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First Day at Fudan University, SHANGHAI: Study A-Vlog Episode 1
Episode 1 of my Study A-Vlog Series: settling into my new campus and dorm, as well as exploring for some Shanghai street food :) song: FKJ - Skyline (The man performed in Shanghai, but he was sold out :/)
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My experience studying at Fudan University | The story about how I randomly ended up in China
My experience studying Chinese at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. I choose to go to Shanghai, study the Chinese Language Program at Fudan University and live in international students dorm at the campus right after graduating high school. I had the best time at Fudan and I always really wanted to make a video telling you about me experience living and studying in China! In this video I covered topics as why did I decided to move to China in the first place, quick facts about Fudan, classes and courses taught in English at Fudan, accommodation recommendations, but there is obliviously so much more to talk about, so if you have any question pleas let me know! And I might film another Q&A with my answers. Follow me on Instagram to see more! :) https://instagram.com/bykajaa/ My camera: https://amzn.to/2LtpnuL MY OTHER VIDEOS: WHAT I WORE IN A WEKK IN CHINA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_sRL-E1c6o&t=23s WHY DID I MOVE TO CHINA? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YBZEsK_c0I&t=4s CHINA IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU THINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAfQVllcNQI&t=401s WHAT CAN YOU FIND IN A CHINESE SUPERMARKET? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVdSOpPzh7I&t=23s Contact me at [email protected] FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bykajaa/ INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/bykajaa Hi! My name is Kaja :) I grew up between Poland and Denmark, and for the past couple of years I have been living in Copenhagen, Shanghai, Bangkok and Paris, making videos about my travels, daily life and fashion. I'm currently doing a MBA degree in Luxury Brand Management in Shanghai and Paris.
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My life in Shanghai, China / Fudan University
Can't believe I p̶r̶o̶c̶r̶a̶s̶t̶i̶n̶a̶t̶e̶d waited 3 years to make this video! Here I'm showing you everything about my life in Shanghai, China! Where I lived, where I studied, what I ate, what I was doing in general. I'm very excited to finally have this short movie I can watch anytime I want, because so far I have had zillions of different folders in which I had random video clips and thousands of photos I would probably never actually go through. P.S: I made this video over the past 5 days, and it took me about 40(!!!!) hours to put everything together. That's insane. Thanks for watching! :) Follow me on social media! :) https://www.instagram.com/lenny_winter/ https://soundcloud.com/lennywinter https://twitter.com/lennywinter Music channel: https://www.youtube.com/lennywinter My camera: http://amzn.to/2mktVUw Editing computer: http://amzn.to/2m0aDSj
Fudan University | Shanghai, China [STUDY ABROAD]
Study abroad at Fudan University in Shanghai, China for one semester through UCEAP! [UCEAP Fudan University Study Abroad Program] UCEAP is the study abroad provider representing the entire University of California system with partner universities spanning 40 countries worldwide and UC-approved programs offering UC credit, grades and financial aid. Students can travel, learn, and live abroad during any UC academic term—from a summer, quarter or semester, or for the best value, an entire year. Shanghai provides a vibrant commercial and cosmopolitan hub for your studies and you'll gain a new perspective on the rapidly changing world market and international trade environment. http://eap.ucop.edu/OurPrograms/china/Pages/fudan_univ.aspx [Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship] The Gilman Scholarship Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is an undergraduate program for U.S. citizens of limited financial means to enable them to study abroad, thereby internationalizing their outlook and better preparing them to thrive in the global economy. https://www.gilmanscholarship.org/ [Music] Joakim Karud - Loudness Clarity
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Life as a student in Shanghai!
Just a little summin summin to show you what life as a student in Shanghai is like! I take you in to class and you finally get the chance to hear me speak some Chinese oh no the fear... I hope this is useful to anyone who's planning on coming here to study, if not, at least my Mum will enjoy it...!
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Shanghai University is a public, comprehensive university located in Shanghai, China. The university has the longest serving President; Chien Wei-zang since 1982 until he died in 2010. He was a well known scientist in China. http://www.shu.edu.cn/ http://en.shu.edu.cn/Default.aspx
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Student Accommodations Suzhou | Study Abroad China
This weeks video is dedicated to everything about the (XJTLU) student accommodations in Suzhou China. As an International student you get three different accommodation choices. I will be explaining them all in this video. Time stamps: 1. Parfait International Apartment 1:25 2. Parfait International Hotel & Apartment 3:14 3. MBA Apartment 6:35 4. Payments 7:49 5. Location 8:31 XJTLU Accommodation link: http://www.xjtlu.edu.cn/en/life-at-xjtlu/accommodation If you guys have any questions about living or studying in China. Feel free to ask :) Instagram @IsabelleMuzerie Intro song: Star Eyes by urpleactus https://urpleactus.bandcamp.com/ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/tJGegD-cOWA Outro song: Folk Chinese by PeriTune https://soundcloud.com/sei_peridot Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/EfNzA9M3JNc
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Beijing International Studies University 二外留学生宣传片
Beijing International Studies University (BISU, the former Beijing Second Foreign Languages Institute) was founded in 1964 thanks to China’s late Premier Zhou En Lai’s great care. A nationwide renowned key school of higher education, the university has developed into a multi-disciplinary educational establishment that offers courses in studies of foreign languages, tourism management, liberal arts, management, economics,law and philosophy, with the studies of foreign languages as its dominant disciplines and the studies of tourism and tourism management as its specialized subjects. To suit the national needs of economic and social advance, the school endeavors to educate and train its students into internationally-minded professionals that are proficient in foreign affairs, tourism industry, economics, business and trade. There are eight foreign language departments and eight schools that specialize in language instruction and research. The eight departments are: English Department, Japanese Department, Russian Department, German Department, French and Italian Department, Spanish and Portuguese Department, Arabic Department, and Korean Department. The eight schools are: School of Tourism Management, School of International Economics and Trade, School of International Communication, School of Law and Politics, School of Translation, School of Continuing Education, School of International Cultural Exchange, and School of International Education. There are other departments and institutions, such as College for the Teaching of English, Research Institute for Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Sports and Physical Education Department, the Academy of Tourism Development, and Institute for Comparative and Transcultural Studies. In addition, the university has a wide range of research centers, such as Research Center for Public Signs Translation, Research Center for Literature and Arts, Research Center for Tourism-related Laws and Regulations, Expo-Research Center, Research Center for Sino-Australian Tourism, Research Center for Touristic Impacts, Research Center for China’s Hotel Industry, and Research Center for International Service in Cultural Business and Trade. Study in China contact us E-mail: [email protected] http://www.huitongge.com
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FIRST DAY OF CLASSES at Fudan University! [Study A-VLog Ep. 4]
Follow the series for more Study Abroad information and advice! music: falcxne - Reminisce DJ Uragun - BOE14 Mixtape Rich Chigga - Chaos
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A Day in My Life | China & XJTLU | Study Abroad Edition
I enjoyed making this a day in my life videos as a study abroad in China. I hope you guys enjoy it as well! Blog post about my abroad experience: https://cometsabroadblog.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/fromhi-to-%E4%BD%A0%E5%A5%BD/ _________________________________ Music provided by Frequency Tittle: Hoved - No Love Track: https://youtu.be/yZ8zCqr6tD0 Title: Defqwop - Into the Ether Track: https://youtu.be/hlNAg5TDfTc Title: Cour - Rainforest Link: https://youtu.be/v-_AVZKqiuA Title: Hize - Sweetheart Link: https://youtu.be/RGShjhp0PwA
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Shanghai University of Political Science and Law2016 超清 new
School of International Communication and Exchange (International Students Office) is an important window for international cooperation and exchanges in SHUPL which is mainly responsible for the international student enrollment, management and life services, and undertake the teaching and research of Chinese. SICE notonly has the general function of college teaching and scientific research, but also the organ department of management functions. In 2013, our school began to recruit international students. In three years, the college has always been adhering to the internationalization of educational minds and philosophy. As the same time, taking “China - Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Judicial Exchangesand Cooperation Training Base” construction as an opportunity, the college has continuously improved the level of student training and actively promoted the development of student education. In 2014, SHUPL became the Chinese government scholarship students training institutions. In 2015, SHUPL won “Shanghai international students work advanced unit". At present, the number of students studying in SHUPL has increased from 17 in 2013 to 130 and the origin country has been expanded from 8 countries to 25 countries. http://www.acasc.cn/school/shanghai-university-of-political-science-and-law-sh4057.html ACASC is China’s largest online admission portal where international students acquire relevant information about universities and colleges in China. Assisting international students around the globe to acquire admissions to over 400 universities and colleges in China summing up to over 20,000 courses in more than 100 cities in China. We assist international students to obtain full or partial scholarship to study in China. ACASC has simplified the online application system to four basic steps to enable international students to apply easily and efficiently. International students can apply from a wide range of courses through our online admission portal. We narrow the distance between international students and universities and colleges in China and we promote the international image of China. Our competent, efficient and authentic online admission portal has been built in a way to assist universities and colleges monitor the activities of their applicants.  Contact Info:  Phone; (+86) 15850513534     Wechat: (+86) 15850513534 WhatsApp: (+86) 15850513534 Skype: gulnar_nurdanhazy Website:  www.acasc.cn  Email: [email protected]
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On exchange in China
Thinking about studying in China? Students at the University of Adelaide share their experiences on exchange in Shanghai. Find out more about our global learning programs: https://www.adelaide.edu.au/global-learning/ - - - - - - DISCOVER MORE ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE: Our Story website: adelaide.edu.au/our-story Website: adelaide.edu.au YouTube: youtube.com/uniofadelaide Facebook: facebook.com/uniofadelaide Instagram: instagram.com/uniofadelaide Twitter: twitter.com/uniofadelaide LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/edu/university-of-adelaide-10217
China University Dorms - Foreigners Get Better Dorms Than Locals
A short movie made by foreign student Futura Costaglione went viral on Sina Weibo this week. The film, titled “One Country, Two Dorms”, features the ‘two different worlds’ within Chinese university dormitories. In the short movie project made for a class assignment, Costaglione interviewed 12 students (six Chinese and six foreign) from two colleges in Lanzhou and Beijing, and compared their dorm conditions. The movie shows that Chinese students have very different living conditions from their foreign counterparts; while the foreign students enjoy spacious 2-person dorm rooms, the local Chinese students have crowded 6 to 8-people rooms to live in.
BE A SISUER: Welcome to Shanghai International Studies University
Established in 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is a forward-looking academic institution in China, committed to preparing innovative professionals and future global leaders for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our times. Learn more about SISU: http://global.shisu.edu.cn
DAPHALE | Life of an Exchange Student in Shanghai
Short clip about my Life in Donghua university, Shanghai. Much love from SH! Music by Transition : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XTBwvi0h2E
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Fudan University Summer Chinese Language Program
Get the Best this Summer learning Chinese language at Fudan University Shanghai
I studied Venture Capital & Private Equity at Peking University (Guanghua School of Management) in Beijing, China. It's difficult to live in China because of its language barrier but I had a great experience overall! This video is about my experience with Peking University's housing, food, course, campus, transport, nightlife and the supermarket. About Me: Hey! I'm a Tech entrepreneur with marketing skills and an education in finance! My videos are related to TECH & STARTUPS! Companies I've founded: - Vintage Stock Shop: Online platform to buy and sell antiques - CRON Systems: Border defence startup, developing scalable IoT based Intrusion detection system - Sick Pluto: Goth inspired fashion & lifestyle brand Education: - LSR Delhi - IIM Bangalore - Peking University Beijing Location- New Delhi, India INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/farheen.ok/ FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/farheen.ahmad.222 Internet Of Stuff
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Shanghai Foreign Exchange students testimonials
The College of International Transport and Logistics proudly congratulates our students from Shanghai University, China for the completion of their foreign exchange program in CITL. Here is a short preview of what they had to say about CITL :)
I have been in Shanghai for a while now and a lot of people keep asking me a lot of questions about Shanghai and China as an educational destination. That is why I present you series of interview with real students who are freshmen, Bachelors and Masters. You will find out whether its easy to get a scholarship, what's the difference, is it hard, how students spend spare time and IS IT WORTH IT as a result? Check out my other videos, click "Like" and subscribe!
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OAEP 2017 Shanghai Fudan University
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Overseas Academic Exchange Programme
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Life in Tsinghua Vlog #41 | A typical day in a life of exchange student at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China Follow me throughout my day, from morning to getting to sleep. Nothing fancy, just documenting myself ►Thank you for watching this video. Follow my life as an exchange student by subscribing to my channel here: https://goo.gl/t1iGXt ►Did you like watching this video? Watch more Vlogs here: https://goo.gl/jMQUCA ►Produced by: Robin He
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My Life in Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
This video is about Student's life in Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. Want to study in Shanghai University of International Business and Economics? Why not start to apply in our website - SICAS(www.sicas.cn)
Being an International Student in China
Hello once again! This is a long awaited update to my continuing series of travel documentations. In this video I cover what it's like to live on a Chinese university campus as an international student. The intro song is done by Josh Woodward, found on CC. I do not own or produce the songs in this video.
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Fudan University Room Tour + Registering Day | SB Ep. 9
Hey guys! In this video: 00:30 Registering for our 2 months Mandarin course 02:23 Visiting the Bailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall 05:06 Room Tour! Hope you guys will enjoy thisssssss =) Till my next video. ____________________________________________________________________ ☀️ MY #SUMMERBREAK VLOGS ☀️ Don't skip any episodes!!! Watch them all here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDUIQIuyzvb3VRpeuL_ppOdeK0dCLudNZ ☎️ HOLLA AT ME HERE ☎️ Blog: http://www.fiefirds.com (new blogposts every Monday!) Instagram/Snapchat: @fiefirds 💰 DISCOUNT CODES 💰 Uber Eats/Drive: RM 10 off- firzanahfue Grab Car: RM 10 off- https://invite.grab.co/firzan438?a=WU... LoveSpace: 10 Pounds off- LOVEREF33457473 ♒️ MISCELLANEOUS ♒️ Editing Software: Final Cut Pro Camera I used: Canon PowerShot G7X Mark ii // iPhone 7 Plus
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Study in China / Shanghai University (SHU) / Study Abroad / Exchange Semester
Some nice Pictures about the #SHU Shanghai University. Welcome to #Shanghai #China
A DAY IN MY LIFE IN CHINA | Foreign Student in China
Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. This is what i usually do on school days here in China. Hope you enjoy. ♡Please like and subscribe for more videos. If you would like me to make a video on a certain topic,please comment below. ♡Check out my other video about "BEING BLACK IN CHINA" https://youtu.be/zhtZp1lwYiU
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Our First Day At Fudan University | SB Ep. 10
This video sums up, rather concisely, how our first day at Fudan University went. Myself & 6 other friends from LSE are here for two months. We are currently enrolled in Fudan's Mandarin Summer Program =) Hope you guys enjoy this! Till my next video. ____________________________________________________________________ ☀️ MY #SUMMERBREAK VLOGS ☀️ Don't skip any episodes!!! Watch them all here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDUIQIuyzvb3VRpeuL_ppOdeK0dCLudNZ ☎️ HOLLA AT ME HERE ☎️ Blog: http://www.fiefirds.com (new blogposts every Monday!) Instagram/Snapchat: @fiefirds 💰 DISCOUNT CODES 💰 Uber Eats/Drive: RM 10 off- firzanahfue Grab Car: RM 10 off- https://invite.grab.co/firzan438?a=WU... LoveSpace: 10 Pounds off- LOVEREF33457473 ♒️ MISCELLANEOUS ♒️ Editing Software: Final Cut Pro Camera I used: Canon PowerShot G7X Mark ii // iPhone 7 Plus
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Study in China. Shanghai University!
An interview with international students filmed at Shanghai University. They describe their experience in China and talk abut things like learning Chinese Language. Shanghai, China, 2012. copyright by www.chinaspulse.com
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International Exchange Center Hotel Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
http://go.asianhotelsearch.com/Hotel/International_Exchange_Center_Hotel_Shanghai_Institute_of_Foreign_Trade.htm The Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade International Exchange Center Hotel (Shanghai Duiwai Maoyi Xueyuan Guoji Jiaoliu Zhongxin Jiudian) is a business hotel located in the Institute of Foreign Trade in Shanghai's Gubei District within easy reach of the International Exhibition Center, Xianxia Road and Metro Line 2. The Hongqiao airport is just 6 kilometers away from the hotel. On offer are various well-appointed rooms with complimentary broadband internet access, satellite TVs and international telephones. For dining options, the buffet restaurant serves Chinese and Western cuisines. 11 conference rooms of different sizes are provided for conference and various business activities in addition to a business center.
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National University of Singapore Exchange
Take a peek into my experience abroad at NUS, filled with new friends and adventures!
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Inside a Chinese University Student Dorm
Welcome to my humble dormitory.
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LEAP to Shanghai, SJTU: Student life
A glimpse of Tom's life in Shanghai, a ME junior student who is part of the 2016 cohort of Purdue Engineering Term Abroad program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Learn more about Global Engineering Programs at Purdue: http://engineering.purdue.edu/GEP Contact us: [email protected]
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Tsinghua University Dorm Tour (Vogue 73 Questions Style)
Jade and Hafu, Canadian exchange students give you a tour of their Zijing International Exchange Student Dorm rooms at Tsinghua University ➥ SUBSCRIBE https://bit.ly/MOREVidsPLZ for More Tsinghua Videos! See MORE of Jade (Executive Creative Director)! https://www.instagram.com/lu.cha.biao/ SEE MORE OF ME ;) https://www.instagram.com/hafuguo/ READ BELOW FOR EXTRA INFORMATION: These dorms were filmed at Zijing Apartments. Buildings 19-23 of Zijing are for International Foreign students only. The Zijing International Student Apartments of Tsinghua University provide three types of dormitory rooms to the international students: single room (private bedroom and bathroom), RMB 80/day; AB room (private bedroom, shared bathroom), RMB 80/day/person; double room (two beds in one room, shared bathroom on each floor), RMB 40/day/person. Included in each room are bedclothes, air-conditioner, telephone, Internet access and furniture. I have the A/B Room. Jade has the Single Room. I would personally choose the single room if you had to pay. But for me, my scholarship paid for the A/B Room. To switch out, I had to pay 6000RMB extra, not worth. When you first arrive, you must check in at BUILDING 19, FLOOR 1. The General Reception Desk of Zijing International Student Apartments is in Zijing Apartment Building No. 19. It serves from 7:00 am to 23:00 pm. The service phone number: +86-10-5153 5500; Email: [email protected]
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Shanghai Univerisity of Finance and Economics (SUFE) Guoding Campus
A small tour through Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) Guoding Campus. Several cantines will be viewed as well as a school building.. If you found the video interesting please leave a like! :) I chose not well-known songs for this video so more people get to know them. I like the music a lot myself! Zhongshan Beyi Road campus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpxRwClp_HA
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Study Abroad - Angela's Shanghai Adventure
Life-long friends, travel and eating "creepy crawlies". Angela talks about her student exchange experience to Shanghai University. With over 90 partner universities in around 20 countries, as well as loans and scholarships, studying abroad through Curtin University is easier than you think. Keen to study abroad? http://studyabroad.curtin.edu.au Explore more! http://life.curtin.edu.au/explore-global-opportunities.htm
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Study Abroad in China (At Your Own Risk) | China Uncensored
Study abroad in China, but at your own risk. This is a viewer submitted story from a fan of China Uncensored. This guy was part of foreign exchange student program with a university in Shandong. He was studying computer science and computer programming. The offer of some real world experience working at a Chinese company sounded pretty good. Until he found himself being pressured by the Chinese university to work for a shady company on some potentially illegal and definitely immoral hacking project that would help the Chinese regime torture its citizens. You'll never guess how it went down. Subscribe for more China Uncensored: http://www.youtube.com/ntdchinauncensored Make sure to share with your friends! ______________________________ Want more China Uncensored? http://e.ntd.tv/NTDChinaUncensored Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChinaUncensored Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChinaUncensored Email: [email protected] ______________________________ MOBILE LINKS Chen Guangcheng says China Pressured NYU to Kick Him Out http://e.ntd.tv/1c1lAHv China's Hellish College Entrance Exam Turns Students into Cheaters http://e.ntd.tv/14zAaFu Edward Snowden-From Russia With Love http://e.ntd.tv/14lwl6k Edward Snowden-the Spy Who Loved Me http://e.ntd.tv/12eqA5G Dangers of Dating a Chinese Girl http://e.ntd.tv/15c5WZx World War Z, Hollywood Latest Sell Out to China http://e.ntd.tv/12lSxJ5
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Fudan University Chinese Language Program | Participant review
Learn Chinese in Fudan University, one of the best Universities for learning Chinese Language. For a semester or a year, you can Learn Mandarin in Shanghai CIP helps you augment your study in Shanghai by combining more elements to increase your exposure. You may combine studies with volunteering, Internship, trave; and cultural exposure. Speak with us now about your expectations. Read more about our programs here http://www.chinainternshipplacements.com/chinese-language-universities/learn-chinese-shanghai-fudan-university/
Solomon (China) commented on his experiences as international exchange student at Duke
Solomon, from Shanghai China, is an Otago MBA student who is now on international student exchange at Duke University. He sent his greetings from North Carolina. International exchange is one of the electives at the Otago MBA. The Otago MBA has partnership with over 20 world renowned universities.
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China: Studying in Shanghai
Catch me on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/ricecup In-game Friend's Chat: Mr Iron Bar Subscribe for more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/asianricecup Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/AsianRiceCup
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Global Citizenship
Talk given at Global Sharing forum - Shanghai University under the international exchange SHU-MBA program
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MTSU signs exchange agreement with Shanghai university
SHANGHAI, China — Middle Tennessee State University established formal ties Friday (5/24/13) with a university that has been crowned "China's MIT" for its strong science, engineering and biomedical programs. Read more: http://mtsunews.com/exchange-shanghai-university/ The agreement between MTSU and Shanghai Jiao Tong University will allow for the exchange of faculty and students between the institutions. It will also let professors collaborate and share research. President Sidney A. McPhee, who led a MTSU delegation that included state Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron (R-13th District), signed the agreement during ceremonies on the Shanghai campus. "Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a premier university, recognized internationally for excellence across its 29 schools and 11 institutes," McPhee said. "Our partnership will allow students and faculty to study, explore and collaborate on projects that benefit both institutions and our respective communities." The agreement was forged at one of the first stops of a seven-city tour by the MTSU delegation to create or strengthen relationships with Chinese universities.
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Exchange Experience at Sanda in Shanghai - China (2017) 马大力 & 骆驼
Have you ever wondered how undertaking an exchange experience in China could be? Me and Camiel, two students of Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam made a little talk show episode to help you get an idea of what to expect in Shanghai and how to be more prepared to your Chinese experience. We are gonna give some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your exchange at Sanda University! And we are even gonna have a food blind tasting! Extra special thanks also to Christy, Eric, Emre, Franzi, Mao Laoshi and every Chinese student who helped.
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Carla Fabbro - International Exchange from Canada to China, Political Science
Carla Fabbro, Political Science undergraduate student from Concordia University, Canada, talks about her experience on the International Exchange Programme with The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.
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Shanghai University иностранные студенты
Узнай по ссылке https://bit.ly/2Qzet49 как поступить без ЕГЭ в один из ведущих вузов Китая, овладеть в совершенстве английским и китайским языками, путешествовать и заводить друзей со всех уголков планеты, получить высокооплачиваемую профессию.
Q&A studying abroad at Chulalongkorn University | Is exchange semester in Thailand a good idea?
I answered some of the most frequently asked questions about my semester abroad at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand Questions answered in the video: - Is it worth to do you semester abroad at Chula? - Where should you stay in Bangkok? (Nonsi Residence or CU International House) - What is it like to live at Nonsi? (pros and cons) - Is Nonsi Residence located far from downtown Bangkok? - What courses can you do at Chula? - Is it possible to do courses outside of your own faculty as an exchange student? - Do you have to wear uniform? - Are classes and teaches at Chula demanding? - Is there a language barrier between exchange and Thai students? - Will you have time to travel? Please let me know if you have any other questions! :) Follow me on Instagram! :) https://instagram.com/bykajaa/ My camera: https://amzn.to/2LtpnuL MY VIDEOS FROM THAILAND: Home in Bangkok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyiUANFwjRY&t=4s A typical day at Chulalongkorn university in Thailand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWfvzBe9DaA&t=3s My experience studying abroad in Thailand at Chulalongkorn University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgy4t_WR2uk&t=4s MY OTHER VIDEOS: BALI IS HEAVEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9f8iOZTPJg&t=5s WHY DID I MOVE TO CHINA? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YBZEsK_c0I&t=4s NYC DIARIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf1mg6KoUyA&t=32s Contact me at [email protected] FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bykajaa/ INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/bykajaa/
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Welcome to University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiaotong University Joint Institute
The Joint Institute (JI) welcomes applications from students living outside of China. JI offers students interested in studying in China an opportunity like no other— the chance to live and study in an English-language environment that follows the academic standards of a world-class institution, The University of Michigan. The university’s College of Engineering is praised for its educational and research achievements, resources, and highly reputable pool of engineering talent, and created the Joint Institute in 2006 to partner with one of the top universities in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Although all of the courses offered by the Joint Institute are taught in English, outside studying and recreation time, naturally, may be in Chinese. Students with an interest in learning Mandarin or with some background in Chinese may adjust to student life with the most ease. With that said, JI emphasizes a culture that is globally conscious and open to diversity. International students can enroll in Mandarin Chinese courses, and all JI students have a number of excellent opportunities to spend time abroad. They may participate in 4-week sessions during the Winter Break at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus, Berlin’s Technische Universitat, or in one of our International Academic Programs Dual Undergraduate Degree or the Sequential Graduate/ Undergraduate Study (SGUS) offered by our parent universities, the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
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Lamarah Steele - International Exchange From UK To China, Political Science
Lamarah Steele, Political Science undergraduate student from Brunel University, UK, talks about her experience on the International Exchange Programme with The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.
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THEO PAUL SANTANA - LIFE OF THEO ________________________ GEAR USED! ▶Sony A7 - http://amzn.to/2AHgisN ▶Nikon D800 - http://amzn.to/2AHMNqF ▶Canon G7X II - http://amzn.to/2BoLMDx ▶Leica 35mm f/2.0 - http://amzn.to/2yuVEpJ ▶Nikon 85mm f/1.8D - http://amzn.to/2AHMSdX ▶Nikon 20mm f/2.8D http://amzn.to/2Cmh0J3 ________________________ FOLLOW ME! ▶Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/theopaul ▶Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/theopaul ▶YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/theosantana ▶Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/theopaul ▶Facebook - https://facebook.com/theopaul2 ▶Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/theosantana ▶Tumblr - http://www.theopaul.tumblr.com ▶Web - http://www.theosantana.com ▶Mail - [email protected] ________________________ DISCLAIMER Some of the links are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you! For sponsorship, product reviews, and collaboration, you can email me here: [email protected] ________________________ MUSIC https://soundcloud.com
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One Week In The Life of An International Student in China //中国生活:
International student life in China - you're welcome :p BEST CHINA VPN: https://www.linkev.com/?a_aid=lenaaround SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5524360 SKYPE ME ABOUT CHINA: http://lenaaround.com/skype-me/ If you want to go to China then this is the company I used the first time! (PROMO CODE LENA50 FOR 50$USD OFF THE PROGRAM FEE): http://www.immerqi.com 50$ OFF CHINESEPOD ANNUAL - PROMO CODE LINGLINGPOD: https://chinesepod.com/pricing/annual/?affid=995610 BOOK ME AS A TOUR GUIDE IN BEIJING: https://www.showaround.com/locals/9739122 LINGLING NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/cLbDY1 Enjoy! Have a fjong (good) day! Lingling ABOUT LINGLING: I'm a Danish girl crazy in love with China. Lingling is my Chinese nickname/alterego who is always up for talking about love in China, travel in China and life in China x Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Stalk me or let's be friends on social media: Website: http://lenaaround.com Instagram: lenaaround (https://www.instagram.com/lenaaround/) Facebook: lenaaround (https://www.facebook.com/lenaaround/) Snapchat: lenaaaroundx Business mail: info(at)lenaaround(dot)com If you've reached this far, I dare you to leave a comment with your opinion! :D
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