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Hitler On The Gtx 980's Early DirectX12 Benchmarks

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Hitler Reacts To Gtx 980's "The Ashes Of Singularity" Benchmarks
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Text Comments (138)
Steven CC (1 year ago)
I own a GTX 1080 :))))
KillTheCurse (1 year ago)
Oh shit I have 2 980s
MisterSheep (1 year ago)
Onur Gunduz (1 year ago)
MrSammy (1 year ago)
Can you please do one for the Vega FE Card that performs only like a 1080, hehe 😅
Creepy Guy (1 year ago)
I Dont Think The FE Card Was Advertised As A Gaming Card Though, AMD Seems To Be Unveiling The RX Vega Series At SIGGRAPH 2017 Around July 30th to 3 August If Those Cards Tank There Will Be A Video For Sure :)
arya bhiru (1 year ago)
what film is this?
Cuzeg Spiked (1 year ago)
Creepy Guy thanks
arya bhiru (1 year ago)
Creepy Guy Thanks
Brett Palmer (1 year ago)
2 Syndras 1 Cup (1 year ago)
The Division gave me fps boost about 3 fps in dx12 :s
Rivesh Mohundass (1 year ago)
Gilbertify (1 year ago)
This video makes me want to get an R9 390 so badly lol.
Bill21 (2 years ago)
before i get nvidia they told me nvidia is much better than amd. that was all lies?
lzhlzh (1 year ago)
+Kafuu Chino shouldnt be hard since 1060 outnumbers 480 by 4to1 in steam survery
lzhlzh (1 year ago)
+Kafuu Chino how would u know if u dont own a 1060?
lzhlzh (1 year ago)
+Bill21 sure, but with the new amd crimson relive drivers 480 and 1060 are now neck and neck in dx11, at least thts wht everyone on r/amd says
Bill21 (1 year ago)
i saw a lot of benchmark amd rx 480 8gb vs 1060 6gb the rx 480 is not even close to the 1060
lzhlzh (1 year ago)
+Bill21 wht did u see? (grabs popcorn)
Kazuma Kun (2 years ago)
this video is old i am an owner of a evga gtx 980 sc and it is better than R390x and even fury nano and fury x , lel and i only have an i5 2500 proccesor and ppl with fx 8core proccesor and r390x are slower than me lmao.
Rishiraj Rajkhowa (2 years ago)
Sorry its not faster than a fury, nano or a fury x but trades blow with a r9 390x
Tyrone Biggums (2 years ago)
<-- 980 Ti owner, he's telling you the truth. My friend got a 390x and performance is similiar.
Kazuma Kun (2 years ago)
ur really stupid , i tested vulkan is working well on these card it only get a 10% improvement with vulkan, omg dude stop talking if you don´t have a gtx 980.
chillaholic (2 years ago)
lel ur card is still not capable of dx12 and vulkan as the new 1080 and titan are also not capable of async shading. lel ur card is 30% slower on DX12 and vulkan compared to a 390x.
esperCELL (2 years ago)
plot twist hitler died before dx12 even gone mainstream should have enjoyed dx11 games right now with his 980 instead of getting himself high blood pressure and died a junkie lol
Burschilipower (2 years ago)
I'm german -.-
General E DGAF (2 years ago)
100w extra doesn't power a village in siberia.. lol
INFINITF2 (2 years ago)
I was just thinking about upgrading to a 980 ti but now...
Why Me (2 years ago)
lol and also "beeping"
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
go to "adoredtv" youtube channel and you will now everything ;-) why nvidia s*cks now nd that gameworks just is made 2 cripple amd cards ;-) amd open source nvidia closed source, amd thinks about gamers nvidia just likes 2 screw them over ;-)
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
NVIDIA : No Value In Dumb Inferior Architecture
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
nice bro ;-) enjoy the day and the upcoming weekend greetz
Mark Aelham (2 years ago)
Great bro :). It's all marketing and i am a major in marketing :)
Necris (2 years ago)
Sold my 960 and now i'm here waiting for R9 480 laughing as more DX 12 titles roll out.
ghostrecon08uk (2 years ago)
It would seem that old saying, 'You can't Polish a Turd' has been disproved, with the arrival of Dx12 we are seeing Improvement with AMD Gpu's.
+ghostrecon08uk AMD is a Turd Company making Turd GPU's. Drivers are shit too. Look at that Crimson farce that locked the fans at 20% on GPU's that run at 95c and in many cases killing the cards. AMD rarely release drivers but oh boy when they do you know about it...LMFAO  This DX 12 API makes a shit GPU perform better. Nvidia already perform better with Maxwell and when Pascal launches that will have Async Compute anyway. So AMD will always be crappy..Nvidia will always take a dump on AMD.
xboxgamer (2 years ago)
Nvidia all the way for me from now on. I speak from experience because I have owned the MSI R9 390 and I exchanged it for the Gigabyte R9 390x. I don't know how they have the cheek to sell the Gigabyte 390x the temps from the card were ridiculous within 2 mins of playing BF4 and COD, and that's in a well ventilated case, and don't even get me started on the fan noise that Card made. I was sorry I'd swapped it for the MSI R9 390 which is the better card of the 2. But I decided switching back with Nvidia and I purchased a 980ti. The temps are much cooler for that card and hardly any fan noise. All 3 GPU's we're used in the same rig but only the Nvidia card performed the coolest and quietest with less power draw. It's all about efficiency and performance and Nvidia got that in Spades.
coms spec (2 years ago)
no, i'm not crying..
Ash Young (2 years ago)
this was my exact reaction when the benchmarks came out a week after I bought my 970.
Thomas Christof (2 years ago)
As a german it is hard to watch, because you get neglected so easy by Adolf. Anyway, I have to decide between a 980 and a R9 Fury... That video just kinda helped me out
untseac (2 years ago)
LMAO no surprises there being AMD cards designed for directx12/vulkan.
Slick (2 years ago)
LMFAO,kudos to whoever this originated from, fucking hilarious
The Spark (2 years ago)
I own a GTX 970 and quite happy with it so far, it will be exchanged soon for something better, just dont know what yet. As for the fight between AMD and NVIDIA I truly wish we had more competitors, it would make prices and quality a lot better. I truly dont understand fanboys in this regard, gamers should want the best performance their dollars can buy and we can only get that with good competition.
Fiddlesticks WT (2 years ago)
+Aurio DK Well i would've bought the 970 had it come out a little bit earlier. Looked like a great card and was cheaper than the 290 i got, BUT, seeing the planned obsolescence trend in Nvidia cards, and the whole 3.5gb and DX12 fiasco, i'm so glad i didn't.
untseac (2 years ago)
+Aurio DK Until DirectX is running the show you can forget about it. There will be no competition.
Ahmad Zafar (2 years ago)
Shiet.. i wish i didnt learn german, now i cant enjoy all these anymore..
▂▃Zaggnut▃▂ (1 year ago)
BeatFly hitler's reaction to the lack of good and cheap VR games.
BeatFly (1 year ago)
Rafaz Zafar So what are they talking about?
yugi yoyo (1 year ago)
Rafaz Zafar same:-(
northside lunatic (2 years ago)
mann Ivew known to steer clear of nvidia since 2000 its all advertisement , fuck all you green dick suckers
dude464 (2 years ago)
+northside lunatic you sound mad
Meriç Sakarya (2 years ago)
LMAO i laughed at this. And rumor has it that the Pascal also won't have async compute, i hope the negative rumors i hear about Pascal aren't true...
j reed (2 years ago)
+Meriç Sakarya its been confirmed that it wont
BIO KILLER (2 years ago)
LMFAO, these types of videos never gets old.
Geers Tyresoil (2 years ago)
yea, this still applies...
HollowGrapeJ (2 years ago)
As someone that's owned a 970, this made me laugh. Liked.
Pravèèn 8⃣9⃣ (2 years ago)
I m gonna buy an AMD r9 390 now.
Brecht v (2 years ago)
+TvShopOnTv I think amd is better for directx12 and vulkan so sad we dont have good information :/ but GDC probably will change a lot
Bob (2 years ago)
+Brecht t yea i guess it depends on what you need and want.. im going to wait for polaris and the new zen cpu see how good they are or at least they might bring down intels prices a bit :)
Brecht v (2 years ago)
+TvShopOnTv waiting only makes sense for high end pascal defintely will be 600+ dollar but polaris might bring out 350 dollar card but still waiting for tech can last forever, I don't recommend it unless it's 1 month away
Bob (2 years ago)
+praveen sharma or you could wait for the new polaris cards that is coming this summer and throughout the year
Pravèèn 8⃣9⃣ (2 years ago)
I m using sapphire r9 270 gpu.it's good but struggles in high setting!! My next card will be r9 390!!😁😁
Royal Haze (2 years ago)
What is the real movie behind this?
Royal Haze (2 years ago)
+Ghast Thank you.
Gilly The Ghillie (2 years ago)
Like Clockwork64 (2 years ago)
Nvidia are the Nazis
Moe I (2 years ago)
sub titles are too true! fuck nvidia lmao!
whipmanx3 (2 years ago)
2:26 priceless lol!!!
Tech Unfiltered (2 years ago)
As a 390X owner. I enjoyed this video.
Xuze (1 year ago)
as a 750 ti 2G user i am sad
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
+PewPewDie i know :-) i follow other channels to but i rather just watch "adoredtv" ;-)
Tech Unfiltered (2 years ago)
+Kim Faes That is an epic channel XD
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
i just watch this channel "adoredtv" he say's how it is and i just feel he doesn't lie about it :-D but have a nice day dude
xboxgamer (2 years ago)
+Kim Faes Agreed.
Sir Caco (2 years ago)
All Hitler wanted was to play his games in 1080p. Little did he know he could've gotten a freaking 7950 from 2012 for that lmao
FeelsBadMan (2 years ago)
+Sir Caco D. Mon He probably has a 144 Hz monitor.
Wapn Perfo (2 years ago)
LMAO! Well done on the video.
cipry cipry (2 years ago)
the 290x never was better then a 980 so sry this is a hard fail at this video
Keto Beast (2 years ago)
+cipry cipry It is in dx 12 comparisons so go do your research so sry this is a hard fail at this comment
Jayzn (3 years ago)
WHAT the fuc is that translation?
Son of Óðinn (2 years ago)
+Hit Man its a meme
dylan .dog (3 years ago)
ahahaha awesome video if you dont understand germany
R L (3 years ago)
@Joop S i know right, you have to disable the sound
Joop S (3 years ago)
This is less funny if you actually understand German. Nonetheless, I laughed ._.
Ran Tech (2 years ago)
just turn off the sound lol
GameAddictOFFICIAL (3 years ago)
This video is so sad, Nvidia is considered as a foolish and stupid now...AMD humiliated them. And i think there is no solution to fix that because a developer of Ashes Of the Singularity has say that Nvidia card doesn't have Async Compute, that's why the performances decrease on DX12, so this is a hardware problem, and every owner of Geforce card is fucked now.
untseac (2 years ago)
+Ryan Brandon dude, the Gameworks attempt to monopolize the market didn't give away the kind of company Nvidia is? The better drivers aren't coincidence, their monopoly tactics go way longer than Gameworks. Either way you're not getting huge losses, most games will be developed in DirectX 11 for quite a while. Personally I'm glad AMD as shown that being a greedy bastard can bite you in the ass and hopefully they get profit from that. This isn't that great of a victory to begin with, Nvidia will continue to bribe developers to use Dx11 until they can get their cards up to pace. The saving grace of AMD is that they got the consoles, which cannot be bribed by Nvidia. It would be great if developers used Vulkan instead of Directx12 but perhaps that would be asking too much. Maybe at the end of the year the other greedy bastards will also get a kick in the ass. Of course I'm referring to Intel, the guys who used illegal tactics when AMD kicked their ass with Athlon 64. USA did nothing about it and Europe took too long. Now I may sound like an AMD fanatic but that's not the case. I bet the poor software and design of the CPUs are a mix of bad management and believing in sketchy companies like Microsoft. I much rather ARM beat everyone else because they sell licenses, not CPUs. This x86 exclusive club is going for way too long. Same of Windows and DirectX, I much rather have a free OS and media library than what we have today. That would open competition and fair market.
Ryan Moore (2 years ago)
+The-BGR Spot i really hope they can at least make it run better. and i do know hardware works better then software. i spent a lot of money on Nvidia hardware over many years i am very disappointed in them but ill never jump company's. i've had bad exp from Amd + Ati , it was along time ago. and this is the first time ive been let down by nvidia i am disgusted that they even alow this to happen. but it dose not mean the hardware wont work. it just wont work like it should and ppl like me are going to feel it more then others i spent a lot on my hardware for future, thinking it would last. the only way that will work now is if i down grade direct X what a joke i feel violated. but its good AMD have something they can hold onto now. and theres no way Nvidia did not know about this i just dont believe that! i seen nvidia stock shares go down they was in the red i bet this has something to do with it. from now on im going to do more homework before buying anything else.
untseac (2 years ago)
+GameAddictOFFICIAL Serves you right for buying products from a sketchy company, knowing about it and even bragging about it. I'm not sad at all. In fact I'm glad, this will actually be better for all of us including Nvidia owners.
The-BGR Spot (2 years ago)
+Ryan Brandon Let me just tell you something whatever does not exist as a hardware cannot be added via software They are just going to fuck it up more
Ryan Moore (2 years ago)
+Iujygaming yeah i heard this allso i think it mite make things worse but finger crossed it dont. i just got a titan x hybrid about 3 months back now and knowing what i know now i wouldn't of done this. so im gutted i really am but at the same time i dont hate on AMD of ppl who own there hardware they have done a fine job here and NVIDIA needed this to happen maby now they will pull there finger out of arse and do something. all in all i dont understand how nvidia dint see this coming or they did and said nothing about it im pretty disapointed in them really. lets hope they can pull threw with this driver or atleast make it run better not worse or same :)

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