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Boeing 747 Crash Landing Caught On Tape

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Boeing 747 Crash
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Vi Le (11 months ago)
OF TELE 109876
Vi Le (11 months ago)
OF RAD 1098765
Vi Le (11 months ago)
Illuminati Recruiter (1 year ago)
Go figure....SHOCKING a bullshit cover pic from a dumbass chasing YouTube gold....fucking dumbass!
Jet Gardner (1 year ago)
If you research vids on the 747's first test flight you'll find this intentional crash to test its systems. NOWHERE IN THIS VID IS THE IMAGE SHOWN IN THE ICON YOU CLICK ON, because this sham of a post is nothing more than a lie and CLICK BAIT. THUMBS DOWN.
darksky737 (2 years ago)
this a test flight when 747 first came out
Andrew Anane (2 years ago)
Nothing ButGame (2 years ago)
That is from a movie

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