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How and when to apply for student finance for part-time courses 2018/19
Watch our film which explains how to apply for student finance for part-time students starting a course on or after 1 August 2018.
MSc Finance (Part-time)
LSE academics present an overview of the Masters in Finance (Part-time) programme. Contributors: Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand, Professor Christopher Polk, Dr Vicente Cunat, Dr Ulf Axelson, Dr Michela Verardo, Dr Andrea Vedolin, Dr Philippe Mueller The MSc Finance (Part-time) evening programme provides a unique opportunity to combine a full-time career with a world-class Masters in Finance programme, grounded in academic depth and rigour. The programme is tailored to meet the needs and demands of professionals aspiring to high-powered careers in the financial sector and is aimed at people currently working in or around London's financial services sector who are thinking about moving into, or acquiring further in-depth expertise in, the area of finance. It is ideal for those who want a focused, academically rigorous Masters degree to give them a solid foundation in the field. Masters in Finance (Part-time) - http://www2.lse.ac.uk/finance/prospectiveStudents/mscFinancePT/ Department of Finance - http://www2.lse.ac.uk/finance/ Prospective Students - http://www2.lse.ac.uk/finance/prospectiveStudents/
STUDENT FINANCE: Part-time Study
Find out about the changes to student finance from September 2012 for part-time students.
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Masters in Finance Part-time - Programme Experience | London Business School
Our part-time Masters in Finance brings together a diverse group of experienced finance professional from a range of different financial sectors, functions and countries. Hear more about the programme experience and the impact it can have on your career from our students and alumni. Masters in Finance at LBS: http://bit.ly/2k6u5As Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2fQAm0p Follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2g3q3Uw
Introduction to student finance for part-time students
Find out about the support available to part-time students starting a course from 1 August 2018.
Hui Fai Tam, MSc Finance (part-time)
An LSE MSc Finance (part-time) student, Hui Fam Tam, talks about his time at the School.
Loans for part time study 2017/18
Watch our film which explains the student finance available for part-time students and how and when to apply.
The Part-Time Student Challenge
Part-time students make up nearly forty percent of those attending college, yet their graduation rates fall far below those of their full-time peers. This video examines why it’s time for policymakers to address the needs of part-time students so that college can work for all.
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LSE MSc Finance (Full-time) – Careers
Students on the MSc Finance (Full-time) at LSE discuss careers support at LSE and how the programme has helped them. For more information please visit http://www.lse.ac.uk/study/graduate/taughtProgrammes2015/MScFinance_(fulltime).aspx
BEST JOBS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS 🎓 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs
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Masters in Finance Full-time or Part-time – Which one’s right for you? | London Business School
London Business School's Masters in Finance is a world-class programme that will accelerate your career or help you switch switch function within the finance industry. You can choose to do the programme full-time or part-time - so which is right for you? Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/lbsyoutube Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/lbs
Masters in Finance Full-time – Programme Experience | London Business School
Discover how our full-time Masters in Finance provides a immersive finance experience that will accelerate your career in finance. Learn more about the programme: http://bit.ly/2y2JDIn Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2fQAm0p Follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2g3q3Uw
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Introduction to student finance for part time students 2018/19
Find out about the student finance available to part-time students starting a course from 1 August 2018.
Martin Lewis: changes to student finance for part-time students
Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert.com. Here he outlines the changes to student finance for part-time students in England from 2012, dispelling some of the myths and revealing some of the unknown truths about the new system (www.studentfinance2012.com). Please forward to others and embed the video on your own site.
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Careers, finance and part time work
Some advice from our students about juggling work and study.
LSE MSc Finance (Full-time) – The Programme
Students on the MSc Finance (Full-time) at LSE discuss their experience on the programme. For more information please visit http://www.lse.ac.uk/study/graduate/taughtProgrammes2015/MScFinance_(fulltime).aspx
Graduation 2016: Bachelor of Science in Banking Practice and Management (Part-time students)
Students from the Bachelor of Science in Banking Practice and Management (Part-time) qualification receive their awards at the 2016 Graduation Ceremony in Guildhall, City of London. The London Institute of Banking & Finance provides financial education for every stage of your life - from financial capability and personal finance skills for high-school students and undergraduate and masters degrees to professional and corporate qualifications. Find out more about our qualifications at www.libf.ac.uk/study
Graduate Medicine (UK) Finance and Funding Part 1 - Means Testing Income and 'Independent Students'
This is a series of videos in which I talk about the funding available for graduates studying medicine the four year accelerated courses and the five year standard courses in the UK. This set of videos was published in June 2014 and the information is relating to 2014/15 academic year. The funding arrangements for future years may change, so please do your own research but you can use these videos as a guide to what is available! In this video I talk about means testing for household income and what it means to be an 'independent student' I will also talk about alternative sources of funding including scholarships, personal development loans and part time work in subsequent videos. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15dR-qAR4mw Graduate Medicine (UK) Finance and Funding Part 2 - Tuition fees & Professional Development Loans
University of Nottingham, UK MBA (Finance) Part-Time @ Kuala Lumpur
Why choose this programme? -You can study the programme at a pace to suit you, allowing you to balance your current work and life commitments. -This MBA (Finance) will invigorate and empower you to do something bold and ambitious with your career. -Can boost your earnings. -It’s a stepping-stone to business management and executive level roles. -MBA (Finance) graduates pursue careers in multiple areas and businesses within the public and private sectors. -The skills acquired on this MBA (Finance) put you in a perfect position to manage your own business effectively. -This MBA (Finance) allows you to ‘learn while you earn’; it can be studied while you remain in employment. Why Study MBA at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus? The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) has been granted Self-Accrediting Status by Ministry of Education (MOE) through the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA). This privilege is awarded to mature institutions which have robust internal systems for quality assurance. UNMC has been given the freedom and flexibility to approve and accredit our own degree courses without having to apply course by course basis for approval from MOE. An internal quality audit (IQA) will be conducted for non-professional courses prior to the first cohort of graduating. The courses will be listed in Malaysia Qualifications Register (MQR). Contact: Course Consultant Tel: +603-9543 9323 Whatsapp: +6012-6533948 Email: [email protected] Website: www.studymasters.my Important: For complete Fee Schedule - latest intake & latest course fee. Kindly request from our STUDYMASTERS.MY consultant.
The Facts and Fiction Around Student Finance - Part 1 | This Morning
Martin Lewis explains what financial aid and debt university students can expect.
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The Best Job For Students (highest paying part-time job)
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Part-Time Students Video
Short film explaining finance for students thinking of studying part-time courses.
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Part Time - Facts on Finance for Continuing Students
Another animation created in collaboration with Bournemouth University, for Student Finance England. Illustrations by Oscar Armelles Animation by Richard Shaw.
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How to apply for student finance for part-time courses
How to apply for part-time students starting a course on or after 1 August 2018.
Learn Accounting in 1 HOUR  First Lesson: Debits and Credits
The ultimate video for new accounting students to learn basic accounting principles and accounting mechanics. This video assumes you know NOTHING and by the end of it, has you reading fortune 500 company financial statements. Learn more and become student at EF University for FREE - http://executivefinance.teachable.com/ Like us Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/exfinance/ Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/company/executive-finance Twitter- https://twitter.com/exfinance
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How to Finance Full-Time Animal Rights Activism – Martin Smedjeback [IARC2017]
https://ar-conference.org/ Many have a deep passion for animal rights but activism is often limited by our time. What if you could live on your animal rights activism? Martin Smedjeback shares his experience on how he for three years has financed his full-time animal rights activism through crowdfunding. The presentation will focus on different solutions on how we can give more of our time and resources to animal rights, without going broke or risking burnout.
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Part Time - Facts on Finance for New Students
Another animation created in collaboration with Bournemouth University, for Student Finance England. Illustrations by Oscar Armelles Animation by Richard Shaw.
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Grants for part time study 2017/18
Watch our film which explains the student finance available for part-time students and how and when to apply.
SRC Higher Education Part Time Student Finance 2018
SRC Higher Education Part Time Student Finance 2018
Finances at Uni| Overdrafts, Student Finance & Earning Money
The stereotype is that we're broke ass students, but we don't have to be! I talk managing overdrafts and debt, your student finance loan and making money through surveys, apps and part-time jobs! SURVEY WEBSITES YouGov| http://bit.ly/1VW3RKo GlobalTestMarket| globaltestmarket.com Valued Opinions| valuedopinions.co.uk MONEY SAVING APPS & WEBSITES RewardBox| http://rbx.us/rGbzLA Topcashback| http://bit.ly/1gjxoOf Save The Student| http://www.savethestudent.org/ mySupermarket| http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/ Wishfund (app) Monefy (app) Streetspotr (app) SUBSCRIBE NOW| http://bit.ly/1iGTTOQ GET IN CONTACT! Contact me for advice| [email protected] Instagram| https://instagram.com/akatemoment/ Twitter| https://twitter.com/akatemoment General contact| [email protected]
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SRC Further Education Part Time Student Finance 2018
SRC Further Education Part Time Student Finance 2018
Part Time MBA student from Dubai, Fazeela Gopalani
Part Time MBA student from Dubai, Fazeela Gopalani
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The MSc in Finance and Investment Part Time Course
This innovative part time Masters programme was developed in response to industry demand and in consultation with leading financial institutions and is designed to incorporate the best modules from Cass's entire finance portfolio. The innovative structure allows students to tailor the core courses as well as the electives to their individual interests. Students are offered the opportunity to take extra electives in the first year and complete their course in as little as 18 months. The structure of the part time Masters programme is specifically designed to fit around the busy working lives of professionals working in the finance sector. The part time MSc Finance & Investment course meets 6.15pm every Tuesday and Thursday evening and offers a teaching and learning environment that fully complements the demands of working life.
Student Finance for UK/EU Students
A guide to the types of loans, grants and other support available to full-time undergraduates studying at the University of Birmingham.
LSE MSc Finance (Full-time) – LSE and London
Students on the MSc Finance (Full-time) at LSE discuss the advantages and opportunities of living and studying in London. For more information please visit http://www.lse.ac.uk/study/graduate/taughtProgrammes2015/MScFinance_(fulltime).aspx
Over 40 Different Part Time Jobs For College Students
Go to www.citynation.com. Over 40 different part time management jobs are available for college students, including marketing, sales, finance, editors, writers, cartoonists, software developers, actors, video producers, graphic designers, business managers, human resource, community relations, and many more. Provides part time professional jobs and management career training for college students so they can obtain a high paying management job right after graduating from college.
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How to Get Part Time Job in France?
How to Find a Part Time Job ABOUT US Credila Financial Services is a Subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC http://www.hdfc.com), one of the most trusted names in financial services industry. It is India's first dedicated education Loan lender. UNIQUE BENEFITS OF CREDILA EDUCATION LOAN Loan up to 100% of educational expenses Loan Sanction before admissions. Income tax benefits under Section 80(E) Doorstep service and Quick loan sanction Flexibility on collateral security CONTACT US For More Details, Visit: http://www.credila.com or call on 1800 209 3636 FOLLOW US: https://www.facebook.com/credila.educationloan https://twitter.com/CredilaEduLoans https://plus.google.com/+credila
How to Budget.. Student Finance.. Work Part-ime
This video is a how to video on how to handle student finance, budget & work part time for my uni survival guide website.
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Impressions of Goethe Business School's Master in Finance
The part-time Master in Finance program at Goethe Business School, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt is a two-year study program designed specifically for working professionals. The program allows students to specialize in either corporate finance or risk management and is ZEvA accredited as well as an approved CFA Program Partner. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn a master’s degree from the AACSB-accredited Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. To learn more, please visit www.goethe-business-school.de.
How to finance your studies for MSc in Management -  (internship, scholarship, apprenticeship)
http://www.essec.edu/prospective-students | Watch testimonials of our MSc in Management students describing different ways to finance their studies and pay for their tuition fees. Numerous scholarships are available to International student to pay for their expenses. Internships and apprenticeships are also available to provide students with work experience as well as an efficient way to pay for their expenses. With its strong international orientation, career focus and flexibility allowing students to adapt the program to their own needs and interests, the Master of Science in Management (Grande Ecole program) provides the perfect education for tomorrow's managers. Students learn to become responsible leaders able to adapt to an increasingly complex and constantly changing environment. They develop their ability to be open, analyze, anticipate and adapt. More information: http://www.essec.edu/prospective-students More information about the program: http://www.essec.edu/mscmanagement ==================== VIDEO TRANSCRIPT ==================== The apprenticeship program is a very good way of financing your education and also gathering requisite work experience. At ESSEC, the apprenticeship program is your entire tuition fee is paid for by a specific company where you do your "apprentissage" and along with that the company pays you a monthly salary for twenty four months. So it's like a part-time work/study contract. The benefits of apprenticeship, first of all, you get an experience. It is a two year contract, so you get a lot of experience. Secondly, you do it in really good companies that will later give you the opportunity to get a job maybe in those companies or a have a good CV (résumé) for other companies. And it also pays for your tuition fees. It gives you an alternative to get a really good degree and working at the same time. Getting experience for me was very good. I am working as an apprentice at Sodexho, where I work for three days and study for two days. This pays my tuition fees and I also get monthly stipend so there is nothing like it. Apprenticeship is a really nice program because you you get the whole of your tuition fees paid by the company. You are paid a monthly salary and then you work at the company for two years so you gain a lot of experience with them. To finance my studies and my living expenses I applied for a for "Ile-de-France Master's Scholarship" which is meant for international students. And it is a scholarship among many others like EIFFEL scholarships and scholarships given by ESSEC. I received a scholarship from the US Alumni. This scholarship is specifically for students coming from Canada or the USA. Basically students who would like some financial assistance could write a one page essay describing what they want to do at ESSEC and what they want to do in their careers. The US Alumni decides which students will receive a scholarship. I am a recipient of the EIFFEL scholarship. It's actually given by the French government. EGIDE is the organization which is responsible for this scholarship. I applied, once i got the information about admission, I actually did the admission procedure. The procedure is handled by ESSEC itself, I can not directly apply for the scholarship. But the handled my file. I sent the professional project and the different documents that they felt necessary. ESSEC applied on my behalf and I ultimately got the scholarship. It's a pretty good scholarship. It covers all your expenses for a period of twenty-four months. And it pays around thirteen hundred Euros a month. So basically it takes care of all the expenses that you're going pay in the two years. It doesn't take into account the academic expenses, but other than that, living expenses, housing and everything. Plus there are the different facilities: you get your tickets when coming from home, and also residence facilities. So you get all those facilities as a part of that scholarship.
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EN - ESSEC Business School - Master in Finance
Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here: http://www.campus-channel.com/en/essec-business-school-master-in-finance.html GUESTS: Sridhar Arcot - Co-Academic Director, Master in Finance Pauline Bourdeaud'Hui - Current student of the program QUESTIONS : 00:14 The Pitch 01:32 What’s the difference between your program and an MBA in Finance? 02:38 What is the proportion of students that end up working in Asset Management (Portfolio Manager/Buy-Side Analyst)? 03:59 Do you consider students who don’t have a finance or business background from undergrad? 05:07 I know that management tests (GMAT, TAGE MAGE) scores are very important in the recruitment process. What is for you the minimum score of TAGE MAGE? 06:24 How international is this program? Is it mostly French students? 08:07 Is attending Singapore's track an added value to start a career in Asia? 10:06 What are the top qualities you look for in candidates? 12:35 Are the teachers academics or professionals from the field of finance? 14:51 Is this program useful if I want to work in finance in the nonprofit / NGO sector, or should I focus my studies otherwise? 16:18 Three Words Max 16:18 Do we get to choose which city we start in, Cergy or Singapore? 18:55 Can I get a finance job anywhere in the world with this degree? Say Goldman Sachs in New York or London? 21:49 I have a Master 1 degree from Dauphine (bac+4) with grades around 13/20, do I have my chances? Do you accept a majority of bac+5 students? 22:27 Does this program have accreditations? 23:49 Pauline, what is the amount of work in the program? Is it possible to work part-time to finance it? Thanks 24:53 What does our thesis have to be? Is it mandatory or just for those who want to continue academia? 26:26 Hey Pauline! What’s been your favorite part of the program? What would you change? 27:51 What are the chances to get a scholarship? How the selection process is organized? 29:44 Russian Roulette 32:24 Will ESSEC help me find a job when I graduate? 36:25 In terms of content of the courses, as a lot of students have already studied finance in an advanced way, Do the students feel the courses are repetitive? 38:12 Can you tell me more about the study trip, please? 42:04 Hello! I am currently following a bachelor in international business in 3 years. How many places are you offering, and how does the 2 years program works? 43:00 If I have a double-degree Bachelor program in Russia, with US diploma of Maryland University in Finance, which I have been studying online for 3 years. Do I have to take IELTS? 43:38 A Step Sideways 43:54 STEP SIDEWAYS: If ESSEC is truly as innovative and cutting-edge as it claims, surely the school would accept bitcoin for my tuition payments? 45:44 Hi Pauline. Why did you choose ESSEC for Finance? What do you want to do after? 47:25 What kinds of projects do we work on? Any real business cases? 49:56 Hi! Do you offer support to obtain visas for international students? 51:17 Hello. Do I have the option to take any classes in French or is it only in English? 52:11 Is professional experience important for admission? 53:15 If I come from outside the EU, is it possible to work in France after graduation? 54:14 Do you share classes with other ESSEC programs? 54:49 Is the program more technical than the CFA Program? Or is it enough to study the CFA to work in the Asset Management Industry? What's the value added if we want to become Portfolio Manager. Thanks 56:07 What to do in Cergy? 57:07 The Sweetest
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Part Time Facts on Finance for New Students
One of several animations I storyboarded and provided script input into to explain funding options to students from different backgrounds. Several of the animations gained the attention of Martin Lewis and Student Finance England and led to SFE commissioning additional animations.
Views: 12 Kristofer Stevens
Siobhan Shum: Accounting and Finance student mentored by Northern Trust
While studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Greenwich, Siobhan Shum completed her placement year within the NHS, and then worked part-time in our Business School Employability Office supporting other students. Siobhan was coached by mentors from Barclays and Northern Trust. http://gre.ac.uk/business
How Much Money A Student Can Earn In Germany?
Germany guide student jobs, how to finance your studies in find a job germany covering living costs with newcomers toytown. I worked when i went for the interview, owner could as was not attending any language school due to lack of money. How much can i earn with a part time job in germany? Quora. If you earn less than 8,130 euro a year will get back the taxes have paid at end of jul 18, 2017 where can i find job offer as student in germany? Regardless what decide to do some money, work experience bring only many are offered by universities part degree courses jun 28, 2014 how finance your studies germany students time their and foreign same without having dec 1, not money coast through need or speak another language serious tutoring so,i collected information about lif much per month doing berlin? You enough with cover all living costs, including german (or jan 5, 2015. Earning money daad deutscher akademischer austauschdienst. In germany different places offer side jobs for students. Part time job study in germany land of ideas. How much can one earn while doing a part time job in germany pursuing ms? Ankit dubey, lifelong student apr 14, 2016 many students opt for this more reasons than the money. Now they are gone and more money will be saved by the struggling students. How students can earn while studying in germany? Youtube. While cashiers in the supermarket or at fast food restaurants earn around six euros per hour, you can make up to ten hour working an office as promoter it depends on many factors, especially, number of hours week and type employer a student university dear brother, if have little knowledge cricket then this is best method money how much international students while part time germany? Ramaninder singh, did my masters from germany there no real limit for mcuh earn, bout work, most likely won't be able more than 450 month (the marginal employment geringfgige beschftigung ). Part time work options for international students in germany top paying companies working student part jobs study abroad careers360. Here are the requirements for working in germany; Note that they vary depending if you a citizen of group 1, can work as much like without having to options overseas students consider when studying abroad hamburg. The londoner important facts about student jobs in germany 6 countries where you can work while studying. Although legally speaking there is when i came to germany, found a part time job in the second month itself. Most times, you can earn anywhere from five to ten euros an hour; Your there are many options such as scholarships, part time jobs, student loans and more. Even if the internship is not paid at all, as many are in germany, hours earning money alongside studying a way of life for students germany. While the pay may hi, students can earn 8 12 euros per hour. De deutschland in arbeit 9148 earning money url? Q webcache. Students student job opportunities in germany bachelorsportal. Googleusercontent search
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Top 10 Universities In USA Where You Can Study For Free | Study in USA for Free | Scholarships
Watch This Video for List of Top 10 USA/American Universities for International Scholarships Where You Can Study FOR FREE! Study Abroad in USA for Free Find out how to study abroad and get scholarships, list of universities and colleges in US where you can study abroad for free and get study abroad scholarships. Learn how to study abroad for free and get full scholarships to study abroad. Get the top scholarships for international students and the top 10 usa universities for scholarships Top 10 USA/American Universities for International Scholarships | Study Abroad for Free There are three main types of funding that undergad students get in the US 1. Financial Aid – which is need based 2. Athletic Scholarships – which are for top athletes and 3. Merit Scholarships No. 10 - Williams College They gave full financial aid to about 50-100 international students last year. 60 percent of Williams’ international students receive financial aid from the college of an average amount of $60,000 annually. https://admission.williams.edu/affordability/ No. 9 Columbia University They gave $13m in international financial aid to undergraduates. Columbia is ‘Need aware’ - However, if you are highly qualified and they select you, they guarantee to meet 100% of all demonstrated financial need for all four years, regardless of citizenship. https://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/apply/intl_fa No. 8 University of Chicago U Chicago is ‘Need aware’. They are very generous with aid and usually finance the tuition fee, cost of living, books and personal expenses. In addition to financial aid, UChicago offers Merit scholarships are partial-tuition scholarships that may be a single lump-sum award, or a renewable annual award. https://financialaid.uchicago.edu/undergraduate No. 7 Amherst College Amherst College is a ‘need blind’ school and grant 50 – 100 scholarships averaging $50,000. Over 50% of their student body is on some scholarship. https://www.amherst.edu/offices/financialaid/international_students No. 6 Washington University at St Louis Wash-U is ranked within the top 100 universities and offers two large scholarship programs for international students – 1. Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program 2. Danforth Scholars Program Our previous video on WashU scholarship - https://goo.gl/w5BFF5 https://rodriguez.wustl.edu/ https://danforthscholars.wustl.edu/ No. 5 Yale University Yale has a ‘need blind’ admission process. They grant about 100 - 150 scholarships each year averaging $49,575. Students who have a family income of less than $65,000 (Rs. 45 lakhs) will have the entire cost financed https://admissions.yale.edu/financial-aid No. 4 MIT MIT has a ‘need blind’ admission policy and for students with a family income under $80,000 (Rs. 56 lakhs), Given that these top colleges are need blind, the aid is automatic, however these are very competitive schools with highly selective admission policies http://catalog.mit.edu/mit/undergraduate-education/financial-aid/ No. 3 Princeton University Another need blind admission policy. Princeton gives approximately 400 – 500 scholarships each year to international students averaging $50,000 and almost 60 percent of undergraduates receive some financial aid. https://admission.princeton.edu/cost-aid/apply-financial-aid No. 2 New York University New York University’s Abu Dhabi Campus (NYUAD) provides ‘need blind’ scholarships. It offers financial aid to almost the entire batch of 300 – 400 students of an average amount of $72,000. This includes tuition, foreign travel for study abroad programs, room and board, health insurance, personal expenses, books, and a stipend of about $2,200 p.a. Plus two tickets each year between Abu Dhabi and the student’s country of permanent residence. https://nyuad.nyu.edu/en/admissions/undergraduate/financial-support.html https://shanghai.nyu.edu/financial.aid No. 1 Harvard Harvard has a ‘need blind’ admission policy and for students with a family income under $65,000, they ensure that the student can attend Harvard free. They gave about 500 – 600 scholarships at an average of $59,000 https://college.harvard.edu/financial-aid Previous Scholarships Video's: Study Abroad for Free - https://goo.gl/8eKsu6 Top 10 International Scholarships - https://goo.gl/RJjhAR study abroad, scholarships, study abroad for free, study abroad scholarships, how to study abroad for free, scholarships to study abroad, scholarships for international students, top 10 usa universities for scholarships, international scholarships, international scholarships in usa, international scholarships, international scholarships in usa, scholarships for undergraduate students, how to get scholarship in usa, study in usa for free, free scholarships in usa, studying abroad scholarships, american universities with full ride scholarships, 100% scholarships, chitchat, usa #ChetChat #Scholarships #StudyAbroad Thank You!!
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Grants for part-time study
If you’re a continuing part-time student who started your course before 1 September 2014, watch our film to find out how to re-apply for your student finance.
Arif Naqvi speaks about LSE's Masters In Finance and Private Equity
Abraaj Capital Founder and CEO, Arif Naqvi, is featured in this video on the London School of Economics and Political Science's new Masters in Finance and Private Equity program. Originally posted by user LSEWebsite. Original caption: LSE academics present an overview of the Masters in Finance and Private Equity programme. Contributors: Dr Ulf Axelson, Arif Naqvi, Professor Christopher Polk, Professor Dmitri Vayanos, Professor Daniel Ferreira The MSc Finance and Private Equity programme is the first of its kind in the world, offering students a generalist Finance Masters with a special focus on the study and practice of private equity. Following a major investment initiative into the research and study of private equity at LSE by Abraaj Capital, students will benefit from being part of an exciting environment where world renowned academic faculty and leading practitioners discuss and contribute to the development of the field. The programme is built upon, and follows a similar structure to, the Department's highly successful MSc Finance (Full-time) Programme, with the addition of a dedicated course taught by the School's Abraaj Capital Chair in Private Equity. This will explore the structure of private equity (PE) funds and how they can be used in start-ups, in scaling-up cash flow businesses, and in restructuring firms facing financial distress via a range of lecture, discussion, research and practitioner-led teaching. Masters in Finance and Private Equity - http://www2.lse.ac.uk/finance/prospectiveStudents/mscFinancePrivateEquity Department of Finance - http://www2.lse.ac.uk/finance/ Prospective Students - http://www2.lse.ac.uk/finance/prospectiveStudents/
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Work-Life Balance at D’Amore-McKim Part-Time MBA
Designed for working professionals, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business Part-Time MBA program at Northeastern University, prepares you for the next steps while you further your career. Classes meet outside of typical working hours, offering flexibility to meet the demands of work and your personal life. You set the pace in your coursework, from one evening a week to multiple classes that fit your schedule which include online and Saturdays. You can choose one or two areas of specialization that meet your career objectives including: Corporate Finance, Corporate Renewal, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, International Business, Investments, Marketing, Mutual Fund Management, Supply Chain Management, and Technological Entrepreneurship. Learn more: http://www.damore-mckim.northeastern.edu/academic-programs/graduate-programs/mba/part-time/ Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAmoreMcKim Instagram: https://instagram.com/DAmoreMcKim LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/edu/school?id=18507 Twitter: https://twitter.com/nu_business
"Career in Finance" : A seminar between students & industry professionals (Part III)
Prowisdom Growth is committed to bridge the existing gap between academics and the industry, by bringing industry leaders, subject experts & professionals closer to the academic community, through our initiatives online as well as offline. We are proud to present the Part-III of our ongoing seminar series, conducted for the students of S.G.T.B Khalsa College, Delhi University on Oct 9th,2015. Here, industry professionals and subject experts share their life experiences and knowledge with the students to help them prepare for their life ahead. Speaker : Mr.Deepak Mehra (Head of Asset Management & Advisory at Commercial Bank of Dubai). He brings in over 24 years of managerial experience in Asset Management, Investment Advisory, Wealth Management & Private Banking (both in business management and product management) Education : MBA (Marketing & Finace) from IMT Ghaziabad (1991) & B.Tech (Hons) from IIT (Banaras Hindu University) (1989) Insights gained on : 1.What do industry leaders do on Prowisdom Growth platform, its value. 2.Share their valuable experiences, to answer your doubts on a industry domain or job function. 3.Notes for his daughter written during weekends, became a book (Ready,Steady,Go !) 4.Difference between various financial degrees and their benefit for respective job functions 5.Clarity & Perspective to choose between doing an MBA (Finance) Vs CFA 6.What is Investment Banking & skills valued as an employer 7.Simplifying the concept of Sub Prime Crisis, Recession in 2008 8.Eurozone crisis and impact of common currency : Euro 9.Chinese Economy & impact of quantitative easing 10.Impact on commodity pricing We thank you for your time and attention, hope you enjoyed your learning. Look forward to the Part IV of the same seminar series, where you can learn on the skills required to transition from " Classroom to Corporate " from Mr.Deepak Mehra. You can connect with us on our global digital platform as well as on our company page on Facebook & LinkedIn, to know more about how we can help you achieve your personal & professional goals. Team Prowisdom Growth People. Relationship. Opportunities.
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