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Visual Basic Fast Food Menu Program

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Several viewers have asked for a copy of the code in a text file. Sorry! If this is one of your class projects, all you need to do is look at the code that is on the video and type it in yourself. This is the best way to learn.
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Text Comments (90)
Dean Phan (2 months ago)
This is really useful, thank you!
ilbazing1li (6 months ago)
Hey is there a way to make that receipt appear again on another form?
kanyike edward (6 months ago)
Frank Shaskan (7 months ago)
Very helpful! Thanks so much. The ability to create a running receipt is what I was looking for and this outlined it quite well.
Ashok Kumar (10 months ago)
thank you sir for explaination and send the source code in my gamil id [email protected]
Ahmed Saadoun (10 months ago)
sir could u send me that code plz icant see properly plz
wilfredo velasco (11 months ago)
i was kinda slow at first btw it was great
The Last Noob (11 months ago)
Can i change the money sign? if i can, how?
Dan McElroy (11 months ago)
The currency symbol (money sign) is controlled by the 'Currency Setting' in Microsoft Windows. Go to the control panel by clicking the Windows 'Start' button on the lower left corner. Select 'Region and Language' - then click the 'Additional settings...' button. Then the 'Currency' menu item at the top of the 'Customize Format' dialog box.
Jensen Raylight (11 months ago)
i wish you are my teacher in my school, learning would be much more fun
المعز صديق (1 year ago)
very useful - thanks
Austin Bigge (1 year ago)
i was banging my head on my desk, but when i found this coupled with his voice i literally giggled with delight
tommywhistle (1 year ago)
thanks a lot brother helped me get through my sac! want to shout you out into the rap game, ill give you some diamond chains for your work!
Harold Avila (1 year ago)
some of the codes cant be seen clearly
Steve Gibbs (1 year ago)
Very much enjoyed your tutorial! You do a great job of explaining how everything works and I will reference it often as I delve into building projects to make my life easier. Besides Microsoft Visual Studio, are there more affordable VB programs from trusted sites out there? Possibly free software?
Dan McElroy (1 year ago)
It is my understanding that the Visual Studio Express Edition is currently available for free at the Microsoft download website. I don't know if this is a limited edition by time or functionality. SharpDevelop offers a free development system for Visual Basic and Visual C#. I have had several students use it in the past, but I have not tried it myself.
The Fox (1 year ago)
Could I get a link to the code on a notepad or some file please? it'd be very helpful. Love the video btw, keep up the good work!
VV VirusViral (1 year ago)
Can You Send me The Code ? ican't See it properly Please Dan McElroy ..
VV VirusViral (1 year ago)
Sir Dan McElroy Can you Put it in The Data Base ... . ?
John Cudjoe (1 year ago)
plss can you help me out with the code
m c (1 year ago)
You saved my day !
Bauer Goksu (1 year ago)
Thanks Daniel for sharing excelent work could you send me code on face book please . Many thanks
Bauer Goksu (1 year ago)
Thank you ..Would enail help?Many thanks
Bauer Goksu (1 year ago)
Thank you for replying . @mail is ok ? Many thanks
Dan McElroy (1 year ago)
Sorry, I don't have a Facebook account
Paul Padilla (1 year ago)
thanks its help a lot for a beginner like me, may i ask if you have a tutorial for doctor's client info? cause i want to make that program and a bit hard for me, again thank you and good blessed.
Krenar Muzaqi (1 year ago)
why you don't declare lstTotal and lstOderReceipt ,i don't when to declare this , please help me because i am a beginer :\
Vannissa Remando (2 years ago)
can u send me the code on facebook ? remando daniel ? can just needed
Vannissa Remando (2 years ago)
hi sir can i ask f u can send me the link of the code , please really need that on my depend and this video help me so much thank sir GOD bless
Eric Palma (2 years ago)
Just write down the code people, don't be lazy. You can see all the code while the professor explains it.
Mark Duran (2 years ago)
instead of using radio buttons can use a buttons only? for the items
Earl Fung (2 years ago)
i got stuck in the expression is not an array, about the PRICE_HAMBURGER
joker 636 (2 years ago)
Tosby Nyakwar Nyatanga (2 years ago)
Wow I love how you are explaining it
good Project and Good explained .. but a need to know how Make Order task Press Button to insert in Datagridview in C# Please Help Me
MoonManVEVO (2 years ago)
I have to do an isu on this, so I appreciate the tips given in this video, thank you!
Wang Wu (2 years ago)
The Code has to be converted from picture to word Doc. So you will have to save the image as a PNG then upload it to this website https://convertio.co/png-doc/. Then it will come back as word document but you will have to edit the text for errors because word does not translate code that good. Then you can copy and paste it to VBA or what ever program you use.
Ryan Medina (2 years ago)
Thank You
Ahmad Yaqeen Mohammad (2 years ago)
I want a VB 6.0 version. :(
Hello Sir Thank you for wonderful Project. If it is possible Can you please post a code on C# as well Thanks in Advance
hi Man Can u Help Me In My Project >> i Created a Sample of Order Restaurant But i'm Still a Problem to know Code in My Project to add a form Order Simply ____ Relegated to the data and printing quickly without working on the Crystal Report in c#
Mohammed Saad (2 years ago)
excuse me ... the code in the website as picture so how can i get it as text please??
Adrian Ybas (2 years ago)
sup.. I am using your work as a reference.. I am trying to do a simple binary weights calculator i have 8 checkboxes with values of binary weights (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128) Using your pricing and subtotal model, it seems that the values would add.. However, after i add 2 values for example, i checked Checkbox1(with the value 1) and Checkbox2 (with the value 2), the result should be 3 The problem arises when i click another checkbox (e.g. Checkbox3 with the value of 4) and add, making the equation 1 + 2 + 4.. the answer should be 7, but it flashed 10 Can you give tips on this one? Thanks in advance!
Will Garmon (2 years ago)
Thank you for making this video. It will definitely help me with my final app dev I class. Great teaching!
Thank You!!
labg27 (3 years ago)
You Sir are a great instructor. Thank you for sharing this project. Best.
Patricia Grace (3 years ago)
Tremendous help. Thank you!
Alan F. Baban (3 years ago)
Dear Mr. McElroy, The Website that you have entered does not work. Could you please edit the website and renter it. Your Video Tutorial is astonishing Thanks a lot,
Rowland Flash (3 years ago)
hello sir, i can't access the web address, any other way of getting the coding?
Khaled Gholami (2 years ago)
+labg27 it worked for you? that great but Stef.e46 is asking to send the code without a picture. He is trying to select all the code but they cant because of the picture.
labg27 (2 years ago)
http://program-info.net/VB-FastFoodLabAssignment.htm worked for me.
Stef.e46 (2 years ago)
+labg27 can you message me just the code please because when i click on his website i can see the code but i cant copy it because its a png file.
labg27 (3 years ago)
+Niki DograIt worked for me :http://program-info.net/VB-FastFoodLabAssignment.htm
Niki Dogra (3 years ago)
Dan McElroy
Sangla Hill (3 years ago)
Rebecca Miller (3 years ago)
I spent a week trying to code an assignment for my class and them I found this video. Thank you for uploading it. It has shown me that I can not take short cuts to my assignment.
Aqilah Mazlan (3 years ago)
why didn't to run ?
HarpZ H (3 years ago)
is there anyway you can  upload the final project to be downloaded ? lol
MParwez K (3 years ago)
This webpage is not available
icee youhh (3 years ago)
kinsay taga vincent dani????
icee youhh (3 years ago)
ug naa man gani
Stud McMuffin (3 years ago)
If anyone has the code from Dan`s website (which has been down for a while) Please post the code in the comments. Everyone will greatly appreciate it.
SOREN THE GEEK (3 years ago)
Mr. Dan .Where are the Codes for this Program. the link is not available.
the site that you've post is not working
Francis Mutale (3 years ago)
I like this lesson very educative...thank you for opening up my mind.
Abudo Alex (3 years ago)
hae mr dan i need the codes for the project plz reply
NERD JERKS (3 years ago)
"We're gonna need a bigger form..."
Caesar Caracas (3 years ago)
Hello Dan,  That website is down,  can you give us another link? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
Affan sakipi (3 years ago)
How can i find this codes please help me
Affan sakipi (3 years ago)
Dan this web doesnt work and i cant find the codes please help me
Hitesh Solanki (3 years ago)
Where is the code ?? please give the link to code
Hitesh Solanki (3 years ago)
+Hitesh Solanki Link not working it shows This webpage not avaliable :(
Hitesh Solanki (3 years ago)
+Dan McElroy thanks man
Dan McElroy (3 years ago)
Armando Sampaio (3 years ago)
Excelent Dan 5*
VB6 Programming (3 years ago)
Nice VB6 programming example
Qaiyum Yazid (3 years ago)
thank you :)
Mare Dela Cruz (4 years ago)
where is the websiteeeeeee pleaseee
David Adams (4 years ago)
I guess to get the code one has to have the course key for this Moodle project. I didn't know one could do all the coding in a Form event.
ardjin0labs0eblibadi (4 years ago)
where to get the code?
ardjin0labs0eblibadi (3 years ago)
For my project. We have a subject that requires making food menu system in vb.
M G (3 years ago)
+ardjin0labs0eblibadi lol, no. Why are you even doing this if you aren't in the course?
ardjin0labs0eblibadi (3 years ago)
aww please let me have a copy! even just for this one.
M G (3 years ago)
+ardjin0labs0eblibadi  If you are not enrolled in this course, you can't get it.
ardjin0labs0eblibadi (3 years ago)
+M3NO451 can you give us a link?
Akshay Kumar (4 years ago)
Where can I get the code from the web,mr. dan?
AC Fonzo (4 years ago)
Life saver!

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