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Hitman – DX11 vs. DX12 @ GTX 980 Benchmark & Graphics Comparison

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GameStar PCs | Gaming PCs & Notebooks: http://www.one.de Candyland on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candylandGS Candyland on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CandylandGS Hitman hier kaufen: http://amzn.to/1oxGI5n Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay (PC) We offer a benchmark and graphics comparison of Hitman on PC with DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12 – PC is set to maximum graphics settings. We used a MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 reference design. Rest of the specs as well as benchmark results can be found at the end of the video. PLEASE NOTE: we did not make an error here. Nvidia cards do not seem to profit from DX12 in this benchmark scene, while AMD cards get huge performance improvements. ------------------ Wir bieten einen benchmark und Grafik-Vergleich von Hitman auf dem PC mit DirectX 11 und DirectX 12 – der PC ist auf maximale Grafik-Einstellungen gestellt. Wir haben eine MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Referenz-Design benutzt. Wir haben die Benchmark-Ergebnisse nicht vertauscht, Nvidia Karten scheinen in dieser Benchmark-Szene nicht von DX12 zu profitieren, während AMD-Karte teilweise große Performance-Gewinne verzeichnen können. Music: Bringing It Back– Digital Juice System used in this video: GameStar-PC Ultra ------------------------------------ Hier kaufen: http://www.gamestar.de/hardware/gamestar-pcs/one-gamestar-pc-ultra/441.html Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz 8 GB DDR4 RAM 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 4GB (only one active in this video!) Our second system: GameStar-PC Titan ------------------------------- Hier kaufen: http://www.gamestar.de/hardware/gamestar-pcs/one-gamestar-pc-titan/677.html Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz 16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB) ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980Ti Amp! Extreme Edition 6GB 500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD 2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX
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Text Comments (958)
Artur Wraga (2 months ago)
funny because When I run it on DX11 I`v got about 60 fps all the time while on DX12 ... fps is not stable... is between 35 and 60 ... I personally recommend DX11 ... graphics is completely the same...
trevor (2 months ago)
dx10 > dx11 > dx12. don't install w10, its just a keylogger that sends everything you do to the pentagon. and this overhead on resources will lag your games.
Fokosmok (2 months ago)
DX12 looks more real.
Elsa Debroglie (3 months ago)
LMAO and people are upgrading to Spyware 10 to get this pointless "upgrade?" hahahaha!
crytekengine (8 months ago)
guys you have to understand that you start seeing dx12 advantage with weaker cpus, if u have a very fast cpu with fast gpu the deference isn't much
bramder rijo (9 months ago)
how to download DX12
Tew Chainsaw マーク (9 months ago)
e essa música de bleach
mine was worse in DX12 with more than 15% (i7 4770 + 8gig RAM + 980Ti Extreme Ed. with unlocked BIOS & without it....)
Nripen Chandra (9 months ago)
thats why fuck win10
Shantanu Deshmukh (11 months ago)
testing with GTX 980 😂😂 I mean come on who cares about difference when they can afford 980... should've tested it on budget card that's where we'll get to know major differences
AVLRECORDS (11 months ago)
U notic in BF1 if you got a state of the art monitor
G.I. qhrrkfl (1 year ago)
it's not about dx12 is better than dx11 but is developer competent enough to deal with every single fucking detail.
Pedro Simões (1 year ago)
i have some mouse lag playing this ...max settings 90+- fps dx12
Richárd Simon (1 year ago)
I simply can't see a difference in visuals. Almost 0 difference in performance... What the f*ck with DX 12?
Armindo Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Are you sure this is even the same game?
Outlaw (1 year ago)
I get it, there is no difference you punk kids. DX11 looks fine as it is, maybe there isn't much window for major improvements? If you want different color profiles, use SweetFX.
John Plays (1 year ago)
The big difference is when you run the graphics card in sli or crossfire the work of the gpu's is way better distributed and dosent lag that much
trevor (2 months ago)
wasn't sli dying or something?
Red Diamond (1 year ago)
dude this men doesnt know what is mean direct x is!! direct x just like helper for gpu for solve calculate more better it like helper render image!!
Lukas Schuurman (1 year ago)
Guys, stop saying that DirectX 12 doesn't change anything. Candyland only provided the FPS but things like resource management on your hardware could be improved in the new API.
PUPS (1 year ago)
лажа какая то различия не увидел...
Smurfinz (1 year ago)
There isn't any difference, the hype says dx12 has low level API which in theory should result in higher fps by x%. Low Level API is said to be used primarily on console so same spec would result in higher framerates on a console than a PC. Seems like it's just bogus and only marketing bullshit.
AnnoyingPenny (1 year ago)
lights and colour difference
Agha Entertainment (1 year ago)
the game is awsome but i have 1 problim wan i run tha game the graphics is not Good screen white plz give me a solution
goofernator (1 year ago)
man, this game is optimised like shit for pc...
HaciendoCine mexico (1 year ago)
I've seen too many videos and I really do not see improvements in the graphics
Ihsan Nash (1 year ago)
Windows 10 is shit and DX12 is the only reason to upgrade... but even then after watching this video it looks like I'm going to be on Windows 7 for a long long time
PETRAKOV1 (1 year ago)
I donr see difirend ,no better grafics,no big FPS on DX12
Ultimate Kill3r (1 year ago)
WOW!! there is no difference at all... after watching it for over 3 times there is no difference BUT the left side has for fps than the right side :v
BestOfEverything (1 year ago)
dx9 is better
*buys GTA V* I want to kill my self when I see a game which only runs something above DX 9 *launches GTA V* FUCK
Güven Taşkın (1 year ago)
With the 378.88 driver now it's getting the same performance overclocked 4GB 960 This game has a terrific leap when you try 378.88 or 378.92 drives
fvaletudo06 (1 year ago)
the direct 3d is supported in amd gpus
hisan chowdhury (1 year ago)
... no super sampling
Sotiris Vasilopoulos (1 year ago)
So DX12 is just DX11 version 2?
Lyes Bourahla (1 year ago)
i observed that when things get intense direct x 11 kinda falls back look at when there's a lot of IA "Objects" being rendered so a game like minecraft where things draw all the time should benefit from DX12 if it supports it , yet this is just my opinion
Lyes Bourahla (1 year ago)
in benchmarks DX12 scored X5 more than DX11 the unit draw benchmark i forgot it's name
AlawyIbra (1 year ago)
dx11=dx12 +monitor 60hz=120hz=144hz u people have a illusion
Praetorian (1 year ago)
GTX 980 doesnt even have the slight DX12 hardawre features that the GTX1060 and other slightly newer ones have. It just shows DX12 is better to run on a card designed for DX9/DX10 mostly and still runs better when you apply it even somewhat properly.
Last Survivor (1 year ago)
proves there's literally no point in dx12 unless you one a amd gpu
Jomsician (1 year ago)
so what's the difference?
mrstanlez (1 year ago)
I cant see much differency. Because Hitman hat not so exclusive effects.
Toast 1337 (1 year ago)
dx12 its btter and nice grafics
Eberhart Benke (1 year ago)
Where is different ?
morrisdxdx (1 year ago)
So. What's the difference? Yes, I knew it now, they just want you to upgrade windows 10
Dieser Dominik (1 year ago)
It's not about the graphics, it's about the performance. No one ever said that DirectX 12 will make the graphics better.
icydec (1 year ago)
doesn't look different to me
Jorg3 (1 year ago)
So... buy the 5820k because the dx12 will do a beter use than with the 6700k... is a lie?
Jorg3 (1 year ago)
So... buy the 5820k because the dx12 will do a beter use than with the 6700k... is a lie?
BulletDeath (1 year ago)
11 shit, I'm lying, you can see that dx12 more FPS showed
Kinos141 (1 year ago)
Dx12 is crap. I have HITMAN and dx12 didn't improve a thing. I have DOOM and vulkan improved it so much, I was blown away and sold at the same time!! Vulkan is the way to go.
Mr. Youtube (1 year ago)
In-order to utilize the new power of DX 12, the game needs to support DX 12 API and hitman does not support dx12 so you won't see any difference.
brichard harris (1 year ago)
People say this is going to bring incredibly more performance for games a new evolution in gaming. Where is the difference? it only made it worse for fps.
KnygnešyS (1 year ago)
its looks same on my screen i c no improvement
henryparsnip (1 year ago)
You'll never notice the difference while gaming.
The Hyping Hybrid (1 year ago)
Actually to see the biggest difference you'd have to record both in fast motion because DX12 can render many things at the same time faster than DX11 (Visualize)
elvis radu (1 year ago)
Imagine if all games will suport vulkan like doom does(dream,sweet dream)
Topias Salakka (1 year ago)
DX12 doesn't really give much of an improvement to Nvidia cards because they already have such well optimized DX11 drivers. Great gains on AMD cards though.
LB AB bro (1 year ago)
Hitman won't take a lot of performence out of DX12 unless u use an AMD card but if u test it on an Nvidea freindly game like GTA 5 you will notice a difference
Dat Boi (1 year ago)
I have a Gtx970 , and a 1080p monitor. should i play on dx11 or 12 ? .. what i mean by that is will 11 give me way better fps compared to playing on dx12 with slightly better graphics but like 5-10fps less?
Elyad G. (1 year ago)
Music name is description in The Description is incorrect pleaee correct it
Крашер Сом (1 year ago)
no difference useless windows 7 btw haha.
AlkAnomaly (1 year ago)
You chose Candyland as a name for a tech enthusiast channel? Erm... okay
Kusuma Yogi (1 year ago)
they said dirext 12 is better, so why the average fps is lower than 11?
Are You Serious? (1 year ago)
Because the only cards that can utilise dx 12 properly are the Pascal cards.
Kusuma Yogi (1 year ago)
yeahhh like your face is joke
Bishop Nelson (1 year ago)
Kusuma Yogi cause dx12 is a joke when compared to hops between dx9 10 and 11
Darryl Dee (1 year ago)
No difference at all, really, talk about DIMINISHING RETURNS! There won't be any more major advances in visual graphics until things such as like real time ray tracing or HDR display technology becomes available. DX12=Windows 10 Bullshit
Dieser Dominik (1 year ago)
It's not about the graphics, it's about the performance. No one ever said that DirectX 12 will make the graphics better.
Channel Jany (1 year ago)
Added support doesn't mean take advantage of it.
adrenochrom12345 (1 year ago)
There s no difference
The Rational Man (1 year ago)
Fantastic Upgrade. I really enjoy DX12's color and overall picture clarity.
JD Edmondson (1 year ago)
Well now we know the Dev team for Hitman did not use directx12 for much more then turning it on so they could jump on the dx12 train.
NeHoMaR G. (1 year ago)
So, why exactly this game have dx12 support?
GRiiM (1 year ago)
i remember dx12 was supposed to perform at much higher fps
Josh Phoenix (1 year ago)
+GRiiM As far as I can tell, well atleast for me DX12 and DX11 seem to be exactly the same in terms of performance. Saying that I've only played 2 games testing both
GRiiM (1 year ago)
is it a good idea to downgrade from dx12 to 11? cause damn my pc sucks
Dill Terrorcreed (1 year ago)
+Josh Phoenix Yep, sorry the 900 series has DX12 support, my bad
Josh Phoenix (1 year ago)
Dill Terrorcreed 900 series is supported. Here's the official GeForce website stating it so http://www.geforce.co.uk/hardware/technology/dx12/supported-gpus
João Matos (1 year ago)
Dill Terrorcreed the 900 series has dx12 support
Shawn Hart (1 year ago)
This game is designed with Direct 11 API. This really shouldnt be a benchmark but just a comparison. Their will be slight to no difference between the 2. If they built a copy of hitman using DX12 and DX11 APIs then that would be the video you would want to benchmark with.
George From Jungle (1 year ago)
Yeah, 12 times more draw calls magically transferred into 2 fps difference in real games. Once again very cheap marketing tricks by very rich companies. In normal world their executives would be hung by their balls, but unfortunately we live in the world of sissies now and that's why this lair scumbags can get away with their lies all the time.
GTX 1070 Benchmarks (1 year ago)
What do you use to edit and @ me too see the reply thanks :)
cry wolf (1 year ago)
so i'll stuck with Win 7 no need for me to upgrade to Win 10. i just like 7.
Mellinor (1 year ago)
dis geim only has SSAO? WTF... even worst than Battlefield 1 with simple HBAO... even Fallout 4 has HBAO+... end Rise of the Tomb Raider has VXAO...
Mauren Time (1 year ago)
Rafael Lino (1 year ago)
There's no visual diference, i think the diference is the performance in mult threads
tom 361 (1 year ago)
Sorry i don't see a difference ;(
Infa tum (1 year ago)
I don't see any perfomance boost in DirectX 12. Microsoft sucks as always! Vulkan API is the future
Oscar Klee (1 year ago)
Wow, that is like NES vs PS4 :O
skyborry (1 year ago)
WOW  I’m impressed  I needed sunglasses  to watch the DX12.wilst I needed a torch to see the er other one. By the way was that BILLS helicopter on the right it looked like it had a paint job. Definitely worth a 500 quid hardware upgrade for DX12 .Windows 10 they can’t give it away especially if you have GWX.
Foxtrot815 Jr (1 year ago)
I can Only see the fps between 11 or 12 is 3 fps more and graphic is the same
Làurentia (1 year ago)
who is win
MckCheezy (2 years ago)
I think im watching this this wrong but the avg of the dx11 was higher than dx12 pls tell me im reading it wrong but if not then idk
eXoN Zero (2 years ago)
lol.. almost every gamet that runs better with amd cards in dx 12 is an amd sponsored game... what a surprise. Look at tomb raider,whitch is NOT an amd game. Suddenly nvidia is faster even with async. BS all over. AMD isnt faster in dx12.
The Indie Diary (2 years ago)
Much technology. Let's hear what Marty Mcfly has to say on this! *Marty Mcfly on this: 'I don't think they're ready for this yet'* Well there you have it folks. Straight from the horse's mouth. Join us next week, where I will be showing you the difference between 2 sheets of equal measurements paper. :)
razorblade music-games (2 years ago)
that happens with nvidia cards!! no difference!!
Senpai Kenshi (2 years ago)
no major difference
DailyKidness (2 years ago)
its brighter at least
samisnotsolanky (2 years ago)
i have an i5 4690k and a gtx 1060, should i downlaod directx 11 or 12?
MESTER SAM DEX (2 years ago)
TheMepwep (2 years ago)
There is almost no change. I don't think anyone would really notice which graphic setting they were on.
slachx2 (2 years ago)
dx12 has a micro better lightning and shadow it s almost unoticable . any way it s not worth it
fuck all difference really
wtersad (2 years ago)
is there a anyone who can show me the difference ?
cristobal caro (2 years ago)
i saw 1 and even 2 fps of difference, i am not an expert but i think that is not very much
MrYodi2007 (2 years ago)
I upgraded from win7 ultimate to win 10 and dx12 and my games are now wayyyy more graphical looking! I also have a R9-290
Sean Sezer (2 years ago)
i dont see a difference at all, no significant
ZaKeR GFX (2 years ago)
I thought dx12 = 5 or 10fps more on all games but not it change nothing xd
Vikram Singh (2 years ago)
This video cannot be used to evaluate the performance of DirectX12 over DirectX11 because Its just been a year that DirectX12 was released and no games have been developed primarily for DirectX12. Games which say that they support DirectX12 were actually built with DirectX11 in mind and the new features which DirecX12 are not efficiently utilized. When they say that they support DirectX12, it means they are able to port to DirectX12, it does not mean they are making use of the core new features. And the FPS shown should not be considered as a metric as game engines are made to run around a predefined FPS and some features are enabled or disabled based on the FPS budget.
devudesigner (2 years ago)
Nothing better than compare a game that barely using DX12 features and take a performance hit because of NVidia. nVidia fun trolling or didn't do its homework ;)

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