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WILLING TO FAIL · lindsay eskildsen

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FLOMM! is a MODERN ART game app, art history resource, faux historical art movement that uses new media to generate interest in art history and education VIDÉO: WILLING TO FAIL flommist, graphic + web designer Lindsay Eskildsen doesn’t give up. she knows how to get past the first time sucking at something thru PRACTICE PRACTICE + MOR PRACTICE AND she’s made it to the American Ninja Warrior National Finals Season 9 + recently competed on Ninja vs Ninja follow #NinjaLinz http://instagram.com/Ninja_Linz + http://twitter.com/Ninja_Linz FLOMM is an online connection to art history, music and beyond – through tumblr, instagram + other social media we are all FLOMMISTS you can be too donations graciously accepted at http://patreon.com/flommus for MOR flomm! http://flomm.us http://instagram.com/flommus http://twitter.com/flommus http://facebook.com/flommus http://flomm.us/flommcast flomm blogs! http://flomm.us/derTung http://flommus.tumblr.com http://flommischen.tumblr.com http://flommoromu.tumblr.com FLOMM is NOW AVAILABLE on the App Store on iTunes: http://flomm.us/playnow
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