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Rails 5 Routing Basics
The basics of collection and member routing with one model and one controller. Covers routes.rb file, resources based routes, the link_to view helper, and more. Associated GitHub Repo: https://github.com/StungEye-RRC/Rails-5-Routing-Basics
Views: 1156 Kyle Geske
Rails Nested Resources
An introduction to implementing RESTful nested resources in Ruby on Rails. This video is an edited version of a live lesson given by Gilbert Garza at MakerSquare, a Software Development School with locations in Austin and San Francisco. Check us out at: www.makersquare.com :)
Views: 8397 Hack Reactor
Custom routes for pages in a Rails application
Go through the full Ruby on Rails bootcamp here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/rails-routing-guide/custom-routes-for-pages-in-a-rails-application In order to have custom pages show up in a Rails application you need to draw routes in the config/routes.rb file, learn how to implement these custom routes in this video.
Views: 1690 edutechional
Ruby on Rails - Railscasts PRO #148 Custom App Generators (revised)
Learn how to customize the Rails app generator to fit your preference. This episode shows how to do this using .railsrc file, app templates, app builders, RailsWizard, and AppScrolls.
Views: 909 Railscasts Reloaded
Codeplace | Build a Ruby on Rails Admin Panel using rails_admin gem
Get the source files & ASCIIcast here: https://www.codeplace.com/stuk-io/rails-admin-panel/intro/what-we-re-going-to-build How to implement a simple admin panel in your Rails Application using rails_admin gem. Access to our Ruby on Rails courses at https://www.codeplace.com/library
Views: 48034 Codeplace
RailsCasts - #64 Custom Helper Modules
Join me on Blayze! - blayze.com/zywx Rails designates one helper module per controller, but that shouldn't stop you from making custom helper modules to help structure the code. Learn how in this episode.. Original source : http://railscasts.com/episodes/64-custom-helper-modules Host your rails apps easily : http://play.any.tv/SH5vs
Views: 1605 Developer's Box
Rails: Namespacing our Controllers Part 1
We begin modularizing our controllers. We begin extracting our authentication system into its own module and refactoring parts of the code to support the new module.
Views: 2336 Codemy School
Episode #042 - FullCalendar Events and Scheduling
For Recurring Events, checkout the Episode 94 - https://www.driftingruby.com/episodes/recurring-events-with-fullcalendar Learn how to incorporate FullCalendar into your Ruby on Rails application with listing and creating events. Using unobtrusive javascript, we can create a fast interactive calendar. https://www.driftingruby.com/episodes/fullcalendar-events-and-scheduling
Views: 106525 Drifting Ruby
Ruby on Rails Tutorial 03 Routes and Controllers
Routes and Controllers (a part of MVC architecture) in Ruby on Rails. Files located at: http://1drv.ms/1KIcDUq Please rate and subscribe! Let us know what we can improve on in the comments below!
Views: 4769 CourseHack
Create custom controller actions in Rails
Take the full course here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/rails-routing-guide/create-custom-controller-actions-in-rails Explore how to create custom controller actions in a Rails application and wiring those to the routes file.
Views: 1617 edutechional
Rails tutorial - 2  models
Views: 4987 Leo Bogod
Databases & Rails: Wk5 Routes as Resources
More: http://schneems.com/ut-rails
Views: 1094 schneems
3-Rails 5 creating a new resource
For your upgraded application to be rails 5, Create a new resouce with an old one on cloud 9 by example.
Views: 16 Egypt on Rails
Ruby on Rails Tutorial Part 3 - Routing
In this Ruby on Rails Tutorial we'll learn the basics of resource routing in rails for the seven restful routes, actions, and their named routes. In this video I'm using Rails 3.1 and Ruby 1.9.2 on Linux. The source code for this video should be available on my site within a few days: http://www.andrews-custom-web-design.com/
Views: 50922 andrewperk
Configuring redirect routes for nested resources in Rails
Learn how to integrate the ability to redirect users in the controller for a nested resource in a Ruby on Rails app. Go through the full Ruby on Rails guide here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/ruby-gems-and-advanced-development-features/how-to-configure-redirect-routes-for-nested-resource-in-rails
Views: 1036 edutechional
Creating nested routes in Rails
Learn how to integrate nested routes inside of a Ruby on Rails application. Go through the full guide here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/ruby-gems-and-advanced-development-features/guide-to-nested-routes-in-rails
Views: 2504 edutechional
Rails Resources
This video will help you get started with rails resources. It will show you how to do a basic form submission using rails helpers and render the results to the browser.
Views: 612 Joyce John
Setting up custom redirects in a Rails application
Go through the full Rails bootcamp here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/rails-routing-guide/setting-up-custom-redirects-in-a-rails-application There are many times when you'll need to configure a custom redirect in a Rails app, an example would be to point a company's career page to an outside HR service. This video will walk you through how to set that up in the Rails route file.
Views: 1475 edutechional
RailsCasts - #139 Nested Resources
Join me on Blayze! - blayze.com/zywx In this episode I show how to nest resources through routing and go into some new additions in Rails 2.2.. Original source : http://railscasts.com/episodes/139-nested-resources Host your rails apps easily : http://play.any.tv/SH5vs
Views: 3460 Developer's Box
HOW TO MAKE A RESOURCE PACK! (Minecraft: Tutorial)
👇 Click "Show More" Below 👍 Give The Video a Like ✊ Then Subscribe and Join The Revolution! How To Make A Resource Pack in Minecraft This tutorial will teach you how to create your own. Custom resource pack. For Minecraft. FROM SCRATCH! Create your own texture style for Minecraft, whether you’re on Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac, or Linux. This tutorial also includes how to make the pack.mcmeta file without a 3rd party download, and a brief exploration in changing block textures and splash texts. This tutorial is up to date for Minecraft 1.8 to 1.8.8 Subscribe to stay tuned in this Texture Pack.. ergherm.. Resource Pack Tutorial series for more advanced videos such as changing the color of the sky & fog, adding animated textures, and more! |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| THINGS YOU WILL NEED 1) REQUIRED APPLICATIONS: 1. A text editing software that can export in "Plain Text". e.g. TextEdit (Mac), Notepad++ (Windows), Note: Windows' default Notepad program can be used but only works Windows 7 and prior. Windows 8 and onwards will need Notepad++. Plain text must be in ANSI format. Plain text encoders that support this include: i) "Latin-US (DOS)" ii) "Western (Windows Latin 1)" (Default for Windows' Notepad) 2. A photo editing software that can edit and export transparent images as .PNG format. e.g. Gimp, Paint.NET (Free), Photoshop, Affinity Photo (Paid) 3. The Minecraft Launcher. You must have played the game at least once to be able to access these files. 4. An archive or zip opener that can unzip or access files stored in a .JAR file type. e.g. Winrar, The Unarchiver, 7zip 5. An audio file converter than can covert common audio filetypes to .OGG files (Not necessary in this tutorial but can be used to edit games default files in a later how-to video) 2) MINECRAFT HOME FOLDER: Windows: START > Search: “%appdata%” > .minecraft Mac: (Enter in spotlight): ~/library/application support/minecraft Linux (Graphical/Ubuntu): Home folder > Press: "Ctrl-H" > .minecraft Linux (Command Line): Run through terminal emulator: "cd ~/.minecraft" 3) META CODE: For Minecraft 1.8.x and earlier { "pack" : { "pack_format" : 1, "description" : "My Resource Pack" } } For Minecraft 1.9+ { "pack" : { "pack_format" : 2, "description" : "My Resource Pack" } } SAVE AS: pack.mcmeta If on Mac using TextEdit: 1. Format > “Make Plain Text” 2. File > “Save” > Un-tick: “Hide extension” & “If no extension is…” 3. Plain Text Encoding (Either): “Latin-US (DOS)” or “Western (Windows Latin 1)” |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Too long for description. Has been included as highlighted comment in link below. PLEASE read before asking questions in the comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTu4tp03bfU&google_comment_id=z13lhx3xew2cjlsp504cj5fz4lutjzxrke0 |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| MORE MINECRAFT TUTORIALS http://goo.gl/dmGUVS CONTACT US http://Rails2Revolution.com/contact-us |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| GAME INFORMATION Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game created by Mojang. Although the graphics are very retro-pixelated, the game has unlimited possibilities in what you can do. Whether you're into surviving, building bases, designing architecture, creating contraptions, even making games within the game, Minecraft has it covered. The game's survival elements challenge the player with hostile creatures of the night, the fear of starvation, as well as the hazardous terrain. In multilayer it be can become even more complex as other players become either hostile, or friendly, and clans of players rise up against each other in the awesome environment that is multiplayer survival. On the more creative side of things, players are able to make use of various items and blocks from the game to create contraptions, mechanisms, traps, cannons, and even advanced real life devices like calculators. All of this is made possible by Minecraft's simplistic form of electricity called redstone. Paired up with pistons, slime blocks, TNT, dispensers, or anything really give the creative side of the game an infinite number of possibilities. On our channel we mainly specialize in Tutorials for creations that we can teach you how to make, although other Minecraft content we do includes let's plays, custom maps, plus much more! |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ATTRIBUTION Intro Music, "Breaching The Gates" by: http://youtube.com/teknoaxe All Other Music From: • YouTube Music Library, via YouTube Creator Studio • Apple's Garageband Loops • Incompetech: “The Builder” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Views: 717619 Rails2Revolution
Building a Functional Nav Bar for a Ruby on Rails Application
In this video I walk through how to code a functional navigation controller that allows for users to navigate to different pages on the website. I show how to use the rails controller generator and update the routes file. For more tutorials, please visit: http://edutechional.com
Views: 6169 edutechional
Rails Routes Tutorial - A MUST For RoR Devs :)
In this Ruby on Rails tutorial, we cover the core aspects of Rails routing. Starting with the basics, we will demonstrate standard HTTP requests, followed by redirects, :id and more advanced routing topics. An excellent primer for a new Ruby on Rails developer. Please Consider Supporting This Channel via Subscribing: http://goo.gl/HDo2G0 -- Extra Content I Suggest -- Book: "Clean Code" - Robert C. Martin - https://www.amazon.com/Clean-Code-Handbook-Software-Craftsmanship/dp/0132350882/?tag=devfactor-20 Sign Up for Monthly (non-spam) updates: http://www.devfactor.io Support Us:https://www.patreon.com/devfactor Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andhofmt #programming #code
Views: 3915 DevFactor
Rails Nested Forms: Deep Dive
Building custom writers, using fields_for, looking at form_builder objects and how they relate to activerecord.
Views: 5771 Learn.co
Rails Routes & Route Helpers
A look at Routes and Route Helpers in Rails.
Views: 105 Seth Alexander
RESTful Routing in Rails
Go through the full Rails bootcamp here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/rails-routing-guide/restful-routing-in-rails Learn how the Ruby on Rails framework leverages RESTful routing principles to integrate easy to follow route naming and scalable API development,
Views: 1831 edutechional
Creating a custom API connector in Ruby
Learn how to build a real world application that works with an outside API in a Ruby program while using the HTTParty Ruby gem. Go through the full guide here: http://rails.devcamp.com/ruby-programming/working-with-apis-in-ruby/how-to-create-a-custom-api-connector-in-ruby
Views: 2574 edutechional
Setting Up Ruby  [ Ruby on Rails from the Ground Up - 2/5 ]
This is episode 2 of 5 in the DevTips Ruby on Rails from the ground up series. In this episode we go step by step through setting up your Rails development evironment with everything you'll need to start building Rails applications. This video is specific to Mac OS X users *(The setup is a little bit different between each operating system)*. If you're on a Windows or Linux operating system, I've listed a few resources below to get you started. **Links for Windows or Linux users** - [GoRails Guides](https://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu/15.04) - [InstallRails](http://installrails.com/) - [Rails Installer](http://www.railsinstaller.org/en) **Applications** - [Google Chrome](https://www.google.com/chrome/) - [iTerm2](https://www.iterm2.com/) - [Sublime Text](http://www.sublimetext.com/) **Software** - [Homebrew](http://brew.sh/) - [rbenv](https://github.com/sstephenson/rbenv) - [Ruby](https://www.ruby-lang.org/) - [Ruby on Rails](http://rubyonrails.org/) - [Ruby version not changing / stack overflow fix thread](http://stackoverflow.com/a/16216746) - - - This video was sponsored by the DevTips Patron Community - https://www.patreon.com/DevTips Listen to Travis' Podcast - http://www.travandlos.com/ Get awesomeness emailed to you every thursday - http://travisneilson.com/notes You should follow DevTips on Twitter - https://twitter.com/DevTipsShow
Views: 39441 DevTips
Episode #049 - Rails API Basics
A brief introduction on Rails API. Learn how to create an API application and setup the routes. This episode is paving the way for more in depth looks into Rails API.
Views: 5108 Drifting Ruby
Rails Routing Demo
A demo of manual and resource based routing in Rails. Associated github repo: https://github.com/stungeye/Rails-Routing
Views: 626 Kyle Geske
Rails: Generating Enum Hash Filter
In this episode we show you how to use ruby's inject (reduce) to generate the hash for the filters to be rendered in the view. Previous Episode: https://www.codemy.net/posts/rails-custom-route-parameters Next Episode: https://www.codemy.net/posts/rails-making-the-filter-active Rails Foundation Series: https://www.codemy.net/channels/rails-foundation
Views: 1155 Codemy School
Working with controller methods in Rails
You can go through the full Rails bootcamp here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/controllers-in-rails/working-with-controller-methods-in-rails Walk through the various controller methods in a Ruby on Rails application, along with implementing DRY principles so our controllers follow best practices.
Views: 717 edutechional
Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch - Chapter 18 - Action Controllers & Routes
Master server-side app development with the powerful Ruby on Rails. Learn the basics in this ruby on rails tutorial: - https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Web-Development/Learn-Ruby-on-Rails-for-Beginners-from-Scratch Action Controllers & Routes Get any Eduonix course at $9 use coupon code ''Youtube17''. Click here: https://www.eduonix.com/courses ■ Thank You!!! A Comment would be appreciated :) Also, Don't forget to hit the "Like" button, and make sure to subscribe to the Eduonix Learning Solution Channel for more videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQjmY2DJqwU3Eqz0oN83aw?sub_confirmation=1 ➢ Follow us on other social networks: ■ Facebook: http://bit.ly/2nL2p59 ■ Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2nKWhKa ■ Instagram: http://bit.ly/2nL8TRu | @eduonix Twitter: https://goo.gl/TCpnzT
Ruby on Rails Tutorial Part 7 - CRUD - Update - Update Attributes Method
In this Ruby on Rails Tutorial we'll learn how to update a post using the update_attributes method. In this video I'm using Rails 3.1 and Ruby 1.9.2 on Linux. The source code for this video should be available on my site within a few days: http://www.andrews-custom-web-design.com/
Views: 22090 andrewperk
Today I programmed something in Ruby on Rails
I've been forcing myself to program lately by livestreaming every time. Programmers from around the world help me out in the comments (and sometimes on Skype!). Had a major breakthrough today working on something for https://transistor.fm/?via=justin *Why am I doing this?* 1. I want to learn something new (something I thought I'd never be able to grasp) 2. I want to contribute in small ways to Transistor's development This has been especially helpful when I noticed there's a UX problem in our app (ie. users are getting confused with the RSS button), and then being able to commit a fix for that problem. (Although, it probably drives my partner, Jon Buda, to the bottle 🍷) ★ More from me: ★ Follow me on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/megajustin My blog: https://justinjackson.ca My startup: https://transistor.fm Twitter: https://twitter.com/mijustin Instagram: https://instagram.com/mijustin Resources for indie makers: https://megamaker.co
Views: 119 Justin Jackson
007: Scopes, Counter Cache & Filtering
In this video I show you how to setup filtering based on number of posts using scopes & a counter_cache. I use my community site as an example, so you get to see a little preview of the community application :)
Views: 11615 Mackenzie Child
Learn Ruby on Rails - Part 7 - Styling the Application
In this tutorial we tackle the design of the user interface for our application, getting it from completely unstyled to at least a little functional by using Twitter Bootstrap. We'll dig into one way to pull in Bootstrap for use with the asset pipeline. We'll style most of our main views (leaving some of them for the viewer to tackle alone). Finally, we'll take a look at how to use flexbox for some simple layout tweaks and I18n (internationalization) to customize the display of information based on the viewer's language. Blog post associated with this video: https://coderjourney.com/learning-rails-application-styling-part-7/ Code from this tutorial: https://github.com/coderjourney/meal_plan/pull/10 Website: https://coderjourney.com Suggested Resources: https://coderjourney.com/resources Twitter: https://twitter.com/coderjourney Intro created by Ian Zainea (http://ianzainea.com) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to Write Better Automated Tests" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDu6oyfKPfg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 1697 CoderJourney
Rails API: Token Authentication Part 1 - [006]
#RUBYONRAILS #API #JWT We show you how to setup token authentication in your rails app. We use devise to do the authentication and we install another gem to help us with enabling token authentication in our app! Rails API Series: https://www.codemy.net/sets/rails-api Next Episode: https://www.codemy.net/posts/rails-api-token-authentication-part-2-007
Views: 17427 Codemy School
What's the purpose of Controllers in Rails?
Go through the full bootcamp here: http://rails.devcamp.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-from-scratch/controllers-in-rails/whats-the-purpose-of-controllers-in-rails Walk through what the goal of the controller is in a Ruby on Rails application. See how data flows from the routing engine through the controller actions and communicates with the models and views to help form the full MVC architecture.
Views: 487 edutechional
Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #409 Active Model Serializers
The ActiveModel::Serializers gem can help you build JSON APIs through serializer objects. This provides a dedicated place to fully customize the JSON output.
Views: 5037 Railscasts Reloaded
Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #352 Securing An Api
There are many approaches to locking down an API. Here I start off with HTTP Basic authentication then move on to generating a unique token which can be passed through a URL parameter or HTTP header.
Views: 7366 Railscasts Reloaded
Databases & Rails: Wk5 URL Helpers
Learn all about url helpers in Rails. More: http://schneems.com/ut-rails
Views: 1678 schneems
How To Handle First & Last Name Properly In Rails
► Check out https://gorails.com for Pro episodes and more! ► Ruby on Rails hosting with Hatchbox.io! https://hatchbox.io
Views: 415 GoRails

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