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Nvidia GTX 980 vs AMD R9 390X 1080p/ 1440p Benchmarks [DX11/ DX12]

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We revisit the titans of their day - GTX 980 and R9 390X. Better graphics cards have come along since, but this brace of GPUs still offers great performance - and prices are dropping. All benchmarks carried out here at reference clocks. 00:02 - The Division 01:38 - The Witcher 3 02:34 - Rise of the Tomb Raider DX12 03:51 - Hitman 2016 DX12 05:29 - Ashes of the Singularity DX12 07:07 - Far Cry Primal 07:55 - Project Cars 08:33 - Assassin's Creed Unity 09:43 - Crysis 3 Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: http://bit.ly/DFSubscribe
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Text Comments (521)
Online Show (25 days ago)
With new very good drivers now these games run much faster ,nvidia sux in every vulkan/dx12 games, they stuck in past no innovations just bought tech from others like 3dfx, ageia physx... lost in courts to amd alot of times (same story with intel they act like scammers too and lost courts) because doing business not fair , bribing companies to sell only their products, bribing game developers to make nvidia baked gpus work faster on their games,company of scammers who not bring anything new just sitting on old tech and waiting when some poor company invent something new to buy it, still bribing amd technicians to bring them on their side to steal amd secrets , wish more fair companies will come to gpu market like matrox and others for fair competition, also 3dmark is nvidia baked benchmark software from the beginning, I love amd innovations, not all are sucesful but who not trying not making anything and i not deal with cheaters like nvidia, i support amd geeks who inventing something new with passion. Im proud of amd new cpus and apus , intel is far behind with 2x more prices for slower cpus.
farbote fan akira (1 year ago)
fake gtx 980 full 6,5 fps à 24 fps rise of tomb raider avec lag et sur amd r9 390x 55 fps stable même à prêt niveau Russie
Tito Puležan (1 year ago)
is it good to buy 2560x1440 monitor on gtx 1060
Nathan Kam (1 year ago)
Tito Puležan the 1060 will struggle to play all 2017 AAA titles at high settings. If you're ok with medium or low settings then maybe. But id recommend at least a 1070 if you're looking for a decent 1440p experience. The 1060 is meant for 1080p
Jake Gardner (1 year ago)
I got a gtx 980
Jack Rolfland (1 year ago)
Glad I bought the 390x a year ago. Was far cheaper than the 980, so it turned out to be the better deal.
Jason Giles (1 year ago)
So is the R9 390x at it's reduced price better than the RX 480? The newer card requires much less power and cost just about the same, but is it a better performer?
gadman tandian (2 years ago)
390x here cost $300-480.. while gtx 980 cost $500-680... so, easy pick I guess.
GamerTom (WiRed) (2 years ago)
Who else here doesn't give a bloody fuck about AA? I prefer to have Vsync on rather then AA..
DON SCARFA (2 years ago)
Please update they are nine fury X and 980 TI
DON SCARFA (2 years ago)
Can you update the 980 TI and furyx
Immortal (2 years ago)
big gpu product launches???
Freddy silvas zamudio (2 years ago)
I got a gtx 980 for 10 dollars less than a 970, nice sale.
Freddy silvas zamudio (2 years ago)
+cows go moo, horses go neigh MUSLIMS GO BOOM Cyberpuerta, a website from mexico, they dont send to other countries tho
Bimbo Baggins (2 years ago)
MrGodsHand (2 years ago)
well normally 980 can be oc 200mhz easy withtout any voltage,390x not,i'm more for amd often,but no match here..
Same price my ass last time I checked the 980 costs the same as the R9 Fury, while the 390X was nearly 80$ less on average!
Cannibalistic Toast (2 years ago)
Wichard three: wild benchmarks
fretboardrunner (2 years ago)
Wow at 1440p they are very similar. Only thing you pay for with the 980 is lower power consumption and therefore heat and noise and much better overclocks.
Xboxshqip (2 years ago)
It just makes zero sens that nvida wins on ROTTR, that game is a vram sucking whore in 1080p let alone 1440p. Devs did not mange vram propriety in dx12.
Elyad G. (2 years ago)
donkey kong
ubbgn (2 years ago)
Mostly Nvidia games! LMAO
Lynyrd (2 years ago)
Why are the R9 390X frame times so bad?
Nihal Choudhury (2 years ago)
so will the rx 480 be more powerful compared to the 390x?
Equinox - (2 years ago)
Worst release nda ever. Completely killed any buzz. good job amd. such failures.
mbsfaridi (2 years ago)
Like always there drivers must still not be ready.
Jayel96 (2 years ago)
Richard would make THE MOST BADASS video game voice actor... His voice is so legit.
DannyzPlay (2 years ago)
I agree.
Longgshot (2 years ago)
Project cars shouldn't be in the benchmarks, since it's a game heavily based on physx and build from the start all around that. And since it's a propietary tech that is heavily locked, it skews the results, it doesn't matter if AMD would release a card 10 times more powerful than the fastest Nvidia card, it will still lose in that game because of that reason.
CaptainKlotz (2 years ago)
After seeing that 1070 price.....Wuuhhh......Well.....Seems like 480 it is then
Michael Bennett (2 years ago)
Could either of these runs beat Iceland at 1080p?
Nedeljko Kovacevic (2 years ago)
since when are AC: Unity, Project CARS and Crysis 3 2016. games? what about AC: Syndicate, at least? or even better SW:BF? what about Forza 6 Apex? what about Quantum break? what about TW: Warhammer? you know 2016 games?? I'm really disappointed that DF can't seams to live up to its reputation.
TheHappySquirrell (2 years ago)
Please include overclocked benchmarks in the future.
Genio88 (2 years ago)
My GTX 980 still rocks
gaiozi1 (2 years ago)
I own Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 and 1080p monitor. I am not going tu upgrade my monitor and GPU until early 2018
Evil 1 (2 years ago)
Why do you still use fucking ashes of the singularity it's the most biased game I have ever seen in my life towards AMD.
Evil 1 (2 years ago)
+theTOOLshed1 Obviously it's not a fair fucking comparison is it?
theTOOLshed1 (2 years ago)
Why? Because it uses a new API which Nvidia cards can't seem to perform well in? I don't understand why Nvidia cards being shit in DX12 has anything to do with AMD...
Navi Au-ra (2 years ago)
Perso j'suis toujours en observation des drivers Nvidia jusqu'à Novembre/Décembre. Les précédentes gen ont été oublier au point de voir une GTX 780Ti au niveau de la GTX 960 (Il suffit de regarder les benchs des jeux au moment où les GTX 900 sont sortie donc go Guru3D, TPU ^^), du coup j'attends de voir si ma GTX 980 sera oublier elle aussi
User (2 years ago)
Since I had already purchased a GTX 980 when the R9 390x launched I did read up on it too much. Interesting to see that it is pretty much neck and neck with the GTX 980.
Killcry (2 years ago)
When Horizon Zero Dawn Frame rate? :C
The_HBK_23 (2 years ago)
You buy AMD because you are poor.
theTOOLshed1 (2 years ago)
You buy Nvidia because you're loyal to a brand... like Apple idiots who pay large markups for parts that are far cheaper in a PC build.
CJ HD (2 years ago)
tfw R9 390X costs 580 AUD and GTX 980 costs 750 AUD
Ronald Kurkowski Jr (2 years ago)
Overclock the 980 for Christ sake
Ronald Kurkowski Jr (2 years ago)
+Mario S. Hawaii Overclocks like ass. Too big
Mario S. (2 years ago)
You mean overclock the 390X ;)
KP-48 (2 years ago)
where the fuq is gtx1080 misleading title :/
The Impartial Truth (2 years ago)
How we can trust you? Where is compare picture quality of the video?
theTOOLshed1 (2 years ago)
DF is known for being one of the most respected and trustworthy tech news sources and benchmarking channels on the web.
KlabusterBaeren (2 years ago)
where is the Overwatch face off?
Solid Snake (2 years ago)
im still waiting for the 1070 to get down to regular price
weses2 (2 years ago)
Is there a way for me to measure frame-time in my games without this tool that I can't get?
Singed420SnowinIt (2 years ago)
I'd rather have 390X, more future proof.
theTOOLshed1 (2 years ago)
Javier Saove (2 years ago)
I prefer the 390x and his 8gb.....
2Dspectre (2 years ago)
Just 2 more days for the 480 benchmark videos flood
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
GTX980 on launch = £480 R9 390X on launch = £355 GTX970 on launch = £290 R9 390 on launch = £250 GTX980 today = £380 R9 390X today = £310 GTX970 today = £250 R9 390 today = £220 R9 390 VRAM = 8GB GTX 970 VRAM = 3.5GB Promised GTX1080 launch price = £450 Actual GTX1080 UK price = £720 Promised GTX1070 launch price = £270 Actual GTX1070 UK price = £420 Specualted intelligence of NVIDIA fanboy = 0 Actual intelligence of NVIDIA fanboy = 0 GTX1080 + GTX1070 stock levels = -1 Amount of Nvidia cock sucked by DF this year = 6,000,000 inches Amound of green Nvidia cum drank by DF today = 3.5 gallons Days to wait until RX 480's get purchased by me = 4 Intelligence gain from said purchase = 8000%
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
+Jon Jon the Fox Yeah! LOL! GOOD ONE! Hurr hurrrrr durrrrrrrrr
JonJonTheFox (2 years ago)
Level of stupidity you have = 9000+
Vartazian360 (2 years ago)
Love the subtle hints here, he's basically telling us that these cards will likely drop in price because theres a new similar performing card, enter rx 480, 470 :) Stay tuned folks
Shehryar89 (2 years ago)
r9 390x destorys gtx 980 in dx12 tests...do all tests in dx12 since dx11 is outgoing...focus on dx12 for consumer future proof purchase... amd > nv w.r.t. dx12 & future proofing nv > amd w.r.t. dx11 among the 2 gpus
theTOOLshed1 (2 years ago)
+NoGOD Yet it's architecture was developed years before Maxwell was even released. The fuck you smoking buddy?
G D (2 years ago)
Why is Rise of Tomb Raider DX12 used when clearly it's known for being a terrible port, especially on DX12, and it's a Gameworks title?
Tymax (2 years ago)
Whats with AOTS not rendering effects/snow on Nvidia Cards? Whats with the DX12 "Wrapper" for ROTTR which is actually slower then the DX11 render path? Also there was a huge price gap between these 2 cards all along.
pSyk (2 years ago)
PCars and Assassins Creed are very broken games and shouldn't be used for Benchmarking.
GL HF (2 years ago)
Consider the fact that you can get a 390x with very good cooler design from newegg for $310(go check now), and the fact that gcn has better asynchronous compute and better long term driver support, there is virtually no reason to go for a 980. Better yet, just wait for rx480
Krzych (2 years ago)
Overall they are equal, but 390X is much cheaper and has two times more memory, so I would choose it over 980. I sold my 980Ti for very good price 2 weeks before price cut and I want AMD card now to utilize FreeSync and 75Hz on my monitor, so if RX480 is not good enough then I will get 390X as temporary card until Vega is out, will be enough to push 3440x1440 outside of AAA games.
TheBabbage78 (2 years ago)
You'll probably be able to get a 390X for a pretty sweet price after the 480 launches.
toumobits (2 years ago)
Can you use DOOM, Dark Souls 3, Overwatch, Total War WARHAMMER or something else? I mean they're not supper demanding but it gives a better representation of what people want to play these days. I love Digital Foundry but I am sick of watching the Witcher 3, Ass Creed Unity, Crysis 3 footage over and over and over.
Zakaria Ibarki (2 years ago)
Guys i got a question, can i crossfire my r9 380 4G with a r9 480?
Dawei Tao (2 years ago)
no you cannot. There is only one game which might work which is Ashes of the singularity. In DX12 mode two different GPUs can work together, but if the power difference is too great then it would make things worse.
Reb (2 years ago)
u can crossfire two rx 480s u cant crossfire it with an r9 390
Zakaria Ibarki (2 years ago)
+Reb can i crossfire it tho?
Reb (2 years ago)
go with the rx 480 if u can get one, performs similar to the r9 390
Tekky Quickbits (2 years ago)
The last time I was this early, the 980 was on top of the 390X, now its the other way around!
Andarus (2 years ago)
I would not buy any of these Cards and I own a 980 myself. The 390x is just horrible and is pretty much the loudest and hottest card on the market. And the 980 isn't bad but for its price you can almost get a 1070!
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
You have to remember that ... the GTX980 came out at £450 or thereabouts. The GTX970 was at that time £290 also. But the 390 came out (six months later) at just £240, and the 390X arrived at only £350. Which made them, pound for pound, the kings of performance. And that was in the Gameworks heavy era. These days the 390 / 390X rape the 970 / 980 in terms of price / performance.
Jonathan Tessier (2 years ago)
And 390x's are still $100 cheaper... LOL
G1ZM0T0 (2 years ago)
Also keep in mind when the cards came out which could have something to do with your numbers and the benchmark numbers.
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
+weiya Sorry, can you stop with the nonsensical bullshit and actually COMMENT about and CONTEST everything I said above? People usually have conversations and debates by counter points or corrections / differing perspectives (always backed up by fact). Can you interest me at all? Forgive me but I have been out of school and living in the adult world for almost two decades. School yard bullshit no longer holds my attention. So, step up? What did I say that was bollocks? :D
weiya (2 years ago)
+TheVanillatech AMD shill detected. What does the shitty 970 have anything to do with 980 completely destroying the 390x and even competing and sometimes winning against Fury/Nano LMAO. I wish AMD were smart enough to at least buy intelligent shills.
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
+The WrATH Whoah ... WAIT a moment! Are you talking about the dropping of the 970 price SINCE the last 2 weeks? It's a 1.5 year old card and the price didn't budge an inch. SURE you can find NOW one or two deals of the last remaining 970's with a massive discount because they are selling them all off. It's end of life for the product. I WAS talking about the situation for the last 12 months since the 390 and 390X came to market. Not cherry picking either, to support some bullshit argument or agenda. I selected AVERAGES and portrayed them as unbiased FACT. For example, only the last week has the 980Ti been dropped in price. Since it came out at over £600, it stayed ABOVE £500 until one week ago. Right? You cherry picking moron! XD You need to try a lot better than that, this is afterall the INTERNET with all the proof of what I said being absolute concrete FACT, yes? :D Did you forget about that? That this is the internet? And when the RRP of the GTX1070 is at $379, in what world was the PROMISED price of the 1070 not what I said it was? Again, you stupid fucker, you wade into a debate while knowing NOTHING about it and think that cherry picking a very recent price drop / one off special deal can support your bullshit argument. IT CAN'T! XD You lose, moron.
weiya (2 years ago)
you're all either blind fanboys raging just to fit in, or have no idea about those GPUs whatsoever. 980 destroys 390x and it's not even close, the bench on DF is just an illusion that has little to no RL relevance since 390x can barely be OC'd at all as it's already pushed to the max out of the box whereas the 980 has HUGE OC headroom. Remember they're using reference cards for benches, so you will never see a 980 as slow as the one shown here since you can only get aftermarket models but the aftermarket 390x are barely oc'd at all due to my previous statement and are still about stock level performance. 980 max oc'd even beats Fury oc'd (which again, has no headroom for OC) in tons of games. To make a realistic estimate, use those numbers of the bench and consider the 390x maxed and add 20% to the 980s fps. What happens? It pulls even with the 390x even in AMD favored games, destroys the 390x in neutral games and cannibalizes the 390x in nVidia favored games. Basically 390x OC= 390 OC with negligible difference otherwise, 980 OC >= Fury OC, never mind Fury stock. Fury X is the only AMD GPU of AMD that's generally better than the 980. RX 480 is gonna be a much better deal than either of the two obviously and neither 390x nor 980 owners need to upgrade to this (1080 is the lowest I'd go but 1080 TI/Vega makes more sense), but objectively speaking, 980 owners have the better card.
eugenie2678 (2 years ago)
R9 390x = GTX 980, thanks for another one fresh review.
3dkiller (2 years ago)
Tomb Raider is not a real dx12 game.. you should not using it.
sweekly146 (2 years ago)
Something seems wrong with the R9 390x 1080p Division test. Those frame time spikes are only present on the 1080p version and not the 1440p version.
sly (2 years ago)
This is a pretty shitty comparison when the price is the biggest difference, buying a 980 now is the same as flushing money down the toilet unless u get a used or on some crazy sale.
Jack of Mods (2 years ago)
>Project Cars >Tomb Raider borked DX12 *Really DigitalFloundries???*
Fuddy Duddy (2 years ago)
Aaannnd then the GTX 980 goes to 1500+ and leaves it in the dust :) 1600mhz GTX 980, I got lucky.
Fuddy Duddy (2 years ago)
+theTOOLshed1 lol what, Maxwell doesn't shoot up in thermals/power when you overclock...
theTOOLshed1 (2 years ago)
By doing this, you sacrifice all power gains that the Maxwell architecture has over AMD. Why would you do that? I thought a main selling point of Maxwell cards was it's low TDP and high Performance/Watt
Tanzu15 (2 years ago)
GTX 980s here. i love them alot. they destroy all games at 1440p. just turn off AA and youll have a wonderful experience. not even to a 1080 ill upgrade. SLi stomps and even in a single solution it stomps.
21st Century (2 years ago)
I was going to get a 1080 but realised too much money, So which is the best 1070 please?
21st Century (2 years ago)
+Detmer The MSI on overclockersuk has 5 reviews all good and I have heard a lot about it, does look cool as well although I don't really give a shit about how it looks xD £420 isn't too bad, the same msi but 1080 version is £649, I will save £230 when the 1080 probably won't make much difference anyway. I've had the 770 for like 3 years I think the msi 1070 should do for another thanks.
21st Century (2 years ago)
+BrotherO4 I have a 1440p monitor 60hz so just 60 fps really (put vsync on the other day and didn't realise it made it better) And I have a 770 so really can't wait for a new one. I play Battlefield 4, bought Hardline the other day for £4 (will get BF1), Rainbow six siege which is pretty demanding can only play it on like medium settings ATM, GTA 5, Probably redownload some games like witcher 3, didn't get into it before. I also Make timelapses sometimes which I don't know if it uses GPU I think it's just ram, But I can make them into 4K 60 fps if i want, but My computer can't play them, the max it can play is 3K at 30 fps or it lags then freezes any higher resolution or fps, so could that actually be my CPU? I think it was VID usage that when it got over a certain amount it freezes the video? thanks.
BrotherO4 (2 years ago)
depends, what games you play? what resolution you play? what FPS you want? the 480 can be a good card but also the 1070...again it depends on what you looking for and what you want. simple way is if you know you are pushing your standard and what higher values on those Question than get the 1070. if you good with 1080 at 60 fps plus than the 480. if anycase if you do choose the 1070 than give it a few weeks so the price can come down to 380$
Detmer (2 years ago)
Palit/Gainward GTX 1070 have the best coolers. The very popular MSI gaming comes in at second place.
Patriot 03 (2 years ago)
AMD wins once again.
MrEvol94 (2 years ago)
That car game has to be poorly optimized. Looks like shit yet FPS below 30 wth
Detmer (2 years ago)
Project Cars is a great game. But using it as a benchmark is just wrong.
Project cars has amazing graphics, this youtube video is just shit.
MrEvol94 (2 years ago)
+Greeko85 Hardcoded PhysX? wth.. that's bs! even a lot of Nvidia users couldn't care less about physx... it's just a performance killer
VOLTEC (2 years ago)
All the more reason not to use it as a benchmark since PhysX is innately a nVIDIA technology.
Greeko85 (2 years ago)
+MrEvol94 you can't disable PhysX on that particular game-its hardcoded
bmthnumber1 (2 years ago)
AMD GLORIOUS 10"+ COCK GODS MasterRace > Smelly, ignorant, low IQ NVIDIA peasants.
memorydress (2 years ago)
this is what nvidiots actually believe lmao no wonder nvidia can get away with whatever tricks they pulled out of their ass if the average user thinks that way
Working Class (2 years ago)
No one can. $1000+ for an overpriced GPU? No thanks.
alaskanhybrid (2 years ago)
You could not afford a Titan X.
Mr Doodleydoo (2 years ago)
I actually just got cancer of the everything from this comment. Thanks.
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
Avalon (2 years ago)
How come no quantum break in this benchmark?
Gabriel Franz (2 years ago)
still like my Asus R9 390X Strix....Awesome Card with such much Power 😉
The Yellowflash (2 years ago)
$500 vs 350/400 gpu is same price point...yup
Mike Greco (2 years ago)
The crazy thing is, I still see these cards going for crazy prices.
Mike Greco (2 years ago)
Tell that to the people on this thread claiming its 980 level. I'm more or less agree with you though.
Dregomz02 (2 years ago)
+Swarly x86 nah i already saw leaked gameplays + specs of rx 480 are similar to r9 390 so rx 480 = r9 390 that's pretty much confirmed.
Mike Greco (2 years ago)
Can we just please wait for official benchmarks haha. Everyone is saying different things.
Dregomz02 (2 years ago)
rx 480 = r9 390 performance, it needs oc to even catch 390x and 980 is out of reach on reference cards
Mike Greco (2 years ago)
I hope its as good as a 980. I'm holding out till official benchmarks before buying into the hype however.
Nebuchadnezzar II (2 years ago)
I don't know how to build desktops and I'd rather buy a new one, paying 250$ extra for pre-build than screwing my new build. I'm planning on buying that pre-built Lenovo Idea Centre Y900 that comes with a 980 but I'm going to get a 1080 with it, I'll swap the Y900's 980 with the 1080!
ṽᴧ volts (2 years ago)
Would the difference on a heavily overclocked 980 be palpable? Like 1.5 on the core, 4.1 on memory.
Tanzu15 (2 years ago)
yeah the difference is huge. i got like 10-20 frames and a bunch of games. and 980s oc like crazy and give huge results.
Revolt (2 years ago)
Wasn't this test posted already? Is this a REmaster or something?
Youtube Villain (2 years ago)
They really, do, know how it works... No peasants in the comments.
MarcParis (2 years ago)
Thanks for this benchmark, just reminding r9 390x is more capable than gtx980 in 1440p..:)
MarcParis (2 years ago)
well on my R9 290X OC, addition of freesync screen (40-60 range) is very effective as I can smoothly play in 1440p on most games (fps varies from 45-60)
Fuddy Duddy (2 years ago)
+Unlimited Motorsport & Gaming Meh, only a few games manage to drop below 60 on my 980. And those were still very playable (50-55fps on Rise of the tomb radier for example)
+Fuddy Duddy If you like to play at ultra and need 60 fps not always. Sure it is fine but 1080p is better for these cards, keep in mind that you want it to be future proof for newer games.
Fuddy Duddy (2 years ago)
+Unlimited Motorsport & Gaming What? 980 is fine for 1440p
You should not use either for 1440p anyway.
Sam Bingham (2 years ago)
3 years after initial launch, Hawaii still going strong. It's impressive.
Sam Bingham (2 years ago)
I don't blame you after they unofficially dropped Kepler support
Doothe (2 years ago)
wait is it tomorrow? I thought it was saturday!
crysisownz (2 years ago)
+Doothe yeah even a capable r9 290 with aftermarket cooler can be had around $170-200 now.. hopefully rx480 performs better in that price though, cant wait for tomorrow
Doothe (2 years ago)
I bought the 390 because of the 290's great reputation. Nvidia's 970 was enticing but I couldn't overlook how well a 290 held it's own over time. I was confident a 390 would hold up through the next generation of cards and still have playable framerates in most AAA titles.
Kamal9Deuce (2 years ago)
Good but not as seasoned as Tahiti.
ThatGamerGuyNL (2 years ago)
Damn those frame times on the 390X... :(
Gabriel Braga (2 years ago)
and equivalents, no fights please fanboys
Mike Greco (2 years ago)
You must be new here.
Nika Asatiani (2 years ago)
rx480 will be 10-15% slower than gtx 970. so you can calculate it's power no benchmark is needed
Working Class (2 years ago)
Really looking forward to what the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 has in offer. $300 for an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 Founders Edition confirmed.
Nika Asatiani (2 years ago)
+Iancu Vlad Okey as you wish
Iancu Vlad (2 years ago)
Please, stop.
Nika Asatiani (2 years ago)
+Gary Oak do not interfere in our conversation :)
I.C. Weiner (2 years ago)
+nika asatiani you need to work on it a lot more than lancu does tbh
Nika Asatiani (2 years ago)
steep gameplay fps analysis please
vncube1 (2 years ago)
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you guys still do DX12 mode on ROTTR? This is supposed to be informative for people that want the best performance!
New Age Retro Hippie (2 years ago)
ahh that games a ROTTR anyways.
QuartzTech (2 years ago)
What is up with amd's cards frametimes ??? Huge latency issues ?
Tanzu15 (2 years ago)
Yeah i noticed. But hopefully not all games act like that, or get Driver fixes.
GrayPerView (2 years ago)
Project cars should not be used in a benchmark comparison between Nvidia and AMD cards, due to it having Physx baked into it at its core.... Try Benchmarking Assetto corsa if you want to benchmark a racing game, its vendor neutral and a far better racing sim.
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
Another first for AMD with High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) The latest invention in AMD’s long history of pioneering open standard technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible ;-) they invented it.. hynix developed it but didn't invent it, it was amd :-D
CapnTates (2 years ago)
+ZedZedskiGaming *In close collaboration with AMD. There would be no HBM yet if AMD didn't invest its resources in it. I don't do multi-GPU anyways. Been there, not going back.
CapnTates (2 years ago)
+ZedZedskiGaming If AMD didn't invest in HBM, there would be no HBM2. This investment was kind of needed but maybe too late since 4GB cards were already outdated on the high end.
TRANSIT0FVENUS (2 years ago)
Ok, you've got a point, but you are not totally right. Right now AMD is using better hardware, actually. You can tell that even by considering the fact they are using HBM in FURY and NANO edition, the same tecnology NVIDIA is going to imply in their new cards 1 year later. The real issue right here are the damn DRIVERS. NVIDIA surely is way better and in a higher level, mostly in games created for nvidia cards. I just hope AMD does something which will stand up to NVIDIA for the customers sake, for our sake. Otherwise, with no competition NVIDIA/AMD(if it were on the lead) would place prices in the market just like a kid playing with high numbers.
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
+ZedZedskiGaming nvidia uses loopholes nothing more while amd got the hardware :-) nvidia is Just trash nothing more if you can't see that you're just another sheep that keeps up with nvidia's bullshit ;-)
Omar Jimenez (2 years ago)
wouldn't it make more sense to see the differences from each card rather than all on one image to represent the game and just putting up a line graph?
Heee Heee (2 years ago)
project car the way its meant to be paid
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
let's all look at doom vulkan update and laugh once again with Nvidia ;-) lmao GG nvidia ;-)
AD (2 years ago)
+TheVanillatech I don't know why you are so angered, I thought this conversation ended long ago anyway lol. Lets just agree to disagree because obviously neither of us are going to change our stance or accept the other's opinion. Have a nice day :)
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
+Phantomfire335 Silly bastard. You talk like a child and like you are a good little consumer. I own over 150 GPU's from 1989-2016. I own over 50 Geforce / Nvidia cards, from the Riva 128 and TNT 2 Ultra to my current GTX980. I also own cards from 3Dfx, Matrox, PowerVR, Kyro, ATI, AMD and many more. There is no "fanboy" in my dictionary, young man. Only FACTS. Critical thinking, hardware knowledge and FACTS. Take a walk, silly cunt.
AD (2 years ago)
+TheVanillatech Did I hurt your feelings? Is it because I'm not praising your beloved AMD? Brand loyalty is stupid especially in PC gaming, stop being a fanboy.
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
+Phantomfire335 You are a monkey and you know nothing.
Game Head (2 years ago)
The only benchmarks i want to see more of is the rx 480's.
3rd Gen Guy (2 years ago)
+Weeaboo #404 slower 90c stock 1.4% overclock and blue screen. $260 AMD fails again. Also, change but name u normie
Working Class (2 years ago)
+AllyourBaseArebelongToUs 1. No. 2. Yes. 3. Yes? No? Maybe? EDIT: The problem lies within select GPUs. Otherwise, the GPU would have never been certified.
3rd Gen Guy (2 years ago)
+Weeaboo #404 ha ha slower than a R9 390 and GTX 970. consumes the same Watts of a 1080 pulls to many Watts from the PCI-E slot
Working Class (2 years ago)
+AllyourBaseArebelongToUs The AMD Radeon RX 480 is still a good GPU. The GPU was meant to replace the AMD Radeon R9 380 and it succeeded in doing so. The GPU consistently outperforms the Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 and AMD Radeon R9 390 mostly. https://i.redd.it/nt635hleo86x.png
Working Class (2 years ago)
+AllyourBaseArebelongToUs The AMD Radeon RX 480 benchmarks have been released. The GPU is still a good deal, but it is nothing exciting. I admit my mistakes. Really looking forward to the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 and the competition it brings in.
TheSilentWindow (2 years ago)
I wonder how the benchmarks would look if you tried using an FX-8350, would be interesting
M. SEE (2 years ago)
Around 10-15 fps in 1440p the difference is even lower...
alaskanhybrid (2 years ago)
Alot lower numbers. My friend had an 8350. Then he got a i7-4770K. He gained a lot more FPS out of his GTX780. So, yeah lower numbers.
queenform (2 years ago)
it cuts the performance by 50%-70%
g. (2 years ago)
Just search... http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/56/amd-fx-8350-powering-gtx-780-sli-vs-gtx-980-sli-at-4k/index.html and http://www.technologyx.com/featured/amd-vs-intel-our-8-core-cpu-gaming-performance-showdown/4/
nicklong27 (2 years ago)
WAS a good CPU. It'd old as fuck and very long in the tooth now.
Street Guru (2 years ago)
Those cards don't really directly compete though, at least in the US on the PC part picker, the cheapest 390X is $309, while the cheapest 980 is the $399 Suppose these benchmarks more show off DX12 on the 390X and AMD driver improvements over time possibly, as the Fury was the card for the 980 https://pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/#c=185,312&sort=a8&page=1
Street Guru (2 years ago)
+Tyler Summerlin There's like 1 1070 in stock, and it's probably gone by now ZOTAC ZT-P10700A-10P : Newegg In Stock same with the 1080, and one in stock on newegg
Tyler 2306 (2 years ago)
+Street Guru Use nowinstock.net and anyone can get a 1070 or 1080. A lot of different websites get them everyday.
TheTurtleOffDoom (2 years ago)
You can if you actually knew where to look and when. Got my 1070 at launch day
Street Guru (2 years ago)
+Tyler Summerlin Doesn't seem like most people can even buy the pascal cards, 980ti is $440 atm https://pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/#c=224&sort=a8&page=1
Tyler 2306 (2 years ago)
399 for a 980 lol. I paid 429 for my g1 gaming 1070
Jasowan_ (2 years ago)
What's with the frame time drops on the r9 390x tho
Kristopher Lawson (2 years ago)
Richard, your voice makes my manhood tremble.
hosserUK (2 years ago)
AJay (2 years ago)
This is so old...Can't you kids get over his lisp already?
MrGoldenFresh (2 years ago)
+DPersonalized2 good damn it man
Disorderly 2 (2 years ago)
Robert Alexander (2 years ago)
weird... I was looking up gtx989 vs 390x last night on digital lol.
Ponyyish (2 years ago)
Could you put different games or gameplays? It's like I've seen this like 5 times already.
Evil 1 (2 years ago)
Anything but ashes of the singularity.
TheVanillatech (2 years ago)
Both are REAL DX12 games. Maxwell (and Pascal) doesn't support DX12 on a hardware level. So the 390X would rape the piss out of the 980 in both of those games under DX12. Same with Warhammer Total War. Which is why NvidiaFoundry use Project Cars and Tombraider DX12 (ROFL) instead.
Detmer (2 years ago)
+Dregomz02 Totally agree on that.
Dregomz02 (2 years ago)
They should add Quantum Break and Forza 6 Apex since both uses dx12.
Malgys (2 years ago)
Its great to have these videos here for when the RX480 releases, for comparisions. Thanks for your work! Will you the listing the videos as Public the minute the NDA is over?
Prexto Rex (2 years ago)
NVIDIA = Pay for the brand. AMD = Pay for value.
Stryker A. Wolfe (1 year ago)
+El Hefeweizen My XFX 390Xs were hitting 72C at full load on air. Now they are under water and only hitting 45C so I wouldn't call that a sauna lol
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
lol so old the gtx 1080 gets to 82°C thats hot to isn't it :-D
El Hefe (2 years ago)
Nvidia = Pay for swag. AMD= Pay to have your room turned into a sauna.
Kim Faes F*Kim (2 years ago)
wow fury x beats gtx 1070 wow :-D lmao
cristi1990an (2 years ago)
I'm getting a RX 480 next month. :) EDIT: In fact, no. I'll get a 970. It's almost the same price in my country so it's not worth giving up Nvidia's features for $20...
KNI Slaughterer (1 year ago)
GTX 970 is not worth it. the 900 series is slowly ding and you'll have to upgrade next year in contrast AMD hardware keeps getting better even older GPUS go check 970 vs 290x last year videos and nowdays and you'll find that RX 290x is beating it now ! Typical Nvidea hardware last for 9 months
TRANSIT0FVENUS (2 years ago)
+cristi1990an I hope you won't get too much butthurt when you'll realize that DX12 is better for new GPUs generation. Anyways, the important thing is that you are happy with that. Cheers ;)
Jahshewuh (2 years ago)
Jahshewuh (2 years ago)
get a 1060. $250 980 killer

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