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DrugTestingCourses.com: Starting a Drug Testing Business?
REGISTRATION & CARE 1-888-390-5574 | M-F | 9AM-9PM EST https://drugtestingcourses.com [email protected]ngcourses.com
Fastest Labs - Start a Drug, Alcohol & DNA Testing Franchise
Learn more: http://www.franchisegator.com/fastest-labs-franchise/ Own and operate a drug, alcohol, and DNA testing franchise with no experience necessary! Find out how to become part of the $1.5 billion drug testing industry.
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Start Your Own Drug Testing Business with DrugTestingCourses.com
REGISTRATION & CARE 1-888-390-5574 | M-F | 9AM-9PM EST [email protected]testingcourses.com https://drugtestingcourses.com Learn what it takes to start your very own drug and/or alcohol testing business! Whether you are adding on to an existing business or starting one exclusively, we can help give you a basic and general understanding of the drug testing business an when you're ready to take your certification courses check out our all in one drug, all in one drug testing and DNA Paternity certification course.
How To Set Up A Drug Testing Program | Joe Reilly Consulting Q&A
http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com | 866-843-4545 Tom Fulmer Interviews Mr. Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening. Here is the Q&A: Tom: You may not have woken up today thinking that, "You know I really need a drug testing policy for my company." But, you may have had several of your employees wake up this morning or even late last night thinking, "I certainly hope they don't start drug testing today." Most employers don't just wake up and say, "Hey, I need a drug testing program in place." You usually have some kind of reason for that. I'm sure that you get a lot of calls of people saying - either it is a new company or an existing company and they want to start a drug testing program or a drug free workplace policy. How do you address that when they call and request that? Joe: We begin by identifying what type of drug test they're going to do and what drug test panel because, there's lots of different drug testing panels. There is a five panel, there is a 10 panel, there is a 10 panel with extended opiates and there is alcohol testing. Then we identify where they're located. They might have multiple locations around the country. We can certainly handle that. Or, they might be a freestanding location for example maybe it is one location in Orlando, Florida and we would set them up with a specimen collection facility that is very close by. The specimens would be collected. They will go out to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for the analysis and then the results will come back to our medical review officer (MRO) for the final review and verification. Then the appropriate person at the company would receive the results from us via our online computer drug testing software system. Tom: Okay. So, once they get the drug testing program set up, do you find that they also all need a drug free workplace policy? Should, they have a drug free workplace policy or sometimes should you review the current drug free workplace policy that they currently have in place. Joe: Yes. Just as I mentioned a couple of minutes ago the drug-free workplace policy is really important. So, that is part of the conversation that we have with every single company that calls us. Do you have a drug-free workplace policy? And, if you do not we can work towards helping you to get a written drug-free workplace policy in place. Because, the worst thing that can happen is if you drug test somebody, they come up positive and then they say, "What do we do now?" It is essential that they have a policy in place to deal with any adverse action that they might want to take. Tom: A lot of times they are asking about random or reasonable suspicion because they had maybe one person who was the reason for the call in the first place. So, how does that come into play? Joe: Well, the random testing is a really important part of a drug-free workplace policy. For DOT required drug testing the random testing is actually required. For non-regulated companies the random testing is an option but it is a deterrent factor. It is what reminds the employees not to use illicit drugs. So, we really encourage employers to always have random testing even if it is as simple as one person per month or a couple of people per quarter. That is because random testing is a deterrent to drug use and it is also an early identifier of drug use were perhaps we can get someone the help that they need, they can then come back to work and then lead a productive lifestyle. Tom: Excellent, and do you find that some people confuse the random testing with the reasonable suspicion testing. How they tie that to the policy at times? Joe: That is a great question Tom. That is because we get a lot of calls from companies. They will say, "Mr. Reilly can you help us? We want to do a random test on Bob tomorrow. He has been acting funny and we have heard some rumors that he might be using drugs." Well, the first thing that I need to caution the employer is that, this is not a random test. It might be a reasonable suspicion test if a trained supervisor has seen signs and symptoms that that person may be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol while working. So, if you are going to do a test based on suspicion then call it what it is. It is a reasonable suspicion test. There is nothing random about it. Tom: I think that is important to note and quite a few other things that you have said here. If you're getting ready to start a drug free workplace program or policy. Make sure that you reach out and talk to someone like Joe who can make sure that you get things done correctly. Learn More About Joe Reilly: https://youtu.be/jKHbAEMLbRk #drugtestingprograms #workplacedrugtesting #drugfreeworkplace #employerdrugtesting
Drug & Alcohol Testing Business Opportunity Start Up / Franchise Alternative - RDTS
Drug & Alcohol Testing Business Opportunities Start-up / Franchise Alternative. Plus Struggling Business and Franchise Consulting, provides personal one on one consulting with 30 year entrepreneur Michael A. Bonventre. Mr. Bonventre is currently a nationally recognized drug testing and crime prevention expert. RDTS Business consulting is a fraction of the cost of Franchises with savings of up to 75,000. RDTS Business Opportunity models have no franchise restrictions and no ongoing franchise costs.
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Pre employment drug testing service: start your own business
Because of the increasing demand of pre-employment drug testing procedure, investors and businessmen are now into creating drug testing centers.-http://drugabusecontrol.com For more information about pre employment drug testing, you can email us @ [email protected] or call (800) 366-5029 Get updated and follow us on these sites Facebook-http://facebook.com/drugabusecontrol Twitter-https://twitter.com/Drugtestinginc You can read more here https://drugabusecontrol.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/how-to-start-with-pre-employment-drug-testing-service/
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National Drug Screening (NDS) Reseller Program Overview
http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com | 866-843-4545 Whether you've been in the drug-testing industry for years or are just starting out as a Third Party Administrator, you need three core elements to have a successful business. It's essential to have a feature-rich drug-testing software package, accounts with drug testing labs, a Medical Review Officer, and training for random drug testing consortium programs. In this video of the NDS Video Blog series, Joe Reilly discusses the NDS reseller program for TPA's and those just starting a drug testing business. Remember, also, that these services are essential to an established drug screen business. If your current software or services are not providing the expected business results, this will apply to you. The National Drug Screening Reseller Program provides: 1) Drug Testing Software 2) Drug Testing Lab Account Setup and Maintenance 3) Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services 4) Random Drug Testing Consortium Programs with Training and Consultation We provide a complete back-office solution for drug testing businesses. With this turnkey program, we offer web-based software that is "white labeled" so you can use your logo on the software interface and the printed forms. The reseller program also provides lab accounts, Medical Review Officer services and access to a network of over 6000 drug screening collection sites. Our solution allows you to concentrate on the profitable business of providing drug testing while NDS fulfills your back-end and handles the complex compliance regulations that are involved. We handle regulated processes from specimen collection to MRO review and reporting services. As a benefit, we provide unlimited training to ensure your drug testing business is successful, this includes managing random drug testing as well as offering random drug screening consortiums. Whether the need is self-governed drug-free workplace or DOT regulated random drug testing, we have the people, software, and process to make your business thrive. What many organizations find attractive is that we can assemble a solution that is perfect for you. If you already have your lab accounts, you can still leverage the power of our MRO services and our drug screening software. We have the most robust drug testing software on the market today. Software for managing drug testing is a crucial aspect of any third party administrator (TPA) operation. Your drug testing software is your production tool for your business. National Drug Screening offers MRO services combined with a software platform which manages all of your occupational testing programs from test scheduling to test completion. Our system features include: 1. Web-based reporting that is white-labeled and branded with your company logo 2. Rapid turnaround. We've heard that we are the fastest in the industry. 3. Digital services integration for electronic ordering, paperless drug tests, and real-time reporting. And many more features that you can read about here: https://www.nationaldrugscreening.com/software-service.php This NDS Reseller Program is different because it permits your operation to start providing superior drug testing services to your clients with a minimum profit margin of 30%. Getting started is as simple as calling Joe Reilly or Tom Fulmer at 866-843-4545. Who Utilizes the NDS Reseller Program? Occupational Health Clinics Collection Sites Mobile Collectors Third Party Administrators (TPA) Background Screening Providers (CRA) Hospital Systems DOT Licensing Companies Anyone wanting to sell drug testing or start a drug testing business For more info on the drug testing industry, drug and alcohol testing regulations and upcoming changes, and a whole lot more, visit the NDS Blog regularly: http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com LIKE US on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/mrodrugtest #MROservices #drugtest #orderadrugtest
Learn How to Start a Drug, Alcohol and DNA Paternity Testing Business
REGISTRATION & CARE 1-888-390-5574 | M-F | 9AM-9PM EST https://drugtestingcourses.com [email protected] If you have always wanted to start your own drug testing business, then this introductory course on starting a business in this rapidly growing industry by our DATIA Certified Professional Collector Trainer Andrew Easler is perfect for you! Not only will you get the opportunity to have a 30-minute one-on-one call with one of our expert drug testing instructors who can answer most questions about the drug testing business, we will also send you a coupon for 100 dollars that you can use on any of the courses offered at DrugTestingCourses.com -- That means you've already made a profit even before you start your business! That’s right! You get a 30-minute one-on-one call with one of our instructors, 100 dollars off any course offered by Drug Testing Courses, and we will also review the following: Compliance: Should you incorporate? Which type of entity is right for your business? Do you need a business license? History and Growth Outlook: How did the drug testing industry start? How big is it now? Is it growing? Services: Which services might be right for your business to offer? Marketing: Where and how should you market? Who is your target market? Equipment: With a wide variety of choices to make, how do you know which equipment will best fit the services you provide? Don’t wait to start your business, visit: https://www.drugtestingcourses.com/course/drug-testing-business-start-up-overview/
What You Need to Know for Your 2018 Drug Screening Program
What are the latest drug screening trends? Should your drug testing program change to accommodate the latest substance abuse research? The drug screening landscape is constantly evolving and you need to make sure that your organization is keeping pace with these changes. Listen to the webinar, held on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, as Dr. Todd Simo, HireRight's Chief Medical Officer, discusses drug positivity rates, medical and recreational marijuana regulations, and best practice recommendations you can employ for a solid drug-free workplace in 2018. Topics covered include: • Positive rate trends by specimen • Most frequently asked questions about drug screening • Medical marijuana update - what's legal and what's not • Common flaws in employer drug testing programs • Recommendations for optimizing your drug-free workplace program www.hireright.com
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Revealed: The Pitfalls of POCT Pre-Employment Drug Testing
This video PSA warns job-seekers of the dangers inherent in Point of Contact Test cups, also called instant drug test cups. The video was prompted by ACCU-Lab’s recent discovery that instant drug test cups returned False Positives with tap water. It is designed to raise awareness—and hopefully, generate some action—about the pitfalls faced by job-seekers who submit to pre-employment instant drug tests. “As a long-time consumer rights advocate in the drug testing industry, it is my responsibility to advise prospective donors and users alike to take steps to protect themselves when providing or collecting specimens using instant drug test cups,” said Warren Cooper, ACCU-Lab Medical Testing founder and CEO. “Point of Contact drug testing attracts users because it is fast and inexpensive, however the methodology is not regulated and the results are unreliable. This is absolutely a case of ‘user or donor, beware.’" Share this information with your family, friends, anyone you know has been, or may be, required to take a pre-employment drug test. Then let your voice be heard. Contact your state legislators and tell them that Illinois job-seekers should be protected from pre-employment drug testing that relies on Point of Contact Tests, aka instant drug test cups. And if you have a drug testing horror story you want to share with us, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
DS Collector Training
DOT Drug Screen Collector Training program to Meet 49 CFR Part 40 Requirements Emergency One Drug Screening and MRO Services
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Starting DOT Specimen Collection: Step 1
http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com | 866-843-4545 In this video of the NDS Video Blog series, Joe Reilly discusses DOT Urine Specimen Collection Step 1: Starting a collection. 1) Go over Instructions with the donor 2) Check Id of Donor 3) Check that Specimen ID numbers on the seals match the form 4) Complete Employer information, MRO information, Collection Site Information, indicate DOT agency, indicate Test Reason, indicate Test panel, 5)Have donor remove outer garments (jackets, etc), empty pockets, wash and dry hands 6) Select Collection Cup (official beginning of the collection process) 7) Collector provides donor directions for the providing of the specimen Interested in becoming a drug test collector or refresher training for yourself or your collectors? Contact us for your next steps. UPCOMING LIVE DOT COLLECTOR TRAINING PROGRAMS 1/22/19 DOT Collector Training Live Webinar - https://www.joereilly.com/training-courses/23-dot-collector-training-live-webinar.html Date: Jan 22nd, 2019 Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm 2/12/19 Collector Training: How-to & Best Practices Review - https://www.joereilly.com/training-courses/21-collector-training-how-to-best-practices-review.html Date: Feb 12th, 2019 Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm 3/14/19 Live DOT Collector in-person Training Program with Mock Collections - Melbourne, FL - https://www.joereilly.com/training-courses/26-live-dot-collector-training-melbourne-fl.html Date: Mar 14th, 2019 Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm For more info on the drug testing industry, drug and alcohol testing regulations and upcoming changes, and a whole lot more, visit the NDS Blog regularly: https://www.nationaldrugscreening.com/blogs.php LIKE US on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/mrodrugtest #drugtest #orderadrugtest
Pre-Employment Drug Testing for Businesses
The Drug Culture is real. You may not know it, but it is affecting your company and your bottom line. Your employees are coming to work impaired everyday.
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How to Become a Specimen Collector for DOT Drug Testing
This 10-minute video will teach you the steps necessary to get certified as a professional specimen collector and what training requirements are necessary. Department of Transportation (DOT) Rules require that persons collecting specimens for Federal drug tests meet the training requirements outlined in the Regulations [49 CFR Part 40] . Learn quickly how to you can be a DOT specimen collector! Links from the video: https://www.certifiedtrainingsolutions.com/dot-specimen-collector-training.html https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/urine-specimen-collection-guidelines https://www.transportation.gov/sites/dot.dev/files/docs/ODAPC_How_To_Become_A_Collector.pdf Contact us at 307-640-5859 www.CertifiedTrainingSolutions.com
DOT Drug & Alcohol Test Expert / New & Struggling Drug Business Consultant / Franchise Alternative
Michael Bonventre Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing Train the Trainer / New & Struggling Business / Franchise Alternative Consultant / Expert offers 24 Hour Access For Emergencies for Both Companies and Collectors In the Field.
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Drug Testing Consortiums Explained
Sherice Brown, clinic director at Fastest Labs, explains the purpose of drug testing consortiums. A consortium helps small companies achieve a random sampling by combining their employees with those of other companies into a larger sampling group. This helps achieve the randomness requirements of DOT testing regulations.
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Introducing Intelligent Fingerprinting: drug screening at your fingertips
Intelligent Fingerprinting has developed a revolutionary new fingerprint drug test, the first of its kind in the world. The portable, non-invasive, fingerprint-based Drug Screening System works by analysing fingerprint sweat to detect tiny traces of drugs or drug metabolites. It takes only a few seconds to collect a fingerprint sample onto the Intelligent Fingerprinting Cartridge, ready for analysis by the portable Intelligent Fingerprinting Reader 1000. The Intelligent Fingerprinting 4-panel fingerprint drug test screens for opiates, cocaine, cannabis and amphetamines. Results are available in a few minutes. www.intelligentfingerprinting.com
Tim Zimmerman tells you how SCORE can help you start a business
Tim Zimmerman currently owns and manages First Choice Drug Testing in Little Rock Arkansas. First Choice manages drug testing programs for clients including employers, schools, courts, and rehabilitation facilities. He became involved with the Company in 2010 as a minority partner and has since purchased the stock of the other shareholders and is the sole owner. Prior to First Choice he spent 25 years in the industrial distribution business here in Arkansas. He started at the age of 19 as the delivery driver, opened a grass roots location in Ft. Smith at the age of 23, and when he left in 2007 was Vice-President of a $48 million sales entity with 160 employees in 12 locations across 6 states. Read more and get valuable resources here: https://www.flagandbanner.com/radio-show/tim-zimmerman-126.asp Up In Your Business airs every Friday from 2-3 pm central time on KABF. If you have questions during the show, feel free to call us at 501-433-0088 or email us at [email protected] Click here to see previous shows, full bios, and more: http://www.flagandbanner.com/up-in-your-business-radio-show/podcasts.asp Arkansas Flag and Banner has all the solutions for your flag needs: http://www.flagandbanner.com/
The Difference Between DOT and Non DOT Drug Testing
REGISTRATION & CARE 1-888-390-5574 | M-F | 9AM-9PM EST https://drugtestingcourses.com [email protected] Drug and alcohol testing play important roles in all businesses, regardless of industry. However, you’ll find that when it comes to DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing program requirements, transportation companies and the drug and alcohol testing programs catering to them must comply with significantly more stringent regulations. What are the key differences here? Actually, the US DOT spells them out on the agency’s website, but let’s run down a list of the most salient requirements for DOT drug and alcohol programs.
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Affordable DOT Drug Screening Company McDonough
http://pixie.link/drug-testing GA Onsite Labs 770-412-0077 DOT Drug Screening Company McDonough Wondering where to find a quality DOT Drug Screening Test For Trucking companies in McDonough Georgia? Well, you've come to the right place. Georgia On-site Lab Testing Inc. offers affordable DOT drug screening tests to the trucking industry large or small in McDonough Georgia. GA On-Site Labs offers McDonough DOT drug screening, DOT Drug Screening Test for Pre-employment in McDonough, and McDonough DOT drug and alcohol testing at many locations in the McDonough Georgia area for employers and individuals in need of a drug, or alcohol test. Testing locations are open for DOT and NON-DOT drug and alcohol testing. We Come to you! Our affordable, mobile lab on-Site DOT drug screening facility offers a comprehensive range of drug screening services not only for businesses and government bodies but for private individuals as well. We offer pre-employment drug testing as well as random. If you are a larger company we can set up an in-house testing service tailored to your requirements. All diagnostics performed are held to the highest standards, specifications and State Certifications. On-site testing is also known to be much faster than if you were to use a third-party lab. Faster results are of the utmost importance because you don't want to keep your candidates waiting nor do you want to run the risk of employees being out on the roads when they have tested positive for drug use. With our great mobile DOT drug location. So what are you waiting for! We Offer: DOT drug screening test McDonough, DOT drug screen McDonough, DOT Drug Screening Lab McDonough, DOT Drug Screening Test for Pre-employment McDonough, DOT Drug screening company McDonough, DOT Drug screening service McDonough,
Merit Mobile Drug Testing
On-Site Drug, Alcohol, DNA, & Home Meth Testing
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Drug And Alcohol Testing - Employee Drug And Alcohol Testing
Drug and Alcohol Testing http://www.hmts.com or call 1-800-568-8065 Do you need Drug and Alcohol Testing for your business? Since 1989, Houston Medical Testing has been providing employers with peace of mind- helping them hire and maintain a drug-free workplace. Serving clients with 5 to 25,000 employees across the contiguous US, we are proud to represent your company as well. Besides Drug and Alcohol Testing, we provide written substance abuse policy development, and over 80 types of background checks so you don’t waste your time and resources on the wrong people. It’s a fact that drug abusers love employers who do not drug test. This is why you should remain vigilant as a company and implement drug testing to protect yourself and your business from undue liabilities. Reduce absenteeism, reduce Worker’s Comp insurance claims and increase productivity with testing. You can send employees to one of our 6,000 plus collection sites, or we can come to you! HMTS is proud to be the winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Awards for Excellence for 2015, 2016, and 2017. Create a drug-free workplace and start Drug and Alcohol Testing now, visit our website or call today!
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Employment drug screening in Georgia call 770-412-0077
GA Onsite Lab Testing - www.gaonsitelabs.com - 770-412-0077 Georgia Onsite Lab Testing offers employment drug screening throughout Georgia. It beats In-house drug testing hands down. Please subscribe to our channel for more information on drug testing in Georgia. http://www.youtube.com/user/GeorgiaOnsiteLabs Hey there Georgia business owner ...Considering employee drug testing? Think you are saving money by implementing your own in house drug screening program? Think again! Cheap is not always better! Did you know that if you do in house drug testing, you are opening up your business to a potential lawsuit? That’s why your pre-employment drug screening should be left to an independent Georgia based company. That's right! There are a lot of factors involved here. • Quality training for the drug tester...but what if they move on to another job somewhere else in Georgia? Then you have to begin again. • What if the drug tester is less than ethical and plays favorites or worse ...sets someone up. • What happens when the tested employee refutes the validity of the testing procedure or results? • What type of quality control and quality assurance programs are implemented? In order to have the highest level of accuracy the costs of in house drug screening can actually be quite high if performed to the highest standards. A thorough cost analysis, and taking into account issues relating to personnel training and record keeping, suggests that is ultimately more cost effective to have the Georgia drug testing program managed by a third party. But seriously....the initial benefits of cost effective in house testing pale when an employee is terminated based on the results of in-house drug screening. In this sue happy society we live in, did you know that the average wrongful termination lawsuit can cost the employer anywhere from $100,000 to a million or more? Performing in-house drug testing sets an employer up for litigation based on unfair practices and discrimination. Attorneys for the terminated employee will definitely question how the random selection was made. • was it done by tossing names in a bag or jar and pulling a name out? • or was it done by random generator? • Could the person doing the testing have compromised ethics and have pulled a specific name or ran the generator until the desired name came up? Absolutely! Because of the huge potential litigation liability...it is critical for your business to use an outside independent contractor who has no vested interest. When the question of discrimination comes up in court, the employer can honestly state that they had no control over who was randomly selected. But besides discrimination...here is another issue...the argument that drug testing was not properly performed. There are many reasons this argument could stand up in a Georgia court. • Did the employer provide a one- time training? • How often was the tester re-certified? • When was the last drug test performed? What happens when the testing employee quits or gets promoted? Does the employer provide new training by a certified trainer? What if your business has a low rate of turnover? Then it is highly possible because of lack of practice the tester may miss a vital step or make a critical error. Outside drug testing companies in Georgia have the experience and protocols that dictate the specific steps that are taken during a drug test. Using professional collectors removes any doubt. The thought of potential legal battles may prompt Georgia employers to scrap any drug testing programs completely. But wait…not so fast! The National Institute of Health reported that alcohol and drug abuse cost the economy $246 billion dollars a year in 1992. Imagine the costs now! Ever thought about what alcohol and drug abuse is costing your Georgia business? Numerous studies suggest that substance abuse is having a profoundly negative effect on the workplace in terms of decreased productivity, increased accidents, absenteeism, turnover and medical costs. So really, doesn't it make great business sense to outsource your employee drug testing program? And who better than Georgia Onsite Lab Testing to provide a quick and highly accurate drug screening program that will save you a lot headache and money in the long run! Convenient too…We come to your facility! Georgia On-site has all the bases covered including malpractice and liability insurances in place to protect their clients. All technicians are certified and re-certified every three months. Give Georgia On-site Lab Testing a call today! 770-412-0077 employee drug testing pre-employment drug screening Georgia drug testing program in house drug screening Georgia onsite lab testing employee drug testing program drug testing programs drug test drug testing companies in Georgia drug testing in-house drug testing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqinxjRfJog
Alcohol & Drug Testing Programs for Trucking Companies
Get helpful tips for your New Entrant Safety Audit. Get this complete guide to passing the New Entrant Safety Audit for free: https://www.apexcapitalcorp.com/whitepaper/what-to-expect-as-a-new-entrant/ A Guide to Running Your Trucking Company in the First Year: Alcohol & Drug Testing Programs Your trucking company must have drug and alcohol testing policies. Your policy should include a random drug and alcohol testing program. If you're ready to start your own trucking company and become your own boss, we can help. To discover your options call us at 844-204-8657 or get started here: https://www.apexcapitalcorp.com/startup/apply Connect with us on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apexstartuprogram/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apexstartup/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApexStartup
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Drug Testing and Hiring Employees - Contractor Business Tip #101
http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/contractor_tips/index.html Click on this link if you're interested in more information about the book written by Greg Vanden Berge. I've never done this personally, but it might be something to consider, especially if you're looking for a specific type of employee. It would also be something that can be used right off the bat, to figure out whether or not someone is telling you the truth. It's funny, but I've always associated drug use with dishonesty and could probably tolerate the drugs, but couldn't tolerate the dishonesty. Make sure you understand all of the rules and laws attached to this type of testing. I really don't know where to start, if your a contractor who is interested in learning more about the construction business, from someone with over 30 years of experience, then this book's for you. Realistically, that's all I have to say, the book will speak for itself.
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Stop Drug Test Cheaters! International Drug Testing Business Opportunity Expert
Michael Bonventre Federal DOT CFR 49 part 40 certification train the trainer, business opportunity consultant & Franchise alternative expert reveals ways to stop drug test cheaters. Stop them in the collection process and administration process. Rapid Drug Test Systems offers collection quality control evaluations of company administrators as well as collection facilities.
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Drug Testing Accreditation for Urgent Care Centers
www.UrgentCAREManagementmonthly.com Featuring: Tim Reynolds (Texarkana) In this issue of Urgent Care Management Monthly, Dr. Tim Reynolds and Kim West discuss adding drug testing to your urgent care center and using the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) to get your program accredited.
DATIA Certification - Drug & Alcohol Testing
Taylor Made Diagnostics' Clinical Manager and Registered Nurse Marilyn Harding talks about TMD's DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association http://www.datia.org/) certification standards. To learn more about TMD and occupational medicine in Hampton Roads visit http://taylormadediagnostics.com/ Transcript: DATIA is a Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association. DATIA was founded back in September of 1995 and it served as a primary source for information on drug and alcohol testing services. DATIA provides members with information on the latest related government laws and regulations including standards of professional drug collection including standards of professional drug collection. The DATIA standards are derived from the Department of Transportation Regulations, Department of Health and Human Services and industries best practices. Here at TMD we have a unique blend of clinical and admin staff that are trained DATIA certified professional collectors. Our DATIA collectors have completed the training course and have successfully passed the DATIA CPC exam. All of our collectors are retested annually and we are required to receive 90% in order to maintain our certification our collectors are held to the highest industry standards and are proficient in providing collection services according to the proper regulations and guidelines. CMP certified professional collectors are trained to cover all aspects of the collection process for both DOT as well as non-DOT collections. We perform hundreds of drug collections per week and as a result your company employees can rest assured that our team of professional are well-versed and how to handle situations such as attempted adulterations, insufficient quantities shy bladder or direct observation just to name a few. As you interact with our TMD team you will quickly find we're committed to offering superior collection services. If you have any specific questions about to drug and alcohol process, please feel free to contact me at 757-494-1688. Thank you for your business and I look forward to meeting you soon. #drugtesting #alcoholtesting #DATIA #occupationalmedicine #occupationalhealth
Pre-Employment Drug Screening - Databaserecords.com
http://www.databaserecords.com/ - Pre-Employment Drug Screening Results in as little as 24 - 48 hours. Drug testing programs provide for safety and productivity in your workplace. Lab testing includes initial screening and confirmation testing. All results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). All of our MROs are licensed physicians who have knowledge of substance abuse and are certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO). Do you need a Drug Free Workplace Policy? YES! We will provide a customized policy to fit your business. Are you complying with State and Federal Laws? YES! We will let you know. Do you want paperless and online scheduling of testing? YES! We have the most advanced system covering all of the United States. Do you need to start drug testing right now? YES! This is our specialty. Compliance with workers comp for discounts and post accident testing? YES! We work with all State Drug Free Workplace Programs. Need alternative testing? YES! We test with urine, hair, breath or oral fluid. To learn more visit our Pre-Employment Drug Screening Blog: http://www.databaserecords.com/blog/ or call us 615-449-8991.
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Upstate Mobile Drug Testing of CNY - Comprehensive Services
Upstate Mobile Drug Testing of CNY Upstate Drug Testing provides DOT and NON-DOT drug testing, breath alcohol screening, Background Screening and DNA paternity relationship services to our clients. DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training and Certification, DOT Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Technician Training and Certification, NON-DOT Hair, Saliva, Nails and DNA Collector Training and Certifications also offered. Upstate Drug Testing provides our services throughout: Central New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, Capital District, and North Country including: Albany, Auburn, Binghamton, Buffalo, Cortland, Geneva, Ithaca, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, Rochester, Rome, Seneca Falls, Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown. Follow us on Social media! Website: http://upstatedrugtesting.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upstatenewyo... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/upstate_dru... Twitter: https://twitter.com/upstatedrugtest Tumblr: http://upstatedrugtesting.tumblr.com/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/1027338013917... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLGe... Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/upst...
Drug and Alcohol Testing Collector Training
Progressive Diagnostics specialise in delivering a nationally accredited Drug and Alcohol Testing Officer training course. This course will give you the skills to perform the duties of a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Officer. This will qualify you to perform random and scheduled testing of either urine and / or oral fluid for the presence of drugs of abuse, as well as breathalyser operation for Breath Testing for the presence of alcohol. You will learn the practical elements of carrying out these tests and also the theory and record-keeping requirements of performing these duties. - Urine sample collection and testing (AS/NZS 4308:2008); - Oral fluid (saliva) sample collection and testing (AS 4760:2006); - Breathalyser operation (AS 3547) Call: 08 9590 0013 / 0426 979 070 Authorised Drug and Alcohol Testing Officer Training Website: https://www.drugandalcoholtraining.com.au/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Progressive-Diagnostics/110702229087478 Email: [email protected] Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrugTestTrainin
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Passing a drug test is quite crucial for a truck driver. Drink as much water as you can every day and sweat all the toxins out in a sauna or the gym. Cleanse your hair temporarily. If you're pressed for time or if you failed to do a cleansing diet before your drug test, try using a hair detoxification shampoo. And prepare yourself a home remedy. Watch the entire video to learn more. Subscribe Now!!! ACCORDING TO TEST CLEAR - How to pass hair drug test? Drink as much water as you can every day and sweat all the toxins out in a sauna or the gym. Cleanse your hair temporarily. If you're pressed for time or if you failed to do a cleansing diet before your drug test, try using a hair detoxification shampoo. ... Mix up a home remedy. ... Shave all your hair. How long does THC stay in the hair? Marijuana leaves a chemical residue called Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) or THC. This chemical remnant passes through your bloodstream and stays in your system for a long time.In fact, THC can remain detectable naturally anywhere from a couple of days with single use to several months for chronic users. I work for a company now and would like to buy a truck cash but would like to build credit up for so if I don’t have a truck how do I do my taxes since I don’t make an income from a truck since I don’t got one and any intermodal job in the Columbus area you know about help me out please I’m worried I may fail hair test but haven’t smoked in over a year and a half LEARN TRUCK DRIVING PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGFwf591RGTEI3FaSxcD9yZU8zrM8ApYS
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DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance For Truck & Bus Drivers
How do you know if you are required to have the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) DOT drug testing programs? http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com | 866-843-4545 An employer with employees who fit into the below categories will be required to have a DOT FMCSA drug and alcohol testing program: The owner or the employers hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), or similar license issued by Mexico or Canada, and operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) in any state. A CMV is defined as a vehicle: • with a gross vehicle weight rating/gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight rating/gross combination • weight of 26,001 or more lbs, or • designed to carry 16 or more passengers (including the driver), or • of any size that is used to transport hazardous materials which require the vehicle to be placarded Those owner operators and companies that fit this criteria must implement a DOT drug and alcohol testing program including a random testing program with either a stand-alone or consortium random testing program. Setting up a program for your business to be in compliance with this DOT regulation may not be as difficult or expensive as you may think. National Drug Screening offers DOT drug and alcohol testing programs for large, medium, small and owner operator companies. These programs include stand-alone random testing programs and consortium random testing programs. It is easy for trucking companies and bus companies to be in compliance with DOT and FMCSA regulations. Learn More: https://www.nationaldrugscreening.com/dot-compliance.php #dotdrugalcoholregulations #dotcompliance #dotowneroperatorcompliance #drugalcoholtesting #dotfmcsa #commercialmotorvehicledrugtesting
Oralert 6 Oral Drug Test Video Instructions (Procedure)
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RDIRapidDetect Twitter - https://twitter.com/RapidDetect The Oralert 6 Oral Fluid Drug Screen saliva drug test provides a convenient and noninvasive method for the detection of multiple drugs in oral fluids. Oralert drug test offers cutting edge technology and a unique design eliminating urine collection permanently! No more controlled collection sites! No more collection-site fees! The Oral Fluid Drug Test eliminates the need for special equipment, same sex collectors and complicated training. Oralert drug test can be performed on-site anytime, anywhere and offers immediate results. America's Choice for quality, low cost drug testing supplies. We are celebrating 10 successful years in business, this 2012. Rapid drug and alcohol test kits that are accurate and easy to use, with test results in minutes. Rapid Detect takes pride not only in our premium brand name products but also in our friendly and effective customer service. How does the Oralert drug test work? Oralert drug test is a 6 panel lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of multiple drugs and their metabolites in oral fluids based on the principle of competitive binding. Simply drop the collected oral fluid drug test specimen into the device sample well and read in 10 minutes.Yes it is that simple, read your drug test results and move on. Non-negative oralert drug test results should be confirmed by a GC/MS SAMHSA approved laborarory. An Oralert drug test means No more collection costs Oralert produces Incredibly clear test results! Oral Fluid Testing integrity is difficult to adulterate Results available in 10 minutes- allows for immediate decision or treatment No additional equipment and operator training required Oralert Drug testing kit includes easy-to-follow procedure card to help eliminate procedural errors Best overall value regarding quality and price Oralert Oral Screen comes with all components needed to perform the test: Product Insert & Test Procedure.
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Workplace Alcohol Testing / Drug Testing
When employees face the reality of mandatory drug and alcohol testing they often feel resentment toward their employer for being required to undergo the process. Yet in today’s world such testing is, more often than not, an official part of every credible employment contract. What, then, is the origin of employee resentment? And what, if anything, should employers do to overcome, sidestep, or diminish employee concerns? Resentment toward Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing It seems ironic that employee resentment for workplace drug testing (and workplace alcohol testing) runs high, even among those who neither drink nor use drugs. “After all,” a manager might argue, “they have nothing to fear if they’re clean.” But perhaps fear has nothing to do with it. The negative arguments recorded by employees regarding alcohol and drug testing are highly personal in nature, whereas the arguments by owners and management favoring testing are far more impersonal. Employees are quoted as making statements such as: • They should have no right to use my body to seek evidence against me. • This is just a way to get rid of the people they don’t want to work here any longer. Managers and business owners, on the other hand, make statements such as: • Everyone who works here agrees to workplace alcohol testing before they’re offered a position. • Those who are tested are picked randomly. Everybody will undergo workplace drug testing eventually. While employers view drug and alcohol testing as a natural and understandable condition of employment, meant to further the health of the organization, the safety of employees and others, and to comply with any related government regulations, employees often view the process as an unreasonable invasion into the most private aspect of their lives: their own bodies. From there both sides often move further apart. The Solution: Bringing the Sides Together To alleviate this problem management should approach the prospect of drug testing empathetically, seeking to help employees understand the value of a corporate culture that has no room for inappropriate alcohol or drug use. They should neither become defensive about the performance of drug and alcohol tests, nor should they resort to the authoritative claim that employment is conditional upon testing. Both management and employees want the company to be healthy. Accidents and problems associated with drug and alcohol use can endanger the company, jobs, and the employees themselves. Employees can be proud of the fact that the work place has fewer accidents, and their jobs are more secure, because they are fully committed to the company’s drug and alcohol testing policy. Helping employees to “buy-in” to this attitude can begin immediately after they are hired in new employee orientation. In such an orientation fellow employees who are committed to the policy can be invited to share their feelings about how important the drug and alcohol testing policy is. And finally, employers should seek to make the drug testing process as non-intrusive as possible. Saliva drug testing, for example, is quick and easy, and removes much of the discomfort often associated with such tests. By focusing upon the mutually important motives to maintain a drug and alcohol-free work environment, while being sensitive to employee concerns, management can successfully overcome resistance to workplace drug and alcohol testing. For workplace alcohol and drug testing in Australia visit our website http://www.integritysampling.com.au/
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Learn Excel 2010 - "Random Drug Testing": Podcast #1491
A small company has decided to start doing random drug testing. They want to randomly select two employees each month. In episode 1491, Bill builds a handy workbook. Enter the employee names in B2:B101, then press F9 to select two employees, all with formulas, no VBA. Some people asked about downloading this workbook. It is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gneywwwczy07xsx/Podcast1491RandomDrugTest.xlsx?dl=0
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Effects of Positive Drug Screen on your License - Advice for Licensed Health Care Providers
Visit our Website at: http://www.chapmanlawgroup.com How does a positive drug test effect your nursing, medical, pharmacy, mental health and other professional licenses? Often a positive reading during a employment or pre-employment drug screen can trigger an Emergency Suspension (ESO or Summary Suspension) of your professional license. Seeking an attorney experienced in administrative law can help reduce the effects of a positive drug screen on your license. Professional licensing attorneys in Florida and Michigan. http://www.chapmanlawgroup.com
USA Mobile Drug Testing
http://www.centralohiomobiledrugtesting.com We are a mobile residental and business drug testing agency. No matter what time of day it is, we will come to you when you need us. USA Mobile Drug Testing 6787 Lake Trail Dr Westerville, OH 43082 (614) 515-5911 http://www.centralohiomobiledrugtesting.com
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How to Start Pharmacy Business in Bangladesh
Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh. How to Start Pharmacy Business in Bangladesh. Low cost Business in Bangladesh. How to start a Business in Bangladesh. Small Business in Bangladesh. Top Business ideas in Bangladesh. Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. more business ideas- bornforentrepreneurs.com bangladeshi, Bangla, Business, Earn money in Bangla. How to earn money Bangla
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Drug Testing Using eCCF
Electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF) mean fewer data-entry and legibility issues, more efficient collections, faster results, and streamlined delivery of images. Now available for both non-regulated and regulated drug testing. EmployerSolutions.com/eCCF
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LABS TO GO- Mobile On-Site Drug Testing
LABS TO GO provide mobile on-site drug testing for employers and individuals. We specialize in DOT and non-DOT drug testing and collections. Mobile drug testing can take place at the workplace, home, hospital, courts, etc. Employers have the ability of setting up an account and receiving results by web reporting in real time. Drug testing is also available by walk-ins, Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM and Saturdays from 8AM-1PM. For more information contact LABS TO GO today (757) 490-8888 or www.LABSTOGO.com
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Mobile drug testing
100% Veteran owned business. Firedrill Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to serving government, industry and businesses that are addressing substance abuse in the workplace.
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Attention phlebotomists and drug screen collectors!
Start or Grow your Phlebotomy or Drug Screen Collector Business Today! With our Revolutionary industry changing technology you can start, run and grow your business beginning today! Go to http://free.yourhealthpro.net
How To Order A Drug Test on MRO Results Online
http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com presents how to order a drug or alcohol test through the MRO Results Online portal. This video shows how to place an order and schedule a drug test using National Drug Screening's MRO Results Online Client portal. The MRO Results Online portal seamlessly integrates with the testing laboratory, the collection site or patient service center, and the MRO or Medical Review Officer. Ordering a test through this system will generate a drug testing pass also referred to as a Donor Pass, eCCF, or electronic chain of custody. This donor pass will have the information for the person being tested, the type of drug or alcohol test, the collection site information including address, phone number, and hours of operation. The MRO Results Online system is used not only to schedule the drug test but to also process the results electronically and delivery to the person designated to receive results. For more information on scheduling a drug testing, setting up a drug testing account, or utilizing the MRO Results Online System for your business, call 866-843-4545 or visit www.NationalDrugScreening.com .
Drug Testing Houston 77095,77041,77494 | JTX Drug Testing Houston Laboratories(832)660-2060
https://www.facebook.com/pages/JTX-Health-Laboratory/538679979572885 Drug testing is the procedure required by DOT ( Department of Transportation)for all Safety Sensitive Employee. Safety Sensitive Employees for the drug testing and alcohol testing are all the employees who's work might affect public safety put into risk bigger number of people or where the value of operating equipment is very high. Because of this reason most of Employers require periodic drug and alcohol testing to meet the DOT requirement as well as to protect the companies from potential law suits. JTX Drug Testing Houston is the modern facility offering newest types of test to detect and prevent false negative drug and alcohol testing. JTX Health Lab - drug testing facility for Houston Metro area is prepared to conduct the drug tests meeting the strict DOT requirements regarding chain of custody at our facility as well as for the group testing at the place of employment. We are encouraging employers or especially safety officers at your company to contact our company for individual consultation to arrange stable cooperation. We are price competitive ( beating our competitors prices), well organized ( we have MRO on staff) and we offer convenience for annual testing for drivers - we have physicians who are doing annual physical check up at the neighborhood clinic- " Centra Clinic". If you have employees who need treatment before they can get certification JTX Health Lab is the place to go. For more info go to our website at: http://www.jtx-drug-testing-houston.com To download a free DOT pamphlet for your employees about DOT Drug testing and Alcohol testing go to our business websites at: http://www.jtxhealthlab.biz/freedownload Thank you for your time and your business. Please contact us at 832-427-1873 JTX Health Laboratory 16316 FM 529 Suite A Houston, TX 77095 http://www.jtx-drug-testing-houston.com
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Stevens Transport: Random drug test 🤡
Email: [email protected] How random are random drug test 🤔?
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Ramsay Opens Up About His Past | Gordon Behind Bars
In order to gain credibility with the inmates, Gordon opens up with some very personal truths about his upbringing. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword
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Tom Fulmer; VP Business Development | NDS Company Profiles
http://www.NationalDrugScreening.com | 866-843-4545 As VP of Business Development at National Drug Screening, I work with employers to improve safety and productivity for both DOT and Non-DOT regulated companies. Having an effective drug testing program can mitigate risk, improve workplace safety, and help attract more reliable employees. We also seek to collaborate with existing and start-up drug testing or collection facilities to provide systems and support that allow them to become more profitable and better serve their clients. If you are an individual or company that needs drug testing or you offer drug testing or collection services, please reach out to me with any questions. I truly believe that through collaboration we all accomplish more. I look forward to connecting. I help companies reduce and manage risk and exposure within their work environments by providing drug testing solutions, MRO services, supervisor, collector & DER training, and program support & management services for employers and other drug testing companies. Collaboration and cooperation are keys to growth and success. Please reach out if you feel the same way and are interested in making mutually beneficial connections. #nationaldrugscreening #drugtesting #drugtestingsoftware
DOT DRUG TESTING Specifically for Owner Operators - DOT DRUG TESTING
DOT DRUG TESTING Specifically for Owner Operators As an Owner-Operator you're required by the DOT to get enrolled into a Consortium. Our turnkey program for Owner Operators takes care of all the drug testing and compliances for a reasonable yearly fee. If you need more information visit this URL: http://www.inoutlabs.com/consortium ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Phone # : 847-657-7900 Website : http://www.inoutlabs.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Links : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/inoutlabs Twitter : https://twitter.com/inoutlabs Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/inout-labs Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+inoutlabs ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Related Topics: random drug testing for owner operators owner operator failed drug test owner operator dot compliance owner operator drug consortium dot drug consortium dot drug and alcohol program owner operator dot regulations non cdl drug testing DOT Drug Testing ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | DOT DRUG TESTING Specifically for Owner Operators - DOT DRUG TESTING |