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AMD vs Nvidia | DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11 Performance

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This is a DirectX 12 showdown between Nvidia and AMD featuring the Sapphire Fury and the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti from EVGA. We will take a look at the performance scaling going from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12 to see what gains are being made for both team red and team green. To test this I am using the 3dMark low overhead API feature test for benchmark comparison. http://amzn.to/1GnCZip Support me on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/jokerproductions Subscribe to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jerzybakes420 Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JokerSlunt Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jokerslunt Royalty Free Music by Audio Micro
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Text Comments (185)
Johny1220 (2 years ago)
My cousin just helped me upgrade from directx 11.3 to directx12 :D
eddiepuffy (2 years ago)
Great video, mate! Seems professional, not much pointless fluff. Straight to the point with facts and grounded speculation. Well done! I for one am rocking a GTX970, and from what they tell, Star Citizen is a DX12 based game. So far, with all the server limitations and of course limited Alpha state, it runs brilliant at High settings 1080p. What I mean by that, constant 60 FPS in the hangar module, start's off with 60 FPS in the Persistent Universe section - drops to 40 FPS when it buffers assets on the Olisar station then fluctuates between 38-50 and finally 60 depending on what's going on (specifically reaching a Comm Station in the middle of a firefight drops it down to 35-40 until I get closer and it stops loading assets, then it goes back to 60 for the duration). I am of course talking about the 2.1.1 version. All that considered, the visual fidelity is absolutely stunning. Every little detail from the bolts and notches keeping everything together to the amazing functional bits and bobs of your spacecraft or space station, all that added to a fantastic macro experience of authenticity. Something that games haven't been able to reach for a long while, especially for me. Finally, I'm pretty happy with the choices that I made while building this new rig, and from all the speculation going around DX12 it will only get better for both AMD and nVidia, albeit on different playing fields (architectural differences, the pros/cons of the two etc.). Hopefully both companies will get their shit together and finally realize that the experience they provide overall will leave the most impact on the userbase, fanboy or not, and mistakes or omissions will not go unnoticed by fans or competitors alike. Cheers!
Galfonz (2 years ago)
I remember some of these features being introduced in high end CAD systems back in the 80s... for about $300k.
Majic Freeman (3 years ago)
Hey Joker, do you have eyebrow jewelry? Can't tell.
Jeremy Kurowski (3 years ago)
Draw calls don't necessarily mean performance gain. This test is bunked.
ItsComingOutOfBothEnds (3 years ago)
Still waiting for Zen & Mantle 2 / OGL 5. My FX8150/Crossfired R7260x can play Wolfenstein New Order @ 1680x1050 60FPS with few drops and @ 1080p ~45ish FPS and GTA V runs @ 40-55 FPS with reduced draw distance w/o post processing on medium texture quality. I guess I will need to finally upgrade for Doom 2016 and get a decent 120Hz low latency Oled display to boot.
k b (3 years ago)
those golden teeth had my attention for like half the vid.
Power INC. (3 years ago)
Thick piece of shit!
Dig Wallace (3 years ago)
As a Fury owner, this kind of news excites me when I see that my card will put out performance close to a 980Ti. What I'm worried about is the fact that I was reading a developer's write up on Dx12 and AMD vs. Nvidia, and it seems the best case scenario for optimization for one architecture is also the worst case scenario for the other architecture. All AMD users should know that we're the minority already and we see most games being optimized for Nvidia rather than AMD, so the scenario where we have our AMD equivalents blowing Nvidia out of the water will be less often than we hope for most likely. :(
zywypl (3 years ago)
nomather how much performance boost DX12/Vulcan will give the AMD cars, the drivers still gonna be utter sh** - extra FPS will be irrelevent if the games will continue to crash, get black screen, no sound over HDMI, the issues go on and on.
Captain Obvious (3 years ago)
Dude ..... Where's your neck ?
Captain Obvious (3 years ago)
I did , she says you don't have one .
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+Sideswipe G1 Ask your mum.
Hey Joker, you remind me of Jorge Porcel, a very popular Argentinean comedian. Your channel is very cool I just subscribed.
Asereje Jadeje (3 years ago)
Es más parecido Porcelito Jr.
WarsunGames (3 years ago)
Um......That is pretty unbelievable ! Considering Nvidia does not have any programs to work with DirectX 12 An none of their graphics cards are optimized to use DX12.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+WarsunGames  :)
WarsunGames (3 years ago)
+Sayan Sen Ah thank you.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+WarsunGames look at the fable legends amd vs nvidia directx 12 video of pcper to understand.
WarsunGames (3 years ago)
+Sayan Sen From a few videos a while back.They said (not i don't remember which video this was.)None of the GTX graphics cards had the program chips to run DX12.This may be updated.I don't know that was a month ago.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+WarsunGames that's not true .
fatboymachinegun (3 years ago)
call yourself fatman productions not joker productions.
EverythingCole (3 years ago)
+TheMysteriousOne lol I think it was a joke cause his name is Fatboy but then again ya kinda mean
TheMysteriousOne (3 years ago)
+fatboymachinegun that's rude.
Luis Cruz (3 years ago)
when you gonna talk about how amd stuff kicks nvidia butt with dx12? oh wait they are just going to add asynchronous shaders with a patch or a great driver right? lol
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+Chilling And Dilling We did on the latest podcast
quatroGT (3 years ago)
by nvidia card performance grow x9,5 and by amd x12,5. is it really small difference?
Jacob Phillips (3 years ago)
Will my EVGA 980 Ti in SLI work nicely with DX12?
4TheB0ss (3 years ago)
Asthma is sexy! NO IT'S NOT
garneroutlaw (3 years ago)
Not sure what the takeaway from this video is....pretty pointless.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+garneroutlaw1 he didn't say that the fury almost catches up to 980 ti in Dx12 :P
The Part Timer 1 (3 years ago)
would have been nice to see u bench ashes of the singularity too...
H Koizumi (3 years ago)
I can't wait to see what devs can do with DX12. I wonder what new shading techniques will they invent or update.
Muglosx (3 years ago)
Hey Joker I just wanna say thanks for all the great content. Very informative.
Superb Gaming (3 years ago)
Hey man love the vids. I noticed that in some videos you mention that your more of an Nvidea fan than AMD. I was wondering why is that? I built my first gaming PC and the last thing I'm getting is the GPU and was contemplating between getting the GTX 970 or the R9 390(non-X) for my build. I see a lot of people saying the R9 benches better but being that you know your shit and you seem to dislike AMD, I wanted to know what your take would be on that. Thanks man. I'm originally from Jersey too btw. :) From Linden.
Superb Gaming (3 years ago)
Ok cool thanks! That's the one I was leaning towards. I was just concerned because I also heard that there isn't as much driver support for games with the 390 as opposed to the 970.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
In that situation I would lean toward the 8gb 390, I think. I sm hoping to test one very soon.
Väinämöine N (3 years ago)
is fx 8350 going to be in par with i5 4690k now cuz the has been a rumour that dx12 will utilize more cores better?
Pul5ar (3 years ago)
Vulkan and DX12? What a time to be alive
Junior Collantes (3 years ago)
Her man, you just got a new subscriber.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+Junior Collantes Cheers
Dejan Maric (3 years ago)
I really want to see this channel grow. Good stuff man, as always! keep up
RITE in TH3 eye (3 years ago)
I would love to see Titan X DX12 draw calls.
GamesInsight (3 years ago)
+Joker Productions Short question. You mentioned PS4 will be having DX12 as well. Where do you have that from? I wonder since announcement how PS4 will handle that Technology as they dont use a Windows OS. And DX is usually bound to Windows.
GamesInsight (3 years ago)
I created myself a good explaining Scenario for comparison with DX11 and 12. Imagine you are in a Restaurant . And every table has waiter, that stands at the table analyzing what you need. That is what happens in DX11 it uses so many resource while doing basically nothing but wait. DX12 in comparison is a Restaurant where there is also waiters, but they are called when needed and then they can fullfill another Task. If you now still imaginge you are in a Restaurant. You can now think yourself which case is more efficient and cost saving. Same goes for your PC.
drekoll (3 years ago)
Video quality is crisp, you change your camera?
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
New lens.
SilencedTech (3 years ago)
+Joker Productions Are you using the new lens, looking sharp. Can't wait to see how DirectX 12 performs in the future.
SilencedTech (3 years ago)
+Totally Silenced Scratch that just seen another comment..
Dans Tech (3 years ago)
Fantastic comparison Joker, appreciate the time put into this video. Great stuff :)
vic viper (3 years ago)
will direct x12 help out multicore cpu's
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+vic viper If you have an amd card there will be huge gains. 
vic viper (3 years ago)
Will it help out the 5820k
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+vic viper yes.
leonex (3 years ago)
I Just downgraded back to windows 7 , for now windows 10 not worth it at all :(
Andrew A (3 years ago)
why would you bring fury non x against 980ti, the fury wax to combat the normal 980 so why against ti?
Jaka Brzin (3 years ago)
I agree with Andrew, this test was obviously designed with NVIDIA promotion in mind.
Andrew A (3 years ago)
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
We are looking at the amount gained so its irrelevant.
Morals arent real lmao (3 years ago)
these benchmarks don't represent real world performance.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
This is the real world and this is how it performs in this test. Real world performance.
MeisterNes (3 years ago)
Can't wait to try out some games in the future on D12 with my R9 Fury X.. Sorry if you don't like AMD. I don't have a favourite between AMD or Invidia, it just so happens that I have an AMD card atm.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+MeisterNes I have no preference one way or the other. Just whomever delivers the best tech and the best performance.
Tiago Pinto (3 years ago)
Next time test with multi-thread it seems for some reason nvidia works better when less cores are there. AMD seems to work better when more cores are there. Since we all mostly have multi-core i would like to know if that is true. In recent game ashes of something using DX12 that seemed true giving AMD the win but would like you to confirm to have the proof. Note: Not bad for fury to have that score since is not the best GPU of AMD (Fury X is).
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+Tiago Pinto yes. amd is always focused on parallel computing.
FarligGrabb (3 years ago)
Maybe it's just me, but the lightning looked a lot nicer this time with all the shadows.
Razamadaz (3 years ago)
best new pc gaming bloke on youtube right now.your doin well my man from new jersey.
Aaron Couser (3 years ago)
I thought you only used stock Nvidia cards.
Brian Khanzadeh (3 years ago)
did you get a new camera +Joker Productions
Brian Khanzadeh (3 years ago)
+Joker Productions lookis good
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+Brian Khanzadeh Nope, new lens. http://puu.sh/jIoWJ/2474286d31.jpg
EZOVERDOSE (3 years ago)
draw call = when the cpu tells the gpu to render 1 mesh (geometric object.) so the gpu is always waiting on the cpu for commands on what to render next
EZOVERDOSE (3 years ago)
+Speedjcp no. think of dx11 like 32 bit windows and dx12 like 64 bit windows. 64 bit is backward compatible with 32 bit programs but 32 bit cant run 64 bit programs.
Speed (3 years ago)
+EZOVERDOSE can dx12 make cpu run faster even if you have dx11 card and dx11 game? ?
Cheesy wiz (3 years ago)
+EZOVERDOSE thank you
Dan Darcy (3 years ago)
new camera joker? looks better than usual I think.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+Daniel Darcy New lens. Canon 24-70mm f/4.
AdmiralDankBar (3 years ago)
you compare a 900 euros card vs 600 euros one and say it's neck to neck? xD. seems more like the fury stomped on the 980 lol. and why only 2 cards???? wtf is this video even
MatthewT (3 years ago)
+KingRumpus he used a fury, not a fury x
KingRumpus (3 years ago)
+AvatarSampai In the UK at least, these two cards are the same price. Its also a 980 Ti not a regular 980.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+AvatarSampai The price difference isn't as drastic here in the US.
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
A lot of my friends ask me whether or not they should buy an NVIDIA card or AMD card in terms of gaming. While the cards are virtually identical, I always recommend NVIDIA because so many games have direct support and have NVIDIA-specific settings. I also always hear about AMD card problems in Steam reviews in virtually every triple A title and I've been seeing it more and more lately.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+Tryte yes. if their isn't any gpu acceleration then why would opencl even exist ?!! :P 
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+Tryte this will provide you with most of your answers. https://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2011/02/cuda-mercury-playback-engine-and-adobe-premiere-pro.html
LivingL393nd (3 years ago)
DX12 == DX11 enough said. All that PR talk about DX12 with Bullshit "VRAM stacking" is so M$ gets ppl to upgrade to a shitty unstable OS only to find out the costs far outweigh the benefits. Pathetic. OpenGL is far superior to DX in every way. It's low-level codebase ensures hardware gets fully optimized and every CPU core gets used.
LivingL393nd (3 years ago)
+midicronica1 yup turns out it was all false advertising. vram stacking requires a hardware component that pools the vram. software alone can't magically enable sharing.
midicronica1 (3 years ago)
I was about to ask about that. Haven't heard a single thing about vram stacking or shared vram since all that hype news was released. Disappointing.
LivingL393nd (3 years ago)
+Cherry Pauper many driver issues, especially with SLI and that's a lot to do with DX12 lol, That's why with Linux and OpenGL you can squeeze more performance out of your games due to the low-level nature of the API and how beautifully it integrates with the kernel.
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
How is Windows 10 unstable?
PillzBerry27 (3 years ago)
To me someone lying PC Prospective saying AMD. Running better with DX12. I wait for the real results.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+ImaITman haha :D
ImaITman (3 years ago)
+Sayan Sen lol point taken :D
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+ImaITman they are neck and neck with nvidia that means if amd sucks then nvidia suks as well since they are at equal performance :P
ImaITman (3 years ago)
+Sayan Sen So they still suck, but suck less? :/
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+BigLegendD AMD is not running better than nvidia. They are neck and neck in dx12. But AMD is running much much better than they did in Dx11.
Razamadaz (3 years ago)
you'd make a great sports commentator.Nice video,
Rho Moreno (3 years ago)
nice informative video joker.
L00zCan0n5 (3 years ago)
do you have any 970s on hand you could run these benchmarks on in sLI?
Jon A (3 years ago)
jokerslunt you guys need to take time on live stream chat to communicate with your viewers more my2Cents
james64468 (3 years ago)
+Jon A I dont watch any shows live. There some good reasons. My internet sticks. There no other company that could challenge them. I wish I had Fiber. My parents have it for their store. Maybe that company will get the business done. Then I move to Fiber. It make my life somewhat easier. I lag if I use Twitch and watch a live show.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
Not really that kind of live show. People are just basically watching us have a discussion. We do q&a at the end because most people don't watch live and just want the podcast and news.
AreaG41 (3 years ago)
I need a new GPU. Do you suggest GTX 980? I have i5 3570k and 16gb of ram. My resolution is 1080p.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+mariodrv Oh I see.
mariodrv (3 years ago)
Tha Vapor-X or the Tri-X coolers on the Sapphires 290 are still the best and one of the best coolers out there, i know because i got both at the moment - i even managed to get lower temps on the Tri-X with an Alphacool Nexxos backplate (20$) and the thermal pads only placed above the Vrm1, now i get 75 Celsius on the Chip and 75 Vrm1 at 1200/1600Mhz(which is stronger than a 980 by a good margin).
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+mariodrv yes a 290 is actually a great buy right now but the cooling on these 300 series cards is much better. 
mariodrv (3 years ago)
Wasted ram - better go with the 290 then.
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+AreaG41 for 1080p the 390 is the best buy right now.
Pigsty (3 years ago)
Hey can someone help me get a graphics card AND build max of £300 thanks
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
+Pigsty Google it. Research parts and past builds. People update this information every week depending upon the parts that go on sale/get cheaper. Don't ask others to do your homework, otherwise you're just dumping money on what some strangers on the Internet suggested.
TheRatchet35 (3 years ago)
Check out Austin Evans' $400 build (I think it's called the proton) on his channel. It's a good start & I recommend reading the comments on that video as well, loads of people have some good improvements on that build. :D
ItReckzHD (3 years ago)
Awesome video joker!!. My gtx 980 ti went from 1.5 mill draw calls to 18.6 mill.
ItReckzHD (3 years ago)
I had no idea that what i scored was that much tbh.
Frosty Saiyajin (3 years ago)
+ItReckzHD DAMN, I have about 16.9 million, I have 3 980 ti's, I don't know if they stack with SLI, but damn :D
First Name Last Name (3 years ago)
Er mer gersh
lyravega (3 years ago)
I just hope developers won't get lazy as the DX12 gives a better overall performance. Optimization is key to everything. Also, I wouldn't call Mantle a failure - it stirred up the market, and somewhat resulted in DX12 & Vulkan's development. And the foundation is Vulkan is actually based on Mantle. Kudos to AMD for urging the developers to steer away from Mantle and focus on DX12 & Vulkan.
HJOTech (3 years ago)
+ImaITman Yeah but that's not really AMD's fault. They developed it and made it free to use, it just wasn't.
ImaITman (3 years ago)
+HJOTech Let's be honest though. Real world it was AMD only. I'm not talking about in a lab somewhere or theoretical. I'm talking about what the market decided it to be, which in the end is the only thing that matters. +lyravega I agree that mantle wasn't a failure, because it stimulated that part of the market. Nobody wants to develope API technologies, because they're not big money makers. AMD changed that by releasing mantle, so that Microsoft had to respond with something. In this case DX12.
lyravega (3 years ago)
+HJOTech Yup. What I tried to meant was different, using that term was incorrect.
HJOTech (3 years ago)
+lyravega Ah, you edited your comment, you said it was "AMD-only" before
lyravega (3 years ago)
+HJOTech Yes, I know...
kingDeCosta123 (3 years ago)
Sign me tits joker!
Xenos Hobatic (3 years ago)
Looking good man, looks like you've been dropping the pounds like a boss.
Shadow Shinigami (3 years ago)
Hey Joker I Am Working On creating A Game Using Unreal Engine 4. Will My Game Be Using DX12 Or DX11??
Xenos Hobatic (3 years ago)
+Harsha Subramanyam More power to you. Never be afraid to ask questions.
Shadow Shinigami (3 years ago)
Thank You For Your Feed-back Guys BTW I Have Just Started Game Development About A Month Back So I Am Kind Of A Noob
Xenos Hobatic (3 years ago)
+iWillWakeYouUp No need to be that dismissive. Sounds like Harsha is just starting out and has a lot to learn.
iWillWakeYouUp (3 years ago)
+Harsha Subramanyam If you can't figure that out by yourself, I'm a bit concerned about your game. Still, I wish you all the best and great success in development of your game!
Xenos Hobatic (3 years ago)
+Harsha Subramanyam From UE's website: "Unreal Engine 4 supports advanced DirectX 11 & 12 rendering features such as full-scene HDR reflections, thousands of dynamic lights per scene, artist-programmable tessellation and displacement, physically-based shading and materials, IES lighting profiles and much more." So...I think you determine that.
SatanPain (3 years ago)
hell yea !
Giggle Factor (3 years ago)
I really did not expect there to be this big of a performance increase from one 11 to 12. At least in the early stages it looks very promising.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+Mykole Bridgeman Yeah, a 1300% increase is pretty disgusting. Exciting stuff.
Zubin Jacob (3 years ago)
Guys in the comments section, predictions on the performance of metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain on PC?
Kaos Ruin (3 years ago)
+Tresskzilla Yea I hate seeing all these comments sayin they won't get the game bc of Konami just bc it's trending. Fuckin morons if you ask me. This will be an awesome game and nothings gonna keep me from playing it. The shit with Konami has been goin on for too long, now that it's out in the open everybody just suddenly won't buy The phantom pain FOH
Tressk (3 years ago)
+Cherry Pauper konami had no creative or development input on the creation of mgsv tpp so tbh u should buy the game if: 1.)u like metal gear or 2.) if u would like to support kojima and his excellent development staff
Kaos Ruin (3 years ago)
+Zubin Jacob As long as they don't cap the fps to 60 again then I'm sure it will be good
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
+Zubin Jacob Ground Zeroes had excellent performance so it's not farfetched to assume that Phantom will have excellent performance as well. It looks like a good game, but I won't be buying because fuck Konami.
Zubin Jacob (3 years ago)
Just wanna say man that I really like your videos and the organisation of videos as well. Just have a question. Do you think the nvidia 750ti is a good card to have?
hello walkman (3 years ago)
+Zubin Jacob yes. you can also look at the 360 370 370x and 950.
thereddog223 (3 years ago)
+Cherry Pauper to me get a 970 380 or 390 so you wont have to upgrade for a longer period
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
+Zubin Jacob Whether or not it's a good card depends entirely upon what you use your PC for. If you're a gamer looking to upgrade, save up for a GTX 960. It's only $50-$60 more. I kinda disagree with Joker in that upgrading from a 750 to 950 isn't really all that worth it. With a 960, you won't be maxing out games, but you should be good for a long while.
Jānis Sprudzāns (3 years ago)
Hey man your face starts to look slimmer, keep up don't give up. Best regards!
Kiwi (3 years ago)
The glare looks like you have gray hair :)
Flamel (3 years ago)
Love the shirt.
anonymousSWE (3 years ago)
+Joker Productions 80 pounds is great man! Congratz on that and good luck with dropping even more.
Flamel (3 years ago)
Awsum. Do you have a goal weight or just gonna wing it? Id say go all the way, although i also have to say you do look like someone that would look better with a few extra pounds. Not too much tho.
Joker Productions (3 years ago)
+darkangelzephyron Cheers. Starting to fit into some of my older tees that I've dropped 80 pounds.
Drake Owens (3 years ago)
Will my new GTX970s be compatible with DX12?
Czorńy Lisek (3 years ago)
+Drake Owens nVidia CUDA is physically incapable of full support of DX12 which drivers can't change. In other world if something fully used DX12 AMD will get +80-100% performance boost while nVidia will get something like +/-10%. For now only 1 game support fully DX12. It's reverse with PhysX AMD can use it but will be not able to use all of it features n full potential, nVidia can. nVidia can't use full DX12, AMD can(IntelGraphic to). That what u see there don't use all DX12 n it's syntetic(don't say enything about real perfomace). http://www.windowscentral.com/amd-graphics-cards-huge-gains-dx12
Moyukh Shabon (3 years ago)
+Drake Owens Yes 12.1 to be more specific.
Powpow (3 years ago)
+Drake Owens It's also on Nvidias website in this link: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-970
Ghost's Graphics (3 years ago)
+Drake Owens Anything north of the 400 series supports it.
Mosh Dawg (3 years ago)
+Joker Productions hey joker thanks for the video   I heard some where  that directx12 helps the lower end cards more then the higher end cards cand you do a test with a lower end NVidia like the 960 and one onamd like the 370 or 380
Zain Anderson (3 years ago)
this video made me see that alot goes on the devs
Ferchu (3 years ago)
Pretty good stuff

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