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What Your Small Business Needs to Know about Cybersecurity
Fortune 500 companies can withstand the financial damages of a cyberattack, but your business could easily be ruined. Fortunately for you, there is a lot of data out there to get you educated, and there are a lot of partners available who can help you stay protected. Before you choose a partner, watch this video to figure out what you need to know about Cybersecurity. For tech reviews, news and opinion, check out PCMag.com: http://www.pcmag.com Follow PCMag on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCMag Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCMag Join us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+PCMag
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A Basic Security Model for Small Businesses
This video describes the philosophy of creating a secure architecture for a Small Business data network using an OPNsense security appliance.
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IT Security tips for the small business - Denver IT Support
Understanding Your Network Security - IT Security tips for the small business from your local Denver IT Support company, North Star. http://www.nssit.com It’s been said so many times that many small business owners are likely to block it out, but the truth remains: cyber criminals target small to medium businesses. But in a recent New York Times article, a cyber-attack wasn’t focused on the Ashley Madisons or Dropboxes of the world. This time the focus was on a small business who is lucky to still be in business after a serious cyber-attack. Last holiday season, Rokenbok Education, a small, California-based toy company of seven employees realized its worst nightmare. During the busiest time of the sales year, the files in their database had become unusable, infected with malware. The hackers used ransomware, a malware designed to hold a business’s data hostage, to encrypt their files and demanded a payment to make them usable again. However, instead of paying the ransom, Rokenbok restructured their key system. To do this it took four days. That’s four days of downtime, lost sales, and confused customers who likely lost confidence in the integrity of their company. Luckily this did not put Rokenbok Education out of business. But many small to medium businesses aren’t so fortunate, and are forced to close after such a security debacle. So why do security breaches like this happen to Small to Medium Businesses? There are many reasons, but a common one is that small and medium-sized businesses often focus on profits over security. And really, it’s hard to blame them. So what can your business do to protect itself against online attacks? There are a range of options, but it’s best to start off with an audit of your current security system to see where the holes are. This audit should check areas of risk which include customer data, employee access, and assets such as servers, computers and all Internet-enable devices. After that, an obvious thing to do is to strengthen your passwords. While this has been said thousands of times over, many small to medium business owners do not take heed. Aside from passwords, there are many other ways to boost your business’s security that include installing a firewall, utilizing 24/7 system monitoring services, and keeping your antivirus up-to-date. Also, since many security attacks occur because an employee clicked on a malicious website or link, training your employees is a smart move. However, if all of this sounds far too much to bother with, consider outsourcing your security to a service provider that specializes in digital security. This can oftentimes save valuable time and money in the long run. Best of all, this can provide peace of mind, knowing that you have a security specialist watching over your business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start with your business’s security, we’re happy to help perform a thorough audit and provide you the digital security solution you need to keep your business protected. Security worries don’t have to keep you up at night, and we can help you implement the measures that will protect your business from disastrous security problems. Proudly Supporting Small Business Technology, Computers, Networks, and IT in the Denver area since 1992 North Star, Inc. 451 E. 58th Avenue Suite 4263 Denver, CO 80216 303-747-4024 More Information about Denver IT Support: Denver IT Support Services - North Star Inc nssit.com/denver-it-support/ Denver IT Support and Services. Call 303-500-1968. Denver Technology Consultants for Network Services offering Computer Support, Business VoIP Phone ... CLICK HERE: http://www.nssit.com ---------------------------------------- People who watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXveqpXOV_0 Also searched online for: Searches related to Denver IT Support #denveritconsulting #smallbusinesscomputersupportdenver #smallbusinesstechnologyconsulting #computerconsultingcompanies #networkconsultantdenver #denvertechsupport ------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrylkalli https://www.facebook.com/denvernetworksupport https://twitter.com/denvervoip CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHPf5WdSZ34&index=1&list=PL9BfBnLbYphVs3zvhHdwT14-_RLuyil5m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXveqpXOV_0&index=2&list=PL9BfBnLbYphVs3zvhHdwT14-_RLuyil5m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4nA6aPJx5M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vSFJVIlWOg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXslHVi-T2Y ------------------------------------------ Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/NorthStarDenver and click the link below to subscribe to our channel and get informed when we add new content: http://www.youtube.com/user/NorthStarDenver?sub_confirmation=1 VISIT OUR SITE: http://www.nssit.com
Cyber Security 101 – A Practical Guide for Small Businesses
Cybercrime is a massive 21st-century problem and small businesses face a huge hurdle to effectively protect themselves and their customers, compared to larger firms. Budgets are tight and not fully understanding the risks means that gaps can easily be left. This guide helps you build a budget-friendly layered cybersecurity strategy using a mixture of free and paid for services because something covering the gaps is better than nothing. Main points covered: • Why Would Cyber Criminals Target Me? • Reducing Your Exposure • No Budget to Speak Of • Seven Areas Every Small Business Needs to Cover • Dealing with a Security Incident Presenter: Nick Ioannou is an IT professional, blogger, author and public speaker on cloud and security issues, with over 20 years’ corporate experience, including 15 years using cloud/hosted software as a service (SaaS) systems. As an early adopter of cloud systems, including BPOS, the first iteration of Office 365, he has been paying for the privilege of bug testing them ever since. He started blogging in 2012 on free IT resources (http://nick-ioannou.com) currently with over 400+ posts. Author of 'Internet Security Fundamentals' and 'A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses' as well as contributing author of two 'Managing Cybersecurity Risk' books and 'Conquer The Web' by Legend Business Books. Organizer: Ardian Berisha Date: October 10th, 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find out more about ISO training and certification services Training: https://pecb.com/en/education-and-certification-for-individuals/iso-iec-27032 Webinars: https://pecb.com/webinars Article: https://pecb.com/article Whitepaper: https://pecb.com/whitepaper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information about PECB: Website: https://pecb.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pecb/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PECB Google +: https://plus.google.com/+PECBGroup Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PECBInternational/ Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/PECBCERTIFICATION
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Cybersecurity: Small Business, Big Threat
Cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise, however, studies show that many business owners still are not prepared to deal with potential breaches. Watch this video to learn more about the increased risk to small businesses. To answer the call to educate and engage small businesses, and to help them protect their intellectual and fiscal assets, the Florida SBDC Network recently partnered with Ridge Global, a globally-recognized risk management, and cybersecurity firm, to unveil its Byte-Size Small Business Cybersecurity Program. As part of the program, small businesses will have access to no-cost training, consulting, and resources to help protect their business from cyber attacks. Learn more by visiting www.FloridaSBDC.org/cyber. ===================================== Florida SBDC Network Helping Businesses Grow & Succeed http://www.FloridaSBDC.org ===================================== Youtube: http://goo.gl/fqI7sa Facebook: http://goo.gl/QuHNw5 Twitter: http://goo.gl/Ek8fHk Linkedin: http://goo.gl/l3Plo0 iTunes:http://goo.gl/2CiFws ======================================= Click here to Subscribe and see more videos: http://goo.gl/T5Pm9Z
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Small Business Security Systems
An important part of managing your small business is ensuring the safety and security of your employees, visitors, facilities and assets. Fortunately, security systems for small businesses from Evergreen Security offer more security and more features with greater ease of use than ever before, including: - large touchscreens with beautiful, easy to use interfaces - bright LCD screens that glow to provide visual as well as audio verification of a security system activation - panic features that allow you to identify the type of emergency and summon the appropriate responders - the ability to remotely control and monitor your small business security system any time from wherever you are - security system alerts via your smartphone, tablet or computer - complete access control, with the ability to add, edit or remove users from the security system or assign them to different levels of authority, including temporary access - control of lights, door locks, thermostats and more from virtually any device A state of the art security system for your small business from Evergreen Security protects your employees and customers from burglaries, robberies, fire and other threats, every moment of every day. Visit http://www.evergreensecurity.com/business-intrusion-detection/ for more information.
Cybersecurity Means Business! | William Agresti | TEDxJHUDC
Bill Agresti delivers a powerful talk about how to reduce digital risk in an efficient manner. According to Agresti, managers need to become more cyber savvy while technology professionals should learn the ropes of the business world. Bill Agresti is a Professor in the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. His research and professional interests are in cybersecurity, software engineering, and discovery informatics. He held senior technical and management positions at Computer Sciences Corporation, MITRE Corporation, and Noblis, Inc., where he was Director of the Software Engineering and Economic Analysis Center. He was Program Director for Experimental Software Systems Research at the National Science Foundation and led applied research and spacecraft systems development projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University.  This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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The importance of digital security for small businesses
Officeworks Technology Expert Trevor Long offers practical advice on how small businesses can protect their digital security, including backing up information onto hard drives and the Cloud, and investing in internet security software.
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5 Reasons You Should Implement Bitdefender Business Security
Give your small business added protection by taking advantage of Bitdefender's comprehensive solution. In this video, PCMag Senior Editor offers five reasons you should consider Bitdefender today. For tech reviews, news and opinion, check out PCMag.com: http://www.pcmag.com Follow PCMag on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCMag Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCMag Join us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+PCMag
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10 Security Tips for Small Businesses
Too many small and medium businesses spend their limited funds on security products only to see their investment – and best intentions – wasted when they fail to implement the most basic security practices. The simple truth for any business is that you are always just one bad user decision away from being infected by malware. Watch this short video for the top 10 tips all small and medium sized businesses need to know. To learn more, visit www.vipreantivirus.com/business
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Insurance 101 - Cyber Security and Your Small Business
Today's businesses rely on technology to succeed. Unfortunately with the increased conveniences of technology, comes increased risk. Watch our video to learn how to protect your small business from a cyber attack.
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Cyber Security and Your Small Business
With so much of the media highlighting high profile data breaches and cyber attacks, you might be wondering what you can do to protect your small business from hacks and data theft. Attorney Tim LeFebvre gives some tips on what you can do to try and protect your business from unwanted data theft, including crafting a Written Information Security Policy and Cyber Security Insurance. This video features the song “A Long Cold (Sting)” by Riot under a Creative Commons License.
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The Business of Cyber Security
You see hacks and data breaches on the news all the time. Target, Yahoo, eBay, and Sony are just some of the major companies where millions of records have been stolen. But those are just the ones that make the news because they affect so many people. Experts say the majority of hacks (75 percent of them) happen at small or medium sized companies. You just don't hear about them. Jim Ambrosini says the average American would be surprised to see the state of cyber security as it exists in most companies. And he would know. As the head of the cyber security practice at CohnReznick Advisory Group, he works with everyone from small doctors' offices to Fortune 500 companies. CohnReznick has its own innovation lab to help clients solve their cyber issues, such as identifying priorities and risks and helping companies fix their most pressing problems. Jim recently worked with a client who got hit with ransomware, so CohnReznick identified that as a high-risk item. Jim has been working in cyber security for decades but says businesses only started taking it seriously in the last few years. It all changed in 2013 with the breach at Target. He says Target was hacked through a vendor, which then got into the HVAC system. Until then, Jim says, no one would've thought about putting an HVAC system on a high-security report. Because it made the news and there were some other high-profile breaches shortly afterward, like Sony and Anthem, it created awareness in the industry. And the industry should be paying attention. Hacking costs consumers and companies as much as $575 billion each year, according to a McAfee study. This year, New York State is taking cyber security pretty seriously too, with new rules effective March 1, 2017, that force financial institutions to have cyber programs, policies, and risk assessment plans in place and to report breaches within 72 hours. But most businesses don't even know when hacks are happening. Jim says that during a recent assessment, CohnReznick found devices, called beacons, sending out information. In this case, a server was sending packets of data over to Korea. The company had no idea. And that is pretty common. Kim Peretti, a partner at law firm Alston & Bird in Washington, D.C., says that on average a company takes 5 months to discover an incident. That has decreased over time, but it's still a long time to go without knowing you have a breach. Kim has also been working in cyber for almost 20 years as an information security professional and a lawyer. She helps companies respond to hacking attacks and cyber security incidents. Kim says investigating cybercrime is a lot like investigating physical crime, with a crime scene that needs to be re-created and understood. In digital investigations, timing is everything. Kim says the digital evidence is fleeting. It can disappear quickly and be overwritten quickly, which makes it much more challenging, in some aspects than physical evidence. And that makes these cases tough to solve, especially because these crimes rarely originate in the United States. Kim says U.S.-based law enforcement investigations can include not just one country, but multiple countries, pursuing a criminal attack. That means trying to work with law enforcement in several countries, gather foreign evidence, identify foreign witnesses, and identify foreign targets. While you don't always hear about the investigations as much as the breaches, they do catch cyber criminals and even recover some of the money. When Kim was at the Department of Justice, investigators were able to recover a million dollars or more in some cases. But for some businesses, especially the smaller to mid-sized ones, it is often too late. Jim says he sees a huge dip in market share and valuation every time a company is hacked. For the small- and medium-sized companies, he says, that can put them out of business. He worked with a private equity company that had a very hard time raising money after it was hacked because of damage to its reputation. Just look at what happened with Yahoo. Last September the company reported that it was hacked in 2014 and said that 500 million users were affected. A few months later, Yahoo reported additional hacks that possibly affected a billion customers. At the time, Verizon was working out a deal to buy Yahoo and ended up offering $350 million less because of the damage the breach had caused. Yahoo survived and is still being acquired, but for smaller companies, a breach can be a death sentence. --ALISON MORRIS
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Security Camera Guide 2017 - A Complete Guide to Wireless/Wired Cameras
This is a complete guide for buying security cameras. This video includes a comparison between wired and wireless cameras. It also compares analog (BNC) surveillance cameras to PoE (digital) cameras and the difference between a DVR and NVR. Some of the cameras mentioned in this video include Arlo, Canary, Ring, Blink, Swann, Amcrest, Foscam, Samsung, and Nest. PoE cameras provide the best image quality and wire-free cameras are the easiest to setup. Wired PoE Cameras shown in the video: Amcrest IP2M-842e Bullet: http://amzn.to/2mUJJQl Amcrest IP2M-844e Dome: http://amzn.to/2mNyMj1 GW Security 5MP Bullet: http://amzn.to/2mdWYZ2 Wire-Free Cameras shown in the video: Canary Flex: http://amzn.to/2mdL5lT Netgear Arlo Pro 3 Camera Kit: http://amzn.to/2mdW3rq Ring Stick Up Cam: http://amzn.to/2mNOivl Blink Home 2 Camera Kit: http://amzn.to/2mUyAz3 Wireless Cameras Shown in Video: Arlo Q: http://amzn.to/2lOASjJ Foscam Bullet Camera: http://amzn.to/2me6JpV Amcrest ProHD PTZ: http://amzn.to/2me0um6 Majestechs Arlo Pro Review: https://youtu.be/xwyHevZiMgw Support Majestechs on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Majestechs Majestechs Website http://www.majestechs.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/majestechs Twitter https://twitter.com/majestechs Instagram https://www.instagram.com/majestechs/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/101097633... My YouTube Setup Panasonic DMC-GH4K - http://amzn.to/2cl61X2 Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 Lens - http://amzn.to/2ctq6KV Metabones Speed booster - http://amzn.to/2cr5qyk Panasonic 12-60mm Lens - http://amzn.to/2cXfdA6 Panasonic Lumix 25mm F/1.7 - http://amzn.to/2cLQBtO Sennheiser ME66/K6P - http://amzn.to/2cDvY22 Zoom H4N Recorder - http://amzn.to/2cZTuZY Takstar SGC-598 Microphone - http://amzn.to/2cqjJpS Dolica Tripod - http://amzn.to/2dcohPs ComboyStudio Tripod Head - http://amzn.to/2cLS03O Pergear Tripod Head - http://amzn.to/2cl6jxa X Large Flex Skater - http://amzn.to/2cDtwsq LimoStudio Lighting Kit - http://amzn.to/2dcohze JBL LSR308 Monitors - http://amzn.to/2cDteSm Logitech MX Master Mouse - http://amzn.to/2d74bdB
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How to Start Your Own Cyber Security Business
http://cybersecurityforbusiness.com/ A complete course and training for small businesses, individuals, web masters and consultants who want to discover how to utilize the power of offering a Cyber Security business to their portfolio. This is a course on how to manage and install various Cyber Security products and services into small businesses. We cover things like Antivirus Software, Malware detection, asset updates and hardware plus software for backing up like NAS servers. All made a simple as possible so you can gain valuable experience in this up and coming field.
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Mobile device information security tips for small business
Rachael Falk, Telstra’s General Manager, Cyber Influence, discusses the importance of mobile device security for small business, especially as the amount of valuable information shared on these devices increases.
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IT Security for Small Businesses
Mr. Brian Shrift and Dr. Kevin Slonka give a presentation on IT Security for Small Businesses. This presentation also acted as the first public notification of their recent research project where they phished their own clients. The results from this study will be used to enhance Precision Business Solutions' Security Awareness and Training. The presentation was sponsored by the Johnstown Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Council and was given on Wednesday, May 11 at 11:30am.
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Kaspersky Small Business Security Software-review & install
In this video I go over the installation and basic configuration of the Kaspersky Small Business Security software. Thanks to "Music: Little Idea - Bensound.com" Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnkyjoesPlayhouse/ Twitter :https://twitter.com/unkyjosplyhouse Email:[email protected] For PayPal or Patreon donations to Unkyjoe's Playhouse, please visit the "About" section on my channel. All cash donations are directly put back into Unkyjoe's Playhouse channel projects. I cannot respond to all emails, but give it a go! *PLEASE NOTE* I do not respond to YouTube or Google+ private messages. Please contact me via the official Facebook page or via my email address to get in touch.
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Information Technology Security For Small Business
Gives small business owners a glimpse into the resources from NIST, SBA, and the FBI that will help protect them from cyber crime. The video describes computer hacking, denial-of-service, laptop theft, insider abuse, computer viruses, and computer made into bots. It encourages small business owners to define their security needs, establish IT security practices, and stay current. IT security is not only good business, it is essential business!
Cyber Security for Small Business
Thanks to Brian Dennis and the KU Small Business Development Center on this presentation about cyber security for small business, sponsored by M Cubed Technologies. Learn more about the KUSBDC and Cyber Security Center here: https://www.kansassbdc.net/kansas-sbdc-cybersecurity-center-small-business/
Data security and small companies - Dell
For more on security, visit: http://Dell.co.uk/security Small businesses must protect their data just as vigorously as larger businesses. The type of data they collect is no different, and they are subject to the same laws and regulation that larger businesses face. The one key difference is the impact that a breach can have, since small businesses are inherently more vulnerable. Compliance requirements around personal data, customer data and employee records are a relevant issue for all companies, no matter what their size. However, the impact of non-compliance is potentially amplified for a small business. The impact of those consequences can be financially severe. If data is not protected, the smaller company is more at risk of collapse when a fine or regulatory penalty is imposed, and is less well equipped to bounce back from a serious breach. In addition, the small business can be used as a useful tool, since hackers assume small business invest less in security. Small companies are just as vulnerable to data theft as a large company; the main difference is the resource invested in protecting data. Large companies tend to do a better job of locking down their data, investing more in security, and this leads to small companies being seen by easy prey. Due to the lockdowns implemented by large businesses, hackers look for other ways to access their data. The small business is the ideal target. With fewer security resources, and fewer policies in place, there is more chance that a small business will leave the large business' data in an unsecure location. Additionally, the small business may be less aware of the consequences of company assets being accessed. According to research, 65 percent of businesses have experienced a security breach in the last year. Two thirds did not realise that there had been a breach for a month, essentially leaving their systems open to extended attack. It is easy to see how a small business could be vulnerable to some of the most dangerous security threats. Small businesses can take basic steps to mitigate risk. The first is to have a policy: knowing the type of data that is held, how it is regulated and how it should be protected. The second is to use technology to protect against threat, looking at ways to protect both users and devices, and using more than simple anti-virus and anti-malware tools. Device encryption should be a key consideration, no matter what policies are in place.
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Cyber Security for Small Businesses
High-profile cyber attacks on companies such as Sony and Zappos have generated national headlines and have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Recent surveys conducted by the Small Business Authority, Symantec and the National Cybersecurity Alliance suggest that many small business owners are still operating under a false sense of cyber security. Check out this video and our blog at http://www.ECBM.com for more information
Cyber security for small businesses
someone somewhere might be planning on breaking into your business computer system. Maybe they’re after stealing your company data, trade secrets or just trying to get hold of some cash. You're probably thinking... 'You're a marketing agency, why do you care about cyber security!?' Well, the fact is, no matter what we create in terms of websites, data led campaigns or digital marketing, everything must be secure. We've broken this video down into three key areas: - Identifying what is directly at risk, - Identifying the form a threat could take - Providing some general guidance on how you can beef up your businesses security. Enjoy!
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IT Security for Small Business - Firewalls/Routers
Small Business IT Security 1. Are all firewalls created equally? 2. Would you like to segment your network for security purposes? 3. Do you have remote users that need to securely access your network? 4. Would you like to link two sites together or Create Specific Guest policies, real time sandboxing to prevent malware and ransomware? Our team can design and implement firewall solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs with security at the highest priority. With the advances in cloud computing people are using more devices than ever before. With this new and dynamic way to connect, The potential for cyber threats have multiplied. Your computer, tablet and cellphone probably contain information that hackers and other criminals would love to have. for example, your company's email list. They could send an email or text message to any member of your company requesting names, addresses, bank information, and even social security numbers! As a managed IT services provider, our priority is to deliver the most flexible and secure IT systems you need to keep you safe. We begin with an assessment of your network environment from a securities perspective, and are capable of performing all types of assessments. Including compliance such as HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, SOX, AND MORE. -Identifies potential risks and gaps in your IT infrastructure -Protects with best practices in security, protocols, software updates and more -Detects threats to quickly avoid and mitigate risks -Responds via alerts and personal support in the event of a cyber attack -Recovers to remediate and restore lost data and systems to full operations At IT Proactive, we are passionate about protecting your information and keeping your business safe, by constantly monitoring for potential threats. We get you back to doing what you do best, focusing on your business! https://itproactive.com/firewall-router-setup-services.html
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Small Business, Big Threat Cyber Security Presentation
Learn small business cyber security best practices! This presentation is part of the Small Business, Big Threat program. For more information, please visit www.smallbusinessbigthreat.com.
Small Business Data Security - Jungle Disk Story
Learn more: https://www.jungledisk.com/ The shift from stand–alone computers to connected computers on the internet has caused a revolution in business productivity. But it’s also caused a revolution in risk–the risk of cyber–hackers destroying your data and putting you out of business from anywhere on the globe. And the threat is increasing at an alarming rate–up over 40% from 2014 to 2015 alone. The consequences have never been greater: according to one study, 43% of companies with a major loss of data never reopened. Only 6% survived long term. Electronic files and data–the lifeblood of your business–is now under constant, active threat from ransomware, malware, viruses, bots and global networks of criminal hackers who can disrupt and destroy in seconds. Data backup is the best way to protect your business from accidents including equipment failure and human error. But now that’s only half the battle. Today, you need equal protection from deliberate attacks to be safe. You need security against your equipment breaking and criminal break–ins. And that’s exactly what you get with Jungle Disk: the integrated security suite for main street businesses from 2-250 employees. Our data security suite provides double threat protection: complete security that protects from both of kinds of threats: attacks and accidents in one simple, affordable package. This level of protection used to be too complex and expensive for anyone but large enterprises with big IT departments. But as these big enterprises tightened security, main street businesses suddenly became prime hacker targets–increasingly subject to catastrophic attacks. That’s why we built our data security suite to combine the most powerful, multi–layer military grade technology with the cost savings and speed of the cloud. It provides an active security shield that’s so simple and affordable to deploy, companies of any size can now have a digital fortress for their data.
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Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud - Hassle Free Security For Small Businesses
Symantec's Endpoint Protection.Cloud is a very useful tool to help small businesses get a handle on their security with a very streamlined interface and a large collection of automated protective features. It is a companion to Backup Exec.Cloud that can be used to provide cloud-based file and system backups, which you can watch here: http://webinformant.tv/be-cloud.html You can also watch this video of the server-based SEP features here: http://webinformant.tv/sep121.html Pricing starts at $35 per seat per year with quantity discounts available. It runs on Windows XP with SP3 and later versions. We tested on a small network with both XP and Windows server clients in June 2012. Symantec Corporation Mountain View, Calif. Follow @symanteccloud on Twitter http://www.symantec.com/solutions/smallbusiness/
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Cybersecurity Basics for Small Business | Federal Trade Commission
Watch this video to learn some cybersecurity basics and learn how to put them into practice in your small business. ------------------------ [MUSIC PLAYING] Cyber criminals attack companies of all sizes. To reduce your risk, know and practice some cybersecurity basics. Start with your devices. Use strong passwords for all your devices-- at least 12 characters with a mix of numbers, symbols, and both capital and lower-case letters. And set all your software to update automatically. This includes apps, web browsers, and operating systems. Next, backup your important files offline, like in the cloud or on an external hard drive. If your devices contain sensitive personal information, make sure they're encrypted. And require multi-factor authentication to access areas of your network with sensitive information. This could be a temporary code on a smartphone or a key that's inserted into a computer. Also, think about how you connect to the network. Secure your router by changing its default name and password, turning off remote management, and then logging out as the administrator. Make sure your router is using WPA2 or WPA3 encryption, which protects information sent over your network so it can't be read by outsiders. Cybersecurity should be part of your business routine. Talk about cyber basics with your staff, and have a plan in case you are attacked. Learn more FTC.gov/smallbusiness. ------------------------ The Federal Trade Commission deals with issues that touch the economic life of every American. It is the only federal agency with both consumer protection and competition jurisdiction in broad sectors of the economy. The FTC pursues vigorous and effective law enforcement; advances consumers' interests by sharing its expertise with federal and state legislatures and U.S. and international government agencies; develops policy and research tools through hearings, workshops, and conferences; and creates practical and plain-language educational programs for consumers and businesses in a global marketplace with constantly changing technologies. Comment Moderation Policy We welcome your comments and thoughts about the information on this page. If you do have something to say, please be courteous and respectful to other commenters. We won't routinely review any comments before they are posted (except for ones that contain urls and profanity), but we will delete any comments that: 1) contain spam or are off-topic 2) use vulgar language or offensive terms that target specific groups or contain personal attacks 3) are sales pitches or promotions 4) have urls or links to commercial sites 4) spread clearly misleading or false information or 5) include personal information, like home addresses
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Cyber Security: Risks to small businesses
Small businesses face a greater exposure to cyber risks than they ever have. Tim Zeilman, VP of Strategic Products at Hartford Steam Boiler, discusses cyber security issues faced by small and mid-sized businesses. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/3u1s/
Webinar: Cyber Security for Small Business
Switchfast CTO Nikolai Vargas discusses cyber security best practices and provides tips for how to combat ransomware, phishing attacks and more. http://www.switchfast.com/
Online Security: What You Need to Know... Small Business Vulnerabilities
In this episode of our "Online Security: What You Need To Know" series, George and Scott discuss the cyber security vulnerabilities that small businesses experience. Stay tuned to learn more! Find the link to the Ponemon Institute's report here: https://securityintelligence.com/media/2016-cost-data-breach-study/ Follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StrikeForceTech/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/strikeforcetech
McAfee Small Business Security
McAfee Security for Small Business protects your computers and mobile devices from digital threats so that you can focus on what really matters – your business.
Small Business Big Threat Cyber Security Presentation 2017
Is your small business cyber secure? Learn cyber security best practices from John Hey of Trivalent Group, and assess your cyber awareness at www.smallbizbighthreat.com.
Cyber Security a Growing Threat to Small Business
for more visit http://www.kispertgroup.com/ http://asba.org Cyber Security a Growing Threat to Small Business. Cyber Security Consultant and President of Kispert Group Karl Kispert discusses how Small Businesses should be protecting themselves from hackers.
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Last Admin Small Business Cyber Security
Last Admin Your Small Business Network Support Specialists.
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Ransomware - Cybersecurity for Small Business | Federal Trade Commission
This video explains how ransomware attacks happen and what you can do to help protect your small business from this cyber threat. ------------------ Transcript: [MUSIC PLAYING] You get an urgent email at work, maybe from HR or your company CEO. You open it, click on the link, and you're locked out of the system, along with the rest of your company. That's a ransomware attack. That link downloaded software that's holding your business data hostage. Now you're being asked for money to get your system back. Ransomware can take a serious toll on your business, and your customers won't be happy that their information is in criminal hands. So how do you protect your business against ransomware? Start with a plan. Make sure your business data is backed up outside your network. Teach everyone at your place of work how to spot ransomware, and always install the latest software patches and security updates. But what if you're attacked? Now it's time to implement that plan. First, disconnect the infected devices from your network right away. This might limit the damage. Then, contact the authorities, like your local FBI office. Paying the ransom is up to you, but law enforcement doesn't recommend it, and you might not get your data back. The best defense against cyber threats is an informed workforce. Share this video with others in your workplace. Learn more at ftc.gov/smallbusiness. ------------------ The Federal Trade Commission deals with issues that touch the economic life of every American. It is the only federal agency with both consumer protection and competition jurisdiction in broad sectors of the economy. The FTC pursues vigorous and effective law enforcement; advances consumers' interests by sharing its expertise with federal and state legislatures and U.S. and international government agencies; develops policy and research tools through hearings, workshops, and conferences; and creates practical and plain-language educational programs for consumers and businesses in a global marketplace with constantly changing technologies. Comment Moderation Policy We welcome your comments and thoughts about the information on this page. If you do have something to say, please be courteous and respectful to other commenters. We won't routinely review any comments before they are posted (except for ones that contain urls and profanity), but we will delete any comments that: 1) contain spam or are off-topic 2) use vulgar language or offensive terms that target specific groups or contain personal attacks 3) are sales pitches or promotions 4) have urls or links to commercial sites 4) spread clearly misleading or false information or 5) include personal information, like home addresses
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Security for Small Businesses | Cisco | Talkin' with Bruce
Small business is big business for hackers, and keeping customer data secure is essential in today's economy. In this video you'll learn the 3 steps every small business can follow to maximize its protection against cyber threats - without breaking the bank. Learn more at http://cs.co/9004DcLxi Subscribe to our channel! http://cs.co/9008D3QHr Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. Check out http://www.cisco.com/ca Check out our full video catalog: http://cs.co/9000D3QKi Let's Connect! Blog → http://gblogs.cisco.com/ca Facebook → http://www.facebook.com/ciscocanada Instagram → http://www.instagram.com/ciscocanada LinkedIn → http://www.linkedin.com/company/cisco Twitter → http://www.twitter.com/ciscocanada
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Protection 1: The Cyber Security Solution for Your Small Business
Did you know that 60% of small business cyber victims close within 6 months of an attack? Get the facts and solutions you need with Protection 1's downloadable resources. http://bit.ly/2cehd8c
Cyber Security for small businesses focus of workshop
Cyber Security for small businesses focus of workshop
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10 Cybersecurity Mistakes Your Small Business Cannot Afford to Make
Presented by the Federal Trade Commission and the Small Business Administration
Cyber Security Threat to Small Business
CySure CEO Joe Collinwood explains the cyber threat to small business. For more information go to their website: www.cysure.net
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Small Business Security
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Cyber Criminals Target Small Business (w/ Dominic Vogel, cyber security specialist)
Big businesses are doing such a good job of thwarting the efforts of hackers they have turned their attention to small business. That is according to cyber security expert Dominic Vogel. He says, “What's happened is that smaller and mid-sized businesses are being hit really, really hard. In fact for last year, for 2015, over 40 percent of all cyber attacks were focused on small and mid-sized businesses.” Small business and a naive public are ripe for cyber attacks because neither pay enough attention to their online safety. Vogel says most people don’t protect passwords properly or change them frequently enough or install program upgrades. They use public wifi and make themselves targets for other threats. He says “Hackers go where the money is. They focus their attention on the top five applications in use.” According to Vogel the number one program under threat is email. “The reason is most of your sensitive applications tie back to your email, like your online banking. If you need to reset your online banking, it generally will tie back to your email. Your email is sort of like your heart which everything ties back to that, that's why email is considered a sensitive application.” --- Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue presents Conversations That Matter. Join veteran Broadcaster Stuart McNish each week for an important and engaging Conversation about the issues shaping our future. Please become a Patreon subscriber and support the production of this program, with a $1 pledge https://goo.gl/ypXyDs
Firewalls and Intrusion Protection - Tip # 37 - Internet Security for Small Business
Grow your business at http://www.bizdrive.biz Darren Jones, CMA, Security Auditor, Consultant and Partner at www.smartspeed.ca and President of www.bizdrive.biz - discusses the issues of firewall protection and intrusion detection and solutions that are affordable for small business. He recommends these security products: ZoneAlarm http://www.zonealarm.com Computer Associates - http://www.CA.com -CA Internet Security Suite 2007 -CA PestPatrol Anti-Spyware 2007 -CA Anti-Virus 2007 -CA Anti-Spam 2007 -CA PC MacLAN -CA Personal Firewall 2007 -CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007 -PC PitStop Optimize Kaspersky Total Space Security is all-in web security, firewall, IDS. http://www.kaspersky.com Cisco has great small business tools as well. To determine what type of software best suites your small and medium size business needs - contact [email protected] - or post your questions in the comment section of this video. Darren has a network of security consultants and security management providers who he can recommend based on years of experience with these experts. **These activities should really be done under the guidance and assistant of trained professionals. Its VERY difficult to try this at home. Visit http://www.bizdrive.biz - find a security professional who can help you.
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Cyber Monday: Scammers, security and small business
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Small Business Doesn't Mean Small Security - Brivo Webinar
Security, whether it is in the physical or digital world, is a big issue for businesses of all sizes. With data breaches costing companies millions in the digital world, and inventory shrinkage and theft causing similar headaches for stores, this Brivo/Small Business Trends webinar seeks to educate on the subject.
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Cyber Security for Small Business - Change your password less often by using a pass phrase
Current IT industry thinking on possible password management. Following the CompTIA event in Cardiff, where the focus has very much been on Cyber Security I pass on the thinking behind pass phrases rather than passwords before I head home.
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Small Business Lead You Need: Cyber Security Awareness Month
October is National Cyber Security month! Many Small Business owners do not realize that cyber criminals can be a large threat to their business. CNBC is here to help you be more "Cyber Aware" with their monthly "Lead You Need" video. Watch now to get top tips! LET'S CONNECT FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1NIsgRU TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1NBrOjZ LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/1OdIxN4 ARE YOU SUBSCRIBED? http://bit.ly/1HvNWPU
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