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Kid Buys 10,000 V Bucks On Brother's Credit Card (Fortnite)

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Kid Buys 10,000 V Bucks On Brother's Credit Card (Fortnite) So my little brother gave me a challenge on fortnite where if i loose a game I have to give him 10,000 V bucks. Whilst doing this challenge I found out something I didn't want to at the end.. I'm Just glad it wasn't my moms or dads credit card. 20,000 likes and i'll do this challenge with one million v bucks lol hopefully I can some free v bucks somewhere otherwise i'll go broke LOL Hopefully by then I will be able to win and get a victory royale every time. Family Friendly PG Clean My InstaGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/kingkennytv/ My Twitter : https://twitter.com/KingKennytv My Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/KingKennyTv/ My Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kingkennytv Add me on snapchat: Skullparker KingKennyTv Store: www.kingkennytv.com SEND ME STUFF PO Box: KingKennyTv Evoke Talent Ltd Unit 9, Budds Lane Romsey SO51 0HA For business inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (11271)
Superfly (5 months ago)
like if kenny should do 1 kill = 1 skin with wisdom
zahra ali (6 days ago)
Superfly Lol
karla veras (7 days ago)
MY GUNPLA (8 days ago)
Superfly should
Bat Man (9 days ago)
Superfly I
Kenny if I was there I would have killed wisdom
SAJIDA Naheed (11 hours ago)
Rip kennys credit card
Hnehsangi Fanai (18 hours ago)
gaming is for Asian
Éric Sonnemans (23 hours ago)
He spend a credit card? so STOP LETTING HIM PLAYING FORTNITE
Henry igwe (1 day ago)
Kenny is rich bucks in the world
Your brother us stupid
Epi Buinitaria (1 day ago)
ban wisdom from fortnite 🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇👍
Epi Buinitaria (1 day ago)
I subscribed turned my notification on and Kenny you should ban wisdom from your room therefore you ban him from fortunate 48 hour prank
Epi Buinitaria (1 day ago)
ban wisdom from your room I liked
MultiAbdul2012 (1 day ago)
Fornite is so bored on ps4 need for speed payback is better than Fornite
cristian turliuc (1 day ago)
cristian turliuc (1 day ago)
on 9:02 is now gonna be hapen like to me if you press to 9:02
FxyiePlayzRBLX (1 day ago)
So Wisdom, games are more important then real life then? All you want is just V-bucks? Kenny, you should destroy him computer, his taking this too far.
Kadan Jones (1 day ago)
1 like=pay back
Mika Milan (1 day ago)
V B∪cks bit.ly/2FzhjBr
Enes CMLBL (23 hours ago)
Go way this is virus
Mika Milan (1 day ago)
Ashley Richardson (1 day ago)
V B∪cks bit.ly/2FzhjBr
Ashley Richardson (1 day ago)
PikaAndrew (1 day ago)
I llike how u did the naruto music in the end
Jimenez Ronald (1 day ago)
*Trust me guys, this is the fаstеst methоd sо fаr tо get frее fоrnitе vbucks. It оnly tаkes 2 minutеs* bit.ly/fortnite-vbucks-v3
Dannie Wiz (1 day ago)
Theae videos are staged
IrmaAxell Murillo (1 day ago)
I have 1099.12345566677 v-bucks Cuz on my b-day I got that much v-bucks
Kaelam Psaila (1 day ago)
You're not cool
AlbaniaD ALBANIAD (2 days ago)
I think your brother is crazy lol
Mannerser Agnester (2 days ago)
If you really want to find a solution to gain Vbucks you only want to do a search for " *fortnite pranaholistico* " in Google or Yahoo. I hope its not patched already.
killer gameing (2 days ago)
Kenny always does this Hes like this 'I cant believe my little brother used my credit card and bought 10k v bucks so dramatic Damn
Tippi Og Caroline (2 days ago)
I just got 999.000000000000 v bucks from this... lol just kidding
Michal 1808 (2 days ago)
U should hlavě kill him
Isela Espinoza (2 days ago)
I like the idea
DarthLliam (2 days ago)
Wow he gets everything Edit: He steals your money to get everything
Robert Steinys (2 days ago)
# kill Kenny's bank account
Christine Adelede (2 days ago)
you are the youtuber
Lnha Official (2 days ago)
My Epic Username Is Lnha 19 Anyone Please Help Me I Don't Have Any Skins And Battel Pass
Fani H (2 days ago)
the was a purple scar
Zhousongshui YT (2 days ago)
100% lie
Paul Mckeever (2 days ago)
I spent 402 pound on my mums credit card! Sorry mum :(
Milan HUN (2 days ago)
wtf, pump shotgun is have gray color
TagsterGomez (2 days ago)
1:32 he sounds like he is hackin
John Babila (2 days ago)
“I definitely did not spend money on your credit card”
Jennifer Beltran (2 days ago)
Come on kenny don't quit
figa Ackerman (3 days ago)
Just to let you know i have 132 skins with 24 legendary
Pois1nous (3 days ago)
I have found out King Kenny's dark side. -Manic laughter-
AntiMerc_YT (3 days ago)
LUCA is massive (3 days ago)
He looks like a retard at 0:30
Kai Rio Brooks (3 days ago)
kenny you are good
kate gachechiladze (3 days ago)
ez 10,000 ve-buks XD
shawn johnson (3 days ago)
RIP his brother 😂😂
DoeJoe (3 days ago)
you shoud do that thing when you deleted fortnite off his playstation
Ramon Alan Leonard (3 days ago)
You can obtain V B∪cks easily from bit.ly/2FzhjBr
Ramon Alan Leonard (3 days ago)
Luther Lee (3 days ago)
Wisdom sucks
my babies (3 days ago)
Westin is a b****
играча bg (3 days ago)
It's all fek
Kolton Wagner (3 days ago)
Omg banger vid
Sim_oxn (4 days ago)
r.i.p bank acount
xd Ruze (4 days ago)
aral aral (4 days ago)
Its only $100 you get $1 dollar from 1000 view
Roberto Gaming (4 days ago)
Nico yt (4 days ago)
Quit combat pro switch to builder pro
BRETT Ski (4 days ago)
Grey pump march 10 WHAT THE FUCK
Dylan Sick Vlogger (4 days ago)
Suphican Guzel (5 days ago)
What the f*** geny
Logan Donohue (5 days ago)
He is so happy because this is the best he played
alpha hyper (5 days ago)
Fake gameplay
Cool Boy (5 days ago)
CASTER AE (5 days ago)
pro mode = on
you're brother is dumb
Beybladeworld 123 (5 days ago)
I see that green screen
Devin Montoya (5 days ago)
Dabi_BRO lol (5 days ago)
you know what just delete hus acaount 😆😆😆
FISHER POWERSTAR! (5 days ago)
5:10 lol
Dovydas Al (5 days ago)
Xavien Smith (6 days ago)
Rip bank account
O Wainy (6 days ago)
1kill 1 skin
J J (6 days ago)
rip kreditkard
Urszula Fraczek (6 days ago)
Me to
Gianna Ciarlo (6 days ago)
1 like= 1$ for Kenny
Okcher Rengechy (6 days ago)
1 like=one prayer for his bank account
Leland Barker-priddy (7 days ago)
don't let wisdom play fortnite
SPIDER MAN GAMER (7 days ago)
i liked thats a prayer ;(
Ann Evans (7 days ago)
Dіd anyоnе triеd this wеbsіtе?! I just gоt 45,000 v buсks еasily! bit.ly/2FzhjBr
EmilySso (1 day ago)
Ann Evans Nope and i wont cause its fake
Dovydas Al (5 days ago)
Ann Evans nice scam
Ann Evans (7 days ago)
Angela Hernandez (7 days ago)
my friend discovered a performing tutorial ten mins ago bit.ly/2FzhjBr I hope it works yet
Quillicitest (7 days ago)
make him pay by taking all of his v- bucks away
Sinan Baki (7 days ago)
You already did
Sinan Baki (7 days ago)
Your bad
Sinan Baki (7 days ago)
I mean hi
Sinan Baki (7 days ago)
LOUIS THEyoutubemaker (7 days ago)
LOUIS THEyoutubemaker (7 days ago)
Even Wiston spends 10,000 v bucks Kenny is still a good brother and give him 1,000 v bucks Now I will be greatful for thar
Why you do so much clickbait
Shawn Lopez (7 days ago)
*Trust me guys, this is the fаstеst methоd sо fаr tо get frее fоrnitе vbucks. It оnly tаkes 2 minutеs* bit.ly/fortnite-vbucks-v3
Laureta Krasniqi (7 days ago)
I agree with 10:42
Ammr Abisse (7 days ago)
Banned your brother on Fortnite
Izuku Midoriya (8 days ago)
Kenny can you prank you brother on your phone calling prank
Ethan Claude (8 days ago)
Your brother is so ugly and cringey I wish your brother die
D W (8 days ago)
Mmm Yo Tengo (8 days ago)
Ur acting is so bad
Nabil Aslam (8 days ago)
Poor guy
Jordan Paredes (8 days ago)
I just subscribed
Fahed And hamza (8 days ago)
Your so noob at fortnite my cusien can beat yea he had skin you even noob at rl
Arian Lopez (8 days ago)
You suck Kenny I get 15 kills a game
Arian Lopez (8 days ago)
Nvm 20
Anna Tuomi (8 days ago)
*Trust mе guys, this is thе fаstеst mеthоd sо fаr tо gеt frее fоrnitе vbucks. It оnly tаkеs 2 minutеs* bit.ly/fortnite-v-bucks-v6

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