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Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 Review Video 2

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Testing SEP
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SVElement (7 years ago)
I have this Symantec Endpoint Protection. Do you recommend me to buy a newer one? Or is this still good?
Edson Alves (7 years ago)
@TheClaudos Sorry, but in this video we take some mistakes. 1º SEP is not a residencial solution, so, is not "plug and play" program, but we need configure this AV after the instalation; 2º You don´t make the update first; SEP is a excelente AV, but need a professional to install and configure this AV, because it is not like the residencial AV that we install and use.
nsm0220 (8 years ago)
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 is pathetic anti virus
Alapso (8 years ago)
it commonly ends up autoprotecting on tracking cookies for me
usacc23 (8 years ago)
There is a Tool in Help and Support section that might have done the job, just like Malware Bytes.
chqara (8 years ago)
Can you test Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 or 12 ?
languy99 (8 years ago)
@TheClaudos SEP is really a business AV, not meant for home users. Why not give Comodo endpoint protection a run, they give you 5 free licenses.
TheClaudos (8 years ago)
Of all the antivirus software you have examined, which one(s) from your own conclusion you believe to be the best one? I am looking for one that could be best suited for a home network of 5 pcs including a server machine? Could Symantec Endpoint be the answer? Thanks
uronfire dabaang (9 years ago)
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 includes Hips which is awesome. Hips was not turned ON in these reviews because of the defualt settings

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