colonialism is fake news to Kento Bento
Bryce Lefebvre (12 hours ago)
i really want to know how to hack someone teack me plz
Nirvana Urantian (20 hours ago)
Who has the software? Reminds me of that Shadow Brokers thing.
Jed Michael (22 hours ago)
That was a very long Advertisement for an App
Kovar Parker (1 day ago)
LOL this whole video was a huge set up for a advertisement of "fast lane" but im not mad, great story, something different I get to watch, and a cool animations
Md.mostafa Nadim (1 day ago)
Man...I m from Bangladesh and we know who or whom people related to this crime.
RAWSTORM (1 day ago)
Check mine!
RAWSTORM (1 day ago)
Lol somebody is making big money for a long time
kemmy91 9 (1 day ago)
Don's Use Dashlane , it's a spyware hidden inside a nice-look program
marib alam (1 day ago)
I am a Bangladeshi and this is very true. Subscribed.
galaxy_gameplay 2 (1 day ago)
this is why my country does not allow us to use internet during work in the bank
Firere (1 day ago)
Thanks! I'm trying out dashlane now.
George Kokkinakis (2 days ago)
They will just havk dashlane
ZERO Pie (2 days ago)
Hey my nane is Lazar
Lagomorphine (2 days ago)
Kim Jong Un just wanted to buy *V bucks*
Holly Wood (2 days ago)
Speak slowly.
Sam Abel (2 days ago)
This whole video tells us to do one thing, buy dashlane .
SticksNStuffs (2 days ago)
How does Kento Bento know this much info.... UNLESS HE WAS PART OF IT!!!!!!!!
Joseph Phronesis (3 days ago)
The narration, screenplay all were so perfect, it just felt like watching a movie!! Keep up the good work
and thats why you have to install antiviruses into the computers at banks
much better than buzzfeed
R CallumTo (3 days ago)
Oh the girl is the hero(ine) of this
Noah Roberts (3 days ago)
Bitwarden >>>>>> Dashlane
ProdigPL (3 days ago)
Dashlane was breached a few days ago xD
Gian Kyle (3 days ago)
Amazing video! Keep it up.
Send Nudes (3 days ago)
Lacasa de Papel
Drakken (4 days ago)
All I have to do to earn 1bil is break a printer?
xk y (4 days ago)
12:40, wrong picture of North Korea.
Justin Cannon (4 days ago)
Some Mr. Robot shit 😂
SWgamer009 RBX (4 days ago)
I am from Bangladesh
Tali Gros (4 days ago)
This is like a movie it seems so fake
Hsumexer (4 days ago)
I clicked bcs it said north korea
Zombie (5 days ago)
what greedy people.
Rahul Wagh (5 days ago)
DHOOM 4 can be made -Bollywood...
Lancin Wokendead (5 days ago)
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LOWLIFE BEATS (5 days ago)
nothing is secure and thats a fact
Fakey1 Jones (5 days ago)
A password safe is way better
Mr. potato (6 days ago)
Cien Gaming (6 days ago)
Im am from philipines
TheIndianGuy (6 days ago)
What if North korea hacks dashlane
Walter E (6 days ago)
That's alot of V-bucks
-Gemberkoekje- (6 days ago)
That's not new York, that's a folder
Bruno Monteiro (7 days ago)
crap they didn't share anything with me jajajajaja
Kim Jong Un (8 days ago)
It was the South Koreans. Trust me
Rahat Aayaz (8 days ago)
I live in a poor country named Bangladesh 😢
Mohammed Khaled (9 days ago)
The ex Bangladesh bank chairman is more yellow than brown...
Joshua Vazquez (10 days ago)
Good Lord, how long did they plan for?
Lord Farquaad (10 days ago)
Loved the ad
RockStarDude16 (10 days ago)
Erwin Rommel (9 days ago)
Our brilliant Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un only thought of this plan in less than a second
Micro Waves (10 days ago)
it's more fun in the Philippines LUL
Damn,I m from bangladesh
TeamEeveee (11 days ago)
Shivansh Suhane (11 days ago)
That transition to Dashlane... Top 10 anime betrayals
FrankyMcFrankerton (12 days ago)
All that just to plug dashlane...
utkarsh gupta (12 days ago)
What if Dashlane was made by North Korean hackers??🤔🤔
[email protected]! (12 days ago)
Bank didn't use dashlane.
Raveen Jaya (13 days ago)
North korea is the bad guy here.US should invade it ad kill everyone.right
fire0fish (13 days ago)
12:45 the North Korean map is totally wrong.
Tarun Kommuri (14 days ago)
Why do they have only one printer? The hell...
Andrew Prukalski (14 days ago)
North Korea hit up lester
Doctor_James01 , (14 days ago)
smooth ad transitions
Adepus Yagoncius (14 days ago)
GTA 5 unlimited money glitch
So the general idea is that North Korea may not be behind these attacks
Moist Von Lipwig (14 days ago)
Tahmid Shihab Murshed (14 days ago)
I'm a Bangladeshi and my grandfather is an executive of Bangladesh Bank, how the fuck didn't i know about this?
Mohammed Tanvir (14 days ago)
I’m from Bangladesh 😶
BLITZN00DLE (15 days ago)
when you lose your ROBLOX acc to a hacker ; (
Bonbon C (15 days ago)
This was a big deal in the Philippines a few years ago! Saw the "heist" word plastered all over the news and in newspapers. I knew the story in a muddled way, this was way more detailed. Thank you for such as concise and easy to understand presentation of this.... Just wondering what the hackers are doing right now? And they really had accomplices here, no doubt about that! No wonder having accounts in the Philippines is probably not the best thing. Politicians here have a lot of accounts in the Caribbean, to hide their ill gotten wealth. The hackers are prolly in the Bahamas enjoying their vacaaaaa and laughing at this video. Also please do a video of the supernotes/superdollar that was allegedly made by North Korea. This was the reason the US changed its bank notes from a monochromatic note to a polychromatic one. And it was actually an employee in the Central Bank of the Philippines who found this supernotes/superdollar to be almost perfect with just one flaw. Billions of fake US dollar notes so exact and almost perfect notes circulated the world.... Oh well, just a suggestion. =)
Mahir Rahman (16 days ago)
As a Bangladeshi/Indonesian American, I feel bad for this heist, but ultimately it is the fault of the very insecure banking system of Bangladesh, which is under a dictator, female Sheikh Hasina
James Altucher (16 days ago)
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kinos freckles (18 days ago)
only one printer? happens only in my country. i feel proud. :)
kinos freckles (18 days ago)
LJC (18 days ago)
That's a baller move. Stealing money from other countries to boost their economy.
uroli milan (2 days ago)
like robin hood
Nostradamus (19 days ago)
So when is Hollywood releasing this movie?
Sushan Nakarmi (19 days ago)
There should be a movie about this
Sho Macdonald (19 days ago)
Wheres north korea
rody stanislas (19 days ago)
what a brilliant advertisement for dashlane. looolll
Ginger Ninja (20 days ago)
Holy shit
dave peterson (21 days ago)
Hacker [email protected] always Proof he his the legend of all time ..
Rezwan Shuvo (21 days ago)
Thanks Kento Bento for sharing such a incident of our country, Bangladesh. ^_^ Anyway bank's online security still needs some improvements. Otherwise incident like this may happen again. :(
高橋義彦 (21 days ago)
12:47 You mark the map incorrectly,North Korea is not that big.you maked a big chunk of China in to it bro. Read some maps.
Quasio (22 days ago)
north korea don’t give a fuck
Ghufrxn (22 days ago)
subscribed! Amazing animation and story telling skills!
Vishal Kr. Prasad (22 days ago)
Money heist 3
FewRee (22 days ago)
LiL Uzi Vert (23 days ago)
NK would have now have like a double amount of weapon if the full $1B had been stolen successfully
Michael Dox (23 days ago)
Funny and entertaining! i love it!
Cxrgxnillx (24 days ago)
IQ on a new level
XGeN RRari (25 days ago)
And where did they find all this information??
palitsa (25 days ago)
JUPITER U😂😂😂😂😂😂 P🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I😂😂😂😂😂😂 T🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 E😂😂😂😂😂😂 R🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
FAS (25 days ago)
You love to do and say “or was it?”
Jala Mela (25 days ago)
fuck allah
Zephamphar (25 days ago)
God, these bank heist videos are incredible, please make more !
Irish In Asia (26 days ago)
Did you make all the animation? Damn, that was a great video!
Eye Patch (27 days ago)
As a Bangladeshi, it's hard to pull those memories
Syed Jafry (27 days ago)
This guy has the best and most relevant transitions from video to advertisements I have never been more tempted to download whatever it is the content creator is advertising than I have watching this guys videos.
Rye Hots (28 days ago)
Man this was well produced
IntervalGaming (28 days ago)
Your name is rob?

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