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War, Power, Strategy

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War is seemingly everywhere around us, and not just the war in Iraq. There are culture wars, internet wars, business wars, nasty political wars. This all reflects something strange and new happening in society—a heightened level of conflict up and down the line, as more and more individuals are drawn into and involved in power struggles. It is a confusing and complicated battlefield for us all. The only way to really navigate this new world order is through a solid understanding of strategy, but there is much confusion and many misconceptions about this subject. Strategy is not a prescription for doing this or that in certain situations, but rather a philosophy, a way of looking at the world, a heightened form of rationality and consciousness. The most developed form of strategy comes from warfare, where for thousand of years extremely sound principles on how to handle conflict and competition have been conceived, tested and retested on the battlefield. Some of these principles include the supreme importance of mobility in thought and action, looking at the world through your rivals’ eyes, crafting plans that are detailed yet flexible, always taking the line of least expectation and least resistance. The art of war itself, as defined by Sun-tzu, is to win with minimum bloodshed and violence, an ideal that is rarely lived up to in war, but one that is of great value to study nonetheless. The apex is Grand Strategy, a philosophical approach to life which always aims at the most rational and far reaching solution to any problem. The knowledge contained in the art of war has for too long been relegated to elites and seen as an arcane subject. The premise of The 33 Strategies of War is that military strategy has incredible relevance to all kinds of everyday situations, problems, conflicts. The 33 Strategies is steeped in the philosophy of Sun-tzu, the tenets of grand strategy, and the practical wisdom contained in the military arts. It is an attempt to make the ideas and experiences of the greatest strategists in history—Napoleon, Hannibal, Queen Elizabeth I, T.E. Lawrence, Musashi, to name a few—as applicable and useful to your life as possible. Its goal is to make everyone his or her own general and master strategist.
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Text Comments (50)
John (16 days ago)
roberts intellect is terrifying
Jane Jones (21 days ago)
When things don't add up strategically, there's an underlying program operating. Call it Deep State NWO, or whatever,
Freedom is my bride (1 month ago)
A big company but cannot afford to have a proper setup of mike. Shame on microsoft. (SENT FROM WINDOWS 10)
Kashmala Wazir (1 month ago)
Great wisdomised knowledge being deliverd.love from Pakistan
Maurice Gatdula (2 months ago)
That first person during Q & A is an idiot
Rob Hill (2 months ago)
Didn't expect to be Robert to be introduced by Karl Marx.
Anacleto Perez (4 months ago)
Hope you got paid well for this Robert.
Jeff Doe (5 months ago)
Respect to Robert Greene for not backing down.
Ci Si (5 months ago)
Jeff Doe i am very thankfull to. He open our eyes
Hercules (7 months ago)
wtf is Karl Marx doing there?
A Mishel (8 months ago)
Earring & Hair?
Rugamba Daniel (9 months ago)
love your presentation u a real master
B Dean (10 months ago)
be like athena, not like ares
R.Y.1/O MaruPhoenix (11 months ago)
Shit audience
Overman (11 months ago)
It went sideways in the Q&A but it was an intriguing talk. When you hypothesize the impetus behind the Iraq invasion to illustrate your point, you're going to illicit an argumentative response regardless of the audience. His point was well made but the example used to make his point was too polarizing and a bit of a stretch. Regardless, loved the topic and the speaker's insights.
No terri but allah hu ak bar, muhammad jihad. Lol Wheres my organic fridge yo?
greatest EVER (1 year ago)
the people asking questions are dumb & rude fkn assholes
Liege Lord (1 year ago)
I agree as a fellow strategist that strategy is a worldview and the process of strategic making is ideally a fluid concept...ever evolving, ever changing and adapting while never lose sight of the grand goal
LokiRudder (1 year ago)
Love to see tech nerds reveal their naïveté and political immaturity.
Dony Dony (1 year ago)
Einsteinz Vice (1 year ago)
What an enlightening session, Mr.Greene! I must REIGN over my ancient Neanderthalian tendency towards 'envy' in the hopes that one day perhaps I too may conduct a brilliant and 'Masterful' presentation! ;-P
Andra Toma (1 year ago)
👠 Amazing. Thank you for posting.
Nicholas christakis (1 year ago)
I love the interview, Robert Greene is the best
Grimmer2006 (1 year ago)
This speaker should think about changing his strategy when talking to the listeners :P Just braging over how long he studied war, and tell someone to read a good book, are not so good things to say to win an argument...
Eric Ragnar (1 year ago)
I suppose you are right that one should be ready to address attacks from all sides. I'm just irritated by the argumentative approach some of these folks have when asking their question. It's almost as if they're asking a question in order to have a debate.
Grimmer2006 (1 year ago)
Yeah, you are correct. But when giving a speech, such as this, you must be prepared to be criticized on many ways. And be able to answer it correctly.
Eric Ragnar (1 year ago)
why argue with a speaker? The audience members just wanted to demonstrate their big egos on someone who came to give a speech. Totally rude and arrogant.
Bedward Reach (1 year ago)
great speech, huge love from birmingham UK
27sman (11 months ago)
Birmingham perry barr uk here mate
CC (1 year ago)
Bedward Reach I
Old MGTOW (1 year ago)
"In 1801, the slaves on the island..." https://youtu.be/O_asN2Qib2w?t=403 Bill Gates, Microsoft, social justice warriors... The Asian & white slaves on the continents known as North America, Europe, and Australia are in revolt against their elitist masters. That revolt was signaled by the 2016 elections. Now you and your underground governments are at war with the slaves who are trying to free themselves. But the slaves have read Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Saul Alinsky, Robert Greene and the rest.
Old MGTOW re: Kinetic energy projectiles in space x liquidation x free oil.
j2times2006 (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ the people in the audience must love to hear the sound of their own voices when they talk. Between dealing with these jagoffs and the horrendous sound issues I hope the check Robert cashed was a big one.
Lol im p. sure the people in the crowd can manipulate the planert with their 00100100 b.s., robert green hangs out wit fiddy
LokiRudder (1 year ago)
Young folks seem to depend entirely on theoretical analysis. This simply reveals their lack of life experience which, if they had it, would completely conflict with theoretical ideals. This is an old story.
Gus B (1 year ago)
Robert was treated very poorly by the staff and guest. Robert, however, was brilliant.
Dwight Dunker (2 months ago)
+Gus B May I ask how you know that? Do you work there? Or have you worked there?
Life Unlimited (2 months ago)
Assholes think they’re too cool just because they work for google and want to make they’re guests seem and feel unwanted.
Joe Mecca (5 months ago)
he does ok
SP9_ (1 year ago)
- Some of the people asking questions in the Q&A session were really rude with Robert. This is not the place to argue like that... In my opinion. - I really enjoyed the story of Musashi! Great speech Overall.
Holly Kuntz (1 year ago)
The guy who asked the last question was super annoying.
Martin Carter (1 year ago)
Terrific lecture spoilt by the failure to edit out the microphone disfunction at the beginning
Martin Carter (1 year ago)
Milica Puric - post production editing is an important tool ' hello can you hear me ... light switch ... it's on ... can you hear me now ... yes no ... etc "" this could be edited out
Milica Puric (1 year ago)
Martin Carter Was it really spoiled?
Pen & Blade (1 year ago)
I found it charming
Rania Tahoun (1 year ago)
egdapo (1 year ago)

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