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I GOT HACKED!!!!! THEY TOOK MY MONEY!!!! A story about how money was taken from my paypal account last week!! This video looks at the resolution centre process for how to get your money back if your paypal has been hacked! The payment was unauthorised, so I opened a dispute, to catch the thieves who have taken my money! Not sure what hack they have used to steal my money, but I working with Paypal to sort a refund under non receipt of product or service! Top Media Streaming & Kodi tutorials, Tech Product, Device & App Reviews including: easy setup, step by step install, best kodi addons March 2017, top kodi builds for Kodi 16.1 Jarvis, 17 Krypton, spmc, xbmc, for iPhone, iPad, Android, Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick & Windows! Easiest method tutorials, clear and precise, app/apk and device reviews and installation! Live TV IPTV PVR Client, easiest how to tutorial. Begin with a Fresh Start, on your android box, fire stick, nvidia shield, smart tv etc and follow the simple instructions. BEST VPN HERE: https://goo.gl/XWUIsl Ravpower Purchase Link: https://goo.gl/H69zao Coupon code: 20100POR Minix Neo U1 Purchase U.S.A. link: https://goo.gl/4noYVJ Minix Neo U1 Purchase U.K. link: https://goo.gl/ZexUCZ Minix Neo U1 remote Purchase U.S.A. link: : https://goo.gl/W3GFlm Minix Neo U1 remote Purchase U.K. link: : https://goo.gl/cfRmkJ Xiaomi Android Box purchase link: https://goo.gl/bcFfCe BECOME ONE OF THE FIRST TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THE BRAND NEW SPORTS APP FIREFAN: https://www.firefan.com/?code=ASB_YT BUY THE ALL-NEW FIRE TV STICK HERE: https://goo.gl/fycSJb BUY A USA AMAZON FIRE STICK OF AMAZON HERE: https://goo.gl/qkK49L BUY A UK AMAZON FIRE STICK OFF AMAZON HERE: http://goo.gl/ZoLkla BUY A USA AMAZON FIRE TV BOX OFF AMAZON HERE: https://goo.gl/j7nEsQ BUY A UK AMAZON FIRE TV BOX OFF AMAZON HERE: http://goo.gl/UM3i8p BUY A USA NVIDIA SHIELD OFF AMAZON HERE: https://goo.gl/ykV345 BUY A UK NVIDIA SHIELD OFF AMAZON HERE: http://goo.gl/pyDn72 BUY A UK APPLE TV BOX OFF AMAZON HERE: http://goo.gl/QDmBTh SECOND CHANNEL STARTING SOON: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-LvURal9KvCXVT-ydut0Q?sub_confirmation=1&app=desktop BRAND NEW ASBYT CLOTHING SHOP!!! U.K. STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/asbyt U.S.A STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Asbyt asbyt, computer hardware & software. A few people have asked to donate to my channel for the time I spend on these videos! I don't do this for money, but for those asking to donate, please see the below link: https://goo.gl/N6T9CI GET KODI ON APPLE TV 4 / IOS DEVICE HERE: https://goo.gl/93kVkt CHAMPION SPORTS UKTV AGAIN TV GUIDE COMMUNITY ALL SORTS CASTAWAY ZEM TV SPORTS DEVIL EXODUS UK TURKS PLAYLIST HOW TO INSTALL KODI ON APPLE TV 4 & IOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTM6Q7ZpdLg HOW TO INSTALL CHAMPIONS ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJKQ6wKA7p8 HOW TO INSTALL EXODUS ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnj5wEqTVGI HOW TO INSTALL SPECTO ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnj5wEqTVGI HOW TO INSTALL IMPERIAL ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkk9I24-ZIM HOW TO INSTALL PHOENIX ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x577Jibh9q8 HOW TO INSTALL LIVE MIX ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI8yfiBDxq4 HOW TO INSTALL UK TURKS ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfv7WDe5oFM HOW TO INSTALL ZEM TV ADDON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiB_sLllH9U BEST LIVE IPTV IS HERE!!! BEST KODI ADDON & APK FOR LIVE TV NOVEMBER 2016!! kodi BEST LIVE IPTV IS HERE!!! BEST KODI ADDON & APK FOR LIVE TV NOVEMBER 2016!! SOFTWARE HARDWARE MEDIA STREAMING AMAZON FIRE STICK GOOGLE CHROMECAST ROKU STICK 3600 2016 BEST SPORTS ADDON KODI BEST MOVIES ADDON KODI BEST LIVE TV ADDON KODI KODI HOW TO TUTORIAL KODI INSTALL HOW TO How to get .. HOW TO GET THE NEW BEAST WIZARD BUILD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjJId... NO BUFFERING ON KODI!! HOW TO STOP BUFFERING 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9ABW76Jw_U&t=17s HOW TO STOP BUFFERING 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oFGCcJ0YZs HOW TO STOP BUFFERING 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKBC7LFmuQA Please see my latest video: BEST LIVE IPTV IS HERE!!! BEST KODI ADDON & APK FOR LIVE TV NOVEMBER 2016!! If you enjoy this video, please Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE!! LIVE MIX SPORTS MIX Awesome Streams Money Sports Halow TV Sports Devil Kodi Exodus Specto No Buffering!! ASB YT Peace out! How I record my gameplay: https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASB_YT Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/asb_yt/ MUSIC BUY: www.bensound.com Videos you will find on my channel: BEST LIVE IPTV IS HERE!!! BEST KODI ADDON & APK FOR LIVE TV NOVEMBER 2016!!
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Text Comments (413)
Little Wolf Taima (2 days ago)
Wondering if there is any way to track the IP used for the suspect transaction(s). My partner has just had £700 taken!
Fannen Hembah (2 months ago)
Contact Titan_BROWN on instagram now. I didn’t think you could actually just generate money in my PayPal account till I met him. He has really helped me a lot
cros temptera (4 months ago)
Damn sorry this happened
ANTHONY JANCIGAR (5 months ago)
I have seen tons of adverts on here about hackers who can hack into any accounts and deposit funds into it, i have tried a lots of them but they turn out to be fakes. Those that are not fakes are quacks and don't really know what they are doing. They have blocked a few of my bank accounts and got me into serious debts. But recently i met the most reliable hacker and his name is frederick john. He is like a God sent into my life, in days he was able to change my story for good. I gave him details to just one account and right now i can't even count how much money i have all round in different bank accounts. You may believe me it's cool, i didn't believe also at first. Just contact him and he will tell you the steps to take and i can recommend him for western union hack, credit card hack, PayPal hack, money gram hack, wire transfer, bank deposit, he helped me top up my credit card with $90,000 and it was successful. At a point i was shivering if police will not come to my door step for fraud but there was no any form of traces and now i am financially buoyant. He is legit and trustworthy. Email: [email protected] Text: (217)803 2420
Mary Carpenter (5 months ago)
I was hacked this week. They took hundreds of dollars through my paypal account using my debit card. The transaction does not even show up on paypal but it came through my bank account as a paypal transaction and the bank gave me the name of the person who made that transaction. Yesterday my virus software found a severe trojan virus. I filed a dispute with the bank, I didn't even contact paypal.
Roy Jones (5 months ago)
I saw this video and forgot to let you know that I don't and won't lose money that way, because although slightly inconvenient, my banking card is only connected to my chequing account and PayPal can only get money from my chequing account. When making an online purchase, I pause for a while so I can transfer money to my chequing account and thus to PayPal. PayPal cannot withdraw what is not there and subsequently, there will be a payment failure! Hope this was helpful.
Nigel Raymond Tyler (5 months ago)
Really sorry what happened to you
Fannen Hembah (2 months ago)
Nigel Raymond Tyler Contact Titan_BROWN on instagram now. I didn’t think you could actually just generate money in my PayPal account till I met him. He has really helped me a lot
George Heron (5 months ago)
sorry this can happen got to check every day
nate kemp (5 months ago)
Good info, l quit using PayPal years ago due to the fact they get spoofed all the time and their customer service just plain sucks
TONY CHURCHILL (6 months ago)
Apk apps are a gateway to all your personal information no wonder you were hacked do your research guys mite cost you more than a cable bill
Paula Cross (7 months ago)
Oh noooo!!! Just seen this one! Happened to me a few times now and not just with PayPal . More than once BT and my own bank fraud squad with the correct phone number on the display! !! There's some clever people out there 😣😣😣
chris jones (7 months ago)
Sorry that happened to you, I hope you manage to get your money back.
EM GLOBAL (10 months ago)
Very Sorry my Friend !!
FansPros (10 months ago)
Make money from paypal on Autopilot https://goo.gl/7Aj264 Takers on 100% Autopilot... In Under 5 Minutes!" https://goo.gl/7Aj264
Axess2084 (1 year ago)
I got hacked this morning around 5 AM. They drained my bank account and got themselves 2 Playstation Network Gift Cards and 1 gift card from Gift Card Zen, whatever that is! I opened disputes on all 3 charges. They said they put a hold on the charges. Hopefully, it doesn't clear my bank account! I am currently on hold with my bank. I plan to report the fraudulent charges there.
CupraBBD (1 year ago)
do you not have the PayPal app that tells you as soon as any money is taken you get an email and an update notification. Xbox hacked twice and people changed my details and brought games - Microsoft were great and gave the money back straight away BUT how the hell did I get hacked in the first place????
Tony Haboush (1 year ago)
my solution is if you have a problem like this always callback try to talk to someone that's in the us . I was told always ask for a US Representative they will transfer you over that way you don't get an Indian or an overseas representative that doesn't understand your problem
the kid (1 year ago)
this happened to me with Google play.. they didn't refund me neither.. who ever did it had 3 different subscriptions going on since last July, I called my bank to dispute and I called Google play to dispute. my bank did refund but only 30days of recurrences but apparently this was going on since July. I noticed it when I would look at my account and seen .99 cents charged almost on a daily basis and at first I really didn't care but then there were bigger amounts being drafted
Charlie (1 year ago)
2 freinds had Pay-Pal E-Mails asking about there service too,then they contacted Pay-Pal aswell and it's a massive Hack through poor Pay-Pal honestly it's all been since Satuarday onwards,as i heard this today ...wow....SHOCKER ....NOT GOOD : (
jazzi04 (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot, I've had my PayPal account for years never had that happen to me YET.. I will keep a close EYE 👀 on my account, double check & whatever else I need to do. Thanks again sorry that happen to you. 😯
Jen Recoy (1 year ago)
I had $900 taken from my Paypal recently- got my money back but it took a while...I closed my account!
boricuam71 (1 year ago)
Good luck asbyt they still everywhere they did it to me too but on my credit card, they still $300 and supposedly I donate to charity👀no way...I call and credit card fixed and return my money always is good to watch account often.. 😉 good luck
Mr P (1 year ago)
errrr use 2 step and you won't find yourself in the situation
dankargo (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear about this ASBYT. You might already know about this but you can add a second layer of authentication in PayPal, whereby they will send you a text message with a code every time you login to your account. You simply enter this code and it will allow you to proceed. This is a must in my eyes as it stops anyone from gaining access to your account, unless they have your phone at hand. You can enable this in the Security options of your account. I hope it helps.
Ash (1 year ago)
Why is no one using 2 step verification? I have never been hacked on PayPal and have been using it for many years frequently.
gsharpshooter80 (1 year ago)
lol you're biggest mistake to begin with is using PayPal. Such a shit company, they're not even a real bank they're just a private entity...
Holly Gardens (1 year ago)
My son had $800 taken from his Paypal.Of course No one believed him. It took a couple of calls but PayPal found what happened. I hope this helps someone. His paypal account tied to his bank acct# removed the money & then placed the funds into an overseas PayPal. How it was discovered? PayPal rep. did a scan of ALL cash transactions for the day and found it. The Reps can do this scan but don't tell you. You can imagine how many transactions occur in a day. He was lucky to get a good Rep.
budgie204 (1 year ago)
Happened to me some time back, I got the money back only because I wasn't in the country. Certainly wasn't fun trying to prove it though. Haven't used paypal since.
Karim Sumar (1 year ago)
I used my credit card which is my best pal 👍 as they are in your favour, why use PayPal?
artisha mann (1 year ago)
this happen to me too last week
RelengElf (1 year ago)
You can't get hacked. Your account got cracked. Please, please, if you are into tech, learn the difference. Secondly, you are only to blame. You should be using two factor auth, an email address that is not linked to your SNS and dont ever give your email address for payment. Use a link or paypal.me. Been with PP since it first came to UK and never been compromised.
MrHacktuber (1 year ago)
dude bitcoin
Joe Thames (1 year ago)
I was told way back when that PayPal is an eBay owned entity. The whole go to them and do this and that is a scam in itself. Sad that people out there treat themselves to others' stuff especially when you would have helped them had they just asked. Our little band of brothers all use Facebook to pay for everything now. NO ISSUES EVER. :-) dump PayPal before they do this to you again. Much love to all. Peace. Out.
Phil (1 year ago)
BTW from another video I downloaded the Cetus Play, that's brilliant. I then added in Showbox and Terrarium TV. But Showbox has an audio sync problem and Terrarium TV cut out in the middle of a movie. So now back to Exodus. PS I am in UK.
Phil (1 year ago)
Would be a good idea to change your password.
Lisa Jones (1 year ago)
Hi can you help me with this problem? netflix error code 0013 on android x96 box. Cheers
mjw (1 year ago)
paypal r pants, closed mine
Sheila Jones (1 year ago)
I just got an email to say that £136 had gone from my account. Have not used it in 6 years so no money in and old bank details. If they can get in here makes me concerned about other finance transactions. This too appeared to be for a service somewhere abroad 😳
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Sheila Jones make sure the email was legit before clicking on any links!
Rab Graham (1 year ago)
hope y get cash back m8 I would rather loose cash to coral than someone stealing
Patty M (1 year ago)
Wow so sorry this happened to you ASBYT you do great videos to help others but people in general are always out for money unfortunately I hope you get yours back and that the hackers go to jail.
Victoryisalways (1 year ago)
Had the same happen to me, mate. I was able to track down the company and call them. A nice lady tried to convince me that it was what I needed and all the extras she would give me. I then asked her if she knew she was helping criminals and could be put in jail for it She was completely unaware of what she was doing, and I'm sure she quit after I was done with her. Three days later the money was back in my account. I learned a lot from the experience to be able to help others. I'm sure you will too. Good Luck
Sean Murray (1 year ago)
PayPal app tells notifies you as soon as a transaction has been made
Karen Smith (1 year ago)
thanks for that news about PayPal like you just through they where safe just goes to show hope you get your money back
Jasper Greenfield (1 year ago)
I only use Net Spend or similar type of card for online ordering, load it with only the amount I plan to spend with enough surplus to cover their fees, if someone gets my numbers they can't do anything because the money is already gone after the purchase. Seems to work for me, minus losing money to load the card and money they charge per trans action. Best advice I can give you on that topic. Great videos you make too, by the way.... :)
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Jasper Greenfield thanks buddy 😊👍
X Verzez (1 year ago)
ASBYT was it taken from money in your PayPal account, or directly from a checking account?  I tend not to keep funds IN my PayPal account so if that happens, I can dispute it with my actual bank and have the funds returned to me much quicker. I was hacked on PayPal YEARS ago by someone with an email address who took $100 from my account.  Disputed it with PayPal who took forever to investigate. Notified my bank that fund had been stolen and they refunded my money while under investigation.....Change you passwords.  Sorry this happened to you.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+X Verzez from my Paypal account, which I have emptied now. No funds will be left from now on 👍
Scarlett Powell (1 year ago)
QUESTION: Did you have money on your PayPal account or was this a charge that went through PayPal and they in turn deducted the money from a card tied to your account? EX: PAYPAL $100. on the account, deduct $90.00 or PayPal $0.00, charged $90.00 take from credit card (visa, mc, amex, discover) or back card on file? Thanks for the info!
micky john (1 year ago)
i got 50p if you want it
JohnSAitken (1 year ago)
How do you recon this hack got into your PayPal account then? You bin' up to no good on some doggie web pages. When's the last time you scanned all the devices that access online? I think the problem is with you not taking the right steps to keep your network tightly closed.
Baron Blansit (1 year ago)
What kind of service was paid for? Any information may help someone else in a similar situation
Farid Nawawi (1 year ago)
Fight your right ...ASBYT
Craig Knowles (1 year ago)
I've been regularly getting emails from PayPal , saying the account has had unauthorized access and asks me to sign in. I don't follow the steps but at the bottom of the email, it shows PayPal policy etc, but when I click it nothing happens and when I click on the forgotten password link it it brings me back to the same page. it's just a scam to get me to enter my login details.
Bradley RCREX Turner (1 year ago)
my PayPal got my new credit details without me giving it to them. Then A HACKER went shopping with it. Now PayPal will not let me close my account while it's in dispute.....
Jon Siddall (1 year ago)
If you want to speak to a human fast instead of the useless answer phone. Say "Agent" then you get put through to a human
Venkat Satya (1 year ago)
same thing happened to me three years ago I complained to both PayPal and my bank ,my money returned to my account within 24 hrs.Then I removed my credit card from PayPal and only add when ever I need to purchase a thing and remove it afterwards.That is my only solution :)
I bought a Apple Watch from Nike.com and paid through PayPal. (Short version) it some how ended up being delivered to my "neighbour" who lived in this instance over 300 miles away near London. No one could give me a definitive answer why this happened, DPDs fault? Nike.com fault? PayPals fault? I guess I'll never find out. The invoice from Nike and delivery addresses on my PayPal all had my address, so where this new address came from I don't know. Nike did the correct thing and sent me another and knocked £60 off for the hassle. I heard a similar story a few days after from someone who purchased some bits from banggood, stuff even ended up in the same part of London.
David Clixby (1 year ago)
I don't know if this happened to you but there is an email that has been going around supposedly from PayPal that looks genuine with all the logos and stuff saying your account has been suspended due to some suspicious activity on your account and to click on the link to log in, it is in fact a scam which gives them your details. It happened to me and although it looked genuine enough I was suspicious so I contacted PayPal who were aware of this email and said where this email said dear customer PayPal would always use your name. I have had a few more but just ignore them so if anyone gets one then you know it's a scam so beware.
Matt Sawyer (1 year ago)
David Clixby - Phishing, as its called, is one of the earliest and most widespread methods hackers have used to obtain peoples' personal information. That's why a genuine website will NEVER ask you to login to your account through an email link but would instead direct you to open a new browser page and go directly to their website by either typing the name directly into the address bar or by opening the site with a bookmark that you have created yourself and login that way. What's truly frightening is how ridiculously effective this method still is for hackers after 20-25 years That and yeah, enable 2-factor authentication
Gert Swanepoel (1 year ago)
Hi There. I'm so sorry to hear that you got hacked. My situation is a tad different in that I bought from an online shop, using PayPal, going on 4 years ago and never received the goods. I spent countless hours trying to get that transaction reversed. Well needless to say I gave up eventually....Both on PayPal and the online shop. I don't rate PayPal at all so I just use my card directly as I have more recourse with my bank should something like this ever happen.
wayneuk (1 year ago)
sorry my bad i borrowed your 90 to get my vpn so i dont get hacked myself
Neil Robertson (1 year ago)
I change my password every month
Gareth Morgan (1 year ago)
Surely by putting in a claim of "non-receipt of product" you are stating that you did buy whatever it is you said you didn't? With that claim, you're just saying that you bought something but it was never delivered. They aren't going to get your money from the person who stole it from you but from the company who sold them the $90 worth of goods. Only the company will say they sent it (which they did - only not to you) and PayPal will close it again.
MikeyMike72 (1 year ago)
That's a little funny that there is a YT channel below or above where some guy tells how to hack paypal for $9999.00. Only $90.00 was taken from you?LOL I though you was going to say you got wiped out completey! Ha haha that's messed up,but at least you got it back m8!🇬🇧🇺🇸
LegendaryLes 415 (1 year ago)
I have never trusted paypal, and try to stay clear from it. Shame you don't use call record, as it would of been great to shame the unhelpful women on the help line!! Hope u get your money back.
Armyoft (1 year ago)
I want to say thank you for all your videos I have a question what is the best 4K Android box to get I just purchased a OLED LG 4K TV and I would like it to be under $100 US
Oro Rina (1 year ago)
Paypal is good with reimbursing. Like you said, you just have to wait till the other person responds. The waiting part stinks yes. Usually paypal pays me back though while the transanction is in *question* I get email also when a transaction goes through. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. Paypal is more helpful then any bank or credit/debit card ever was. Truly sorry to hear this once again. Best wishes. I hope they recover your money.
Michael Pierce (1 year ago)
So sad to hear, hope you get your money back, you're lucky it was only 92 lol. I've had PayPal for years never had no mystery charges appear but I'll keep a close eye on my account now. Good luck ASBYT!!!!
Roy Baner (1 year ago)
Paypal and EBay both SUCK
Frostacious (1 year ago)
get rid of PayPal and have your money transfered to your bank system.
Rob Ridenour (1 year ago)
I have my paypal account linked with my Facebook messenger ever transactions made from my accounts I get a message as soon as it is made. you should look into it 2 of my bank accounts where hacked with the Olympics last year. I got all my money back (almost $800) but it did take sometime. Now I have all of my accounts set up for messages anytime any transaction is made.
Phil Purves (1 year ago)
......hacked......!!!!! my arse....needs a few Bob to go see his fella in Barcelona......!
Phil Sale (1 year ago)
Don't use PayPal, I have not been hacked but they are the most unhelpful company I have ever known, the last straw was when I tried to update an expired credit card, despite no change in details, their system would not accept the update, I spent two months trying to sort it out, and in the end gave up. Now I use virtual credit cards for purchases, I have total control.
Don Wilson (1 year ago)
This is why you dont keep funds in your paypal, link credit card to your paypal. Have my visa set up that no off the wall purchases can be made with me being sent a message and aprove the purchase.
uksuperrascal (1 year ago)
I'm Like No 980 - also video has been twittered and facebooked via - https://twitter.com/lovattpromotion/with_replies -- https://www.facebook.com/john.lovatt.524
Matt Byrne (1 year ago)
Hey man just some quick advice you should use the website Haveibeenpwned.com to search and see have you fallen victim to an attack your email and password could be out on the net just type in your email on that site and see if your ok hope it's helps and you get your money back good work on videos btw keep it up 😁👍
randy wiggins (1 year ago)
wow!..i had something like that happen in Pay Pal...and they found out that it was somebody working for Pay Pal...im sorry that happenef to you bruh...we all need you on here to inform us of the new stuff about Kodi...be safe dude..
Jo Blow (1 year ago)
Why would you check your PayPal statement? They email you every purchase immediately. Let me guess, you ignore your emails and used the same password for PayPal on other sites. I hope at least you changed your paypal password to one generated by a password manager. People often say "HACKED" when they really mean they where slack and used the same password or a slight variance (adding 1 to the end always tricks them) on multiple sites.
Tito Jones (1 year ago)
Sorry Mate. Wishing you the best luck. God Bless
Davee Me (1 year ago)
I don't think you get monthly reminders to say to check monthly statement like banks do by e-mail. just saying .?
TM LFC (1 year ago)
Rick Fx (1 year ago)
you get the money back then make a video about losing it and get it back again through views all that working.. god bless youtube
Mousy Pluta Prestige (1 year ago)
PayPal fisted you like a Bangkok ladyboy! Sorry pal.
Joseph Guzman (1 year ago)
Sucks! my card got compromised a few days ago so I'm fighting with it... damn scumbags...
Mart (1 year ago)
What i think is funny with paypal, they describe themselves as being safer than a bank, yet when money transactions that go wrong with " their secure system " you are the one that has to chase them, and if this was with a real bank, you wouldn't have to wait the 14 days, and yes, it has happened to me.
one legged wonder (1 year ago)
I got caught by contactless payments went into my local co-op and you're apparently only supposed to be able to spend £30 It was able to pay a bill that was over £100 with contactless my card got too close to the card Reader and payed it in full i was told my card had A virus put on to allow as much to come out as it wanted was pretty scary and I now have a Wallet to stop the signal from contactless cards also had my card cloned in the past in my home town
Frank Ventrella (1 year ago)
Sorry it happened. But I am glad you are notifying people about it so they can check their accounts. They should have had a fraud dept or supervisor speak with you. Thanks and hopefully they credit your account, change your password and notify the credit card company associated with that account.
BigFredddy68 (1 year ago)
Trying to get those XXX Services I see. Lol
several years ago happened with the odd £1 OR 2. its just a test to see your checking often, which i do. was dealt with prompt. also when i bought my 1st ps4 with games on debit card, turned out to be fraud site. however, to my surprise, my bank did not even argue and paid me full amount back within 2 days. that's service. #)
Lawrence Cox (1 year ago)
I had £400 taken out of my PayPal, but because the payment card registered to the account was a credit card Lloyd's sorted it out with them & I got the money back very quickly.
Judi Hickman (1 year ago)
yes thanks but that was a while ago sure u will get your money back PayPal was pretty good about It maybe it was because it was a lot of money and I'm not saying that yours wasn't £90 is a lot of money I would be furious if it happens to me cos I use PayPal all the time please let us now the outcome of it please xx
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Judi Hickman will do 😂
sam barton (1 year ago)
Hello Governor,sorry to hear of the theft of your hard earned dosh from your account. Please,please take heed of wise councel from a man who's been around the block a few times i promise you. STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL ! I wouldn't trust those corrupt fuckers as far as i could throw them. Did you know they can block your account at anytime they choose to and it takes forever to retrieve one's money ? Their security is say less than desirable. Always pay by debit card,then at least your bank will debit your money automatically as soon as fraud is suspected and prooved ,as was in my case. Money stolen £600.00 , fraud was detected and said stolen money was debited back into my account within 5 days,now that's service. Not with Paypal. so me 'ol china please take note of my advice. Best wishes and keep up the fab work you are doing . Kind Regards. Sam.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+sam barton thanks Sam I will certainly consider closing my account
Susan Hawcroft (1 year ago)
I hope it gets sorted for you. What a rotten thing to happen.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Susan Hawcroft thanks Susan! 👍
John Smith (1 year ago)
PLEASE do let us know if you actually get your money back. I'm going to be going thru my PayPal transactions now...
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Thomas Onink will do 👍
Scypheroth (1 year ago)
ive never had a issue with paypal...hell...i got hacked from blizzard and hackers charged over 300 to my paypal. flagged it and was refunded all my money...guess paypal just dosnt like you?
MrAllad (1 year ago)
I got my PayPal account hacked too. Someone bought a couple of items and each one was $98 in China .I got refunded after a few days. PayPal servers get hacked often than you think.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+MrAllad glad they refunded you 👍
Danny Sheppard (1 year ago)
the same thing almost happened to me, but I get notifications from PayPal that money is being withdrawal for a certain amount and they tried this twice. PayPal was a little helpful with my situation but I did have to fight to get the $35 service charge back.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Danny Sheppard thanks for sharing 👍
Peter Goodger (1 year ago)
You need to contact PAYPAL and stop the Automatic check-out they make available making every transaction you make with PAYPAL non-automatic, change this through the PAYPAL team and make sure you keep the name of the person who helped you, you need to keep the name. Hope this helps
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Peter Goodger thanks Peter will do 👍
Linda Nash (1 year ago)
Wow , sorry that happened to you.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Linda Nash thanks Linda 👍
TheGrolsch (1 year ago)
Best VID for ages, Couldn't Stop laughing. Think you better Check the wife hasn't done a secret purchase. "Great VID"
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+TheGrolsch 😂😂 I'm onto her!!
ZaPpaul (1 year ago)
90$? I thought you were English?
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+ZaPpaul went out in dollars mate
Paul Prescott (1 year ago)
Set up 2 factor authentication on your account in the Settings/Security section. When anyone attempts to login to your account you get a text sent to your phone with a 6 digit code that you have to enter in order to get into your account. Bit of a pain but worth it where money's concerned.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
+Paul Prescott thanks mate will do 👍
maroine80 (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear about that, same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago. At around 1am someone used my PayPal account and paid $940 for a MacBook to be delivered in the US. When I contacted PayPal in the morning I opened a claim for unauthorised transaction. Thanks PayPal refunded the money. I have since enabled 2 step authentication on my PayPal account. Now I get a text with 6 digit code every time I want to login to PayPal. Hope you will receive your money back.
ASBYT (1 year ago)
Glad you sorted it! 👍

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