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nepal old coins || money || currency value sold it to me

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sell old coins online to me to connect with me please subscribe to my channel and like my channel share this video all over your friend circle old coin sale, indian old coins buyers, indian old coin price chart, value of old indian coins and notes, old indian coins value chart, selling price of old indian coins, old indian coins value list pdf, most expensive rare indian coins, nepali old money, nepal gold coins, nepal coins catalogue, nepali old money price, nepal 1 rupee coins, nepal currency coins, old nepali money value, where to sell old nepal coins
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Text Comments (761)
Prince Saugat (6 days ago)
i have 10-15 coins if uh like to purchace more coins then u can contact me my phone number is +9779803825717 i m from nepal
Prince Saugat (6 days ago)
merey pas hey ye coin
arpan shrestha (7 days ago)
Mere pas hai and i am from nepal isshe BHI Purana hai
Ekam Singh (7 days ago)
I have but little change it have 2 rupees coin if you want to buy & see pictures contact on my what's app no. 9041266261
sanjib sedhain (7 days ago)
Hahaha nice joke 😂😂
Herojit Soibam (10 days ago)
How to sell... plz my no. 9402715770
Amit Pawar (11 days ago)
I have this coin 2 nipal my number is 9604786573
James Gurung (12 days ago)
I have this coin
avdhesh jha (12 days ago)
i ll give you free of cost. frm nepal.
Navneet Sharma (13 days ago)
Mere pas bht pde
Green Garden (13 days ago)
Mo sanga xa leather coin contact imo number 9823390479
sohan magar (13 days ago)
Asto ma sanga 1,2 ko 233 ota xa
Sumitra tamang (16 days ago)
It's fake
Sita Lama (16 days ago)
How to sell but can u tell
Kakpna Ooudel (17 days ago)
Sagar Bhandari (17 days ago)
How to sell ?
Soniya Baniya (17 days ago)
Hum log k pass v hai ji ye v or isse v jyada old coins note v hai
Bk Rana (19 days ago)
Mara pass ha 9027948193
Kavita Saxena (20 days ago)
Mere pas Nepali not h me use kese sell kar sakti hu
Prabhashree Shrestha (21 days ago)
I have many such coin in 20 -30 pcs Apx
s. p gamer (25 days ago)
Of 50th anniversary of United nations
s. p gamer (25 days ago)
I have a coin of nepal
Bikash Pandey (26 days ago)
ma sangani xa ko kinne ho
Dipak Dipak Tamang (1 month ago)
I hav how to price
Salim Khan (1 month ago)
I have this coin 9671740480
YWF VLOGS (1 month ago)
Mere pas aisa hajaro hey loge kya
Abishake Ghatani (1 month ago)
We have also ... Lot much this coin ...man ... Where I sell..
arjun shahu (1 month ago)
Łionela aa (1 month ago)
how to sell plz tell me
Łionela aa (1 month ago)
i have this coin
pihoo pihoo (1 month ago)
Mere pass bhi he nepal coins nd note knha sell kre??
Royal Fundray (1 month ago)
Mera paas hey
Adiclass gurung (1 month ago)
I have this coin 9813538062
old song (1 month ago)
I have 1rs coins Nepal
Santu Unkal (1 month ago)
I have 1 rs Nepal coin could you please tell me how to sell
Subhalaxmi Malik (1 month ago)
Teriko kitna chahiye Me teriko dunga Bol
Vinod Das (1 month ago)
Mere pass hai sir, 1 rupies coin Kya ye bik sakta hai 9971140722
Saharukh Sardar (1 month ago)
Yes ha
RAM SINGH (1 month ago)
Mara pass ha
Amrit Adhikari (1 month ago)
Don't tell lie.I have lots of coin. U want buy?call 9841813163
Madhab Kalita (1 month ago)
Free mai leke jaow vai mera pas bahut hai cahiye to call me
Sultan Sultan (1 month ago)
Ye amarapas hai
Siddhu Bhai (1 month ago)
Mere pas achhhi condition me 2rup hai nepal ka
nepali music (1 month ago)
Mera pass he
Kebal Tamang (1 month ago)
Give me your number
Muna Bhai (2 months ago)
Sraboni Dey (2 months ago)
How sell i
Jjhf Hjkk (2 months ago)
9906379196 2
Mr. Hacker (2 months ago)
I have 2 rupees coin of nepal
Subodh Acharya (2 months ago)
Sudip Bista (2 months ago)
I have so many like that coin.
Mystery Techz (2 months ago)
Mere pass b same h
nikhil dhungana (2 months ago)
I have
Vishnu Bhuma (2 months ago)
I have this coin
adarsh khatri (2 months ago)
I have 5paisa King Mahendra copper coin
PRCPL KOL (2 months ago)
sandeep upreti (2 months ago)
i have this coin....
य सब झुत हे य च्यानल भि झुता हे अाप लोग भि झुता हो अापलोग खरिद पावगेतो हि भिदियो बनाकर भाईरल कर्दिजियगा नहि त‍ो किसिको भि भर्म मे नादाले (जय नेपाल)
Sangam Rai (2 months ago)
Mere pass hey 56 year old coin
Sangam Rai (2 months ago)
Sandir nahi vai mandir hoga from nepal
Ridhi Soni (2 months ago)
Tohare maai key bureya maderchood
Rajeev Bhandari (2 months ago)
Hamara pas Ek coin hay same
SHM (2 months ago)
Cant hear anything.
bibek tharu (2 months ago)
I have this coin. This coin is common in Nepal
Pawan Aryal (2 months ago)
I have it and how much money I get by selling it
Muna Bhai (2 months ago)
Gimraj Purja (2 months ago)
1 coin = price??
nepali music (2 months ago)
Mera pass he 2060 sal ka mera number 9861051407 call me
June Rain (3 months ago)
Mata pas 4 pice coin he yesa he kaha biktahe
Anikat Shaw (3 months ago)
Sir a coin mere pas hey karedega
Rudra magar (3 months ago)
i have this money
HARSH PANDIT (3 months ago)
Mere paas ye janki mandir k 2 coins h Aur 1 rs ka bhi coin h aap kharidoge kya Agar kisi ko chahiye to Contact me on whatsapp this is my no 8149333436
Namaste Nepal (3 months ago)
Mere pas hai
Indra Moktan (3 months ago)
Nepal ka Ru.2 ka janaki mandir wala 2060 ka coin he Lena he to +9779808840921
Firose Kapali (3 months ago)
I have much much older coins than that...bt i dont know how much old coin it is..
Prashanna Pant (3 months ago)
Bhai mere pas bhohot sare nepali coin hey.. Appp kharidna chahete ho
Crush Ndie (3 months ago)
Vai do u want us to listen music or do u want us to listen to u what u saying. Extremely loud music
Vhusan Gurung (3 months ago)
I have this coin
Akash Reddy (3 months ago)
My name is Santosh reddy mere pas tumare Jesse ek Nepal Ka AK rupiya coin he
Avishek Ganguly (3 months ago)
I knw this stuff and many more ...contact me if u interested
ARPIT AGARWAL (3 months ago)
I have this old coins my WhatsApp contact number 9756156745
Adik Nepali (3 months ago)
madharchot ye aam hai nepal me koi rare nai hai randi ka beta jhut bolta hai
Santosh karki (3 months ago)
Mare pas h
Bijay Koirala (3 months ago)
nepali tambe ka paisa ka kitna aayaga
Laxman Giri (3 months ago)
आई हैव दिस क्वाइन
Sumit Gurung (3 months ago)
i have how to sell plz replay fast in [email protected]
Jani Mohammed (3 months ago)
Mera PAS's hai a coin
dragon ball (3 months ago)
I have 25 paisa it was made in nepali 2030
Kala vlog (4 months ago)
Pawan Dhungana (4 months ago)
Ma sanng xa
Roy Shrestha (4 months ago)
MA Santa PA me cha 2 ki same dollar who buys
Praful Sontakke (4 months ago)
Mere paas 1 rs ka coin hai Nepal ka....
praveen jeeva (4 months ago)
Ennitdam erukku..! 9787910752
makar tulachan (4 months ago)
Mere pas 100 pce.same coin hay aap cha heto call karna 977 9841318448
Tabish Khan (4 months ago)
Mera pass ha lo ga
मेरे पास एसे सिक्का नेपालका 20 किलो हे आप को चाहियतो सम्पक कर सक्ते हो 9869320045
Bajrang Kumar (4 months ago)
mere pass h Sar coin 8860405854
All IN ONE (4 months ago)
Apka number de do mere pass he Nepal me old coin
All IN ONE (4 months ago)
Mere pass 15 old Nepal coin he made bechu bhai
krishna chaitanya (4 months ago)
I have this coin, plz ttell me that how to sell it

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