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Rise of the Tomb Raider – DX11 vs. DX12 @ GTX 980 Ti Benchmark & Performance Comparison

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GameStar PCs | Gaming PCs & Notebooks: http://www.one.de Candyland on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candylandGS Candyland on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CandylandGS Rise of the Tomb Raider hier kaufen: http://amzn.to/23j7637 Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay (PC) With update 1.0.638.8 Rise of the Tomb Raider not only offers VXAO for Nvidia Maxwell users, but also DirectX 12 support. We offer a benchmark performance and graphics comparison of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC with DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12 – PC is set to maximum graphics settings – we disabled some setting for better picture quality, such as motion Blur, Film Grain and Vignette Blur. We used a Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream. Rest of the specs as well as benchmark results can be found at the end of the video. ------------------ Mit dem 1.0.638.8 Patch bietet Rise of the Tomb Raider neben dem Nvidia Maxwell exklusiven VXAO auch DirectX 12 Unterstützung. Wir bieten einen Benchmark Performance und Grafik-Vergleich von Rise of the Tomb Raider auf dem PC mit DirectX 11 und DirectX 12 – der PC ist auf maximale Grafik-Details gestellt, ein paar Optionen haben wir für ein besseres Bild deaktiviert, etwa Motion Blur, Filmkörnung und Randunschärfe. Wir haben eine Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream benutzt. Die Ergebnisse sowie eine Übersicht über die verwendeten Grafik-Optionen gibt es am Ende des Videos. Music: Neutrino – Digital Juice System used in this video: GameStar-PC Ultra ------------------------------------ Hier kaufen: http://www.gamestar.de/hardware/gamestar-pcs/one-gamestar-pc-ultra/441.html Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz 16 GB DDR4 RAM Palit GeForce GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream 6GB MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard Windows 10 Pro 64bit Our second system: GameStar-PC Titan ------------------------------- Hier kaufen: http://www.gamestar.de/hardware/gamestar-pcs/one-gamestar-pc-titan/677.html Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz 16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB) ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti Amp! Extreme Edition 6GB 500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD 2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX Windows 10 64bit
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Text Comments (430)
nasos sarikas (1 month ago)
SSAA is killing the performance without even a noticeable advantage in quality.I get 1 fps difference between DX11 vs 12 in favor or DX11 ofc.
XmegaPresident (1 month ago)
I will never downgrade to Windows 10...
Divine (2 months ago)
Your performance with this card looks abnormally low for 1080p
Mustafa.Sarmad (4 months ago)
0 difference less fps
jootai (5 months ago)
Why is this, i tought DX 12 was going to be so much more efficient and better for multi cores multi gpu and all that sort.
Lê Cát Tường Quân (6 months ago)
DX11 > DX12
kgonepostl (6 months ago)
Microshit. Game developers!! Start adapting Vulkan! It's an actual success!
西園寺昊 (7 months ago)
TOTALLY SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Srk Rap (8 months ago)
So basicaly there's no graphic difference while running worse. Nice!
Slash Le Pew (11 months ago)
DX 12 always makes my games crash. (Got a R9 280)
Euan Ford (1 year ago)
what's weird is, i have a GTX970 and i run the game at pretty much highest setting except texture quality which i run at high and i get a significant framerate improvement with DX12 compared to DX11. I was getting about 30fps on DX11 and like over 60-80fps on DX12. Keeping in mind i have an i7 4790K CPU
Levi Ackerman (1 year ago)
I just got a 980 and did this benchmark as well. I actually got 12 more FPS on average (DX11: 78Fps; DX12: 90Fps) with everything maxed except for texture quality and AA where I use SMAA instead of 2xSSAA or 4xSSAA. At the beginning of the mountain scene I had around 80Fps with DX11 and around 105 with DX12. So apparently a lot of improvement was done over the time.
skorakora (1 year ago)
(polish) a tak się chwalili poprawą wydajności... A tu spadła wydajność a w obrazie nie widać różnicy...
Aroder (1 year ago)
but does dx12 have better boob physics doe?
Dardania Lion (1 year ago)
Windows 10 is a bug for games. Windows 7 all the way.
Blank Blank (1 year ago)
Dardania Lion You still have DX11, while 8.1 has 11.1 which makes Xbox One games easier to port and optimized rendering, go to 8.1 and mod the Windows so you don't need metro
Emerson Gomes (1 year ago)
Whats da difference!?!?!?!
ken ver (1 year ago)
is there any improvement in dx12 with the graphics?
Hamza Gotta (1 year ago)
am i the only one who can't see the deference between the two, well beside the 3-5 lost fps in the dx12?
DrgnLive (1 year ago)
I have AMD R9 390X and when I choose DX12 I see Black screen So why I have this choice if I can't play the game with DX12??? please help if someone fix this problem
Karol Dudek (1 year ago)
Why directx 12 have less FPS than driectx11? This new directx should increase FPS in the games
BryanAM7 (1 year ago)
DX12 sucks for nvidia and for amd. Vulkan rules!
MySining (1 year ago)
м-видео - нам не все равно!!!
Silvermage (1 year ago)
for nvidia*
Giant Midget (1 year ago)
Im guessing you have VXAO on? Otherwise those frame drops to the 30's make no sense.
Sanjay Tudu (1 year ago)
Whats the difference ?
Gabriel P (1 year ago)
DX12 works better for me...I don't get higher FPS on average, but i do get stable frame rates becouse with dx11 i was getting drops from 50fps to 20 fps during short amounts of time in the benchmark, After i testest it with dx12 the lowest it got was 45 fps. This was tested on the rx460 nitro 4gb on high settings, fxaa and anisotropic filtering in trilinear.
Eugene Paschenko (1 year ago)
on gtx 1070 I have +10fps with dx12
Enrique Peña Nieto (1 year ago)
because 1000 series have Async Compute..
Badass Jase (1 year ago)
I think you will get 60 + fps in dx10 when will DX 10 release..
dusty48 (1 year ago)
Weird. I get 4-5 fps boost when using DX12 on my GTX970 compared to DX11. It may have to do with me playing at 1080p+FXAA/SMAA rather than 1440pxSSAA somehow DX11 deals with it better.
DaftPug (1 year ago)
Lel. my AMD R7 260X gains 10fps w/DX12 enabled.. Shame on you NGREEDIA!
justinspirational (1 year ago)
Do you know if directx12 works well with two GTX 980s in SLI? (I have two regular GTX 980s in SLI but am unsure if it will works properly- been trying Battlefield 1 but keeps crashing for me in DX12 (runs for a short time with some stutters and then crashes 'stopped working')- but runs fine in DX11).. that said I find it very hard to see teh difference visually/graphically between DX11 & 12- can you? thank you
falcon9gxgc (1 year ago)
This kills my FPS and I can't really tell what the difference is.
Vitali (1 year ago)
strange... on my gtx 1080 av fps: dx11 - 106.53 dx12 -117.1 (120hz v sync on) with dx12 i have 20+ fps in this game.
fer manson (1 year ago)
me too with gtx 1070...
dusty48 (1 year ago)
SUPERKLIKACZpl (1 year ago)
So this GTX 980Ti fully support DX12???
Dwagin (1 year ago)
So DX 12 has better lighting?
jerry bomcool (1 year ago)
would my game run better on DX11 with triple monitor set up? with GTX 980
Penfolds5 (2 years ago)
please tell me how you got the osd to show. even evgas software that's suppose to support dx12 isn't working for me. TA
Peter Inocando (2 years ago)
when i start rottr on dx12 it crashes :(
adpawn (2 years ago)
strange im getting more fps in dx12 than dx11.my pc is fx 6350+r9 270x playing with high settings
Enrique Peña Nieto (1 year ago)
in AMD work much better than NVIDIA in DirectX12
DAN VFX (2 years ago)
Meanwhile, AMD cards gets better FPS on DX12. FK u Nvidia.
Angel (3 months ago)
Wopa You're right! However! Drivers nowadays are more stable for AMD. You can gain FPS using Vulkan and Better driver support. I know because I own both AMD and NVIDIA for testing purposes. AMD benefits from Vulkan/Mantle so much and DX12 isn't good for either cards. Open GL and DX11 are a fantastic API for NVIDIA! DX12 has been around for so long that it's still a pile of garbage. I want to say depends on who the user is and how much juice they are able to squeeze out of their card terms of financial needs. I make a lot so I obviously want the best of the best so I settle with NVIDIA. Not saying that AMD is for the "Poor" but for those who can't spend alot and want to match performance as close as possible without breaking the bank. Considering if you don't pay electric bills and landlord pays for it. The way I see it's not a war between AMD and NVIDIA. It all depends what it's more convenient to you at the moment. :)
morgueblack (1 year ago)
+yournemesis192 You're right, there is no GTX 680 Ti. I meant to say GTX 680. The 7970 is better than the GTX 680. The 780 Ti went up against the 290x....
Kog Block (1 year ago)
hmm whatever don't wanna argue with internet weebs anymore, bb
The RockinJunkieShow (1 year ago)
yeah dumbfuck. hes a trolling fanboy. you lack reading comprehension.
Kog Block (1 year ago)
I have a 780ti dude, not a 680 ... A 680 ti also doesn't exist My 780 ti gets about 30-50 fps more in most games, just btw
Calamity (2 years ago)
There must be something wrong with my eyes... I see no fucking difference.
xSerch (1 year ago)
there is no difference
Joseph Gold (2 years ago)
DX12 isn't going to help people running 4th gen i7s that much.... on my AMD FX8120 OC @ 4.2 ghz when playing ROTTR I saw maybe 4 cores being utilized and dropping down to 8 frames per second in Geothermal Valley. With DX12 engaged I see 100% usage on ALL 8 cores and it boosted my minimum to 32 fps in Geothermal Valley. DX12 while not entirely optimized for in newer games is nothing short of miraculous. If you had asked me how to get ~22 frames higher on the minimum in the most taxing areas I'd have told you to OC or buy new gear. DX12 is nothing short of amazing.
h (2 years ago)
Windows 8.1 here I come back from this shitty Windows 10
Alucard8319 (1 year ago)
bye bye
Evgenij007 (2 years ago)
The picture on dx12 looks much clearer and sharper. It feels like there is a thin layer of fog on dx11. Hope all new games will use dx12 only.
Gabriel Oliveira (2 years ago)
All this fucking config for running below 50 FPS, where you start to feel the slowmotion, congratulations, very well spent money.
Dead Mike (2 years ago)
Bah fuck, want to avoid Dx12 like plague now.
Jonathan Sustache (2 years ago)
I am using FRAPS for benchmarking frames but they do not appear on the screen with this game, could someone help me?
Sampsonay (2 years ago)
it's because Fraps wont display numbers in game if it's on dx12 mode. You need to use the built in fps counter on Steam or Geforce Experience.
TheInfoGamerTV (2 years ago)
There is an option when you start tomb raider you can go to option but not ingame its the pre Window exclusive fullscreen should be activated
Cfnaturalfeeling (2 years ago)
''Benchmark & Performance Comparison'' and people are looking for visual differences... idiots.
490o (2 years ago)
I should have gone with an amd card :/
GTI8855 (2 years ago)
I think, we won't see the difference between DX11 and DX12 until at least 2018.
HaroN R.I.P.ley (2 years ago)
Why 980TI has same FPS as I have with my 970 and old 2500K?
StraightupGamer (2 years ago)
somethings not right here Willy wonka never showed the actually graphic and display settings so something isn't right here I have 6600k and 980ti oc and I get 60 fps fine
Luca L (2 years ago)
Mmmh, please could you retest it with DX12 and 368.22?
Utana Vid (2 years ago)
OMG, its powerfull :v
tarkan d (2 years ago)
Maniac Scientist (2 years ago)
Proper antialiasing is TAA. It not only kills jagged edges, but also shimmering. MSAA is dead by now, because of tons of inaccurate fragment shaders that are applied to every pixel in modern games. And TXAA works only on selected games, where MSAA still have point
Sangarita (2 years ago)
The game is unplayable at 4X SSAO but the FXAA in this game sucks. I don't understand why so many engines of modern games still lack proper MSAA or TXAA
GamersTurf (2 years ago)
finally a non cancerous comment passing by
César Onada (2 years ago)
At last someone who knows what he is talking about. Kudos.
Med Otaku (2 years ago)
Yup, looks the same.
sunnyhat (2 years ago)
This video gives the impression it's a 1080p benchmark but they use SSAAx4 in the video settings. Maybe someone could enlighten Gamestar what SSAA actually is..
Above In Shadow (2 years ago)
W10 = worst scam in history.
BoruDeus (2 years ago)
the same bullshit
dragosandrei (2 years ago)
It is fucking insanity to have less fps on directx 12..they said that the games will utilize the resources more efficiently on dx12...and this game looks good but has a horrific optimization in some parts of the game like geothermal fucking valley and the soviet camp.
Cody Windsor (2 years ago)
No one realizes that this was a DX11 game that was made to work with DX12. It was made with unoptimized code
Morpheus The Gamer (2 years ago)
It did not change anything. I think it's a port from X1 version.
CrazY (2 years ago)
ill also got an 980ti , can any 1 tell me why i got at some points only 60 fps but the card is only at 50% load?
CrazY (2 years ago)
right i guess
James Buckie (2 years ago)
Driver/game engine limits? Not all games are capable of those framerates no matter how much horsepower u throw at them I think
CrazY (2 years ago)
i never play with vsync, there is no fps limit ingame ill locked it at 120 with evga presicion... idk why the game lagg at some points without using all resources
James Buckie (2 years ago)
Yeah it really shouldn't be, surprised a game like this isn't scaling across all cores though. Have you tried adaptive vsync and turning the vsync off in game? Maybe theres an fps limiter line in the .ini file or something
CrazY (2 years ago)
5930k 4 cores always at 0% the others like max 40% load i guess its not the cpu
Ree0Trance (2 years ago)
fknhell ppl keep going on bnt AMD its SHIT! it's a poor mans card.
Matthew's Couch (2 years ago)
Glad I stuck with Windows 7.
XmegaPresident (1 month ago)
Alucard8319 Windows 10 is pure bullshit. Been gaming since 1989 and I will eat a plate of dog shit before going from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Windows 10 = bullshit.
Alucard8319 (1 year ago)
that one is very slow. I have it too, but win 8 and 10 are much much better. You being nostalgic. Move on dear
rapper250 (2 years ago)
I thought Dx12 was suppose to increase performance on all cards, even Nvidia. So either the Nvidia cards are incapable of benefitting from dx12, or this game is a shitty port that didnt get it's dx12 optimized.
N nOni (2 years ago)
If win XP had DX 11 i will still be in XP world , am i the only one ?
Alucard8319 (1 year ago)
yes. the newer windows are much better and faster!
Rui Pedro Silva (2 years ago)
Nvidia's Maxwell are all about DX11. Lets see what Pascal will bring to the table.
Kuncen RIG (2 years ago)
I dont see the different
NAJz TO HOW (2 years ago)
same result, but lower performance. DX12 for what?
Carlos Freitas (2 years ago)
I can't see a diference
tubeYocn (2 years ago)
you should try fury x, 980ti sucks on dx12
Joseph DeGarmo (2 years ago)
So with my beastly i7 4790k, there is no performance boost with DX 12. Oh well, just show & tell, guys. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Perfect Irony (2 years ago)
I'm confused my 970 gets an extra 20 fps using dx12
Arbanville D. (2 years ago)
Could you do some of ADR1FT???
Highwalker (2 years ago)
so much for those MASSIVE frame improvements we were all promised...
Vic Tory (2 years ago)
Morgow (2 years ago)
How can they claim Dx12 has better peformance if it actually does even worse than Dx11!? Is this some kind of joke? This is why I hate businessmen - they have no idea wtf they are selling.
Tsubajashi - Osu! (2 years ago)
as i told a few others here, this game got ported to Dx12, so it does Not work like you would build this game from scratch with Dx12 in mind.^^
didier9212 (2 years ago)
Someone see any difference?
Raken Navarro (2 years ago)
You need to test games that currently support DX12, if you test it in old games the perfomance gonna be the same as DX11 :/.
maxinumarmor (2 years ago)
didn't see much difference other then a little less fps on the dx12 compared to the dx11. Is it worth it ? I hear you need windows 10 to run dx12. if your running 980ti s and 4k would you really notes anything more out of the 2?
Omni Codex (2 years ago)
Is this real life?
R E (2 years ago)
thats the DX12 everyone is praising so much? lol.
Marko86Il (2 years ago)
DX12 = Microsofts marketing trick to sell more Windows 10s even tho you got no visual difference
Blank Blank (1 year ago)
Marko86Il Because no games were made with the DX12 API, but rather optimized for DX12 machines
fer manson (1 year ago)
not really my gtx 1070 run so smoth with dx12 much better then dx11
Cfnaturalfeeling (2 years ago)
ofcourse you're getting visual difference, they just didn't turn on the graphic settings because they were benchmarking performance only.
VanillaSnake21 (2 years ago)
+Ben Bourke Most likely. I assume they'll get it working soon enough though. Considering DX12 is pretty much an off shoot of Mantle, it's no wonder AMD had some extra time to perfect the hardware.
Ben Bourke (2 years ago)
+VanillaSnake21 It's my understanding that Nvidia cards can't actually do async compute at all due to the cards architecture which is not exactly something they're keen to let on. This is why AMD has been getting such great performance gains off DX12 because their cards have been designed with compute in mind since the start of the GCN line. I'm not too sure about Pascal though that might possibly do compute.
wow, her boobs on dx12 are bigger!!! LOL
Patrik Miskovic (2 years ago)
I think 290x is gonna be on same lvl as 980ti on dx12 games
Patrik Miskovic (2 years ago)
shity nvidia ,happy im amd fun and im getting 390x this summer
Radik Sheremetyev (2 years ago)
Ёпта на 11м директе и графика лучше и фпс больше!
Thomas Garza (2 years ago)
Dx12....on a fucking 980ti??!! and you expected a performance boost? LMFAO #dumbass stop running dx12 on Nvidia cards. its alway gonna be worse then dx11. #ALWAYS
- Stiegosaurus - (2 years ago)
There is virtually no difference between DX11 and DX12 in this game. Weird video.
Comfortably Numb (2 years ago)
nvidia fails in dx12 with maxwell,see amd for real dx12 gains
wolle g (2 years ago)
Why ist the 980 ti slower than a 390x?Dx11 and 12?Warum benutzt du nicht die gleichen Einstellungen bei beiden Grakas?Sehe gerade das du bei 980 ti ssaa x4 hast und bei 390 x smaa.Das bringt ziemliche Verwirrung.Eine 980 ti ist um einiges schneller
Alucard8319 (1 year ago)
ich nicht weis
I Tre Moschettieri (2 years ago)
What? Dx12 isn't 20% more powerful in the gpus?
Herman Grove (2 years ago)
:D lol
My Black Minds (2 years ago)
how about uploading in 4k, when you test at 4k?
Shofield dGu (2 years ago)
+My Black Minds this is rendered in 4K...
Sasin (2 years ago)
Guy's just do this test again with the R9 390 X and 980Ti with only one exception turn antitrostophic 16x to Trilliner and you can thank me later 👍
whywhyman (2 years ago)
more like DX:FAIL!!!
kann mir jmd sagen was der unterschied zwischen dx11 und dx 12 ist ?
Antij Tacto (2 years ago)
+FrAi kEn gar keinen
user9727653 (2 years ago)
DX12 is a lie. LOL, even Nvidia is able to maintain better FPS with DX12 than AMD. This is sad. Nvidia has 2FPS less compared DX11 vs 12. AMD has like 10-20FPS less in DX12? And no, there isnt a graphical difference between DX11 and 12. In fact 12 should be more performant. SURE, JOKE. I told you guys.
Tsubajashi - Osu! (2 years ago)
+Postal Dude they did it at first with Dx11, true, but if you enable Dx12, they builded the game from scratch again to compliment the Features of Dx12. its as far as i can tell even the First Dx12 game which implemented the cross gpu Support.
user9727653 (2 years ago)
+Jonni0171 | KANALRESTART! Hitman, maybe. Ashes of Singularity? No dude, it was also updated to have DX12 support. It didnt had it from the beginning.
Tsubajashi - Osu! (2 years ago)
this game was not builded from scratch with Dx12 in mind. look up some other games like hitman or ashes of the singularity, which were build for Dx12.
Nadav Tron (2 years ago)
Chewy's Tech and Stuff (2 years ago)
heck my results with dx12 with 4k ( 3840x2160 ) are fine for me :)  980ti also got video on my channel if interested
AveryKindGuy (2 years ago)
i dont see a diffrance..
Thomas The Dank (2 years ago)
YAY! I get less FPS for nothing. YAY!
FirPtl (1 year ago)
well this game was built from the ground up with dx11 and the dx12 is just the icing. So u wont really c much of an improvement. dx12 is supposed to give u the same performance as dx11 BUT uses less draw calls and CPU usage than dx11 needs to perform. (which means tht when developers start building game from the ground up with dx12 then u will get even more stuff added into the game than dx11. But its gonna take a couple more years b4 we start seeing games tht r built with dx12 in mind 1st. Gears 4 is the only one tht I know of tht is built from ground up with dx12.
Applied Logic (2 years ago)
There is a big difference
Cfnaturalfeeling (2 years ago)
you actually get acces to variety of graphic settings. which are not shown in the video because they were benchmarking performance only.

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