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Crysis 3 The Jungle - GTX 980 4GB + i7 4790K - 1080p HD

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Hardware Config: EVGA GTX 980 4GB Intel Core i7-4790K 4.4 Ghz Cpu Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97 Motherboard G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB Memory SanDisk 128GB x2 Ssd Seagate Constellation 3TB x2 Hdd EVGA -1200-X1 1200W Psu Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Case
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Text Comments (132)
Aske (2 years ago)
put msaa to 2x/4x and under the nvidia control panel activate MFAA! It'll look the same but gives about 2x the frames
Graham1001 (2 years ago)
40-50 fps not bad playable
Mike911 (2 years ago)
I get quite the same FPS with my rig. My 4790k runs at 3,5 ghz
JWegojon (2 years ago)
did you need ultra settitngs
MrGeesikser (3 years ago)
Very low fps for 1080p. Shitty optimized game. Better say unoptimized.
The Gamer (3 years ago)
It's cause of 8xMSAA. With SMAA or FXAA there is 2x more Fps
matthew Colquhoun (3 years ago)
crysis is a scary game to run holy hell
Fjolltzu (3 years ago)
Lol i thought something was wrong with my card when i got the same performance XD
cent0nZz (3 years ago)
I think you don't really need the 8x msaa, 4x is enough and can give you 15-20 fps
Lukas Juliusson (3 years ago)
+100nZz shure its enough but he whats to show how powerfull a setup like this is. he is just benchmarking. in gaming 4x is enough
Guitarded_ 5150 (3 years ago)
+100nZz i agree
Mike911 (3 years ago)
Why does 8x MSAA need that much power? I can't understand this.
Guitarded_ 5150 (3 years ago)
+GameplayStuff anyone with a good monitor and gpu does not need 8x MSAA If you really want to know the tech of why it is so resource hungry google anti aliasing in graphics, there are some really good sites with info on everything to know about anti aliasing. I never use above 4x, even when i do to the eye there is no noticeable difference except how it destroys the frames per second
Jonas Hultström (3 years ago)
50 fps good for play this game on these settings.
coap (3 years ago)
The amout of motion blur is obscene... Makes me thing of Killzone 3 on PS3, that was DROWNING in motion blur...
Szabo Levente (3 years ago)
if you do that God will help you trust me ;)
Szabo Levente (3 years ago)
send me your PC please :D
kigamitya (3 years ago)
I feel most people didn't notice this player of video use wider fov. It's bigger than 60(90). Default is 55(85). It lowers the performance. *Note CryEngine fov value is vertical fov. 60 vertical fov = 90 horizontal fov.
Blaine Asby (3 years ago)
got the exact same fps in crisis 3 with my gtx 980 gigabyte G1 with my fx-8350 4.5 Ghz
HOT 6BOY (3 years ago)
wow   40 frames  mit einen high end pc  :-/
just love it VEVO (3 years ago)
Hey have you tried the titan ? Does it too can't reach 60 fps on maxed settings ? Do you know whether sling two gtx 980s could make it reach 60 plus??
Y.G. C (3 years ago)
this is weird for me I use 980 with E3 1231 v3, and every options are same except AA. I dont use AA. But I get lower than 40FPS sometimes. there is nothing wrong with my system, as when i run 3Dmark-Fire Strike, i get about 12000 Score.
Kothar (3 years ago)
People should just wait for the new geforce gtx 980 8gb card, should be out in q3 this year.
Kothar (3 years ago)
Personally I am going to wait and see performance and review before purchasing any card, rather not get burnt.
SmartNexus (3 years ago)
+clanshadow2 And you think reviews will change the fact a single 290X will start to CRAWL when it uses more than 4GB of VRAM? 8GB versions are meant to be ran in crossfire with 2 8GB cards to see the full benefit. 
NinNoah (3 years ago)
+SmartNexus Actually, the reviews are mostly 5 stars.
SmartNexus (3 years ago)
+clanshadow2 Which is a waste of money unless you get 2 of them. 1x 290x wont be able to utilize that 8GB VRAM without running into HUGE performance issues.
NinNoah (3 years ago)
+SmartNexus There's already a 290X 8GB, but an overclocked 290X Lightning can beat it.
Bang4BuckPC Gamer (3 years ago)
Sweet Rig man.Pretty good performance for 8Xmsaa most cards would drop down to 30fps in most cases, If anyone wants to see some Crysis 3 gameplay on the GTX 980 with full in game GPU statistics and CPU statistics all at a glorious 60FPS please click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDBXavbylV4
The Finch Boy (3 years ago)
Hey I have some questions bro, what edition gtx 980 did you use? Was your GPU or CPU overclocked? And would have 16 GB of Ram improve performance in any way even though I know system memory and graphics memory are different? Thanks ahead of time.
Jorgito Yokiro Cabrera (3 years ago)
Upload it in 60fps please.
SmartNexus (3 years ago)
+Stephen Dunn Lol if you are really stupid enough to use fraps for recording in this day and age then you really are outdated badly. Use Nvidia Shadowplay or MSI Afterburner. Both have practically no performance impact. Maybe 1 or 2 FPS. Fraps is very bad for recording as it hogs down performance a lot. Its outdated software.
Jimmy655 (3 years ago)
+Stephen Dunn I know what fraps is I used it and I know it does take away 10-25 fps I was just pointing out that he obviously cant get 60fps because he cant get 60fps, besides he isnt even recording 
Stephen Dunn (3 years ago)
aye, no argument, just he cant FILM at 60fps.... lol obviously, but you aren't that totally thick to understand fraps ;)
Jimmy655 (3 years ago)
+Stephen Dunn Therefore he cannot get 60fps
Stephen Dunn (3 years ago)
+Jimmy655 Don't forget fraps removes 10-25fps when recording (depending what you are recording and your compression settings)
Divine (3 years ago)
What about 2x MSAA? Have you tried Nvidia's MFAA? What about DSR?
Divine (3 years ago)
+The Gamer You should try to activated MFAA through the Nvidia control panel and compare it to MSAA.
The Gamer (3 years ago)
DSR is too much for single 980 in crysis 3 only 25 fps you need likke 4 way sli for DSR
The Lew Bear (3 years ago)
Just proves how far ahead Crysis is
PC_GameWorld (3 years ago)
Crysis warhead is still far more ahead than any game today lol
Shkumbin Halabaku (3 years ago)
what is the usage of cpu ?
PC_GameWorld (3 years ago)
cpu? everytime I play I use MSI afterburner and my cpu usage always 80+
K- Hype (3 years ago)
I can max this game out on my old HD 5450 and it gets 1 FPS totally playable. I have yet to try it out on my GTX 760.
Marc Heinrich (3 years ago)
Get an awesome EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked w/ 4gb GDDR5 256bit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NT9UT3M/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NT9UT3M&linkCode=as2&tag=youtubecom091-20&linkId=EOQEZV7X5HWF527V
Stark (4 years ago)
Tem alguma coisa com seu pc, Essa configuração era pra garantir + fps, verifica alguma coisa ae
Jacob Tsang (4 years ago)
Yo, why only 45 FPS?
Emro (4 years ago)
8x MSAA is a Bit much :D
Acap Zelo57 (4 years ago)
you want a beat try GTA IV at maximum graphic setting 
wisn castr (4 years ago)
gtx 970 4gb ,core i 5 4670,55 frames ultra
Niko6453 (4 years ago)
he still record , with fraps , fraps thief 10 fps , it's normally , without fraps he still get 59 fps
Halid Sert (4 years ago)
how dare you try to play this game maxed out
fabio farias (4 years ago)
No es mucho psu ?
dizzypooberry 1 (4 years ago)
my gtx 770 2gb and  i7 4790k  runs this game better
Guitarded_ 5150 (3 years ago)
+SmartNexus yeah he does not even know what he is talking about a 980 will destroy any 770
Guitarded_ 5150 (3 years ago)
+dizzypooberry 1 LMAO! there is no 16x MSAA in this game. yeah your 770 is doing better than a 980 with the same settings!
DirectX 12 (3 years ago)
your gtx 770 2 gb does not even have enough vram to run the settings he is running and max you can get with that old ass rebranded 680 is around 25 fps 
SmartNexus (3 years ago)
+dizzypooberry 1 You are on 16x anisotropic filtering. That is whole different thing than 16x MSAA which isn't even available for Crysis 3. On 8x MSAA with all EXTREME settings your 770 will crawl far lower FPS than 980.
SmartNexus (3 years ago)
+The Gamer It exists. But not for Crysis 3, as there is no setting above 8x MSAA.
Samarth Jagtap (4 years ago)
Plz visit my channel Crysis 3 Gameplay (Post Human Warrior): http://youtu.be/WDJT13Bojb8
K.I.N.G (4 years ago)
I dont get it I get 50+ fps wih my Gtx 970 amd fx 8350 stock..Ill stick to my Gtx 970 and my second gtx 970 arrives tommorow :) I cant wait for SLI and 4k!
K.I.N.G (3 years ago)
+Jerry Johnson Yes. Better let go
Jerry Johnson (3 years ago)
+King Kaka Oh, you're a troll. Nevermind.
K.I.N.G (3 years ago)
+David Vu Its only 3,2 enjoyable, I get  studdering after 3,2 gb " get rekt kid"
K.I.N.G (3 years ago)
+Jerry Johnson Missinformed ? I OWN 2 970s 
David Vu (3 years ago)
Well 970 is only 3.5 gb ram. get rekt kid
CARUCERIU MARIUS (4 years ago)
With a system like this you fps small, even very small even if the game is set within a 290 r9 .I vapor-x and i5 4690k out in the place better than you, and get 43fps minimum and 48-56fps. remove less because nvidia video card which is a rebrend and do not cope well because it has 256 "bits" and bandwidth 224.Un fake this new architecture with lower specifications and therefore get less in games like 290 / x and gtx 780
semahj lamons (4 years ago)
Also it is not a rebrand it's a completely new architecture
semahj lamons (4 years ago)
False it does not get less because of the bandwidth if you actually watched the event for these cards you would know it has a new compression which makes the lower bandwidth not a issue also a 980 blows a 290 out the water and I have a 290x
Mixalis Sar (4 years ago)
i think they shouldn't release games that consumers cannot play with a single card in 1920 x 1080p ultra at constant 60 fps, even a 600$ gpu cannot handle crysis 3 ultra :(    
Paul Bess (3 years ago)
+๖ۣۜBeyond Earth Did you read my comment ??? Ffs get the fuck out.
๖ۣۜBeyond Earth (3 years ago)
+Nasty Keeper Thats a dual GPU card you idiot. Its like saying the GTX 760 mars is a single gpu card .
tubeRSP (3 years ago)
And because I don't want to constantly see videos of how well I can run Super Mario, pac-man  and angry birds at 4k. It's pointless
tubeRSP (3 years ago)
On the contrary , I think they should. Even games that could only be run at 1366x768 would be beneficial for progress
Anthony Ricci (3 years ago)
It would be impossible for any card to handle Crysis 3 on Ultra....because that setting doesn't exist.
Hopa Tropa (4 years ago)
can u make a video with very high and AA set to Smaa 2xTX?
Hopa Tropa (4 years ago)
and did u did any patch to crysis 3? (sorry for bad engligh)
Hopa Tropa (4 years ago)
have you overclocked your GPU? and ur cpu in description is 4.4...turbo or oc to 4.4? Thx!

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