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Stock Market - Is SGX(Singapore) Nifty really Closing?? - in हिंदी

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In this video, I have highlighted the recent announcement by NSE(National stock exchange), BSE(Bombay stock exchange) and Metropolitan stock exchange to stop product licensing its products to foreign exchanges. This will affect the SGX(Singapore) nifty, which is Indian nifty trading on Singapore stock exchange. Recently, MSCI Inc - global Index provider who is inchage of providing the classification of indexes worldwide has told NSE, BSE and MSE to reconsider its decision as it will have adverse affect on the classification and ratings of the Indian indices. The move will prove to be beneficial for Indian stock market and for short term traders(Intraday and swing traders) as it will increase more liquidity into the market. SHARE, SUPPORT, SUBSRCIBE!!! FREE INTRADAY CALLS ON TELEGRAM CHANNEL TELEGRAM: https://t.me/tradinglab WEBSITE : HTTP://WWW.TRADINGLAB.IN FOR OPENING ACCOUNT IN ZERODHA LINK BELOW: https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=RT0688 FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/tradinglabin-802542689916548/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tradinglab83 Single moving average - 100% Profitable - in हिंदी https://youtu.be/VxU8tE1MkCs Zerodha kite 3.0 - Amazing new features - in हिंदी https://youtu.be/uwL6NhdygjE
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Solo Traveller (9 months ago)
Your every video is great.. I'm eagerly waiting next video sir...
Anubhav More (9 months ago)
In one of your previous video, you said about 4 intra-sessions in intraday, can you give me that time frames I'm unable to find it online

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