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DirectX 12 demo running on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980

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During the media launch of the GeForce GTX 980, NVIDIA had several demos running and one of them was a sneak peek of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, but this time using the DirectX 12 API. Check out how smooth it runs on the latest GPU, testifying its readiness of the new API. Get connected with us! Website ► http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/home Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/hardwarezone.com.sg Twitter ► https://twitter.com/hardwarezone
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Text Comments (61)
クレアおばさん (3 years ago)
2:28 uh, what?
John Cusick (3 years ago)
ran this on my 970 when i got it to test it out. the UE4 engine didnt look anything special to me. seemed the same as previous version
SSI (3 years ago)
That's just Unreal Engine 4 demo. DX12 got nothing with it in this case
vit sutnik (3 years ago)
лаги-лол, и графа в видео гавно.
YASHKUMAR PATEL (3 years ago)
Wow!!!! DirectX 12 and nvidia demo at home....... Fool
Bob Hope (3 years ago)
This is NOT a DX12 demo.
BugsDX (3 years ago)
what dx12? troll
GUILD STREAM (3 years ago)
This direct x will free 25% GPU Graphics with what you have, You can't really tell from a video what the direct x 12 is doing on the back end of the pc. If you like to know more about what the api is doing you should Google how it works. This a release for windows 10.
Anjeet Kumar Sinha (3 years ago)
lol directx 12 is demo is not launched you are using directx 11 and i didn't think so you are ,,using nvidia 980
club4ghz (3 years ago)
It run just as smooth on my 780Ti and directx11  LOL
club4ghz (2 years ago)
+CryZENx Yea why not. Original demo had vxgi better dof and particles. But if you use vxgi on every light source it will get intense as fuck. 
CryZENx (2 years ago)
+club4ghz club, should i try VXGI + HBAO in this tech? maybe i can bring back the qualit of this tech.. execpt for textures sadly
club4ghz (2 years ago)
+Electronik-FArts I actually tested this demo in directx12 and it perform worse than directx11 lol
Electronik-FArts (2 years ago)
+club4ghz this video proves nothing. filmed a monitor, uploaded to youtube, ruined it by video compression, and also its 30fps..... wtf is this
CryZENx (3 years ago)
are you kidding me i looked 4.7 and 4.7 has still the problem with the bokeh dof scripted particles... epic games will fix this hopefully :)
Maitland Gill (3 years ago)
Ice Miser: I'm Mister White Christmas I'm Mister Snow I'm Mister Icicle I'm Mister Ten Below Heat Miser: Lets make this hot I'm mister green Christmas, I'm mister sun I'm mister heat blister, I'm mister 101 I never wanna see a day under 60 degrees I'd rather have it 80 or 100 degrees
Marcos Silveira (3 years ago)
It's just CGI. And CGI can be in any game, even PSone games!!
Marcos Silveira (3 years ago)
+Murphy46 Oh, when I replied to You I  thought I was talking about the Uncharted 4 cut scenes.
Murphy46 (3 years ago)
I don't get it... There is no game with that desings/graphics... yet. Playstation 4, Xbox One, have graphics depen of developer intentions and graphics/performance intentions, Some developers thing les put 500 zombies at the same time in screen(but 720p) when another think, let's remake the best Ps3 game on Ps4 withou adding too much graphics only Res: 1080p and Framerate 60fps, they can enchace the game a lot put better textures, lights, more zombies more foliage but get 30fps in the process(like happen righ now with Uncharted 4)
Marcos Silveira (3 years ago)
+Murphy46 OK, Now I understand. But why it's not like the gameplay?? The PS4 renders two different resolutions? One for the gameplay and one for the cinematics? Is that it?
Murphy46 (3 years ago)
It's not CGI, is realtime, you can download the demo and test in your own computer. It's not playable, but is not a CGI Video Either
Ultimate (3 years ago)
IS this Direct X 12 demo really ..??? i watched this video five years before 
Nathaniel Lewis (3 years ago)
So ... its the same Elemental Demo from last spring?  Which still ran completely fine on a 780?
Karl P. (3 years ago)
You can download this tech demo from here: http://www.techpowerup.com/200291/take-unreal-engine-4-elemental-tech-demo-for-a-spin.html
Rjeeez 95 (3 years ago)
This ran on a gtx 680 2-3 years ago. I don't get the point, a gtx 980 WOULD be faster. And unless its 120fps, or 4k directx12 wouldn't make a noticeable difference.
Chaotic Marin (3 years ago)
Part of DirectX, beyond the *potential* to look better, is efficiency. That is, the ability to do older things better than older versions. This is why you almost never hear people recommending you use older direct x versions to improve your FPS in games. Even with the same and sometimes even simpler graphics, the newer one is usually more efficient. This is most evident in games like TF2 and WoW, where you can actively switch between direct x versions in the same game. So while it might not 'look' different, this isn't really a good indication of it's full potential.
HardwareZone SG (3 years ago)
+Rjeeez 95 , you're right about your observations. This is more about Microsoft and NVIDIA saying they've a working DX12 example to show based on a popular game engine. So yes, the demo might look the same, but they claim what we're seeing is running on a DX12 API.
Meriç Tuna (3 years ago)
it is unrealengine 4 stupids
Whatever (3 years ago)
Such idiots complaining about the texture you do realize this is not a stream but a bootleg its a monitor being recorded by a cam for all you know it could be a generic cam
markoinformaticar (3 years ago)
It's like World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Litch Kings cinematics :) hehe
Obi Wan Kenobi (3 years ago)
Ever heard of manual, fixed focus :D
Odd Branch (3 years ago)
Meh the scripted version from few years ago looks much better than if it runs in real time
TheBcoolGuy (3 years ago)
Slight improvements.
выглядить хорошо , однако можно увидеть что текстурки гавно ЁПТЫБЛЯ
solobackpacking (3 years ago)
I am still skeptical concerning Microsoft.  As a developer doing rough calculations, I estimate that software is getting only about 25% out of the GPUs.  It is hard to believe such incompetence can be fixed by the same company that established it as a norm. 
Tiviat (3 years ago)
But M$ didn't make UE4. So unless the UE is doing something that's a part of the api DX12...then this demo does nothing at all. Plus, I think this demo is misleading. It's an easy thing for in engine cutscenes with no player Input..I want to see a demo of a physics simulation to see what happens.
newuuser256 (3 years ago)
ну-ка шо за срань с мабильника камеры
Uber One (3 years ago)
this is unreal engine 4 particles) not directx 12)
Evangarstorm (3 years ago)
The whole noise around DX12 is mainly focused on the performance boosts over previous DX generation. So, same demo as before but running over DX12 API gives a way more FPS. If u noticed, its now running on 4K monitor. There some mates complaining about textures. Even if that case is true, showed framerate for 4K resolution is pretty impressive for a single gpu.
Oskar Lindgren (3 years ago)
The textures are really bad so I hope it can do alot better than that
SoIoCreep (3 years ago)
I have ran this demo on my PC. The textures are far from bad. The video does not look this way in person. Its look like crap because its a video of another video.
Oskar Lindgren (3 years ago)
And there the brain didnt have enought power to say anything more ;)
Whatever (3 years ago)
+Oskar Lindgren troll
Oskar Lindgren (3 years ago)
Well I cant help that you dont have the ability to see what is bad quality from the movie itself or the textures in the demo.. but I can and the textures are bad.
Whatever (3 years ago)
+Oskar Lindgren You are the moron what you see are artifacts from it being film from a lcd display and it lowers  the quality on YouTube a recording is never as good a rip you never seen a movie filmed from a camera then later seen it on a real dvd. idiot
Awesome Andrew (3 years ago)
so is this just an animation or is this what actual real time gameplay would be like?
HardwareZone SG (3 years ago)
+79Espie , yup it's rendered in real-time - representative of what a game is capable of, because it's running off the Unreal Engine 4.
paulTHEboss (3 years ago)
It could look like this in gameplay because this is rendered in real time.
Ryan Gonsalves (3 years ago)
I hate seeing this demo, I WANT THIS TO BE A GAME! AMAZING!

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