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GTX 1060 3GB vs. GTX 1060 6GB (Test in 9 Games)

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GeForce GTX 1060 3GB vs. 1060 6GB Performance Comparison. Processor: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.5 GHz, Quad Core, 8 Threads / Kaby Lake. Grab games here: http://bit.ly/1cIcjel Benchmark rig specs... ● CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.5 GHz, Quad Core, 8 Threads / Kaby Lake ● Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H110i Extreme ● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G ● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB AERO ITX OC Edition ● Motherboard: MSI GAMING M3 Z270 ● PSU: be quiet! POWER ZONE 750W 80 PLUS ● RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz CL16 1.35V XMP 2.0 ● SSD: ADATA SP900 Premier Pro ● System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ► Song: Versace Beat - Yung Logos ► Song: Run One Down - Dan Lebowitz
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Text Comments (720)
Vinzky 89 (5 hours ago)
Cool... I am satisfied with GTX 1060 6GB it performing well
ha dog (1 day ago)
Forza7 what the fuck?
Deep dsd (1 day ago)
So what do you guys think ?? Is it worth getting the 6gb version over the 3gb ??
Mordor Fish (2 days ago)
Looks like 6GB is an overkill for my needs, thank you. :)
Igor Andreev (2 days ago)
MojangYang YAN0014 (2 days ago)
For some reason YouTube used low resolution on my iPad. Can’t see no difference lol
TooRightGaming (3 days ago)
TooRightGaming (3 days ago)
LOOOOOL Forza test destroys the 1060 3gb
TooRightGaming (2 days ago)
Yeah I know, so it's a no brainer to grab the 6GB
ERROR 404 (3 days ago)
not enough vram
ZUNE (4 days ago)
GTX 1060 3gb - very good price/perfomacne
David Galvan (4 days ago)
it's either 3gb or a 1070 no need to waste 100$ more when you can just save for an msrp 1070 which completely destroys both in 4k
Matt (5 days ago)
Couldn’t tell a difference
wolfgang (5 days ago)
Performance comparison.
Chick1 Plays (5 days ago)
Price wise buy the 3gb used, when u will need to upgrade sell the 3gb and add little bit of money and buy the 6gb or a better card after all ;) For now 3gb version kicks ass
ULTRA_INSTINCT (6 days ago)
FuRy (7 days ago)
How do you get all of these graphics cards??
wolfgang (7 days ago)
I found...
Emanuel Correia (7 days ago)
With the game ROTTR, I wonder if it would go below 30 fps if it only had 8 GB of ram and 3 GB of vram
Rocdoge (8 days ago)
Wish i had the 6GB version. I have a lot of problems with VRAM heavy games :(
Leo 07 (8 days ago)
I dont se the difference
wolfgang (7 days ago)
Performance comparison.
EUROSN7 (8 days ago)
Wow i am surprised how good 3gb version is. In my country 6gb version is 80-100$ more expensive then 3gb version,people are litteraly paying that money just to use ultra and high textures in some games. Why bother with 6gb version when you can save up 70-90$ more and buy 1070
Evermore (8 days ago)
I was using 1060 3gb. 3gb wasn't enough for modern games
IschBims (8 days ago)
1% Difference
wolfgang (8 days ago)
lol, people see what they want to see
Henry Farthington (8 days ago)
Anyone know what the overlay software is?
SKELETON 0_0 (8 days ago)
2:13 where’s ultra on gtx 1060 6 gb
MoonNight (9 days ago)
Still i would go for 1070, it has 8gb and more cuda cores
MoonNight (9 days ago)
Forza 7 the worst optimized shit this year
wolfgang (9 days ago)
Very well optimised. Even with GTX 1060 at 4K resolution you can get stable 60FPS.
Marcin Pawłowski (13 days ago)
Juz mogli dac te 4gb
Jp. S (16 days ago)
this kind of benchmarks is the one i'm looking for. hoping it's legit, but you got my sub man.two thumbs up!
wolfgang (16 days ago)
Thanks man.
Anderson Volcov (16 days ago)
Be proud of any equip you have and make gamers unite, life is faster play more
Kieran Alsop (17 days ago)
For the price difference you may as well stick with 3gb model
Faisal Antu (18 days ago)
You did a great job man
wolfgang (18 days ago)
Thank you.
Avinash Mahabirsingh (18 days ago)
I'm very confused. ROTTR and GTAV both had damn near the same performance from both cards, But they both used more VRAM and system RAM on the 6gb side, but only providing a 5-8fps increase. Is the memory on the 3gb card more efficient or something? Because even in games where the VRAM isn't the limiting factor, the VRAM usage on the 6gb card was still higher for no real performance benefit, as well as using much more system RAM. Look at 8:48 , literally the exact same FPS, but the 6gb is using a gig more VRAM and a gig more system memory too, For why?! I'm confused man
Avinash Mahabirsingh (18 days ago)
Holy shit, Forza 7 was truly surprising, I've never seen a more VRAM hungry game in my life, literally double the FPS! I have a 3gb card in my downstairs pc and it's been able to run everything I've thrown at it at max settings and pinning the framerate to the 72Hz refresh of it's monitor, I now have to get Forza 7 to see that for myself, I wonder how it'll run on the 1080
Gletsher (18 days ago)
Good job!
wolfgang (18 days ago)
ty :)
ahmed saad (18 days ago)
they put alot of work into this
wolfgang (18 days ago)
Thank you.
Daniel Oñate (18 days ago)
motor hz ???
Eric SOM DUTT (18 days ago)
Idc, i bought my self a 1060 3gb, might not be future proof, so well, we will just lower the graphics quality....
TooRightGaming (3 days ago)
Rip xD
Why are the fortine clips all in slow motion*
Dreadedscoper (20 days ago)
amazing video! first time watching you and I love how everything is layed out couldn't do it better myself
wolfgang (20 days ago)
Thank you :)
Stavros Koul (21 days ago)
Stavros Koul (21 days ago)
Why is there so much difference in forza 7 tho... lol
juicy boi (21 days ago)
Could you pls test the division and maybe ghost recon wildlands
wolfgang (21 days ago)
I already have.
YummierMussel (22 days ago)
how was this recorded? There is probably an fps drop due to recording
wolfgang (22 days ago)
Special hardware used.
Santi RM (23 days ago)
i have a question... ¿the msi 1060 Gamimg X (6gb) has no more performance than another 6gb 1060? (sorry if my english is bad, lol)
Santi RM (15 days ago)
木村努 Colombia
木村努 (15 days ago)
Santi RM your English is bad? where do you watch his clips? Spain? Brazil? Portugal?
Ramsanga Chhangte (24 days ago)
the 3gb variant runs very similar with most of the games here but why the huge drop in fps in forza7???
Nokia Boy (25 days ago)
Chitaan (26 days ago)
Guys please is it the same as in the laptop, can we find any changes on fps or something like that? Cause I'm planning to buy a MSI laptop with 1060 I5 7300HQ
REZR (26 days ago)
very very good video bro...thanks for all the effort..
ankiatir4850 (27 days ago)
ROTTR also has dx12 renderer..why dx11?
DOMOY (27 days ago)
перепалчивать за 3 гига из за 5 фпс
Sanakh (27 days ago)
Damn, why the hell I took the 3GB one ...
Felix Koster (28 days ago)
So, I'm still pretty young but want to buy a good graphics card. I was thinking about the 1050TI, 1060 3gb or the 1060 6gb, i dont have to play on really high settings, just want a consistent 60 fps on the newer games like Farcry 5 etc. Any recommendations?
HB C (21 days ago)
get the highest of the 3 you can afford.
lensanity (29 days ago)
Too long, didn't watch, the 1060 6gb has 6 more fps than on the 1060 3gb hehe
SrCanelo 1906 (30 days ago)
Is it good with a i3 8100?
木村努 (26 days ago)
SrCanelo 1906 yes.
SrCanelo 1906 (26 days ago)
木村努 i5 8400?
木村努 (26 days ago)
SrCanelo 1906 you would better choose i5 cpu to better combinations.
yogibear2k10 (30 days ago)
I was surprised how little the extra 3gb matters. about 5-6 frames on average. Hardly seems worth the expense.
Substandard Gamer Kiba (1 month ago)
In DX11 there is no difference, but in DX12 difference is double. Can you pls make comparison with Vulkan?
qwerty dublino (1 month ago)
2:32 gtx 3gb rip
RakKotorbIySmog (1 month ago)
щас бы на 10 винде испытания мастерить
levux [GD] (1 month ago)
02:56 luego dicen que no vale la pena pagar por mas vram o pagar otros 100 dolares por 5 fps, miern en el forza que la gtx 1060 de 3gb se queda corta
ReBurn (1 month ago)
going to pair up the GTX 1060 with a i7-7700k! Can’t wait!
Vincant Dubua (1 month ago)
Forza 7 have double frames difference. But why in ROTTR difference so small , ram used 3gb vs 5,2gb ???
CobosWizard (1 month ago)
I will buy the 1060 3Gb because i hate games like forza 7 😂😂😂
Bidur vidur (1 month ago)
Please anyone explain isn't it pointless to play 80-100 fps on 60 hz monitor setting? Iam planning to buy a graphic card (gtx1060) buy my monitor is of 60hz refresh rate.. Should i buy a new one of about 144 hz to have casual gaming.?
Gaminga (1 month ago)
Better go for 3GB its way cheaper, it won't be a difference it will age well they said 2:14
TheHawkGamer (1 month ago)
its about the cpu aswell
Ben Fletcher (1 month ago)
WTF I have a 4gb graphics card but i only get 30fps for witcher 3
Martijn van Zanen (4 days ago)
Don't overkill the FFA and AA etc. I personly just put it on x2. U can't really tell the difference with off to x 16. ( I got a msi OC 970, 1060 6 gb and a 1080 none TI, the 970 should perform better, I got that 970gtx on my old AMD fx 8350 with 16 gb mem btw and its doing just fine on that pc)
Gletsher (18 days ago)
There most be something wrong in your settings and as ByAdrielSniper says, don't forget to update your driver.
ByAdrielSniper (23 days ago)
Ben Fletcher format your PC and update all your driver's
Holyjinxedcow (23 days ago)
Ben Fletcher u should be getting around 48fps on ultra 🤷‍♂️
Ben Fletcher (23 days ago)
3.4GHz Intel Core i7-6700 processor. 16GB DDR4 memory.
Jordan pamphile (1 month ago)
Can't really see the difference in the thumbnails
NekS GD (1 month ago)
dont choose a 3gb ver. soon it wont give even 60fps
TooRightGaming (3 days ago)
I agree, games coming out are very VRam heavy, that's why xbox and ps4 for example has high vram
Drek GX (1 month ago)
which cpu will be perfect for a gtx 1060??
木村努 (1 month ago)
Drek GX which? what CPU do you use?
Ronny Leeway (1 month ago)
More powerful the better...That said a decent CPU should work well with a GTX 1060. Any CPU's in mind?
Napoléon Bonaparte (1 month ago)
8:35: horrible clipping
Plarage (1 month ago)
Is Forza 7 glitched?
Ronny Leeway (1 month ago)
Compare the VRAM usage on both, you'll understand whats happening.
Viewer19 (1 month ago)
The 7700K mitigates some of the system RAM usage of the 1060 3 GB. At these settings both these cards are pinning at 99% and system RAM is near 8GB the 16 GB is needed. Lowering a few settings would be the way to go if a lesser CPU or 8 GB mem is used. Gamers know its about the smooth game play and immersion so flipping a few switches to achieve that is what you do.
Abdul Sami (1 month ago)
Still gonna buy 6 gb though 6gb is more costly
Vasquez (1 month ago)
gentlemen, I'm using the i5 8400 processor(new bought). But why the temperature is 90 when playing games? I didn't get a fan for the CPU. I am using the processor's own fan please help
Ronny Leeway (1 month ago)
You mean you are using the stock Intel cooler/fan right? A stock Intel cooler should be fine assuming you didn't overclock your i5 8400. Second make sure the cooler fan is spinning. Third did you apply thermal paste correctly? Also it could be something minor like not properly fastening your cooler down - which can create a gap between the heat-sink and the thermal compound thus causing inefficient heat transfer.
Kapernol Leniu (1 month ago)
I got 6gb
Jin Moshchenko (1 month ago)
Up your f**king settings to very high and ultra in all these games, i wanna see results smart ass... Now everybody in the comments don`t understand what the fk more vram is for. "Oh yeah, 3gb all the way, what a stupid peaple have more then 3 gb vram, haHA." Just put your eyes on VRam usage in all these games.
木村努 (1 month ago)
Jin Moshchenko so which will You choose 3GB or 6GB?
Mateusz Janeq (1 month ago)
i love my 1060 6gb
ElTioAmachi :v (13 days ago)
Mateusz Janeq you love my penis
BILY (1 month ago)
hi i have a gtx 1060 3g du to my lake of ram (8g corsair 3000mhz cl15 ) i have some sluttering do you think i should buy a gtx 1060 6g or 8g of ram ?
木村努 (1 month ago)
BILY no 8GB of GTX1060 available.
BILY (1 month ago)
IT will cost me 350 to buy a new instead of buy 8gigs of ram wich will cost 100
Omar XD (1 month ago)
BILY I think you should buy the 6g if you want to save money.
Dirt Boj (1 month ago)
Forza 7: 3gb get rekted.
Hanifi Can Tekin (1 month ago)
6g is diffrent in game and table fps with gta5
Alfalfa Snow (1 month ago)
Hi. May I ask you a question? Whenever I play those games you show in the video, my gtx1060 6gb temp always hit 80%++ and the fan becomes too loud. What should I do to my PC so that I can play as smooth as you do?
Alfalfa Snow (1 month ago)
wolfgang omg. Imma cry now. Thanks for the info.
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Man, you can do nothing, it's a mini version with small radiator and single cooler.
Alfalfa Snow (1 month ago)
wolfgang ZOTAC NVIDIA Geforce GTX1060 Mini 6GB. That one.
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Hey, GTX 1060 full name?
SahoX (1 month ago)
Such An Awesome Video Keep Up The Great Work
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Thank you...
empat (1 month ago)
i wish had the money to buy a pc. i own a shitty notebook from 2010 :(
SpaceVikingGames (1 month ago)
What graphic settings?
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Already in the video.
Tracy Ripple (1 month ago)
This is how benchmark videos should be done.
Игро Ман (1 month ago)
Good music throw off the link to this music
Игро Ман (1 month ago)
I liked the song throw it in the comments
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Hi. The video description?
Pick Le (1 month ago)
your i7 is bottlenecking gpu
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Augustas (1 month ago)
6gb is 100$ more and you get bonus 5 fps.. Not worth it ;D
Alexander Nganda (16 hours ago)
+Augustas I'ma peair it with my r5 1600
TooRightGaming (3 days ago)
Augustas, you just fucked up, Forza 7 is shit on the 3GB LOL. 3GB is not enough anyhow for the games coming out today. You're gonna be up shit creek soon
Augustas (4 days ago)
forza is shit anyway lmao
paramount YT (4 days ago)
Un forza 7 is 40 fps
Augustas (4 days ago)
sniper elite 4, csgo, hitman absolution, terraria, rainbow six siege (just sometimes), Americas army proving grounds, Grid 2, DOOM,saints row 4 and more xd
Хм, и для чего выплачивать больше?🤔
wolfgang hmm, why pay more?
wolfgang (1 month ago)
a slight difference in FPS in most games, only in Forza FPS is almost half the size of a three-gigabyte card ... thanks
David Cole (1 month ago)
i would think there would be less than 10% difference in Performance. Only benefit is for games that will take advantage of additional memory for caching.
GIGA (1 month ago)
Gtx 1060 6gb более разогнана чем gtx 1060 3gb
*1060 3gb vram full it's bad :(*
Jack TheLad (1 month ago)
very useful thank you. a lot of people love to hate the 1060 3gb version of the card, but they seem to forget to consider pricing. If you can get one at a good price. ie. a decent chunk less than the 6gb version then its worthwhile considering. Here in aussie there is a 25% price differential at least. Some places its 30% and more Yet in most gaming scenarios the difference in performance is around 10%. As this video above demonstrates. You do the math :-) I know a good deal when I see one!
Leo Campelo (1 month ago)
Na minha humilde opinião, gastar cerca de 300,00 a mais para comprar uma 1060 6gb ao invés da 1060 3gb é um gasto desnecessário, vc vai gastar uma grana considerável para ganhar cerca de 4 ~ 10 Fps em média a mais num jogo, e só, sendo que seria muito mais significativo, em questão de "ganhos", vc aplicar este mesmo valor(300,00), para investir em mais memória ram por exemplo, no seu PC Gamer. (Lembrando, minha opinião se diz respeito mais em relação a performance de ambas as placas em relação aos jogos, e não em relação a streames ou renders de vídeos) !!!
Tony Nguyen (1 month ago)
6-8 fps more, 80 dollar difference ( my country ) not worth it
IlluminatiChan (30 days ago)
6gb is more futureproof
Vignesh SR (1 month ago)
CoH 2!! Best RTS ever!
Victoria Andrews (1 month ago)
Surprised at how close most of those results are. Was thinking my 1060 6gb wasn't worth it, until I saw the Forza difference. With Horizon 4 coming out this year, I'm glad I went with the better card.
LastStopGaming (1 month ago)
DougisLive the 1060 6gb is not 120 dollars. :p where I live it costs around 300 bucks.
DougisLive (1 month ago)
LastStopGaming well that a what I meant, u just mean spending 120 more is kind of a drag.
LastStopGaming (1 month ago)
DougisLive I dont think 1060 6gb is a budget card. I think it's in the middle of being a budget and a high end card.
DougisLive (1 month ago)
Victoria Andrews just a poorly optimised game, I personally see spending 120 more for a (budget) card is kinda dumb.
Jana Ebert (1 month ago)
Wolfgang pass auf! Ach du scheisse der hat nen Reifen verloren, der hat nen Reifen verloren.
wolfgang (1 month ago)
Miss Nuker (1 month ago)
how much fps increase i can expect ? I want msi geforce gtx 1060 gaming x 6g. right now I have fx 8350 gtx 1050ti
Bad Player (1 month ago)
Sad af the GTX 1060 3gb is already overclocked so it doesn't have improvement of it but the 6gb isn't

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