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Integer overflow
In computer programming, an integer overflow occurs when an arithmetic operation attempts to create a numeric value that is too large to be represented within the available storage space. For instance, taking the arithmetic mean of two numbers by adding them and dividing by two, as done in many search algorithms, causes error if the sum is too large to be represented, and hence overflows. The most common result of an overflow is that the least significant representable bits of the result are stored; the result is said to wrap. On some processors like GPUs and DSPs, the result saturates; that is, once the maximum value is reached, any attempt to increase it always returns the maximum integer value. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Wintelive 0.2 demo
Wintelive - a telive-compatible Windows software for decoding TETRA radio signal fed from GNURadio companion and tetra-rx decoder. Everything you need is here: http://curly.100dola.eu/data/my-tools/wintelive/ Source code here: https://github.com/curlyboi/WinTelive Big thanks to SQ5BPF for his original telive work. I had to learn C because of this :D
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ECE4960 Lecture 2
ECE 4960 Professor Edwin Kan Fall 2016 Cornell University
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NPC Editor Problem
I have been experiencing this problem , there is no display of character, I have tried reinstalling the editor, used installer and non-installer, added plugin esm's and removed plugin esm's, it only has the Skyrim esm and the update esm in the list, this is driving me mad, especially as it had been working previously. Has anyone else had this issue? did you get it fixed? Help......
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How to fix unexpected exception error on Minecraft
Happens sometimes when server crashes due to whatever reason. Next video will be my minecraft server so far
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