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Who Won the American Revolution?: Crash Course US History #7

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In which John Green teaches you about the American Revolution. And the Revolutionary War. I know we've labored the point here, but they weren't the same thing. In any case, John will teach you about the major battles of the war, and discuss the strategies on both sides. Everyone is familiar with how this war played out for the Founding Fathers; they got to become the Founding Fathers. But what did the revolution mean to the common people in the United States? For white, property-owning males, it was pretty sweet. They gained rights that were a definite step up from being British Colonial citizens. For everyone else, the short-term gains were not clear. Women's rights were unaffected, and slaves remained in slavery. As for poor white folks, they remained poor and disenfranchised. The reality is it took a long time for this whole democracy thing to get underway, and the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness weren't immediately available to all these newly minted Americans. Turn on the captions, you'll like them. Hey teachers and students - Check out CommonLit's free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode.The Declaration of Independence not only initiated America's Revolutionary War, but laid the groundwork for some core principles of the new country: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/the-declaration-of-independence Many of the ideas in the Declaration of Independence came from political theorist John Locke's Political Society: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/political-society Follow us on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/thecrashcourse http://www.twitter.com/realjohngreen http://www.twitter.com/crashcoursestan http://www.twitter.com/raoulmeyer http://www.twitter.com/thoughtbubbler http://www.twitter.com/saysdanica Support CrashCourse on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse
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Text Comments (5785)
For people doing it in class 1:20 When The American Revolution Began What was main Things the colonists had to do to win? 2:15 What was the most important battles fought in the Northern half of the American Revolution? What happened to France in the future because of all the help they gave us 2:40 what was the key battle fought in the southern half of the American Revolution 4:00 Who did the majority of slaves fight for during the American Revolution why 5:30 List three groups of people who where somewhat left out of the (liberty, equal. 6:30 how did the American Revolution begin a world wide shift in the idea of equality what began to change about the idea of success and happiness and a person future as a result of the American revolution
Jack Sulger (2 days ago)
its ironic when John says it went from rich white guys running the show back to rich white guys running the show considering John is a rich white guy
brandi george (5 days ago)
Who is watching this while doing APUSH work ?? I AM !!
NIKOLAS PERSONS (7 days ago)
Pedro Magarao Ribeiro (9 days ago)
Lexington + Concord brits wanted to take every city, failed Washingron crossed the delaware killed bois. Then Who won not woman not slaves but ideals that everybody is born equal.
mishkagoeshard (10 days ago)
he seems so happy when and after he gets the person right for the mystery document hahahaha
good_vibes.7 (13 days ago)
but not vote or own property.
Chris Taylor (14 days ago)
Promise Aylor (15 days ago)
im only here to do classwork
Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui (17 days ago)
The "Mystery Document" makes me freaking cringe every time
Sophia Rose (21 days ago)
His Wizard angst shirt.
Foreign Lexi (22 days ago)
I'm needing some information about Samuel Adams. I need to find out whether or not King George III believed Samuel Adams was a dangerous rebel???
Ethan Lee (23 days ago)
Im legit just boutta sing all of Hamilton in my head during the test
Jose (24 days ago)
I enjoy reading history and talking about history and this channel is the best. I can listen to these videos for hours.
MinervAthena123 (25 days ago)
Eli whitney actually made the cotton gin to reduce slavery, as it would have made it possible for less slaves to do the same amount of work, but it backfired
Michael Hanisch (25 days ago)
“the US no longer leads in equality of opportunity” ...ummm then who does??
Andrew Harshman (26 days ago)
John Green is about as misleading as his last name. Judging by his last name you would think he was green. However, in reality only his shirt is green. Also you expect to see a video that you can understand but in reality he speaks like a speed demon and you can't understand him.
drosenalex (26 days ago)
I almost died when I saw the Wizard Angst shirt!! I also spent waaaay too long putting Hamilton references in my homework...oops
Tripp Trinidad (27 days ago)
He does realize America didn’t really invent baseball, the only sport made completely made of American origin is basketball invented by Doctor James Naismith
phil's glabella (1 month ago)
power move: watch these vids on 1.5x speed *_without captions_*
Guildou (1 month ago)
The answer is the French
Awesome Guy247 (1 month ago)
Did anybody else notice one of the soldiers holding Pokémon cards in his had in 3:17
Lusix Boss gamer (1 month ago)
Why do u hate New Jersey?
chaos shadow (1 month ago)
another awesome episode
Daniel Allison (1 month ago)
3:15 mah boi trading pokemon cards
Jamie Lively (1 month ago)
Student Teacher here: I used a clip as a supplement, helped when I slowed it down to .75 speed!
aks flash (1 month ago)
How did us get so many guns and bullets? How was their logistic
My brother thought I watched these for fun on my own time. HAHAHAHA! I watch this for my APUSH outlines on of which is due in a few hours
Beren Yildirim (1 month ago)
can you give us years somewhere in the corner
Lost In Hyperspace (1 month ago)
Now we have a pasty orange guy
Owen Avdalovic (1 month ago)
Excellent production! Love your vids :D
Pangasauras (1 month ago)
This is the only Crash Course video where “like if you are studying for (blank) test” isn’t the most commented thing and it is instead Hamilton verses
Alana Harris (1 month ago)
Petition for this series to be redone with everything the same except more Hamilton references
UNCLESPICY (2 months ago)
Obiwannabe (2 months ago)
George Washington freed his slaves.
Obiwannabe (1 month ago)
Væringjar (1 month ago)
Obiwannabe So he didn’t free his slaves, his wife did, and only the ones he owned. She kept her own slaves.
Obiwannabe (1 month ago)
Some were freed while he was alive, but all were free'd after he died as part of his will.
Væringjar (1 month ago)
Obiwannabe that is a truth with modifications. He owned slaves from he was eleven to the day he died.
juan duran (2 months ago)
Baseball was invented in England doe
Jack Lyon (2 months ago)
yo hair be measy
Papaya Sirithes (2 months ago)
Throughout crash course their tends to be a theme of making white men the butt of jokes and historical derision. Some of the comments made, if applied to other groups would be rejected as racist and inappropriate. The snarky "pasty white guy" comments to refer to English in tbis episode are not entertaining, funny, or warrented. CC has great content but you need to treat all people in the collective narrative with respect and dignity. I have had complaints from students concerning language/depiction of groups used on CC. Leave "pasty white guy" comments on the cutting room floor next to other offensive content.
heronator (2 months ago)
"Had kids with one [of his slaves]" is putting it lightly. Jefferson was a rapist, pure and simple.
Robert Cox (3 months ago)
The Bank Of England Won The Patriots Spilled There Blood & The Banks Enslaved Everyone !~~!
Everything’s legal in New Jersey.
Thomas Jefferson’s Coming Hoommeee!
monstersince (3 months ago)
is the foundling america being shite then becoming worse a revolution
Whitney Dahlin (3 months ago)
America is the best country on earth!
Britannic hayyomatt (3 months ago)
French fries aren't from France, nor does their name come from the French revolution. The name derives from this: Belgians made them to feed British soldiers during WW1 as this was already a common meal back home, they were called chips. When the British troops were being replaced by American troops later in the war, the Belgians cooked the same food. To the Americans this was completely new, and the Americans believing they were in France (Belgians speak French and are basically French anyway) called them French fries.
dannypeck666 (3 months ago)
Fuzzy Dunlop (3 months ago)
No US conflict is more passively, acceptably romanticized as the Independence War. In truth in many places it took on the atmosphere of a Civil War. No state was more war-torn and violent than New Jersey during this period. In two square miles from where I sit typing this there are - to my knowledge - at least two, dusty - ill-kept plaques devoted to Patriot militias that were executed, bayoneted in their sleep, put up against the precipice of a ditch and shot, etc not by the 'redcoats' but by their Loyalist neighbors. In fact, the last shots fired in anger of this war were in recompense for the brutality of militias on both sides, as they engaged in fighting even after the peace treaty had been signed. Pine Bandits hid out in the Barrens, villages were torched by one force or the other - and that's just the Southern part of the State. The North was characterized by oscillating front lines and what's called the "Forage War" where both sides sent out small detachments to pillage supplies from the land. So neglected are the small sins of this conflict, all in the name of our National Creation Myth - and it does a disservice to history. Not even New Jersey historians care to remember the conflict that gave birth to such a ravaged landscape, that cemented the ill-reputation of New Jersey very early among the colonies in much the same way people thought of the ex-Yugoslav countries in the 90's. That led to the genesis of urban legends and wive's tails and permanently painted the Pine Barrens as a dark and sinister place. New Jersey's history is an especially dark one, and it's still a meme for people like John Greene all of these decades later.
Montello 90 (3 months ago)
I learned nothing new here.
Edward Cree (3 months ago)
I disagree with John's interpretation of the Mystery Document. I would argue that it's not communist, but rather the precise opposite, arguing that the institution of private property (whose _treatment_ under law is equal, i.e. your property rights are just as secure as those of powerful families) is what protects a society against tyranny and ensures that liberty does not expire. This interpretation looks odd to us, but that's because the equality of _property rights_ is a lot more obvious to inhabitants of modern classically-liberal societies than it was back in the late 18th Century, when remnants of the feudal system (particularly in Continental Europe, the best-known examples mostly being from France) meant that often the property rights of the smallholding peasant _weren't_ every bit as sacrosanct under the law as the rights of a great lord. It is, thus, when the "combinations of powerful families" can, in the manner of some mediæval warlord, expropriate the individual, that the people will lose their power, and liberty expire.
Jesus Orozco (3 months ago)
I clicked on this video to learn of the war, not about PC culture revolution.
memesarewild (3 months ago)
I have only watched videos where he doesn’t get shocked.
Hazelmykitten (3 months ago)
Oui oui, mon ami, je m’appelle Lafayette The Lancelot of the revolutionary set I came from afar just to say bonsoir Tell the king casse-toi Who’s the best, c’est moi
Salamander (3 months ago)
As I was watching this the star spangled banner started blasting from the other room. Apparently the end of a movie my mom was watching played it over the credits. I feel so American.
I wish if the narrator speaks a little slower.
IssaDweeb (4 months ago)
John Green: "And shut up French people about how if it weren't for your help in the revolution-" Me: "Oui Oui Mon'ami Je'Mappelle Lafayette, the Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set, I can from a far just to say 'Bonsoir' tell the King, Ces'toi! Who's the best? Cest'Moi"
Hannah_ Snell (4 months ago)
We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. And when I meet Thomas Jefferson I'm a compel him to to include women in the sequel. Work ! 😂
Laurens did the “we’ll never be free until we end slavery” thing first
MrL TLB (4 months ago)
British Empire Abolished Slavery in 1843
Kyle Ropp (4 months ago)
You completely missed the civil liberties that arose from the revolution - its most important consequence. No mention of Thomas Paine or the Federalist papers. The colonists in large part fought for the freedoms that ended up in our bill of rights. You're clearly a liberal, and that's fine, but simplifying the revolution to a rich white man's fight for lower taxes is as intellectually dishonest as saying all Indians were godless savages.
Garnet MOC (4 months ago)
Who else came cuz they've watched Hamilton? 😂
John Bittner (4 months ago)
CRASH COURSE ROCKS! Can you say hi john cuz ilove your show. can you say my name at the end can you say hi to me. best wishes, John bittner
I actually guessed marx for the mystery documents
Ari Waid (5 months ago)
John's hair is my life
Elmer (5 months ago)
It’s time for the obligatory “ who else is studying for the APUSH exam?” Comment
Casey Hauck (5 months ago)
If my prompt is about the revolution im going to put it on there tomorrow
Johnny Gogue (5 months ago)
Twoelbows (5 months ago)
So all I gotta write in my essay Friday is that Washington had a funny voice
Holly Berry (5 months ago)
"Don't put that on your AP test!" *sweating surrounded by notes and textbooks 2 days before the test* HE KNOWS
Waverly Ritchie (5 months ago)
CripTik Storm (5 months ago)
America. Willing to cross a frozen river in the middle of the night on Christmas just slit your throats while you sleep.
Hamchung 77 (5 months ago)
Why the hell is everyone here from Hamilton. Oh yeah, I am, too.
Nikita Sergeev (5 months ago)
I like you guys a lot, but if you can stop making ridiculing comments about religion/ God that'll be great! :)
Bottlerocketbv (5 months ago)
John we didn't name french fries b/c of that it came from Belgium where they named it that and people gave credit to either France or america
Ryan Nicolai (5 months ago)
what country leads in equality of opportunity ? I thought America did.
Claire Bourne (5 months ago)
hi can someone please sit my SAC and final exam PLS. i do not know what is going on.
I have the High ground (5 months ago)
Would of been an easy British victory but didn’t put enough effort into them we thought the empire didn’t need them but we were wrong
Julia S (5 months ago)
Have my final tomorrow and most definitely planning on mentioning Washington’s funny voice if I have the opportunity 😂😂
Hamilton Trash (5 months ago)
Im just here to make hamilton references. :) who else?
The land of the free (5 months ago)
Why is it called a revolutionary war when in fact it was an independence war?.
indigosky (5 months ago)
when you can identify laurens in any picture because you're that obsessed.
Chase Call (5 months ago)
es muy bueno
Cap Gamer 10 (6 months ago)
Another settlement needs our help i will mark it on your map
Honda Hero More (6 months ago)
Who Is Here For Homeschooling History?
Veronica Fu (6 months ago)
{not acaully Veronica} got all 100% of history tests 100% percent riiiiiiiiiight!!!!!!
Pusheen Cat (6 months ago)
*i know you’re here, Hamilton fans.... let us unite*
Matthew Dietz (6 months ago)
Well I live in Minnesota so essentially it is Southern Canada.
Evan Furlong (6 months ago)
The U.S. no longer leads in equality of opportunity?? Who does then? Lol 😂😂
OVERLORD Jr (6 months ago)
this is my homework
Rahrion (6 months ago)
Jennifer Valentine (6 months ago)
Frylock, but I'm more about Meatwad. He gets the honeys, she; he makes the money, see.
Christopher Huston (6 months ago)
wheres the yorktown info
Craig [Dracula] (6 months ago)
Shut up French people!!!!!! YOU SHUT UP.
SD sc0rch (6 months ago)
lets revisit the revolutionary war in light of today's social justice warriors - lets sprinkle in some good ol' identity politics - and stir in a healthy dose of hate for whitey while you're at it.....
Alex Livingston (7 months ago)
You don't know you're a history geek until you are binge watching years old crash courses
emputii (7 months ago)
History teacher: who won the American Revolution? Me, being sarcastic: rUSSIA Teacher: they weren't even in the wAR Me: *e x a c t l y*
Agnes Ndegwa (7 months ago)
Tethrntrbdgsrfbdtg try g dodgers fsrbtrrtebrgsrgrgs srggtdnrtebrdgbrtbsbgdtdgd gets sf roger trsbtrsbrdtbtbsrdtg rdgndrgbsrtbrtt tynttbdt gggggg how did Buddhism form
Dona Lumani (7 months ago)
Anyone taking the praxis history exam? Lol
The British never lost the war...Hence United States Inc. was created and we became a British Colony. and now we are all considered property hence your name is in all caps and in part due to Maritime Admiralty Law. We are all owned.
jo hn (7 months ago)
Just admit it green, your ashamed of being from the United States. You sarcastically call the us the best country and seen reluctant to ever say anything positive about it.
Samir Katakamsetty (7 months ago)
"this machine kills fascists" XD

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