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Orange International Mobility Management
Mobility management can be complex, especially for multinational companies where it is often decentralized. There are many challenges to overcome to centrally manage mobility: How to coordinate multiple local mobile operators? How to manage local fleets with harmonized processes? How to deploy mobility solutions globally? With International Mobility Management, Orange simplifies addressing these strategic challenges by offering truly global support for your mobility solutions, whatever your local mobile operator. We engage dedicated personnel to help you in the design, deployment and management of your international mobility solutions. During the implementation, your International Implementation Manager coordinates the deployment and migration of all local mobile fleets, managing the organizational complexity on your behalf and giving you central visibility. Your International Project Manager coordinates the deployment and technical integration of mobility value added services such as Telecom Expense Management, Device Management Premium or Business Everywhere Smart. Throughout the contract, your International Customer Service Manager is your main contact and escalation point within Orange Business Services. Regular meetings are organized to review your operations for both mobile connectivity and services, and discuss any improvement areas. In addition, the Orange Global Service Desk is scalable to your needs and can support your fleet managers and internal helpdesks 24/7 in French and English. With our extensive experience in mobility and dedicated experts, you benefit from a unique mobility service management solution to strengthen your central governance and guarantee harmonized mobility management with end-to-end services across all countries. Orange Business Services helps large mutinational companies make the most of mobility More about Orange Business Services: Official website: http://www.orange-business.com/en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orangebusiness/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/orangebusiness LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta... Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/orangebusiness Pinterest: https://fr.pinterest.com/orangebusiness
A truly Global Graduate Programme
When you join the BAT Global Graduate Programme you’ll become part of a truly global network made up of more than 200 countries. Discover the world like you’ve never imagined. Check out the video and show us what you’re made of. http://www.bat-careers.com/graduates
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Financialization Explained
Short explainer video about financialization. Produced by: http://complexitylabs.io Twitter: https://goo.gl/ZXCzK7 Facebook: https://goo.gl/P7EadV LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/3v1vwF Transcription: Financialization is an economic paradigm where the conversion of real economic value into financial instruments and their exchange within the financial system comes to dominate economic institutions, activity and value creation. Through financialization, the financial industry converts any work product, physical asset or service to an exchangeable financial instrument, that can be traded, speculated upon and ultimately managed through the financial system. As Professor Geta Krippner has stated it, financialization is the "Pattern of accumulation in which profit making occurs increasingly through financial channels rather than through trade and commodity production" Financialization can be thought of as the virtualization of our real economies. Through information technology and lots of financial analysts, we perform what is called securitization. Securitization is the process of taking an illiquid asset, or group of assets, and through financial engineering, transforming them into a security that can be traded. As this process has grown in scale the importance of financial markets and institutions in the operation of the global economy and its governing institutions has also risen to unprecedented levels. This has raised concerns from many, while at the same time society's perspective on finance has changed significantly. Since the liberalization of capital markets in the 1980s, the number and quantity of financial instruments have grown rapidly. Today the financial system dominates over the real economy. In this time financial leverage has tended to override capital equity, and financial markets have tended to dominate over traditional industrial economic activity. Traditionally, prior to the 1980s, the primary occupation of banks was in taking deposits and lending them out to businesses, thus making them strongly integrated with real economic activity. However, recent research has shown that only approximately 15% of the financial flows coming out of the largest financial institutions in the US are now going to business investments. This is a profound shift in what the financial system does and is, that departs significantly from our traditional economic models for the role of finance within the overall economy. Much of the money that has been diverted from real economic activity has gone into the development of the global derivatives market. A key feature of financialization as it has evolved over the past decades has been the proliferation of derivatives of all form. In the year 2006 derivatives trading reached a level of 1,200 trillion dollars, dwarfing the output of the real global economy that was approximate 50 trillion dollars at that time. On a broader level, financialization can be seen to mark a transition from a traditional form of Industrial Age capitalism, that was based on the physical means of production as the primary source of capital, power and value creation, to a new form of information and services based financial capitalism. In this transition, the financial system has ceased to simply play the role of assisting in the running and operation of the real economy of goods and services, but rather has come to dominate, even displace, real economic activity. This broader transformation has fed through to the strong effect the financial system has had in shaping the evolving nature of the corporation within advanced economies, as financial rationale and practices have re-shaped performance metrics within the corporation. As the remuneration going to top management has become increasingly aligned with the interests of the financial system, shareholder equity has increasingly come to replace other metrics for success. Equally, the rise of finance has gone hand in hand with privatization enabling it to affect almost all sectors of the economy including the public sector and utilities. The net result of financialization and globalization is the formation of one of the first truly global complex systems that we are far from understanding, and this lack of understanding creates major vulnerabilities. The critical role that finance plays within a modern economy places the real global economy in a very precarious and unstable situation. Adair Turner - the head of Britain's Financial Services Authority - directly named financialization as the primary cause of the 2007 financial crisis.
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How Do Companies Go Global?
It's a group project that introduces you to the basic concepts related to the filed of management . This video leads you through step-by-step procedures of how to globalize your company and guides you throughout your journey to the top . hope you enjoy it (Y)
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Globalization explained (explainity® explainer video)
Globalization is a topic that is often debated controversally. It concerns all of us, but what exactly is globalization and what is its impact on every single one of us? explainity tackles exactly this question and gives some answers in this short clip. Script download: www.explainity.com/education-project/transskripte/ ------- This explainer video was produced by explainity GmbH Homepage: www.explainity.com E-Mail: [email protected] This explanatory film was produced and published for private, non-commercial use and may be used free of charge in this context for private purposes without consultation or written authorization. Please note, however, that neither the content nor the graphics of this explanatory film may be altered in any way. Please always give explainity as the source when using the film, and if you publish it on the internet, provide a reference to www.explainity.com. For commercial use or use for training purposes, such as projection of the film at training events (e.g. projection of the film as a teaching aid in school or in adult education), a licence is required. Further information on this subject will be found here: https://www.explainity.com/education-project If you are interested in an own explainity explainer video, visit our website www.explainity.com and contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.
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Common purpose: how organisations bring value to society
Learn more at PwC.com - https://pwc.to/2H44zae Blair Sheppard, Global Leader for Strategy and Leadership at PwC, introduces the concept of common purpose with respect to organi​sations and society. Companies are part of a larger society and they need to work within that society to make it better, but there is a degree of self-interest involved: it turns out that companies don’t do as well if the societies of which we are a part are ineffective. Included in this talk are explorations of the relationship between organi​sational purpose and business models, the role of management in the process, and how organi​sational purpose, strategy and culture are connected. The video was recorded in June 2017 at the Sberbank Corporate University Campus in Moscow, Russia.
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Why study International Business at AMSIB?
The International Business (IB) programme offers you an innovative educational experience with a global mindset. Live in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, a true hotbed of ambitious entrepreneurs and multinationals. Tailor your learning journey, immerse yourself in a different culture through a global exchange and internship and set yourself up for a truly global career. Join our EPAS-accredited international programmes at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB).
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General Management Program for Senior-Level Executives
Wharton's General Management Program provides a distinguished academic experience like no other. It’s an exclusive learning journey that allows you to customize your education to your specific knowledge base and continuing career goals. Four core programs are required, combined with two electives, to allow you to make the experience truly your own. The end results will be powerful professional development, a global peer network, and the pride of having a Wharton education. At the completion of your program, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your distinguished accomplishment as well as Wharton alumni status.
Developing a Truly Global Leadership Team
As China continues to transition into a more mature economy, characterised by a more complex, ambitious and volatile business environment, having the right leaders with the right capabilities has become far more important for business success. Over the last five years many foreign businesses with operations in China have transitioned key leadership roles originally held by expats to Chinese managers and leaders. Both multinationals and SMEs in China are and will continue to rely more heavily on Chinese leaders to drive the success of their China operations. - In what ways are Chinese leaders and European leaders similar and different in their approaches to leadership? - What distinguishes highly effective Chinese middle management from highly effective Chinese senior management? - What behaviours can Chinese leaders employ to help them have a greater impact? - What do we know about perceptions of Chinese leaders that may limit their opportunities to reach their full potential? And, what can we do about these perceptions? http://www.eusmecentre.org.cn/event/2014-06-11/developing-truly-global-leadership-team-leveraging-similarities-and-differences-chi
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DHL: A Truly Global Company
At DHL, we operate in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide so we know what it’s like to be a truly international company. Our business comes in all shapes and sizes and we The key to being a successful global company is to adapt locally but keep our core values. This comes from our people so to be the best international express specialist in the world we invested 100 million euros in our training programme.
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Impact of Culture on Business Performance
Company culture has a profound effect on business performance. This video explores the impact that different cultures may have on Small and Medium Businesses. "http://www.niallstrickland.com" "http://www.howsmybusinessdoing.com" "http://www.growthoracle.com" Many people think that company culture only exists in larger businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. What are the implications of company culture on business performance in smaller businesses? Regular readers of my articles will already know that I work predominantly with small and medium businesses. In my experience, company culture is just as important in smaller companies as it is in much larger businesses. So what is company culture? It is largely the ethos of the business. It reflects the norms of behavior displayed by the vast majority of employees. It can often be seen in the informal grapevine that exists in most businesses. A positive culture will see the grapevine mirroring what goes on in the regular communication channels in the business. A negative culture will often see positive communication in formal channels and negative back-biting in the grapevine. Business culture is something that emulates the style of leadership in the business. If the business owners manage their staff by Do-As-I-Say rather than Do-As-I-Do, then the culture can be negative. This negative culture has a profound impact on productivity. Subordinates question why they should follow an instruction from their manager and frequently deliberately frustrate what they have been asked to do. Similarly, if subordinates notice that their boss starts lots of things but finishes very little, then they will feel entitled to perform in the same way. This is very costly for the business. Uneven treatment of employees can also be a source of negativity that spills over into the business culture. You cannot allow one employee to perform below par and get the same rewards as another employee who performs superbly well. You cannot be critical of one employee because you do not particularly like them and ignore similar behavior in another employee because you prefer them. If the leadership is visionary and open to ideas from all levels of the organization then this creates organizational excitement. Communication is better. Subordinates emulate the high performance and positive outlook of their bosses. Employees tend to be mutually supporting in this environment and team work is at the heart of the business. Productivity is extremely high. Reward structures are fair and reward those that make the extra effort both internally in the business as well as in their customer interactions. So can company culture be changed? Yes, but it takes time and commitment. Those opposed to cultural change and mutually supporting teamwork may need to be fired. It starts at the top of the organization. However, a leopard may not be able to change its spots. It may require a new CEO with a more open management style and a commitment to high performance. Any focused and prosperous business needs to have a leader at the top as opposed to a manager.
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Dominic Barton: Five Trends Reshaping the Global Economy
Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company, highlights the five trends he sees reshaping the global economy: 1. The Great Rebalancing 2. The Productivity Imperative 3. The Global Grid 4. Pricing the Planet 5. The Market State He concludes his presentation with a discussion about the implications of being a leader in the face of these ongoing changes. Barton appeared as part of the Global Speaker Series at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn More About the Global Speaker Series http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/stanford-gsb-experience/academic-advantages/distinguished-speakers/global-speaker-series McKinsey & Company http://www.mckinsey.com/
The Well Project -- Going Global!
http://www.thewellproject.org The Well Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a unique and comprehensive focus on women. Learn about our history and our journey towards becoming a major global portal poised to change the way we learn about HIV disease, share information and support, and create a platform for a truly global community.
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Practical CIO Advice for Chief Information Officers on Managing Change CXOTalk #287
Chief Information Officers today face a variety of complex strategic challenges that go far beyond technology into managing business disruption and change. On this episode of CXOTalk, industry analyst, Michael Krigsman, speaks with a three-time CIO and author to explore essential topics that are important for every CIO to consider. For more information and the complete transcript, see https://www.cxotalk.com/episode/cio-playbook-practical-advice-managing-change Isaac Sacolick is a successful CIO who has led digital transformation, product development, innovation, agile management, and data science programs in multiple organizations. He has transformed underperforming businesses by delivering new digital products, investing in strategic technologies, enabling agile practices, outsourcing commodity services and establishing performance metrics. Isaac has been recognized as a top 100 social CIO, blogger, and industry speaker. He was most recently the Global CIO and a Managing Director at Greenwich Associates, a leading provider of global market intelligence and advisory services to the financial services industry. Previously, he held CIO roles at McGraw Hill Construction and BusinessWeek and was a founding CTO at media and social networking startups. Isaac has been recognized as an industry leading, agile, innovative CIO. In 2015 he was interviewed by Forbes on 5 Things to do When Leading a Digital Transformation, was listed on their Top 20 Social CIOs and was recognized as a Top 100 CIO in STEM. In 2016, 2015 and 2014, he was listed on Huffington Post’s Top Social CIOs. He is an industry speaker on many business enabling topics including innovation, enterprise agile, and big data analytics. Isaac has been writing a blog, Social Agile and Transformation for over ten years with 300+ posts covering topics on CIO leadership, digital transformation, agile execution, big data, innovation, and digital marketing. Isaac is an entrepreneur and specialist in agile management practices, big data, citizen developer programs, data science, data warehousing, NoSQL XML search technologies, CMS content management systems, media and publishing technologies, social networking, CRM, Digital Marketing solutions, web analytics, digital advertising, and enterprise collaboration practices.
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Institute of Management and Development - Ratan Tata Nano Plant Relocation
Institute of Management and Development is a truly global business school with international footprints in countries such as India (New Delhi), United Kingdom (London) and Singapore. The multi-cultural, and multi-national environment provides students with the knowledge, skills, attributes and networks - the global business capabilities which is required for leadership and success in demanding careers in the global economy and helps in fostering rigorous, relevant and innovative research on the dynamics of global business for students, business leaders and policy makers throughout the world.
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Global Cities: Full Documentary
Cities have been for thousands of years the centers of civilization as they have watched empires, kingdoms, governments, and corporations come and go. But in the space of just a few decades our urban fabric is undergoing a radical transformation; today’s wave of mass urbanization is historically unprecedented in speed and scale. Today over 1 million people are added to the global urban population every week; in the space of a few decades, we are in the process of doubling our urban capacity, adding an extra 2 to 3 billion more people to our urban environment. This documentary explores this changing landscape and the development of urban networks as the emerging geography of connectivity in an age of globalization. Produced by: http://complexitylabs.io Twitter: https://goo.gl/ZXCzK7 Facebook: https://goo.gl/P7EadV LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/3v1vwF
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Redefining Leadership
Redefining Leadership is one of the first books delving into the topic of corporate leadership for the Asia Pacific region. The authors, Gerry Davis and Stephen Langton, both seasoned in the domain—look at the rising importance of Asia, and how it is bound to become the center of strategy for any multinational corporation,and any would-be executive, in the world. The book is intended for readers who want to understand the importance of people and interpersonal skills in driving business and career success. For those starting their career climb, Redefining Leadership is organized to help understand what it takes to get to the top job. It looks at how stalwart positions at the top of the company—such as the chief executive, financial and operating officer (CEO, CFO and COO)—are changing, and how new positions such as chief intelligence officer, chief marketing officer and chief human resources officer are bringing needed expertise to the boardroom. Also included are insights into the markets and trends that will shape the future, such as: the growing domestic and international economic might of China and India; the challenges of leading an organization with employees across multiple generations and a wide variety of skill sets; and the expanding leadership gap the world over—which must, inevitably, be filled by a new generation of global business leaders born in Asia. Finally, Redefining Leadership touches on the need for a multinational mind-set that is crucial for companies and executives to succeed. As international barriers to workforce mobility decline, the net to catch exceptional employees must be spread across national borders. Advice, analysis and improvement of management practices for domestic and multinational executives—that will become a constant and continuous part of staying competitive in the Asian marketplace.
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Leadership in the 21st Century and Global Forces: Dominic Barton, McKinsey
The Darden Leadership Speaker Series kicks-off its 2016-17 season with Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company. In his 30 years with the firm, Dominic has advised clients in a range of industries including banking, consumer goods, high tech and industrials. Prior to his current role, Dominic was based in Shanghai as McKinsey’s Asia Chairman from 2004 to 2009 and led the Korea office from 2000 to 2004. For a full bio, visit http://www.mckinsey.com/our-people/dominic-barton Introduction by Dean Scott Beardsley. Recorded 8 September 2016.
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MSc International Business & Strategy - Introduction
Dr Martin Friesl explains why the MSc in International Business & Strategy is vitally important for graduates embarking on careers for large multinational organisations.
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Quintessentially Success Story
Quintessentially’s exclusive lifestyle management and concierge service delivers cutting-edge, global customer experience with NewVoiceMedia. Providing the very best in multinational and multilingual customer service through almost 700 Lifestyle Managers means keeping up with technological advances. NewVoiceMedia has provided a truly global, cloud solution delivering a highly personalised service with tools that the Lifestyle Managers love. Gold-plated business continuity and regular updates has enabled scaling to deliver the world’s largest luxury lifestyle management service. For more information please see the Quintessentially customer page on our website: http://www.newvoicemedia.com/customers/quintessentially
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Institute of Management and Development - PM Manmohan Singh on Indian Economy.mp4
Institute of Management and Development is a truly global business school with international footprints in countries such as India (New Delhi), United Kingdom (London) and Singapore. The multi-cultural, and multi-national environment provides students with the knowledge, skills, attributes and networks - the global business capabilities which is required for leadership and success in demanding careers in the global economy and helps in fostering rigorous, relevant and innovative research on the dynamics of global business for students, business leaders and policy makers throughout the world.
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Global Executive MBA - Walter Franco
Walter Franco, a Global Executive MBA student, discusses the University of Miami graduate program experience.
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What are some of Wharton's extracurricular opportunities?
As one who enjoys world travel and the Wharton class on the Political Environment of the Multinational Firm, Lauren Cochran truly appreciates the global nature of the Wharton curriculum. Here she touches on the international opportunities Wharton provides.
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Fixed and mobile communications - working together
Only with Vodafone Global Enterprise will you find converged communications, wherever your business needs them - globally as well as locally, today and for the future. You'll also discover a communications partner that measures its own success by yours. Vodafone Global Enterprise is specifically geared to offer multinational corporations like yours a single dedicated global team, contract, solutions and support, for a consistent experience worldwide. We're investing well over £1billion this year alone to create the only fully-integrated, next-generation fixed and mobile network, under the Vodafone umbrella. That means being uniquely able to offer a complete range of secure, dependable and innovative communications services with truly global reach. Fixed and mobile communications work so well together and now they're inseparable. For more information about what we do, please visit: http://enterprise.vodafone.com/what-w...
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Keynote Speaker: Mike Walsh • Presented by SpeakInc • Promo
Futurist, Keynote Speaker, & Innovation Coach Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in this era of disruptive technological change. Mike's clients include many of the global Fortune 500, and as a sought-after keynote speaker he regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons alike. Mike previously founded Jupiter Research in Australia, and has also held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in the Asia Pacific Region. He is currently a board member and strategic investor in the North Alliance, Scandinavia's leading digital marketing group. Mike's best-selling book FUTURETAINMENT, published by Phaidon was the winner of the design award by the Art Director's Club in New York. THOUGHT LEADER Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike takes an anthropological approach – scanning the near horizon for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in human behavior, and then translating these into pragmatic plans for business transformation. A prolific winter and commentator, Mike's views have appeared in a wide range of international publications including BusinessWeek, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. GLOBAL NOMAD Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, Mike spends more than 300 days a year on the road interviewing innovators, entrepreneurs and corporate revolutionaries to provide his clients and audiences with a fresh and compelling vision of tomorrow's opportunities. KEYNOTE SPEAKER Mike has delivered close to a thousand keynote speeches around the world to companies in almost every industry. His customized presentations leave audiences prepared and inspired to transform the way they do business. In 2014, Mike was invited to be a main stage keynote speaker at the Million Dollar Round Table with an audience of more than 8,000 people, one of the most prestigious events on the global speaking circuit. Corporate Experience: Mike has been a pioneer in the digital space since the 1990s, running both successful start-up ventures as well as holding senior leadership positions in established media organizations. With a background in corporate law and management consulting, he began his career at XT3, a spin out from McKinsey and one of the first digital consulting firms created to help major companies embrace the embryonic Web. During the first dotcom boom, Mike launched the technology publishing group internet.com in Australia, which went on to become the leading local technology news and events platform in the country. He also founded and ran Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific, one of the first research agencies to track the early adoption of e-commerce and digital business models by online consumers. During this period, he was recognized as one of Australia's "Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30." After his experiences in the Web space, Mike spent five years in senior strategy roles at News Corporation where he helped shape the digital strategy for both their Australian newspaper and Asian TV divisions. Directly engaged by the CEO of Star TV to provide the company with a digital roadmap for their operations, he began his in-depth research into the fast growth markets of Asia. While in Hong Kong and inspired by the dramatic changes taking place in China and India, Mike founded his latest venture, Tomorrow - an innovation research lab focused on emerging technology and disruptive consumer behavior. Always in demand for his fresh insights and practical future-focused strategies, Mike has advised the CEOs and senior management teams at multinational companies including; the BBC, Fujifilm, Richemont, MSN, Star TV, Televisa, Philips, and HSBC. In addition to his corporate profile, Mike is a published photographer and supporter of the Arts. His photographic images from his travels around the world helped his book, FUTURETAINMENT, win an Art Director's Club award in NYC. He has also served on the Director's Circle at the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art. As a global nomad and consumer trend scout, Mike does live research, in the trenches, with big corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world bringing a truly global perspective to every event. Mike's personal manifesto: "Everything is changing. How we live, how we work and how we play. But to understand the future you need to focus on anthropology (the study of human beings) not technology. After all, as interesting as it is when things change, the real magic happens when people do." http://www.speakinc.com/speaker/Mike-Walsh/ Book Mike Walsh as a keynote speaker for your next event by contacting: [email protected] SpeakInc is a professional speakers bureau providing keynote, motivational, professional, and corporate speakers. http://www.speakinc.com/
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James Quigley in conversation with Julia Kirby
As One: Individual Action, Collective Power JAMES QUIGLEY is Global CEO of Deloitte, which through its member firms provide audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to public and private clients in 150 countries. Prior to his current role, he was the CEO of Deloitte LLP in the United States. Throughout his 36 years with the organization, he has taken on a number of leadership roles and built a distinguished track record of service to many multinational clients. Quigley is actively engaged in a number of international business organizations and committees, each working to help shape the policies for a successful and sustainable global economy. He is U.S. co-chairman of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, and a member of the board of trustees of the U.S. Council for International Business and the German Marshall Fund of the United States. He is also a member of the Council on Competitiveness and the Shanghai International Financial Advisory Council. He has also served on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Advisory Committee on Improvements to Financial Reporting. He is regularly asked to share his perspective on global business trends and potential challenges at events such as the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the annual Boao Forum for Asia, and the annual German Marshall Fund Brussels Forum. He is involved in various business and community groups in the United States, including Japan Society and The Economic Club of New York. His memberships include the Business Roundtable and the National Advisory Committee–Brigham Young University. As One The world is as much about cooperation as it is about conflict; as much about collaboration as competition. Yet our knowledge of collective behavior is still relatively slim. Leaders who have been trained in the command-and-control mode of management are realizing that it often fails to truly engage people; in response, management thinkers have proclaimed the advent of a new, participatory model. But why should there be only two modes of collective behavior? For the past two years Deloitte has invested in a major global initiative, the As One project, to study effective collaborations. The project has discovered that there are many modes of 'As One behavior' and that all are effective in certain contexts. "As One" defines eight archetypes of leaders and followers. Taking more than 60 cases of successful collective behavior, the authors define the characteristics for each model and show how you can apply them to your organization. "As One" will show you a new way to lead, and to get your team working to reach all your goals. Imagine what we could accomplish if we could unlock the power of "As One" on a global scale. Julia Kirby is Editor at Large, Harvard Business Review. She has been with Harvard Business Review for over a decade and in that time worked with hundreds of expert authors to bring their ideas to the magazine’s managerial audience. Currently, she is also at work on a book (with Chris Meyer) on how capitalism will change as the center of gravity of global commerce shifts to the emerging economies. Prior to HBR, Julia worked in the management consulting industry, helping to produce and communicate research-based insights on such topics as reengineering, knowledge management, and the business applications of complexity science.
Mike Walsh: Technology and Innovation Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Authority on Emerging Markets
Mike Walsh has been helping some of the world's leading companies and brands embrace new ideas, trends and technologies for the past decade, including: the rise of the Internet, mobile devices, social networking, audience networks, user generated content, ubiquitous networks and the "adaptive web." Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a consumer innovation research lab, Mike Walsh advises the world's top corporations on what's coming next in their industry. Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, he distills the most relevant insights into tailored keynotes that allow any audience to not only understand, but influence the future direction of their own business. Author of the best seller FUTURETAINMENT, Mike Walsh is a leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior and fast growth markets. Mike's latest book, The Divergence charts the rise of online consumers in these emerging markets and shows that tomorrow's Web will be radically different to conventional Western models requiring entirely new engagement strategies. His views have appeared in a wide range of international publications including BusinessWeek, and Forbes. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike focuses on the next five years - scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass - then translating these into usable business strategies. Publisher of the Disruptive Future blog read by thousands of professionals in the media and entertainment space, Mike Walsh's unique insights and operating experience in emerging markets, breakthrough innovation and business transformation, makes him an expert on the growing influence of consumers in BRIC countries. Always in demand for his fresh insights and practical future-focused strategies, Mike Walsh has advised the CEOs and senior management teams at multinational companies including: the BBC, Fujifilm, Richemont, MSN, Star TV, Televisa, Philips, and HSBC. As a global nomad, speaker and consumer trend scout, Mike Walsh brings a truly global perspective to every event. More About Speaker, Mike Walsh. . . Mike Walsh has been a pioneer in the digital space since the 1990s, running both successful start-up ventures as well as holding senior leadership positions in established media organizations. With a background in corporate law and management consulting, he began his career at a spin-off from McKinsey and one of the first digital consulting firms created to help major companies embrace the embryonic Web. During the first dotcom boom, Mike launched the technology publishing group internet.com in Australia, which went on to become the leading local technology news and events platform in the country. He also founded and ran Jupiter Research, one of the first research agencies to track the early adoption of e-commerce and digital business models by online consumers. During this period, he was recognized as one of Australia's "Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30." After his experiences in the Web space, Mike Walsh spent five years in senior strategy roles at News Corporation where he helped shape the digital strategy for both their Australian newspaper and Asian TV divisions. Directly engaged by the CEO of Star TV to provide the company with a digital roadmap for their operations, he began his in-depth research into the fast growth markets of Asia. While in Hong Kong and inspired by the dramatic changes taking place in China and India, Mike Walsh founded his latest venture - an innovation research lab focused on emerging technology and disruptive consumer behavior. Hire Mike Walsh to speak at your next event and help your organization embrace and harness the future, through BigSpeak Speakers Bureau. http://www.bigspeak.com/mike-walsh.html For information about BigSpeak, https://www.bigspeak.com/
The Eurasia Consortium
Born Global with an Emergent Market Focus The Eurasia Consortium Ltd was founded in 2009 by University of Oxford and Cambridge academic entrepreneurs to provide innovative strategic management and investment solutions for companies seeking to scale their business and or expand into international markets. With a multinational and multilingual staff, the Consortium’s companies’ competencies lie in the area of global business development; strategic innovation, transition impact strategies, up-skilling and the provision of internationalization strategies. In conjunction with its key partners, the Consortium is also engaged in the facilitation of technology transfer, research commercialization; technology auditing and business incubation, development and internationalization as well as capital raising, allocation and investment. Since its inception The Eurasia Consortium has grown from one UK based firm to a truly multinational and multilingual organization by 2014, with offices in the UK, Central Europe and Malaysia; liaison officers in the United States and China as well as partnerships in Russia and India. Since 2010, The Consortium has been working extensively with the University of Oxford’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Isis innovation. To date the Eurasia - Isis partnership has engaged in multi-million dollar projects in Russia and Malaysia.
Bakkt Explained - How important is it? Could it create another bull market?
Bakkt Explained - How important is it? Could it create another bull market? Intercontinental Exchange explained Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is an American company that owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets, and operates 23 regulated exchanges and marketplaces. This includes ICE futures exchanges in the United States, Canada and Europe, the Liffe futures exchanges in Europe, the New York Stock Exchange equity options exchanges and OTC energy, credit and equity markets. In 2017 ICE had revenue of US$ 5.83 billion with total assets worth US$ 78.26 billion. They currently have just under 5000 employees The most famous subsidiary of ICE is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It is by far the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies at US$21.3 trillion in 2017. The average daily trading value was approximately US$169 billion in 2013 and is probably more now. Bakkt Basics In August 2018 Intercontinental Exchange announced that it planned to form a new company, Bakkt, which is intended to leverage Microsoft cloud solutions to create an open and regulated, global ecosystem for digital assets. The new company will work with a marquee group of organizations including Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Microsoft, Starbucks, and others, to create an integrated platform that enables consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets on a seamless global network. The Bakkt ecosystem is expected to include federally regulated markets and warehousing along with merchant and consumer applications. The first use cases will be for trading and conversion of Bitcoin versus fiat currencies since Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. Good for investors and demand Bakkt’s platform enables institutional investors to buy Bitcoin via a regulated market infrastructure. Every ETF, money manager or financial institution needs to invest in Bitcoin safely and regulated market infrastructure offers that unlike most normal exchanges. Bitcoins will be physically-backed which is different than futures since those don't have physical backing. This means that if people buy Bitcoin futures it’s just the equivalent of the BTC value in fiat. With Bakkt the Bitcoin futures contract will be physically delivered versus fiat currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR. This means increased demand meaning when institutions begin investing Bitcoin with Bakkt, the actual Bitcoin is removed from the market. As a result it should driving price higher as supply diminishes and contributing to the overall market cap. Real life usage The investing is just a one aspect of the Bakkt. On top of that they are building a platform to enable consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets seamlessly. Real life usage is the biggest issue that cryptocurrencies are currently very difficult to use and spend in real life. It is also very difficult for an average user to get into cryptocurriences - buying first cryptocurrency and then storing them is not that easy for an average user. If Bakkt is able to create a global network where users can easily buy, store and spend cryptocurrency it would increase the value of all cryptocurrencies tremendously since new users could purchase it and old users could use it. To achieve that Bakkt would need partnerships however. Partnerships To achieve that goal Bakkt managed to secure some significant partnerships: Starbucks which is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain with revenue of US $22.387 billion and over 238k employees. They are one of the leaders in mobile retail transactions. They have gift cards and mobile app payments - cryptocurrencies seems to be perfect use cases. Microsoft is providing services for the system so it is unclear how much they will use the system but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to be involved more. The other partnership is BCG - Boston Consulting Group is a American multinational management consulting firm with 90 offices in 50 countries with Revenue of $6.3 billion and around 16k employees. Huge partnership but unclear how far it goes. Conclusion In my opinion Bakkt news is bigger than any Futures because: it actually uses cryptocurrencies it builds real life usage for cryptocurrencies In the recent post Bakkt said that they will focus on three aspects New products on existing infrastructure to provide physically delivered Bitcoin futures contracts versus fiat currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR. New security standards New access to markets and information We need to keep in mind that Bakkt is a project by Intercontinental Exchange who are also leading the biggest stock exchange in the world. That means they do have experience and knowledge needed to pull this off. This is potentially one of the biggest news in the cryptocurrency world in years since it opens a lot of potential for trading but also trading.
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Globalization, Technological Change, and Inequality: Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Krugman in Conversation
Economists Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Krugman engage in a discussion moderated by Gillian Tett, US managing editor of the Financial Times. The panelists explore the intersection of globalization, technology, and inequality and how these issues relate to recent crises. Sachs is a professor of economics at Columbia, a senior UN advisor, and author of bestselling books, including The End of Poverty. Krugman is a Nobel laureate, New York Times columnist and author, professor at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School, and distinguished scholar at the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the GC, where he joins the economics faculty in Fall 2015. Presented on May 4, 2015, by GC Public Programs; co-sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in Economics.
Our culture at Roche
Our way of doing business is based on an open-minded and collaborative culture in which each individual's point of view is heard and respected. At Roche, we want everyone to be open to the discussion and debate of new ideas. As a multinational corporation, we bring together people from all across the globe. This cultural diversity, and the promotion of an open and respectful atmosphere, combine to make Roche what it is today -- a successful, flexible and forward-looking global player where your career can truly take off. http://www.roche.com/careers.htm
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Mike Walsh - On the Road
https://www.bigspeak.com/technology-speakers/mike-walsh/ Futurist, Innovation and Technology Speaker and Authority on Emerging Markets, Mike Walsh, is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century and consumer innovation research lab. He advises leaders on how to thrive in this era of disruptive technological change. Mike’s clients include many of the global Fortune 500, and as a sought-after keynote speaker he regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons alike. Mike previously founded Jupiter Research in Australia, and has also held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in the Asia Pacific Region. He is currently a board member and strategic investor in the North Alliance, Scandinavia’s leading digital marketing group. Mike’s best-selling book FUTURETAINMENT, published by Phaidon was the winner of the design award by the Art Director’s Club in New York. Always in demand for his fresh insights and practical future-focused strategies, Mike Walsh has advised the CEOs and senior management teams at multinational companies including: the BBC, Fujifilm, Richemont, MSN, Star TV, Televisa, Philips, and HSBC. As a global nomad, speaker and consumer trend scout, Mike Walsh brings a truly global perspective to every event. To hire this speaker to speak at your next event, contact BigSpeak Speakers Bureau (805) 965-1400 http://youtu.be/HRsL60Zyo74 For information about BigSpeak, https://www.bigspeak.com/
Trends Impacting Korean Companies
Corporate Partner Jong Han Kim discusses trends impacting Korean companies. What are the best practices for Korean companies to manage their exposure to U.S. regulatory risk and associated litigation, whether in relation to IP, trade secrets, antitrust, white collar crime, or product liability? As Korea's multinational companies continue their international expansion, particularly into the U.S. market, they face legal challenges from their competitors and from U.S. and other international regulators to an unprecedented degree. Such challenges result not only from the competition's desire to check the Korean companies' successes, but also from the regulatory agencies' intent to vigorously enforce against Korean companies' improper conduct and behavior in the global market. To lower the risks associated with such enforcement proceedings and lawsuits, it is imperative that Korean companies institute more robust compliance programs that are in line with the global standards. Such compliance programs should not only exist on paper, but also be fully and truly incorporated into their business practices. To achieve optimal results given these challenges, Korean companies need expert advice on the best practices to ensure compliance to the highest global standards, along with strong and sustained training of their staff. www.paulhastings.com
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LSBF London MBA: Multinational company V being an entrepreneur?
http://www.lsbf.org.uk/ Rick Sturge answers the question: being part of a multinational company or being an entrepreneur? ---------- London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is a dynamic educational institution delivering undergraduate programmes, postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications. Our innovative programmes are constantly reviewed to ensure they accurately reflect the conditions of the global economy, and we offer the flexibility to tailor your studies to suit your own career aspirations. Designed for future leaders & succesful entrepreneurs, LSBF's MBA,Msc Finance, and MSc Marketing programmes have a wide range of specialist pathways with a personal approach to each student's need. For those seeking business law programmes with a global perspective, LSBF offers portfolio accredited by the renowned Bradford University. LSBF is also well-known for its 1st class professional courses taught by award-winning tutors. From our UK campuses in the heart of London, Manchester and Birmingham to our North American Campus in Toronto, we've expanded the values and expertise of LSBF all over the world. With a presence that spans across the globe, LSBF truly is the world's business school. To learn more about LSBF, watch some of our videos: LSBF Careers Services: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECSZ8d1vMQQ LSBF Study Online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AYlXr2FFnc LSBF Entrepreneurship Ideas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9KWdWmr-5Q LSBF Negotiation Team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bYsSRoySog Being an Entrepreneur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RFU8SGJT_s School's Introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmKg8MAelew LSBF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgY_rsQiwLA The Banking Blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6rVSNjc4ig&feature=relmfu
Lessons Learned from 2018 Spell Positive Future for Vaccines | 2019 Global Forecast
Katherine Harmon, Sr. Director of Category and Health Intelligence, shares highlights from the health section of the 2019 Global Forecast. Topics include successes and some failures regarding vaccine distribution and use, and touches on scandals in China regarding substandard vaccines and counterfeit medications. For more information about the 2019 Global Forecast and to download a copy of the executive summary, visit https://info.worldaware.com/2019-Global-Forecast. WorldAware provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. WorldAware’s end-to-end tailored solutions, integrated world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services help organizations mitigate risk and protect their people, assets, and reputations. For more information, visit worldaware.com.
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SmartRecruiters Hiring Success 18 — Extended Trailer
Companies from all over the world met in San Francisco for the year's most anticipated recruiting event: SmartRecruiters' Hiring Success Conference 18. Over three days, industry analysts, innovative engineers, guest speakers, and passionate TA professionals shared ideas about the future of recruiting and how to make hiring success a central tenet of business practice. Hiring Success brought together multinational global enterprises like Adidas, Skechers, and Visa alongside HR tech startups such as Honeypot.io to explore the issues talent acquisition faces today, with advice and input from the innovators shaping its future. Few conferences offer such a concentration of industry leaders and thought-starters, making this event one of the most successful in SmartRecruiters history. In addition to two full days of four session tracks — Innovation, Inclusion, Candidate Experience, and Hiring Success — conference attendees also had the chance to unwind at SF's hippest rooftop social club, The Battery, and cruise around the San Francisco Bay aboard the California Hornblower for another conference favorite: the SmartyParty. Check out the highlights from this year's Hiring Success 18 and mark your calendars for next year's edition: Hire19. We'll see you there!
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Plans for a Franco-German combat aircraft are set to kick off in earnest at the Berlin Air Show later this month, officials told French media on the sidelines of a meeting of the two countries’ defence ministers in Paris on Thursday. The idea of a joint “systèmedecombat aérien dufutur,” or SCAF, came out of a bilateral Cabinet decision last summer, part of a larger effort to promote the Berlin-Paris relationship in a militarily stronger Europe. The aircraft program would initially be led by Germany and France, and later opened to other European states. As envisioned, the planes would take to the skies by 2040, replacing the fleets of Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon jets in both air forces. The project is seen as a key indicator for how – and if – Europeans can manage a truly large-scale project, especially given industry rivalries that lie beneath the often lofty diplomatic language. French minister Florence Parly told the La Tribune newspaper that discussions were “active” between the two countries toward a first step in an eventual program. The goal at this point, she said, is to bring together activities on the political and industrial level. Airbus, Dassault, Thales, MBDA and Safran are among the companies to be involved. French officials look to sign with Germany what Reuters reported would to be a 10-page common requirements document at the ILA Berlin Air Show, which runs from April 25 to April 29. Companies would then spend almost a year separately working on technical specifications before negotiating a cooperation contract, Reuters reported. According to Parly, additional countries would be invited later. Her primary concern at this point, she told La Tribune, was to solidify the French-German “base” before opening the project for wider participation. France also has a future aircraft program going with the United Kingdom. That program would continue in parallel, Parly said. Both programs would be “extremely useful” on the way to the “aviation of the future,” she said. The Berlin Air Show is slated to feature a host of global defence policymakers and aviation industry leaders. Besides the SCAF announcement, companies are expected to use the show to jockey for position in a number of European procurement, including a planned multinational “Eurodrone” and, in Germany, a new heavy transport helicopter and air-defence system. Source :- defensenews.com Disclaimer- This channel is for defence related news worldwide . We try to give you true news related to each and every aspects of defence . It is either country, defence weapon, air Force, army ,navy, military or anything we will try to fully explain . The content specially news we upload are taken from various news channels and media houses . we never claim it is 100 % on our behalf but we try to deliver you exact without rumours . our news is specially related to india . As India is a growing country specially in defence under narendra modi BJP government . Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/DefenceTube Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/defencetube Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/DefenceTube Check my all playlist : https://www.youtube.com/defencetube/playlist
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“Hartek Group on its path to become a truly Indian Multinational” quotes CMD of Havells India
It was a real honour to have Mr Anil Rai Gupta, Chairman and Managing director of Havells India Limited at our global headquarters Hartek Towers.
Food & Beverage Manager Melbourne- Truly Magnificent Appointment for a Mentor in Operations
Food & Beverage Manager Melbourne Truly Magnificent Appointment for a Mentor in Operations Aus$75-85 Looking for a highly motivated, flamboyant & inspiring F&B professional Specialist in function & banquet operations & understanding of "Hat" products & services Profile: Hands on leader & natural host with WOW factor service aptitude Overseeing all F&B outlets including high revenue function center Inspire, mentor& teach YOUR 30+ strong team to service excellences Must have prior 5 star hotel experiences Profile: Quality focused, highly organised & natural peoples person managing multinational work force Modern approach to day to day operations & guest focused Strong technical & communication skills Astute commercial business sense & influencer #Axcellent, #AxelJob, #AxelHappy, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, professionals, online portal. sales, marketing, hotel, twitter, resort, lodges, job suche, food & beverage, CEO, GM, executive, jobs, job, recruitment, hospitality, executive search, job search, catering, careers, career management, hotel management, hotel manager, general manager, luxury hospitality, rooms division manager, sales managers, manhattan group, search firms, recruiting, recruitment, social medial lead generation, strategy, LinkedIn, social media, Fairmont, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Starwood, Intercontinental, Marriott, Hashoo, Dorchester Collection, Constance, Village, Hoyts, Outrigger, Mantra, Movenpick, Jin #Jiang, Ascott, Aman, Amamyara, Golf, Seek, Career1, Caterer, global, Rockpool, Crown Casino, Aria, Tetsuya, Urban Purveyor Group, Thistle, Wanda, JinJiang, Crown Plaza, Merivale, URBAN PURVEYOR, Rockpool, Ibis, Mecrure
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Nair & Co. Webinar: From Garage to Global - The Right Way to Expand Internationally
Join Nair & Co. and Dow Jones for a 60-minute virtual seminar that will help you create effective expansion plans. The session features advice from legal and investment professionals with unique experience in expanding companies globally. Among the issues discussed: The countries that are the easiest and hardest to expand into and why. Steps companies should take to ensure they are truly prepared to expand. What to keep in mind when hiring employees in foreign countries. Little-known legal issues that can sidetrack expanding companies. How to handle accounting and other financial issues. Communicating between the home office and the foreign office. The big surprises and even bigger mistakes that doom expanding companies. The roles VCs and board members can and should play. And much more ... including your questions. Featured speakers include: Jay H. Eum, a co-founder and Managing Director of TransLink Capital, Silicon Valley based VC firm focused on early to expansion stage IT investments with offices in Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. Jay is responsible for TransLink's investments in Carbonite, Enterprise DB, Livescribe, and SoundHound as well as supporting TransLink's portfolio companies with their customers and partners primarily in Korea. Most recently, Jay was the head of Samsung Ventures America. He was responsible for starting up the U.S. operations for Samsung Venture Investment Corp., the venture investment arm of Samsung, and leading their U.S.-based investments and portfolio management. Colin Chapman, a partner with Gunderson Dettmer, who specializes in corporate partnering and alliances, technology protection, and licensing and commercialization of intellectual property and technology assets. He represents emerging growth companies, both in the United States and abroad, and also has had considerable experience representing multinational companies. Evan Powell, the CEO of Nexenta, an opensource enterprise storage software solutions company. Prior to joining Nexenta, Evan was the founding CEO and then VP of Marketing and Business Development at Clarus Systems, a provider of IP Communications management software. . Evan also helped build Working Assets, one of the pioneers in socially responsible business which grew quickly during Evan's tenure into one of the largest telecom service resellers in the United States. Dr. Shan Nair, the co-founder and CEO of Nair & Co., who has grown his company from a small U.K.-based professional services firm to a global enterprise with offices in U.K., India, China, U.S., Japan and Singapore. Under his leadership, Nair & Co. today runs over 740 client operations in 50+ countries and providing Tax, HR, Compliance and Legal support to foreign offices of U.S. companies. Dave Barry, editor with Dow Jones & Company, moderates.
Innovation Challenge Design and Management for the Crowd
This Roundtable Discussion hosted by IdeaScale and IM Channel One explores the leading benefits, challenges and techniques for engaging public crowds. Truly reaching out to the public can prove an intimidating moment for any organization. Brand protection, possibility of negative press and time commitment of managing the crowd all provide significant points of fear for organization when contemplating undertaking a broad, public crowdsourcing project. These projects differ significantly from employee or partner-focused initiatives in the extent to which these fears can outweigh the perceived benefits. Presenters Lindsay Rentz and James Baillie from IdeaBuzz, talk through the process of alleviating these fears, while also expanding how participants can generate the best possible outcomes for their organizations. The success-stories are there; from the Department of Energy’s revolutionary new Sunshot Catalyst program to Procter & Gamble’s Connect + Develop and smaller organizations such as Magneti Marelli’s global Laptime Club, it is clear that getting confident and competent at large-scale public crowdsourcing can add immense value.
Office Politics: Your Hidden Superpower  ✓
✅Join me and 5,000 others at LIG so I can show you how you can transform your career. Registrations are now open again; https://goo.gl/chwjpr Watch next: One Simple Talk That May Change Your Career and Life: https://youtu.be/R-PAfs_4un8 __________________________________________________________ I am officially done creating videos for interview success. I am truly happy to have finally put an end to that series. While I loved helping so many people perform significantly better at job interviews by showing the perspective of a hiring manager, it's simply not something I enjoyed. This video marks the beginning of new series where I'll share with you some of my own experiences from my 14-year career with various multinational firms. Today's topic is all about office politics and how you can take advantage of it. Enjoy! ______________________________________________________________ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Music by Nicolai Heidlas; Cosmo Discover Wings Queen of The Skies Paint it
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Digital Globalization: Company, Platforms, and Start up Implications
The rapidly growing flows of international trade and finance that characterized the 20th century have flattened or declined since 2008. Yet globalization is not moving into reverse. Instead soaring cross-border digital flows are transmitting a valuable stream of ideas and innovation around the world. Digitization changes the economics of doing business across borders as large-scale Internet platforms reduce transaction costs and create markets with truly global scale. They provide businesses with enormous built-in customer bases and effective ways to connect with them, and they enable millions of small businesses around the world to participate directly in global flows. A new McKinsey Global Institute report, to be released at New America, finds that globalization has reached a critical turning point. This research measures how all types of global flows influence GDP and productivity growth—and for the first time, it quantifies the value of data flows. While the digital world may be more inclusive and closely connected, it is not truly flat—and digitization tends to accentuate disparities. This echoes the findings of MGI’s recent Digital America report, which found enormous gaps between the digital “haves” and “have-mores.” As globalization turns into a more digital phenomenon, the United States can build on a significant comparative advantage if it can deepen capabilities across the economy. The convergence of globalization and digitization means that policy makers and business leaders alike have to re-assess their strategies. Given that we are only in the very early stages of this phenomenon, enormous opportunities are still at stake. This event will bring together industry experts, economists, business leaders, and policy makers to discuss a profound change in the world’s economic ties and whether the United States can navigate the challenges posed by this more digital version of globalization. Participants: Usman Ahmed Head, Global Public Policy, PaypalRobert AtkinsonFounder and President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) Karan Bhatia Vice President and Senior, Counsel, GE Global Government Affairs and Policy, General Electric Aneesh Chopra Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Hunch Analytics Alan Davidson Director of Digital Economy, U.S. Department of Commerce and Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce David Edelman Special Assistant to the President for Economic and Technology Policy, The White House Donna Harris Co-Founder and Co-CEO,1776 Leena Im Manager of Global Policy Development, Facebook Rebecca MacKinnon Director, Ranking Digital Rights, New America Susan Lund Partner, McKinsey Global Institute James Manyika Director, McKinsey Global Institute; Director (Senior Partner), McKinsey & Company; Vice Chair, President's Global Development Council Sree Ramaswamy Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute Anne-Marie Slaughter President, CEO, New America David Weller ‎Head of Global Trade Policy, Google Moderator: Rana Foroohar Assisting Managing Editor, Time Magazine https://www.newamerica.org/oti/digital-globalization-the-new-era-of-global-flows-and-what-it-means-for-the-united-states/ ==================================== New America is dedicated to the renewal of American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the digital age through big ideas, technological innovation, next generation politics, and creative engagement with broad audiences. Subscribe to our channel for new videos on a wide range of policy issues: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=newamericafoundation Subscribe to The New America Weekly and other newsletters: http://www.newamerica.org/subscribe/#
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Dr Ahmad Anwar - A Multinational Workplace
Consultant Neurosurgeon at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, Dr Ahmad Anwar discusses the everyday challenges and benefits of working within a multinational healthcare sector. Odyssey was set up in London, UK in 2005 to provide specialist recruitment services in niche professional disciplines including Medicine, Dentistry, Health Care Professions and Executive & Management roles. We aimed to stand out from the crowd, to have a leading market reputation and be the company that candidates and clients trusted for our knowledge, expertise and reliability. In short, we provide our services with professionalism and personality. Now, over a decade later, Odyssey is a respected, trusted brand. We offer our services to clients across Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and continue to expand our global footprint into new geographical areas and disciplines. Our recruitment consultants are experts within their specific areas. As a candidate with a niche specialism or an employer with challenging roles to fill, you will receive a consultative service from people who truly understand the expectations and requirements of your industry and the global markets in which they operate. We specialise in four core business areas: Medicine, Dentistry, Healthcare, Management & Executive and have teams of consultants who deliver permanent and contract recruitment solutions. Our strategic location in London and flexible business model, allows us to provide a personal and engaging partnership offering bespoke solutions to both employers and candidates. For more information on furthering your career overseas, register on our website: https://www.odysseyrecruitment.com
Reliance Communications & Global Cloud Xchange

Deliver First “Make in India” Content Delivery Netwo
Reliance Communications & Global Cloud Xchange Deliver First “Make in India” Content Delivery Network Fast Edge from Reliance / GCX puts content closer to India’s 350 million+ eyeballs than any other content delivery platform with most cost-efficient access available in the market Bengaluru, August 23, 2016 – Reliance Communications (RCOM) and its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) today announced the deployment of Fast Edge, the country’s first “Make in India” Content Delivery Network (CDN), designed to take “Digital India” from promise to fruition. “India’s Internet User growth is accelerating at more than 40% year over year and India has surpassed the USA to become the #2 Global User Market behind China,” according to the Global Internet Trend 2016 report by Mary Meeker, KPCM. With the increasing number of OTT, Gaming and New Media companies targeting India’s 350 million+ eyeballs, the demand for improved response time; reduced risk of malicious attacks; improved visibility of control over traffic flows; and reduced risk of network capacity bottlenecks are rapidly growing. These requirements are posing challenges, especially for third party CDN providers with only infrastructure at regional hubs, far from where growth is exploding. “Fast Edge comprises a Content Delivery Network of content caches around the edge of Reliance’s Indian network, connecting back to 9 state-of-the-art Tier III+ data centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad,” said Bill Barney, CEO of RCOM Enterprise & GCX. “The content caches, in turn, are seamlessly connected onward to our network of data centers situated in key hubs along the Emerging Markets Corridor, all interconnected by our wholly owned global subsea fiber network.” Open-source cache servers hosted in Reliance / GCX MPLS PoPs throughout India mean content of all types including social media, data, video and gaming, can now be served from the very same neighborhood in which the eyeballs accessing it are based. “By building Fast Edge across the length and breadth of the Reliance network, the distance for content to travel to the eyeball can be slashed from 5,000 miles to 10 miles, effectively eradicating the middle mile bottleneck,” said Braham Singh, SVP of Product Management, RCOM Enterprise and GCX. “and because the content is cached and delivered across our local network, any rapid exponential growth in the number of users concurrently accessing will not automatically lead to middle mile bandwidth issues. In other words, content can now go “viral” across India without impact on users.” Fast Edge with Dynamic DNS (DDNS) also offers built-in protection and security in addition to maximizing the speed of content delivery. With Reliance’s Direct Internet Access (DIA) providing downstream access to 100% of India’s Internet users, Fast Edge is designed to optimize Content Delivery across India –a step forward in making Digital India a reality. About Reliance Communications and Global Cloud Xchange Reliance Communications Limited, founded by the late Shri Dhirubhai H Ambani (1932-2002), is the flagship company of the Reliance Group. Reliance Communications is India's foremost and truly integrated telecommunications service provider, with a customer base of above 118 million including over 2.6 million individual overseas retail customers. Reliance Communications corporate clientele includes over 39,000 Indian and multinational corporations including small and medium enterprises and over 290 global, regional and domestic carriers. Its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions customized for carriers, enterprises and new media companies across the world’s largest private undersea cable system spanning more than 67,000 route kms which, seamlessly integrated with Reliance Communications’ 200,000 route kms of domestic optic fiber backbone and significant data center footprint across India. With connections to 40 key business markets worldwide spanning Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East, GCX is equipped to support businesses through the deployment of next generation Enterprise solutions across its Cloud Delivery Networks. www.globalcloudxchange.com www.thrillingnewsindia.com
Panel discussion - what is the biggest challenge you have faced working internationally?
Panel discussion - what is the biggest challenge you ever faced working in a multicultural environment? A Professional Development Seminar organised by the Cyprus International Institute of Management and Rotaract Limassol Berengaria Club. The panel comprised three distinguished and 'truly international' speakers who now live and work in Cyprus: Dr. Olga Kvasova from Russia, lecturer in Marketing, Mr. Graeme Sherman from the United Kingdom, Chief Operating Officer of a telecommunications company, and Mr. Mike McCormac from Ireland, a Sales and Marketing Consultant.
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Food Systems Innovation
Find the full paper at: https://goo.gl/u4h8p9 A short video giving an overview of our paper Systems Approach to Food Systems. The global food system of today is truly complex in nature, crossing almost all areas from climate, water, and energy, to finance and commodity markets, to politics and culture, all are interconnected through our global food system. Today’s food and agribusiness form a $5 trillion global industry, a complex system spanning from the small self-sufficient farmer in rural India to multinational corporations trading commodities on international markets. Produced by: http://complexitylabs.io Twitter: https://goo.gl/ZXCzK7 Facebook: https://goo.gl/P7EadV LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/3v1vwF
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