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Nepal में भी रोकी गई 500, 1000 की India Currency

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Nepal's banking system has held banned Indian currency (IC) 500 and 1,000 notes worth Rs 35 million ($524,737). "As reported by the banking institutions licensed by us, they have held banned IC notes worth 35 million rupees as of Thursday," said Narayan Poudel, spokesperson of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), adding that the amount could cross Rs 40 million ($599,700) once remaining a few banking institutions send their details about the stock of such notes.
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Text Comments (257)
madhav aryal (1 day ago)
Chutiya media
Hotel hong Qi (3 months ago)
We don’t believe god will be good fore us
Prakash Rai (4 months ago)
भारतके पि एम माेदीने नये नाेट बनाकर नेपालकाे आसानीसे लुटलिया इतनाही नही भारतके पैसेवाले जनताकाे भि काला घन बाेलके नही छाेड॒ गया
bhuvan malashi (5 months ago)
No india
time to show (6 months ago)
बहुत अछा हुवा
chyang chyang (9 months ago)
Fuck u indain we from Nepal we lots of love china and Pakistan
Lalsingh Rawal (9 months ago)
i love Nepal
Sam rai (10 months ago)
Bhako India rupes jalaye huncha ...R next time bata India currency li band garnu parcha
Surya Khadka (10 months ago)
stop the indian film
Surya Khadka (10 months ago)
Stop the hindi film in Nepal
Puran Sahai (10 months ago)
Very good
passang waiba (11 months ago)
Indian chor hai
ŚuŘen ĀnĐ ĞrØuP (11 months ago)
Fuck you india
Supan Pradhan (1 year ago)
nepal india ke paise sea chalta hai . I love India. poor nepal.
Royal Nepal (6 months ago)
Supan Pradhan साला चट्पट पानी पुरीवाला धोती । त जस्तो लाई त रोज भिक दिन्छन् नेपालीहरू ।
Putali lama (1 year ago)
hi I m nepali...and I know india is the most hated cntry in entire world...so I hate indiaaa .....u 100 we 1 can defeat u history is witnesss..
SauCri SHOW (1 year ago)
shut off ur fucking mouth black buffalo log...haha madarchut black indians ...
Ritik Solanki (1 year ago)
SauCri SHOW ..kaale he to kyaa huwa dil wale he
Saurav Shrestha (1 year ago)
modi is bad man if you want Nepal or Indian make good relationship do good job
BAIRAG Tamang (1 year ago)
Fuck india
devraaj mederna (1 year ago)
NMF stands for Nepali Mother Fucker, Modi nepal ki maiya chod diya tha blockade me gaypaliyo ko unki nani yaad aa gayi . Aur ab notebandi mein gaypal ki gaand maaro.
Amansh rey (1 year ago)
with this hate one thing I have decided not to visit Nepal and not advice other..earlier I though Nepalese r great guys and love india.. so congrats ur hatred toward us Nepalese and soon u will kill your tourism which is the biggest source of your country earning..I m too much disappointed by Nepalese comments never though so
Bijayendra Rana (1 year ago)
Gorkhali ko birta le koriyeko hamro etihas sakxi xa,bir gorkhali haru le ladeko yuddha udharan xa jati bela British le sansar jitna afno aadhin ma parna Nepal bhitriyo yenai gorkhali le pakha lagayeko, hamro purkha le bokeko jhanda mathi kasai le bhram failauna khojdai xa bhane ti jo koi hun Nepal ra 3 crore Nepali mathi boot bajare jasto ho!
Bel Gurung (1 year ago)
i want to kill modi .dog.
Amansh rey (1 year ago)
Bel Gurung kill ur burn ass
Laxman Raj (1 year ago)
saroi (2 years ago)
I hate you india..please are not interested in you...first a fall u people are black and look wiered..and second you look thirdl class when we se your faceeessss..hust don't write any thing about our country go to hell and never come back again...
Jagan Gautam (2 years ago)
ab naya aaune rakam pani band hos
Sunil Messi (2 years ago)
Freedom fighter (2 years ago)
oooooo scary cat
Ff Gfhc UhhHx Jg (2 years ago)
Dont use any more indian money,there is more dublicate so I don't like...
Ff Gfhc UhhHx Jg (2 years ago)
Dont use more indian money anywhere,there is more dublicate so I don't like...
RUSTY_STRINGS limbu (2 years ago)
I love indian ladies. ..umaha
Kamal Century (2 years ago)
pun_om xtri (2 years ago)
teri maa maki sakinaka
Surendra rai (2 years ago)
साले इंडियन कुत्ते
Bijayendra Rana (1 year ago)
Amansh rey (2 years ago)
tu bhosdiwale matherchod kutte ki aulad
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
Peila galibi meta tera desme fucking man
Surender Lucky (2 years ago)
I love india
kailash neupane (2 years ago)
Being nepali ,i am against those racist nepali who tells stuff like dhoti !!! what do you think of yourself ?? you cannot leave even for a month if India bolcked the border and rest thing is no indians use abusive word against nepali !! but nepalese hate madhesi people and,india and they are the one who use indian product !!
Bindas Kanxa (9 months ago)
kailash neupane I think u did not go to india until now most of the indians they feel proud n enjoy by dominating nepal,nepali and nepali culture, same like a dhoti they call us नेपाडिया,कान्चा,चौकिदार and so on, they tell us why r u coming in our india for job we don't want u, only few of the indians they respect nepal n nnepali,
deside yourself (1 year ago)
Tero bau ko tauko... #kailash neupane
Putali lama (1 year ago)
kunwar hey kunwarh u know our 1816 treaty,,,our cntry was big...bt.now due to bladdy british we lost our land....u know mr..if it blocks then we have another idea...by the way mr.I dont see any patriotism to u...for u dhikkar chha u don't love ur motherland...why u respect and love india .pakistan ,bangladesh and rest of SAARC hates INDIA...and as a patriotism citizen I love my cntry....NEPAL jindabaad HINDUSTAN murdabaad fuck u bbladdy indians.
Srisa Acharya (1 year ago)
kailash neupane ta muji Randi ko ban paji bhaun dhoti ho ja India ko Gulami gar kukur khate bhata mc chikni ne vuri
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
I ❤️ China 🇨🇳 pakistan 🇵🇰 British 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 I hate india and modi 🇮🇳😡😡 _______________________________ 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 _________________________________baatkarta hai hamse sala kutta. British ne 400 years rai kiya tera dess me or tum log kuch nai karpaya aba hamara samne juwan chalata hai katke rakha dega sala chor log
Kunwar Anand Singh (2 years ago)
apne sare Madharchod nepali thingu log ko le k ja humare India se Madharchod gandu ki aaulaad
Faisal azmi 322 (2 years ago)
sala hum log kya karen koi bank indian currency leta hi nahi saudi me
Kunwar Anand Singh (2 years ago)
Gand marao Shekhon se
SPORTS NEWS (2 years ago)
Hey indian PLZ increase ur education lvl, if u knw abt hisory of 18th cen of world u easily accept ur lvl ....slave of east india company
Beaky Subedi (1 year ago)
jose mani fuck u nd ur india 🖕🖕
jose mani (1 year ago)
the issue started from earthquaake.... india helped nepal in many ways ...medicine..food..army help.. food water.. we helped you maximum as we can...indian army rescued many people ...and after nepal govt asked indian army to go back to india...neapli people insulted all indian medias...do you know in indian media is reporting 24 hrs about nepal situation...i am full tme watching the telelevion .. to know the situation..all indian prayed for nepal ..and now all nepalis hate us ...they call us slaves,,, and bad words.. one day you will understand what is india..madhesi people making problems in border .. not indian pm..in future any help... you just in inform govt of india. ..we will help you.. that is INDIA... BHARAT MATHA KI JAI.....
Bijayendra Rana (1 year ago)
Binod Paudel yea totally agree with you bro
RoyalDexterousChannel (2 years ago)
jose mani brother or sister we r not trying to close relationship with india by stopping trade or anything. we r neighbour n as neigbour we r importing the product of undia which is good for nepal but also highly beneficial for indian economy and also nepales people r in indian army and honestly working n protecting india. And talking about ending relationship we r neither stopping to import from india nor trying to be enemy with india But ur PM modi did blockage in boarder who said that( nepal india bhai bhai ) and he did blockage to bhai and in this case what would nepalese do ,? wait for the PM modi to open blockage ?? so nepal traded with china .thats it. as simple as u can understand.So now whose failt is it and who it trying to end relationship. ?? I donot know what did the media of ur country told to u all but this is it.Pm modi did blockage n we imported from china then our fault ? mmistake is of ur pm / india ..THINK PROPERLY .and also we import from india we donot get free from india ,we pay for that so it is helping the indian industry to get profit .... thats it .JAI GORKHALI JAI NEPAL..... .
Ram Krishna Subedi (2 years ago)
nepal me pehle se hi band hai 500 aur 1000 ke note....
ram nepali (2 years ago)
भारत नेपाल छिमेकी देश हे मिलके करना चाहिए कारोबार जय नेपाल जय भारत
Ritik Solanki (1 year ago)
ram nepali ...you are right bro
mahesh kumar (2 years ago)
teri maa ki aakh .sale
Vinod Kumar (2 years ago)
i love my pm modi ji
RoyalDexterousChannel (2 years ago)
Vinod Kumar nice. modi is India's PM so u love him. but nothing for GORKHA . -=÷ (NEPAL) ÷=-
dipak magar (2 years ago)
rondi ko xoro modi dhoti ...teri ana ko kalo puti ko dulo .mug khate lado jasto kuro garxa
killshot Rv Vlogs (1 year ago)
Madharchod sale tumhara jaat hi rundy wala hai..jaa ke maa chudwa ..watchman ki paidaaaies..khujliii wale kuttey
killshot Rv Vlogs (1 year ago)
Sale thingu nepali ghastii ka aulaaad..
Ankur Gamer (1 year ago)
dhoti sale madarchut mukh samalera bol.....
killshot Rv Vlogs (2 years ago)
Anil Khadka madhrchod watchman ki paidaaaies bhikmange kuttey jaa ke maa chudwaaa orr paisa Kama hijdeee
killshot Rv Vlogs (2 years ago)
Anil Khadka Teri maa ka bhosdaa madhrchod suar ki tattti khaane wale behn k dalle
Kunal Tiwari (2 years ago)
ya bhut galat hiiiiiii
Abc Xyz (2 years ago)
indian media giving always fake news. there is hardly any effect. please take some training in journalism indian media .moron
Laxmi Nakarmi (2 years ago)
Nepal ki baat chhodo, woh to Modi joote bhi ssaf karega. Modi ke Nokar jo Thaharey nepali ki Neta.
mr.Deependra (2 years ago)
Gurung Biren : same to you
Gurung Biren (2 years ago)
Salay maray salay tu salay sabka salay vhosadigay av mara land acchay say ghusad dungga Na tera bahanko pata chalayga anpad gawer
Kunwar Anand Singh (2 years ago)
Thingu Nepali teri jhantu language nahi ati meko...ja Momos bech sadak pe
Gurung Biren (2 years ago)
Salay anpad gawer chut mari tu kya likhta samaj may v nahi ata hai vhosadigay gawer
Kunwar Anand Singh (2 years ago)
teri pehn maa nu sab chodte ne
Darth Vader (2 years ago)
Av kuch din baad Bangladesh vi ban kardega. Pakistan gaya vittar.
pun_om xtri (2 years ago)
सालो अंग्रेज़वो के गुलाम ये न्युज झुठ है ये सिर्फ बोर्डर एरियामे हो रहा है । अगर गोर्खा रेजमेन्ट वापस आजाए तो सोच ले india का नाम निसाना मेट्जाएगा इसिलिये नेपालके बारेमा सोच समझके बोल्
Hotel hong Qi (3 months ago)
pun_om xtri mis what you know about maybe you know how many soldiers and how many worker in India yes one side you are true if we don’t believed your money will be good maybe you know now days nepalis banks can’t tack Indian money but be fore in Nepal every way no problem with India money
Royal Nepal (6 months ago)
Govind हाहाहाह सब अङ्ग्रेज ने दिया हुवा ना । दुशरा देश से लिया हुवा हतियार से ताकतवर बनते हो साला धोती । दम हे तो अपना हि देशमा बना । hate Endian
Deepak Sharma (9 months ago)
Govind are tu kue 4th 5th ki nara lagarehahey sala jesh desh pe garebe se na jane kitne admi merthey hey ushi ki hisab laga. Sale ugly indian look at your public and their living standerd poor indian.we are thousand time better then indian come to nepal and see u will find how indian are serving their life.
Deepak Sharma (9 months ago)
pun_om xtri bahut khub kaha nice.
Deb Das (1 year ago)
aray yaar, bhikari log hudh say jyada bolne lage hai aaj kal khali borkha borkha karte rahate hai !😂😂😂😪
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
Ham apna side tum apna side ok dusra coutry ko gali matdo gandiji ne tumlog ko nai sikaya acha baat
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
Tera county me paila garivi meta Apna dess ko usa 🇯🇵 🇰🇷🇬🇧🇳🇿🇮🇱 urop contry jaisa sochta hai
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
Ha ha ha 😀😄😂😂 very funny man tumko to camedy me hona chaiye sala chutki aaulad Sun kan khol kar tu jitna baat karega mebi autna baat kare ga reply kar nai to time pass naihoga chut ki aaulad
killshot Rv Vlogs (2 years ago)
Wangel Think India me reh k India KO hi gaali bhikmange jb maa chudi thi earthquake me tb toh bhik maaang rhe the tmlog..sale tmharii jaaat hi rundy hai sb salooon apni maa KO bech do gay tmlog madhrchod chowmin sellers. madhrchod kutte jis plate me khaata hai usiii me hagg rhe ho.toh gandu ab khaa v loo.
killshot Rv Vlogs (2 years ago)
Wangel Think sun be madhrchod ki aulaaad sale hijdeee gaand me dum hai toh number chodd yhaan..10 min me maa chud jayegii Teri watchman ki aulaaad sale bhikmange
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
Ana sale me tere country mehu mumbai city name sakinaka aja kutta Kutta voknese kuch naihota katne ke liyebi dam hona chaiye sun kamine k aaulad
wangel tamang (2 years ago)
Teri mako chot fuck u India 🇮🇳 with modi
shirjana rai (2 years ago)
we want Indian all note banded in Nepal bcz we want use our Nepali note so all Indian note banded in Nepal i request you nepal goverment
bal thapa (2 years ago)
jeet027 hey teri ma ki parnam karu kya
jeet027 (2 years ago)
Laundiya khub Choot marwa(nazayez dhunda jo karney ati hai india mein) kar paisa ley kar gaye hogi ba ka hoga thignu Neapali
Ff Gfhc UhhHx Jg (2 years ago)
I don't like indian money so we don't use in nepal..bcoz there is more dublicate..
Khushi Shukla (2 years ago)
narendra modi you are the best pm 😉😉
Tiku Piku (2 years ago)
india should help nepal in replacing the notes . common people should not suffer. nepal is a great friend of india.
Enjoy Every Seconds (2 years ago)
nepal n india border side ma matra india currency use hunxa...aru tira hudaina
jo ho rha hai badiya ho rha hai modi ji future k chacha chodri hai jai modi raj jinda baad
Srisa Acharya (1 year ago)
suraj thapa modi gabar bahanchood landchood madarchut hai
Ram Mochi (2 years ago)
दुम लाेगााे के झुठ बाेलने कि अादत है
Ram Mochi (2 years ago)
माेदि नेपाल मेअाके बाेला था नेपाली नहि
Adeez Rhythm (2 years ago)
Here normal people r suffering. no bank is exchanging indian 500 & 1000.........
Tamang Cyaps (2 years ago)
what lol
gaurav karki (2 years ago)
I love nepal
Birendra Gupta (2 years ago)
what a baasi news ? It is banned several years ago.
Sonu Rajput (2 years ago)
tak you modi ji
Indrojyoti Dattatryey (2 years ago)
Nepal kamina (Communist) ban giya , India ko gali dete rahte hai. China k pas jaay. Billi sher bangiyatha . . aukat dekhliya?
Ankur Gamer (1 year ago)
sala vankelaude dhoti indian mother fucker sala jo pakistan se dharke nepali jawan ko aapne sena me lagateho wo he aaj yesa harkat kar rahe.....
Kishwor Sherpa (2 years ago)
prince Khan u r right bro
Loy afghanistan (2 years ago)
its was indian media and indian government ...common people in indian busy with roti kapada makkan....miss understanding and hate break long relationship...indian people loves nepalese people
Indrojit Datta bhai nepal ek hindu rastra hai bhai nepal to billi hai chlo fir aapki najar mai pakisthan kya hai lion king
tublight vines (2 years ago)
+Megh Gurung watch bb ki vines in punjabi and roasted clips on our channel
Sanhana adhikari raje (2 years ago)
manu newar ghantaa teri passh ha dimakhhh sala indian
Ritik Solanki (1 year ago)
Sanhana adhikari raje ...Hey Please indian mat kaho hindustani kaho
prajwol adh (1 year ago)
Ta kun chai dhoti hos kukurni ta bhat kanchas ki k
Hussain Ansari (2 years ago)
hii jan kiya karti ho
Sanhana adhikari raje ji aisa mat bolo koi fake id sai kuch b bolta hai or aap log bhadktai ho
Nepali Babu (2 years ago)
Sanhana adhikari raje
Jitendra Bhati (2 years ago)
great pm ever
pratik thakur (2 years ago)
ab bol ke dikhav iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. lol
Shyam Chaudhary (2 years ago)
pratik thakur
Hari Bhurtel (2 years ago)
suraj thapa
Darth Vader (2 years ago)
suraj thapa , 100 % correct.
india ka chotai bhai k trah hai nepal nepal mai shri SHIV SHANKR BHOLE ko sabsai jayada mana jata hai or gau mata k poja kri jati hai bhai parteek
Gomez Nurjaman (2 years ago)
pratik thakur sala tera desh ka paisa se kya hoga pratik bhosadi wala pahila se nahi chalta hey Nepal mey tera noot

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