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Elon Musk: How to Start a Business (Elon Musk 2017)

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Elon Musk: How to Start a Business! Seriously Take Notes! Did you know Tesla has a zero dollar marketing budget? It’s true. Despite operating in the emerging alternate energy car market (and rampant skepticism that electric cars could even compete), Tesla had an incredibly successful IPO in 2010 and continues to struggle to produce cars fast enough to meet demand. It seems amazing that they’ve been able to pull that off without marketing, but Elon Musk’s explanation for their success is simple: a relentless focus on making the highest-quality cars possible. The vast majority of Tesla’s budget (and about 70% of Musk’s time and energy as CEO) is devoted to research and development. Musk only spends 2 to 3% of his time talking to the press, with plans to cut it down to 1% so he can free up time for – you guessed it! – more focus on engineering and design. Marketing done right can be extremely powerful; I’m not saying it has no place in your business model. The vast majority of us don’t have Elon Musk-level capital to fund our businesses and get them off the ground. But if it comes down to a choice between more marketing for a mediocre product, or money money spent improving product quality, I’d choose quality every time. Quality outlasts trends and bids for brief attention. It leaves a lasting impression – one that turns customers into lifelong fans and the most effective marketers you could dream of. FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works 2)This video is also for teaching and inspirational purposes. 3)It is not transformative in nature. Law Of Attraction Coaching does not own the rights to these images, videos and audio files. They have, in accordance with fair use, been repurposed with the intent of educating and motivate others. However, if any content owners would like their images removed, please contact us by email at [email protected]
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Chad Marks (7 hours ago)
Lost me at solar system, it doesnt exist u know this most of all Elon, remember your "it looks so fake its real"
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Master Shake (2 days ago)
You can’t expect someone to be a mechanical genius and a perfect public speaker
Michael Nylif (3 days ago)
Nice Video!
Arunav Singh Rawat (5 days ago)
nice ELON MUSK ...... I am your fan
Luis Ramos (5 days ago)
Elon: "uh so om agh" Women: "Yeah"
xy ♡ (6 days ago)
**laughs at drowned deer** 😂
Hedou incapable (6 days ago)
Hydrohoes (8 days ago)
If you have an idea tell me .I'll 3d print it for you.
oshen williams (10 days ago)
wait a second, he was right about self driving cars...
Jim Bob (10 days ago)
Hows the bags under his eyes geesh hope his been looking after himself
Jim Bob (2 days ago)
Oh ok sweet cheers I’ll check it out
1jw2 (2 days ago)
Jim Bob if you watch his interview with joe rogan, he says he sleeps very little. He works nonstop.
R Gutierrez (10 days ago)
It seems like the woman interviewing is more interested in speaking than listening, watch this and then watch it again.. she completely disregards what he is saying, " yeah" Yeah" yeah" she isnt really listening to him.
Bradley Perman (14 days ago)
The person who is more educated is quit simply the person who has lived a whole lot of life and learns from it, not the person who has a degree
Magnus Hodge (16 days ago)
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DeamonBeastTM (8 days ago)
Umm good 2 know....
Lucjan Grzesik (17 days ago)
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Vbucks5 Vbucks5 (19 days ago)
I’m only 13 and I want to make a business my business is going to be healthy soda
najwa wawa (2 days ago)
AreFallout (5 days ago)
...carbonated water?
Light S (8 days ago)
Paul Argueta (20 days ago)
Great post! Appreciate the insight.
rasol Teimouri Dolat (21 days ago)
I don't understand anything about this discussion. what's that? looks likes someone to play a role for tempting people, ?! this is the American heroooooo
Lizziegirlnyc (23 days ago)
He has the most beautiful vehicles in the market.. I drool every time I see a Tesla.
Musings by Amit Patel (24 days ago)
Focus on the product that your customers love — a fantastic piece of advice, if every entrepreneur can focus on the products that customers love we would never have businesses closing down after an initial excitement.
NerdThatHitUrMom (24 days ago)
4:15, I had no idea Ben Shapiro was allergic to shellfish
NerdThatHitUrMom (24 days ago)
Elon musk wearing the cheapest looking suit ever, and that looks like it fits 20 years old...respect
Omar Farique (24 days ago)
Don't use music
Henry (25 days ago)
she has nice legs.
rabbani shaik (26 days ago)
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uber mensch (26 days ago)
This guy is such an inspiration. People fear starting snow cone businesses,... try space exploration.
Sporty (27 days ago)
Elon Musk is like the arnold schwarzenegger of successful business mindset!
Azucena Treviño (1 month ago)
I love listening to him, him and MIchael Makabi are always so refreshing and inspiring. It's sad to see people make negative remarks on his speaking. I don't talk like this constantly but my mind runs so much faster than my mouth and I often have trouble getting out everything on my mind, but I do get my pint across.
Dan Casey (1 month ago)
Archetype00 (1 month ago)
Starting a business for younger generations is infinitely more difficult than how it was for baby boomers. The amount of competition and other tactics, even with women coming into the workforce now it has doubled the amount of people doing the same thing (not that it's bad women working it's just vastly different to before). One thing I've learned from seeing people run businesses who are close to me, is that a large degree is luck, but the more important degree is constantly perservering even when it looks hopeless. I know a guy who survived two recessions and it looked like the business would shut down - he borrowed 50k off his father and other people, at the risk of losing it all and being 50k in debt. But because of that, it saved his business through the recession (employees were getting paid from his pocket not from income of business). It takes a certain degree of insanity to be successful.
David Bolaños (1 month ago)
Get your dad to give 15 million smdh...
KHP Steel Company (1 month ago)
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An Gorta Mór (1 month ago)
Is her head on a spring?
Barbara Brinkmeyer (1 month ago)
Listening. Our schools though have real challenges teaching entrpreneurialism. This requirement is often self-taught through advanced leadership, innovation, insight, research, tenacity, and desire to improve upon the world. It is true, if clients/customers/employees believe in their greater leadership, that leadership must inspire more often than not.
Youtube Comments (1 month ago)
Did you know it’s not true that tesla spends nothing on marketing. When Elon launches a new vehicle he markets it otherwise how would people know. You think when he introduces a car it that he doesn’t spend money then you are out of touch with reality.
Brandon James (1 month ago)
ArnoldVeeman (1 month ago)
But, what if you are a musician/composer like me and there are sooo many others in the industry that may not be necesarily better but they are more high up contracted by the majors and such? Then making new, fresh and technically good stuff doesn't bring you always further . . . Now, I do realise that I can keep myself alive with my work, which is special in itself, but my music is not reall a thing that people seems to "need", "want" or are eager to buy tickets for. In my opinion that is due to the lack of marketing budget, a good agent/impressariate. But of course the bottom line may be my attitude as well, not seeing the blind spots. I want to see them to improve the interest of others to get to know my music and my abilities to creat it in such a fashion that it really stands out. But maybe I am too eager to see it..? Who knows? My goal is to write more music for feature films and play a little more live concerts in reasonable theaters. Just to be able to show a different and hopefully an inspiring world where one could see their very own creative capabilities.
Holly Lea (1 month ago)
Yeah, these idiots tear everyone dow, good luck
James Parker (1 month ago)
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Hey random person scrolling throught the comments. I just want to say have a great day or night. Remember your loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up in life and on your goals
1jw2 (2 days ago)
Natural Health Evolution God bless you.
Andreas Pink (1 month ago)
Awesome guy!!! I love that he is honest about his success. People only see the billions of dollars - not the sweat and pain he spent and will spend.
Bojana Andrijanic (1 month ago)
I like this guy.
Beat Meta (1 month ago)
How do you start and operate a successful and momentous business when you're only able to save $10,000 after years of efforts? When you have to go all in or lose everything. It's tough for a lot of people who struggle with <$40,000 household income
Aindre Reece-Sheerin (1 month ago)
Lithium Ion is NOT the way forwards as it is finite Please join forces with Professor Donald Sadoway and help develop liquid Metal Batteries
Clinton Williams (1 month ago)
Anyone notice how his knuckles and everything about his hands seems to change shape???? Or am I tripping...
Howard TB (1 month ago)
where do you start your business? and how? Do you sign a paper? Do you tell someone that is in charge of this business thingy? How? That's my question.
Shelelem Bong (5 hours ago)
Howard TB I guess we can learn how by taking up Business Management classes and basic knowledge legal Managing?
Matt Spencer (1 month ago)
We are alive in the time of Elon Musk!
Matt Spencer (1 month ago)
Hey guys, I just made a similar video on Elon and I would love for you guys to check it out. Im new on youtube so please give me critiscism as to how I can be better! Thank you for your time.
GLR (2 months ago)
Interviewer name??
Dave S (2 months ago)
"We will have a Live conference Call" on how you can make limitless income, just Pay us first....lol All those Scam Ads.....
Willem Hekman (2 months ago)
Shitty editing
Adam Kelly (2 months ago)
Elon should spunk in that first chick
A M (2 months ago)
Trippy guy
Christian Reinhard (2 months ago)
Thanks sir for making me positive!
Solveg Rasmus (2 months ago)
elon musk you are a very bad public speaker!!!! its impossible to listen to you.very annoying!!!!!  you need to leave the talking to someone else
Elisa Nguyen (2 months ago)
Pro person you're 👍👍👍👌👌👌
Elisa Nguyen (2 months ago)
Ohhhhhh HK 👍👍👍
Anthony DeLorenzo (2 months ago)
*Puts quote up but blocks with next video recommendations*
Courtney Gillespie (2 months ago)
Rock on Elon 👍
Alexander Castle (2 months ago)
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golam kabir (2 months ago)
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MzTrey09 (2 months ago)
I love hearing him speak. It's refreshing to know that you don't have to be the most charismatic or extroverted to succeed. I've had those ideas pushed on me most of my life, which was discouraging. He is an inspiration.
laser dowsen (2 months ago)
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raultejedor (3 months ago)
She would do well on my car´s dashboard.
Michael LaFirenza (3 months ago)
lol the advertisement at the end of the video completely blocks the closing musk quote
Elyy Skill (3 months ago)
damn that interviewer is fine tho
asdf (3 months ago)
A product that everybody loves? Who loves Paypal?
Frank Blangeard (3 months ago)
What Elon can't tell you, because he doesn't know, is "How to Start a Business that will Make a Profit Eventually".
Boriiing Lastname (3 months ago)
Thank god for subtitles
Alex Brown (3 months ago)
I love me some Elon....BUT DAMN SHE IS FUCKING HOTTT!
Jason Hilton (3 months ago)
Wear suits
Daniela Alva (3 months ago)
the   way   this    guy   sits,  grrrrrrr
Alex Huntington (3 months ago)
What are you even on about
Chase null (3 months ago)
interviewer needs to stfu
Mike Korlin (3 months ago)
Great Video About Starting, You Gotta Start Somewhere, if you want to know how to make $50 a day you have to understand what tools and resources you have available to achieve that goal. Before fulfillment was a thing, I acquired a seller's permit from the local state tax office and looked at local wholesalers to see what I can sell on Amazon and Ebay before having to actually buy anything, when I got better at this activity was generating $200+ a day without actually buying a thing. Hope this helps you guys get started.
RandomSPHD (3 months ago)
Could I email you to follow up about this? I've had a similar business model idea to this since high school. I think it's so cool that you managed to do that! My email is [email protected] Thank you, I hope you can get back to me :)
Luis Chavez (3 months ago)
who wants a cake? {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂 1 like = slice ; 1 sub = full cake with milk
Javier Oliveras (3 months ago)
I love his ✋
Tess Peng (3 months ago)
Tell you what? This female Sinpaporian journalist asked Elon Musk the wrong question about business starting. At least Elon still stuck into the theme. Anyway, I like to listen what Elon brushed up a bit setting up business.
Felix Oyie (3 months ago)
I always enjoy listening to this man.
Mindy Meeks (3 months ago)
Fucking important
Jay Smith (3 months ago)
That was sooo close to being boring dribble. Work hard don’t give up and follow your dreams. I could be a life coach. People glorify others for achieve in the things they believe they couldn’t achieve for themselves. Strange world we live. I believe we all have the ability to be great but though begins with our mindset. Elon could explain rocket science better than he can anything else.
barkin özdemir (3 months ago)
New startup in coming thats is biger then weed stock buds higher then crypto fear and safer then condome sex
American made (3 months ago)
History is being read but it's also being written by those with Imagination!
Lassywassy (3 months ago)
What gives me purpose to buy a tesla is that elon musk owns tesla Also Tesla Roadster 2020 looks good
Bill Sye (4 months ago)
That girl is smoking hot
Charles Kile (4 months ago)
Over edited
Watson's Micro Computers (4 months ago)
5:30 Elon f*@ked ol' boys head up in the red sweater. lol!!!!!!
LuckyTuber (4 months ago)
The anchor got wet...She got orgasm while asking questions....I can see it on her face.
Andrew M (4 months ago)
Step one. Start a business.
Hilmon Stigler (4 months ago)
Thanks thanks Elon Musk from Hillman Isaac Stigler jr. In the family
Momo Maur (4 months ago)
Stay focused on building a great service or product for your customer. That's how you get rich. Easy.
NinjightNationCorp (4 months ago)
Elon Musk spends most of his time living in his brain. He is not a natural speaker and because he doesn't spend that much time talking, he has a hard time verbalizing his thoughts.
Masooma Syed (4 months ago)
Putting your heart on a loose leaf can be scary
Faf Dus (4 months ago)
Lithium is a limited resource
iEuno1 (4 months ago)
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yourtv (4 months ago)
All people who are going to live on Mars will catch asthma and leukemia. There is so much dust and radiation over there! Do you still want to go?
DayZ Mofo (4 months ago)
David Robertson (4 months ago)
Wow sounding a bit like Buddha and starting to look that way :)
Buzz Jump (4 months ago)
10:47 the cd had a scratch
Jean Blanco (4 months ago)
Elon = Air Force investment= You better be white and rich to be part of US cause you may end up with the blacks Hispanic asians and all who are not white in the public service line asking for food stamps and selling pot to survive the staggering unemployment rate
Ahsan Nadeem (5 months ago)
When your friend says lets go to mars and you take it seriously

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