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SLIFIRE: 390X + GTX 970 in DirectX 12 Benchmark

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Our newest benchmark compares SLI GTX 970s vs. single R9 390X, single GTX 970, and combined R9 390X + GTX 970. This DirectX 12 benchmark uses the 'version 2' of Ashes of Singularity's Dx12 bench. More content to come soon. Article here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/game-bench/2326-amd-nvidia-sli-directx-12-benchmark-explicit-multi-gpu Like our content? Please consider becoming our Patron to support us: http://www.patreon.com/gamersnexus Help us with your regular Amazon purchases: http://bit.ly/20xUcgz And Newegg! http://bit.ly/T4fEut ** Please like, comment, and subscribe for more! ** Follow us in these locations for more gaming and hardware updates: t: http://www.twitter.com/gamersnexus f: http://www.facebook.com/gamersnexus w: http://www.gamersnexus.net/
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Text Comments (291)
grant wagganer (4 months ago)
Could you test a 980ti + 960 in Rise of the Tomb Raider or Far Cry 5?
I C (5 months ago)
I just happen to have 2 1060s and am wondering how many games now in 2018 will be supporting MDA or LDA.
patrick gronemeyer (8 months ago)
please revisit this. i can not get it to work. what games work with EMA?
Joseph DiSalvo (1 year ago)
+Gamers Nexus said they think multi-make like AMD and Nvidia together would be extremely rare, but I don't think so. AMD cards and Nvidia cards are slightly different and do different things, and the performance here in Ashes is testament to this. AMD cards crush raw computing which is why they're selling out for crypto mining. Ashes of Singularity is an extremely computation-heavy game with tons of objects. It would not surprise me if it's actually optimal for many games to run an AMD card and an Nvidia card. You guys really should be testing this Discrete Multi GPU with two 970s *not* in SLI against two 970s in SLI, as well as two of 390X. Otherwise the data just doesn't really tell us that much other than SLI possibly having bad scaling for this game in particular.
Quantum Rage (1 year ago)
i'm actually really exited for this Dx 12 feature. the world all ready has a multitude of older cheaper gpus. now they just being made useful. honestly im surprised something like this is being developed because well people wont have to go and buy better gpu's as time goes on and have no other option. in a way this feature is very economically friendly and would suit allot of budget gamers like myself. i recently brought a gtx 970 and gtx 980 for just under $500 AUD. im sure using multi explicit gpu rendering it could easily outperform some of other top of the line graphics cards now and in the future
eugkra33 (1 year ago)
The fact that aome of those graphs don't start at 0 always throws me off, and probably misleads some people that don't notice at first, or don't look at the numbers but the length of the bars rather.
Xan Tosh (1 year ago)
hey odd question, is there a limit on how far back you can go between gpu generations, i was wondering (because AOTS crashes when i turn on the mixed gpu funcxtion) if i could (just for laughs) mix my R9 380 with my RX480?
I like the idea of keeping my old GPU and using it to boost my new one.
LaserFeesh (1 year ago)
Does anybody know if I can SLI a gtx 970 EVGA card with a gtx 970 MSI card without any problems? Have been watching this card this guy has up on craigslist for like a month now and it has gone from $200 all the way down to $125 but I wanna be sure it will work with my EVGA card before buying it.
You can SLI two GTX 970s from different makers. As long as it's the same chip you can double them up. That goes for Xfire too.
facelessninetytwo (1 year ago)
Maybe sometime the GPU war will be over and everyone will buy two GPUs to play games in explicit multiGPU?
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
facelessninetytwo we can dream
cafeplay games (1 year ago)
your chanel is good but , the pace of your talking is anoying, always
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
cafeplay games rekd kid
Gamers Nexus (1 year ago)
That's not a very productive comment because that isn't changing. You don't have to watch.
Ashley McGovern (1 year ago)
You should test for those guys out there with something like an A10-7800k Apu (or even AM1 platform) & an dedicated card like an 750ti & 360 or something to see if they get noticeable gains including the on die chip into the equation.
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
Ashley McGovern no driver support
Aldo cacao (1 year ago)
this can be possible with the integrate gpu + dedicate gpu ? thanks
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
Aldo cacao amd did it with hybrid crossfire years ago.
Gonzalo cativa (1 year ago)
Aldo cacao YES!
Blue (2 years ago)
Did you guys have any issues installing both GPU's in a single system ? Any Driver conflicts or anything like that ? I'm about to get a GTX 1080 and I want to leave my Fury X in the system I'm wondering if they'll actually play well together even if one GPU isnt being used. (Have both of them in the system just in case there are anymore games that come out supporting Explicit multi adapter in the future). Or would you guys just recommend I sideline the Fury X for now ?
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
Cool, thanks
Blue (1 year ago)
http://imgur.com/b7f9LBo Yeah theres no issues with having them both installed, all tho its a bit pointless. I tried playing a game through the Fury X with a monitor connected to it and the game still rendered on the GTX1080, lol dont know how that works but yeah. I eventually just took the fury X out. If you maybe render videos or do computational things on your PC I can see both the 1080 and Fury X in the same system possibly being a benefit but other than that not worth.
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
Blue how did it go?
Sezer Çelik (2 years ago)
Cross-SLI sounds better. Oh and why the fuck is everyone bashing Nvidia? They're hardcore AMD fanboys for sure. I'm sure Nvidia will release drivers to IMPROVE DX12 multi-GPU support.
Sezer Çelik (2 years ago)
+Asiion Yes, time.
Asiion (2 years ago)
Any valuable information to prove what you just said?
Deek Douglas (2 years ago)
i had to watch this again i really don't know why it makes me happy lol
Henrix98 (2 years ago)
You started graphs from 30fps... well tried and failed
Fedya f (2 years ago)
I can use togeter CPU on CPU with office class gpu ? HD4000 + 710m ?
Alexander Keith (1 year ago)
Fedya f maybe one day, not that you'd want to
Alex Skolznev (2 years ago)
AMD has had asynchronous stuff for several generations of GPUs, whereas nVidia just now built it into their 1000-series of GPUs, hence the results we now observe.
rxallan20 (2 years ago)
can you guys update this video with the Pascale? i.e. pairing an older 980ti in sli with a 1080 vs two 1080's. this is now a possibility with dx12 and gives consumers more options when upgrading hardware.
A W (2 years ago)
anyone else curious about what would happen if you mixed a bunch if random gpus example amd rx480 gtx 1070
Muhammad Syafiq (2 years ago)
crossfire 2 390x benchmark?
Xan Tosh (2 years ago)
don't forget, depending which gpu is the primary, the original one i saw had that fury x primary and 980ti secondary did better than the other way round
The viking cam (2 years ago)
Can u use gtx 970 and older dx11 card (like hd6970) together?
parani kumar (2 years ago)
hi will quantum break support the SLIFIRE?
Carlo Panarelli (2 years ago)
It works also with an amd r9 390x and gtx 980? and it works only with games that support directx12?
LightswrathUltimatum (2 years ago)
Will combing different gpus be the future then?
LightswrathUltimatum (2 years ago)
What about the integrated graphics on a intel cpu or amd apu? To be paired with a gpu?
The Spark (2 years ago)
So, in theory you should also get two different dx 12 nvidia cards to work together? ... just in the case that you own 2 already. Like a 970 + a 980 working in slifire mode instead of pure sli?
Mickxal (2 years ago)
Nvidia needs sli bridge though... Was the 970 on top slot and the 390x on second one ? Because the 390x doesn't need a bridge.
glentaker (2 years ago)
which application was the game recorded with?
I have a gtx 970 as my main card, and a ton of old graphics cards that I have laying around for the sake of collecting. Do you have any information on what would happen if I for instance had my 970 in the mainslot, and used a gt 430 secondary? Would that do any difference giving that additional gig of mem or would that actually hinder performance?
Agonistic Clock (2 years ago)
+draydince I want to do the same when the gtx 1080 comes, I don't want to my gpu when it can boost atleast a 25%
Renan Zacaron (2 years ago)
its possible to put 1 gtx 980ti and 1 r9 fury x together? due to differences between the gddr5 and HBM? if yes i would like to see their performance in 4k...
Bumcha (2 years ago)
+Renan Zacaron It doesn't matter DX12 manage the cards with their drivers so it knows how to access each card. If it can already mix 2 diferent brands each card with diferent architecture i think it won't be an issue to access the vram :)
Aaron Garcia (2 years ago)
can we do this on our own? would like to try running an older card with my current.
chris simmons (2 years ago)
its hardware maxwell isnt as forward thinking
DysphoricSmile (2 years ago)
8:12 Yeahhhh, I would say that if Ashes is at ALL representative of what is to come with DX12, then my (and many other gamer's) dreams very well may come true! I REALLY wish you had Crossfired 390x's though, to compare against the multi vendor dual GPU setup.. Also, I thought the 390x compared to the 980 regular in both price and performance (in DX11) currently. Oddly enough if you compare just prices on Newegg today - the 390X is a good deal cheaper than their 980 price, but elsewhere not only is the 980 cheaper, but the 390x is more expensive as well - making them both close to even on pricing as the mean average, though the 390X Newegg price is lower than any I have seen for the 980 regular... I wonder if AMD gave them a discount on said GPUs or something - as Newegg is pretty much the default for most people looking at PC parts cost...
DysphoricSmile (2 years ago)
IF Implicit multi GPU becomes FULLY supported on basically every DX12 title, IT MIGHT actually make sense to build with a 980ti and Fury X for example! The 980ti would allow for G-sync which DOES perform better than FreeSync, also the 980ti has MUCH more tessellation than the Fury X, where the Fury X has more RAW compute power, as well as Async compute AND that HBM memory! It is my SINCERE hope that I will be able to build a system that utilizes the BEST OF BOTH COMPANIES when it comes to graphics!
Kerenton (2 years ago)
Why are comparing a 390x with a 970 when the 390x cost $100 more. Let's not forget that it really depends on the 970, some are boost clock 1150mhz garbage and most can boost to 1450mhz
Dean Thomas (2 years ago)
Going to keep my eye on this. I have an old R9 270X that I could potentially pair with my R9 Fury Nitro.
Nexellin Alpha (2 years ago)
+Dean Thomas lower tier models like say a r7 260x + a r9 290x/390x would and could decrease performance , You need similar level performance cards for you to see a benefit
Mapacortes 2 (2 years ago)
Dj0rel (2 years ago)
How come nobody tested integrated+discrete multi GPU setups? Wouldn't that information be more useful considering most modern CPUs have integrated GPUs.
Kikoshi Baphomet (2 years ago)
with this, could you use like a r7 370 with an r9 390x?
SamuHell782 (2 years ago)
I'm expecting dual card gamers to have a SLIFIRE system. Hell! Might even expect retail bundles of AMD+nVidia to be marketed. I really hope this gives AMD the boost it needs to keep up with nVidia.
Ervi (2 years ago)
Monitor with G-sync or Freesync for SLIFire ?
Jack k. (2 years ago)
what happens when u have a dual gpu card (gtx690) and u add lets say an r9?
ChaotiX (2 years ago)
Time for Linus to do a re-visit on his "SLI and Crossfire in the same computer" video.
Ash Young (2 years ago)
Could I mix my Gtx 970 with a spare r9 270x I have lying around.
Majic Freeman (2 years ago)
Ashes of the Singularities approach seems to be combating the gpu war's and even nvidia's dickishesness in their approach to sharing proprietary whatever-have-u kind of shit that amd has always been forthcoming with
Sir Caco (2 years ago)
I don't see it as a weird thing to do. This way you don't have to worry so much about Nvidia's bullshit because you'll actually have one of their cards in your system. My question is whether you'll be using Radeon Settings or Nvidia Control Panel with a setup like this. Or maybe both?
Z170 Porto (2 years ago)
cut your hair damn. hahahah
Cero Ashura (2 years ago)
Welp, I guess the 7970 is coming back out of the storage to go with the 970.
Cero Ashura (2 years ago)
+Fiddlesticks WT I think anything below a 7970 will just be a hindrance for most things. Also keep in mind that the AMD card needs to be in slot one, and the Nvidea card needs to be in slot two to get the most out of a combo. Well unless the Nvidea card massively outperforms on a head to head basis, then you need to experiment with both and see which is better.
Fiddlesticks WT (2 years ago)
+Cero Ashura Shit, mine died... Would've loved a killer 290+7970 combo for dx12 :'( I hope older AMD and Nvidia cards are of any use since i have a few of those collecting dust.
VaultDad Gaming (2 years ago)
Why no 390x crossfire? just for comparison. Does it perform better than SLI 970 but less than the 390x/970, Or does it outperform both. seems that is an important piece of info.....
perrrry (2 years ago)
without a doubt. Has to be one out there?
VaultDad Gaming (2 years ago)
+perrrry I wouldn't have a problem with it, But they did a 970 SLI comparison(which came out slower than the SLI/crossfire) would the 390x crossfire be faster than the sli/crossfire?
perrrry (2 years ago)
+VaultDad Indeed. Kinda tired of the bias for NVIDIA (Accepting their cash sponsor money) and against AMD.
Carmelo Washburn (2 years ago)
Your hair is lovely.
Rogue Rogue (2 years ago)
GTX R9 990x ?
Curious Wars (2 years ago)
Any way you could throw 2 390x into the equation? I'd love ot see it how it stacks up. Also there is a HUGE reason to have a version of each brand. It will eliminate the retarded gameworks bottleneck you have for AMD cards and also remove the bottleneck on nvidia cards for dx12 performance. Also once the next gen cards come out it will be better for MantleVR vs gameworksVR or whatever they will call the nvidia version.
Calvin DiBartolo (2 years ago)
explicit multi-GPU, after DX12 becomes popular, could become exceedingly popular. It's strange now because it's extremely hard to do, but being able to use two different cards means you can reap the benefits of both vendors.
ungrateful (2 years ago)
sadly i dont know if 2x390x would beat a slifire 390x970 ....theoreticly a cf 390x would be better than a 390x970 cause amd cards better can handle dx12?! it would be important to clear that if so..
Wapn Perfo (2 years ago)
It means that Nvidia users can purchase an AMD card and see better results with cross GPU support, rather then buying another Nvidia card. I will be doing that... and hopefully be able to still use Shadowplay! :D
SomeFriendlessBastard (2 years ago)
Why didn't they show 390X in crossfire? I wanted to see if it worked better than the 390X + 970 monster mash.
Banana Lord (2 years ago)
i watched a different video and 2 amd cards worked way better than 1 amd 1 nvidia or 2 nvidia
Babba Himself (2 years ago)
maybe a dumb question but would this work with an external gpu? like with mini pci express or m.2 interfaces, people with mini ixt boards or laptops?
Alex H (2 years ago)
It happens that I have a gtx 760 and a gtx 960.... so.....I'd like to pair them
DestoCorvus (2 years ago)
how about two 390x in crossfire and a 970 added on top?
Felix Liang (2 years ago)
You look like a young Marco Pierre White.
SalveMonesvol (2 years ago)
I think I'll buy and AMD card for performance per dollar, and an Nvidia card for the games that are intentionally broken in amd cards.
SalveMonesvol (2 years ago)
+Surms41 Seems very solid.
Surms41 (2 years ago)
+SalveMonesvol Im thinking about upgrading my 670 to maybe a 380x or 390x cross-sli'd with my 670 for physx and gameworks in the future, with dx12 :D
Majic Freeman (2 years ago)
+SalveMonesvol hahah true.
Richard Smith (2 years ago)
Amd ACE has been around for a very long time. That is quite the headstart on nvidia... shit happens. My fury kicks ashes of the singularities ass, and I don't see any response from nvidia. Probably won't until they have a hardware level answer.
Richard Smith (2 years ago)
+Argoon1981 That what fanboyism does man... Nvidia doesn't even have to try, and their market dominance does the rest. The only reason the hardware is even faster at this point is solely due to the fact nvidia gets more machine time from developers when optimizing, that and gameworks. AMD has more powerful hardware technically speaking.  I think if developers feel too subjugated by nvidia, they will not use it. Developers are getting really tired of nvidia fucking up their games if they run better on amd. 
Argoon1981 (2 years ago)
+Richard Smith Unfortunately i'm afraid game developers will avoid using asynchronous compute because only AMD truly benefits from it now and Nvidia has the bigger market, so as always, the bigger market is the lower comum denominator.
Stormcast Eternal (2 years ago)
GOD BLESS YOU SIR! I have been after a review of this magnitude for ages now. I have the option to get a 380x to pair with my 970 and am totally thrilled to see that cards such as these work together! Bless you, BLESS YOU SIR!
Screw B (2 years ago)
It isn't a driver issue. This will never be fixed. Nvidia cards do not have the hardware for async compute.
fturla ___ (2 years ago)
NVIDIA is too far behind regarding DX 12 support. I don't see them even remotely attempt to catch up for at least 6 months and even then updated driver support for DX 12 is not just the only problem they have. The basic structure of their video graphics cards is geared to more limited threading compared to AMD. NVIDIA will try to market their hardware to gaming software they previously had an advantage in bench marking but those numbers will not hold up either. They will even try to simply re-issue previous games with enhanced graphics quality and those games will have problems most likely due to rendering differences from their own coding changes and not because of DX 12 problems or A synchronous processing. I would be very surprised if any of their pre DX 12 hardware performs well in DX 12 even with any type of drivers they issue because I suspect they purposely make their own cards under perform in the long run to sell their newest hardware.
No Wan (2 years ago)
"Lack of driver support", no. It's been 6 months since they said that and, for a group that releases a lot of drivers and very fast (Game Ready) that is really weird isn't it? It's like they can't do anything because Maxwell is crap for dx12 and are just waiting to release the new cards that actually are dx12. New tests with the AOTS latest update put the Fury X > GTX 980Ti by about 13fps in 1440p. 380X getting same performance as 970. 390X beating the 980Ti in some cases.
Nathan Davis (2 years ago)
This type of multi-GPU would be a lot more practical if you could use the integrated GPU on the CPU lots of systems have unused integrated GPU's
InfiltrateIndustries (2 years ago)
+Nathan Davis DX12 does take advantage of iGPUs? :)
DED DOA (2 years ago)
Seems like a much better option than SLI or crossfire, you get best of both worlds.
megapro125 (2 years ago)
are the results different whether you use the 970 or the 390 as the main card? It would be really interesting to see if it actually matters in which order you put the cards in.
megapro125 (2 years ago)
+TheUnrealGuy thanks
TheUnrealGuy (2 years ago)
+megapro125 Yes, as the AMD card has faster memory, it's better to use it as the main card.
Nomad (2 years ago)
GTX 970...Speicherkrüppel braucht keiner !
Gr8Recon (2 years ago)
Can you use two nvidia graphics cards on a crossfire only motherboard using dx12? Thanks in advance.
ungrateful (2 years ago)
sadly u guys didnt showed a 390x2 also ):
ungrateful (2 years ago)
VERY GOOD IDEA !!! THUMBS UP. and the results are awesome ! looking forward
denvera1g1 (2 years ago)
"Wouldnt buy a fury x and an nvidia card" what if i want better physx?, i have a 960, and i have a 660TI dedicated to physx, and in some games i get a 40% boost in frame rate with the same settings, and the 660TI is the bottleneck at 99% usage. Sure someone is probably not going to go out and buy a FuryX and a 980TI, but they might want to get a 390X, and a 950 for physx
denvera1g1 (2 years ago)
What i want to know is if the explicit shared GPU function effectively scales your vRAM and frame buffer, would be very intersted to have a quad 1080p video wall powered by 960/950s and games scaled across them at an effective resolution of 3840x2160p, and then independent on the desktop.
denvera1g1 (2 years ago)
+denvera1g1 asked and answered
F. F. Ivanovsky (2 years ago)
Tomislav Mladenov (2 years ago)
as far as i remember, nvidia doesn't support async computing on maxwell? There is no driver to fix that. do correct me if i'm wrong. Amd supports async since gcn 1.1 i beleve.
VaultDad Gaming (2 years ago)
+Tomislav Mladenov That is the common consensus. If you look at RedGamingTech they do a few videos on the subject.(don't let the name fool you they cover Nvidia a lot also) Maxwell doesn't support Async on a hardware level so They would have to use Drivers to work around it if they even can. It is also believed that Pascal won't fair much better in dx12 but we won't know that until the new line releases.
AshlaBoga (2 years ago)
Why weren't two 390X's included in the test?
+VaultDad Well yeah you're going to get better performance with crossfire 390x's they are the more powerful card. No different than you're going to get better performance with sli 980s vs a 980+970. This video was nothing more than a demonstration that this practice can even be done across the different companies, and I doubt it has much deeper meaning than that.
VaultDad Gaming (2 years ago)
ok, so I will ask.... Is there a legit reason to combine a 390x and a 970? Or would I get a superior experience with my current set up of crossfire 390x? That is the question that this video creates, but does not answer, And yes I did watch this video, A month ago when I made this comment. I want to know would I see a benefit in dx12 by adding a Nvidia card to my system, say for Physx? That is all, and you have not answered that. nor have they, the people who created the question.
+VaultDad ...Did you even watch the video? I'm really doubting it at this point.
VaultDad Gaming (2 years ago)
So then am I to assume you are conceding that there is no benefit to pairing a 970 with a 390x? A pair of 390x in crossfire would be a superior option? all the 970 would do is add another layer of problems with no noticeable gains? 
+VaultDad I already explained. SLI 970s: "Here are the results you would get with two cards of the same category" then slifire it with a more powerful 390x to show the contrast of what you get with a card that's stronger paired with a weaker card.
Bob Hope (2 years ago)
Does this also support an Apu with a dedicated GPU?
Reiburster (2 years ago)
+Bob Hope I'm pretty sure it does.
BeersNGears (2 years ago)
Currently have a gtx 970 with a freesync monitor. Would it be worth to buy a r9 380x to be able to utilize freesync in this cross config?
Reiburster (2 years ago)
+Thuan Tran no, I would wait until Polaris arrives and then make a purchase.
xieulong (2 years ago)
Team Red + team Green = team Brown?
Santelo (4 months ago)
= team shit
sunnyou (2 years ago)
a shitty combo
Assassins Bunny (2 years ago)
+SamuHell782 oh kk
SamuHell782 (2 years ago)
+Vinay Vyraveraja brown in pigment, yellow in light
Paul Bialozor (2 years ago)
Might have been nice had you had 2 390's to run in Crossfire to compare as well, since you showed the results for 2 970's... Just saying....
Paul Bialozor (2 years ago)
+Gamers Nexus Neither do I, but I almost invested in two 390's or one 980 so went with the 980... I'd be curious how the 390's in Xfire would do against the SLI 970's... I could probably google it so no worries...
Gamers Nexus (2 years ago)
We don't have two 390s.
Rafaz Zafar (2 years ago)
amd+cuda for multiple rendering softwares AND being able to use both of em for gaming would be tremendously lovely.
Quinn Dams (2 years ago)
+Rafaz Zafar 2 days into the release of ashes of the singularity multi brand gpu is gonna be gimped. mark my words.
MAsterTroll (2 years ago)
I don't know why but I love this.
CMSonYT (2 years ago)
"lack of driver support" they just made a driver update that RAISED the performance in DX12 a while ago. They desperately needed it because in some earlier tests they were SLOWER in DX12 over DX11. Nvidia's strategy has always been really strong driver support instead of simply having really strong hardware; DX12 makes it harder to have a driver advantage.
Screw B (2 years ago)
+CMSonYT DX12's advantages are dependent on hardware not software. Nvidia can not close the gap with drivers.
Just Playing (2 years ago)
very impressive work Gamers Nexus, always 👍
Drake Owens (2 years ago)
Good explanation/demonstration of multiple disparate GPUs in AoS. I very much want to see a demonstration/benchmark of the benefits of discrete GPU plus iGPU use. I think virtually everyone nowadays has a CPU with an onboard iGPU and I've always been frustrated that for me it was sitting there doing nothing. Now that DX12 allows it to function in tandem with my graphics cards I'm very curious about how it will affect performance. Intel has put a lot of resources into developing the onboard graphics for the tablet and laptop market and soon I'll finally get to put it to use as well. Please do a review.
Guglielmo Bagella (2 years ago)
i'm wondering, maybe I lost it when you said (in case sorry) but is there any difference in the cpu usage between dx11 and dx12 here in AOS?
Banana Lord (2 years ago)
yes, amds fx cpus work way better in dx12
Guglielmo Bagella (2 years ago)
thanks a lot for the reply :D!
Gamers Nexus (2 years ago)
+Guglielmo Bagella Yes. That is the primary advantage. Draw calls and other tasks are removed from the CPU and shifted to the GPU almost entirely.
Koko Valadez (2 years ago)
Is it just me or did the quality and editing of your videos just took leaps from your last few videos I had watched. Whatever it is, keep up the great work! Great video
Jackson Shoemaker (2 years ago)
Frankenfire or Cross-SLIther
Jackson Shoemaker (2 years ago)
+The-BGR Spot good one
The-BGR Spot (2 years ago)
+Jackson Shoemaker SLIFIRE Made by Micro Advanced Vidia
Judas101010 (2 years ago)
http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/ashes_of_singularity_directx_12_benchmark_ii_review,6.html 390x easily beating the 980 and allmost on paar with a 980ti and the fury (none x) taking the top... yeap AMD's old architecture was ahead of it's time implementing directx 12 features on hardware level, unless NVİDİA doing some shady buisness with forcing gameNOTworks to the mayor games i see only an angry mob of Nvidia owners. Can't fix something with drivers what is needed on a hardware level. P.S. 380x allmost matches the 970.. just crazy
arton haziri (2 years ago)
Nvidia lovers still dreaming drivers will fix what they lack in hardware........
chris simmons (2 years ago)
+danjal07 ive seen more issues from nvidia users then amd migrating to 10 sounds like you had issues ie didnt go to amds site and install the proper crimson drivers like they stated im running a 390x absolutely love it have little issues with it under windows 10 :)
chris simmons (2 years ago)
+northern marine farcry primal tomb raider ark this one even in the division amd and nvidia trade blows lol
chris simmons (2 years ago)
+DanusMax agreed id swap a 970 for a 390x that card is defective at launch what aggravates me is people defending it no the card has 512 megs of its ram crippled that isnt a good thing at all and there is no reason for it other then poor binning
chris simmons (2 years ago)
+LoLUnderstated play ark completely maxed out at 1440p with a card less then 8gb and see what happens even a 290x noms a 980
Diglo1 (2 years ago)
How am I suppose to answer that :)
First Last (2 years ago)
Would one be able to run PhysX from Nvidia card coupled with an AMD cards ?! Had this question for ages about Dx12. Now watching the video.
Trogdor8freebird (2 years ago)
Will you be doing any test for different GPUs from the same brand? For example, the 980 and 760 or something? If you mentioned whether you'll be doing that content, my bad - wasn't paying attention throughout the entire video.
Spoert M (2 years ago)
Should I be afraid of putting my 380 alongside my 690? Quite frankly I am..
Reiburster (2 years ago)
+Spoert M if you can disable one of the cores on the 690, it could work? i dunno.
Patrick Rivas (2 years ago)
Awesome, informative video. Thanks!
Coffee (2 years ago)
so i can buy a crappy gpu just for freesync?
John Calvados (2 years ago)
+Coffee That's something that I was wondering. How adaptive sync works when you have both cards.
Reiburster (2 years ago)
+Kek Syndicate correct. It's always best to buy monitors with a lower minimum freesync range, unless you have a decent GPU.
N4TH4N M1DDL3T0N (2 years ago)
+Coffee Oh my apologies. It depends on the monitor. Some freesync monitors only work at between 45 - 75 hz so if the GPU can't output more than 45 fps there will be no difference.
Coffee (2 years ago)
by crappy i mean low low end
N4TH4N M1DDL3T0N (2 years ago)
+Coffee Not sure if stupid or just trolling.

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