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Optical Glass Sculptures by fine art glass artist Jack Storms - The Glass Sculptor
This video will tell you all about the cold glass process I use to make my work. I hope you enjoy it and please share if you do! Website: http://www.jackstorms.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stormsart Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackhstorms Instagram: http://instagram.com/stormsjack Both a tremendous athlete and a motivated student growing up in New Hampshire, it wasn’t until later in life that Jack discovered his passions in contemporary art and graduated at age 30 from Plymouth State University with a BA in Art focusing primarily on studio production. It was during his junior year there that he happened upon what would eventually become an entryway to his legacy, the studio of a glass artist that was close to his school where he was producing a phenomenally rare style of glass art work combining lead crystal and dichroic glass using a cold-glass process. The process itself which required several weeks to produce even one completed glass sculpture was incredibly intense and physically challenging, and the number of glass artisans working in this form of fine art could be counted on one hand. Working side by side with the artisan for over a year, Jack learned every component and facet of this incredibly challenging and rare art form and eventually was a strong enough sculptor to branch out on his own in 2004 and open Storm Works Studios. Both challenged and inspired by having been told that his vision was impossible, one of Jack’s first major accomplishments as an independent glass artist was to invent and design a cold-working lathe that offers him the ability to turn glass and sculpt shapes with curves and details like one would produce from a wooden medium. Early memories of studying his father’s craftsmanship as he worked for hours in his own studio with a wooden lathe provided him with the blueprint of his vision, and his intense drive and deeply embedded passion as a glass artist combined with the inspiration that came from the idea of pioneering new trails in the world of fine art motivated him toward this remarkable accomplishment. The intense cold-glass process which can take up to 24 weeks for each contemporary glass sculpture to come to life begins at the heart of the design, by creating a core of lead crystal which is cut, polished and laminated creating reflective mirrors. When wrapped in optical glass, the refraction of light as it passes through the glass creates rainbows of hypnotic color. The drawn out process of repetitive cutting, grinding and polishing requires intense passion, rigid self discipline, and more blood sweat and tears than any artisan could wrap their mind around. The results, are mind boggling works of contemporary glass art. Drawing inspiration from both his heart and his mind when conceiving his artistic designs, at the heart of each lead crystal sculpture by Jack Storms lays the theory of Fibonacci, a great mathematician that articulated the natural math seen in nature. Natural beauty is created, not manufactured. From the repetition florets of a flower to the scales of a pineapple’s skin, Fibonacci numbers are found in the pattern of growth of every living thing in nature. In spite of the intense natural talent born to Jack’s very talented hands, it was only a couple of years after the opening of Storm Works Studios that Jack found himself desperately seeking some amazing source of inspiration to keep him producing his incredibly beautiful and artistically brilliant glass sculptures. It was in true fairytale love story form that the serendipitous hand of fate brought him a beautiful princess that would rescue him from himself. True love brought Jack to his wife Vivian, and Vivian brought Jack through his stormy weather helping him find his inspiration again, and jumping in feet first to completely support Jack’s dreams and everything that meant to StormWorks Studio’s allowing Jack’s glass studio to flourish. A match made in heaven, Jack and Vivian married and brought their son Owen into the world. Jack’s complex heart and deeply rooted emotions make him an exemplary caretaker for his family, who are the driving force behind his creative inspiration. Only one muse inspired glass sculpture in Jack’s collection, the Viviovo sculpture beams with radiant light and colors from within having been modeled after the intense beauty and fire burning within his wife Vivian.
Felix Semper is a self-taught artist who creates amazing stretchable paper sculptures! He is seeking new ways to use everyday materials such as paper, books, wood, vinyl records for his sculptures. His stretchable paper sculptureslook like they're made of a stone or other materials are in fact entirely comprised of layers of paper. Felix’s stretchable paper sculptures are inspired by everyday items, classical busts and pop culture. They're made from glued layers of paper, sliced wood, books and recycled materials. This fluid movement gives the sculpture a playful mobility as opposed to the traditional aesthetic. His talents are not only in sculpture but they are also in painting, as he brings a sophisticated raw, street and graffiti feeling to his canvases. Semper is taking his art to new levels and creates incredible things! Watch this amazing compilation of Felix’s sculptures that will leave you in awe! Via: https://www.facebook.com/SemperArtist https://www.instagram.com/felixsemper https://www.youtube.com/Felixsemperartist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Now I've Seen Everything : https://goo.gl/xiBW7v Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seen.everything Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/now.ive.seen.everything ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles: http://brightside.me
This Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures Out of Fabric
From Bergdorf Goodman and Givenchy to Sotheby’s — and across much of the internet — artist Benjamin Shine’s ethereal work with tulle has made him perhaps the foremost fabric sculptor in practice today. We met with Shine in his studio to see, and try to understand, his process.
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Wire and Clay Sculptures
Video Alert for March/April 2011 Wire and Clay Sculpture Article
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Johnson Tsang is a Hong Kong based ceramic artist whose Hyper Realistic Sculptures are bizarre yet incredible. His work of art though scary can be comical and sentimental sometimes. Born in Hong Kong, Johnson Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination. In 2002, Johnson started to represent versatile splashes with ceramics. He created the Yuanyang series, which were then collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Yingge Ceramics Museum of Taiwan. During the past decade, Johnson has developed his techniques in capturing the instantaneous moment of splashes with white porcelain. In 2011 and 2012, Tsang’s works, “Bowls of Fantasy” and “Splash of Wonder”, were awarded the Special Prize of Korea Gyeonggi International Ceramix Biennale 2011 International Competition and Grand Prize of 2012 Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale respectively. Johnson is the first Chinese artist who has received both of these two prestigious international ceramics awards. Apart from ceramics, Johnson has worked on stainless steel sculptures and public art projects since 2004. He has been commissioned by a number of private companies and public bodies. In 2009, Johnson received “The Secretary for Home Affairs' Commendation” from the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for his outstanding achievements in international art events. Via: https://www.instagram.com/johnson_tsang_artist https://www.facebook.com/johnsontsangcs http://johnsontsang.wordpress.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Now I've Seen Everything : https://goo.gl/xiBW7v Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seen.everything Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/now.ive.seen.everything ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles: http://brightside.me
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Edward Howat is a 23-year-old prop maker and sculptor. He has worked with a wide range of creative companies and individuals, from Outlander (produced by Starz) to the Spring Fling arts festival and individual clients. He trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow for 3 years, where he received his degree in prop construction. Check out this fantastic compilation of him sculpting movie characters - it will leave you in awe! Via: https://www.instagram.com/mothmetropolis/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv-g4Y7ngm22-kcMwRmSE2g/featured ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Now I've Seen Everything : https://goo.gl/xiBW7v Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seen.everything Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/now.ive.seen.everything ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles: http://brightside.me
Wood Carving Arts Sale Woodcarvings Sculpture Teak Statue HiDef Video with a Stereo Sound
Wood Carving Sculpture Art and Collectibles items for sale by WoodRoyal® Studio http://www.woodroyal.com/. We're the wood sculpture art gallery of fine carving arts and wooden masterworks made in teak. We offer wood sculptures plaques wall carvings and life-size statues. WoodRoyal® is an art sculpture studio and gallery of fine wood carvings wooden statues and bass-relief masterworks. High resolution images are available on-line at http://picasaweb.google.com/woodciti/. We offer unique combinations of human animal and nature carvings for your home and office. Our carvers create one of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterworks in genuine Burmese teak. Custom commissioned designs are available. Send serious enquiry only to http://www.woodroyal.com/contact.php please... Wood carving is a form of working wood by means of a cutting tool held in the hand (this may be a power tool), resulting in a wooden figure or figurine (this may be abstract in nature) or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. The phrase may also refer to the finished product, from individual sculptures, to hand-worked mouldings composing part of a tracery. Some of the finest extant examples of early wood carving are from the Middle Ages in Italy and France, where the typical themes of that era were Christian iconography. In England many complete examples remain from the 16th and 17th century, where oak was the preferred medium. From the remotest ages the decoration of wood has been a foremost art. The tendency of human nature has always been to ornament every article in use. Just as a child of today instinctively cuts patterns on the bark of his switch freshly taken from the hedgerow, humanity has from the earliest times cut designs on every wooden article fit for carving. The North American native carves his wooden fish-hook or his pipe stem just as the Polynesian works patterns on his paddle. The native of Guyana decorates his cassava grater with a well-conceived scheme of incised scrolls, while a Loango Bay native might re-envision his spoon with figures standing up in full relief carrying a hammock. Figural carving seems to have been widespread. The carving to represent one's god in a tangible form finds expression in numberless ways. The early carver, and, for that matter, the native of the present day, has found a difficulty in giving expression to the eye, and at times has evaded it by inlaying this feature with colored material. Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping hard or plastic material, commonly stone (either rock or marble), metal, or wood. Some sculptures are created directly by carving; others are assembled, built up and fired, welded, molded, or cast. A person who creates sculptures is called a sculptor. Because sculpture involves the use of materials that can be moulded or modulated, it is considered one of the plastic arts. The majority of public art is sculpture. Many sculptures together in a garden setting may be referred to as a sculpture garden VIDEO: HiDef video with a stereo sound. It is a superior quality footage originally recorded in HD high definition NTSC widescreen format 1080i movie in the size of 1920X1080 pixels with Sony HDR-SR7E digital video camcorder using latest AVCHD compression technology. The original video contains Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround sound. Before uploading this video to YouTube I reduced its size to 1280X720 pixels using Free Video Converter v. 1.0 provided by http://www.koyotesoft.com/ with the following setup: MPEG2 codec, 16:9 aspect ratio, 29.97 fps and 5,760 bitrate. Kindly append &fmt=18 to the end of the URL and enjoy HiDef video with a stereo sound
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Theo Jansen’s Wind-Powered Sculptures
Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests, wind-powered sculptures that walk on the beach. Still haven’t subscribed to The New Yorker on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/newyorkeryoutubesub CONNECT WITH THE NEW YORKER Web: http://www.newyorker.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/NewYorker Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/newyorker Google+: http://plus.google.com/+newyorker Instagram: http://instagram.com/newyorkermag Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thenewyorker Tumblr: http://newyorker.tumblr.com The Scene: http://thescene.com/thenewyorker Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: http://bit.ly/subthescene Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures - Notes From All Over - The New Yorker Producer: Kristina Budelis
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Ancient Greek Roman Statues Sculptures Tour at Glyptothek Museum Munich Germany
http://www.trustedancientcoins.com/ancient-greek-and-roman-sculptures/ for the article to this video Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome Alive as it was Thousands of Years Ago! Glyptothek is a museum in Munich Germany that features some of the most wonderful ancient Greek and Roman sculptures in 13 rooms. It is a wonderful museum to explore if you enjoy Greek and Roman art. Imagine entering an ancient Greek or Roman temple with all of it's wondrous statues of the gods and goddesses and so much more. Being able to do that is amazing from the comfort of your own home especially! Meet Athena, Gods, Goddesses and many important Roman emperors on this amazing video tour. The tour I will take you on is through the amazing Glyptothek museum in Munich, originally commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in the 1800's. The Glyptothek was a newly coined Greek word meaning a place for sculptures. See all of the different characters "come alive" when seen in a sculpture. Enjoy! Imagine entering an ancient Greek or Roman temple with all of it's wondrous statues of the gods and goddesses and so much more. Being able to do that is amazing, especially from the comfort of your own home. However, I still do recommend visiting in person if you get the chance. Meet Athena, Ares, gods, goddesses and many important Roman emperors on this amazing video tour. The tour I will take you on is through the amazing Glyptothek museum in Munich, originally commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in the 1800's. Glyptothek is a museum in Munich Germany that features some of the most wonderful ancient Greek and Roman sculptures in 13 rooms. It is a wonderful museum to explore if you enjoy Greek and Roman art. Read more about it on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glyptothek The goal of this video is to share my passion for ancient art and history with videos and help others develop a deeper, more profound appreciation of the art in miniature captured on ancient Greek and Roman coins. You can explore my entire selection of ancient coins in my eBay store. http://stores.ebay.com/Authentic-Ancient-Greek-Roman-Coins See all my videos about coins and ancient art: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3dOqeLcLHYna6jl4_W5brq7ydWkewBdv lw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IHhczAXxXA
Beyond Rodin: New Directions in Contemporary Figurative Sculpture
Check out https://thegreatnude.tv for more articles and videos like this. Early this summer (2012), right outside the boundaries of "The City" with all it's contemporary galleries, at the Rye Arts Center in Rye, New York, a collection of high-quality artworks curated by sculptor Bob Clyatt was presented to the world. Beyond Rodin: New Directions in Contemporary Sculpture Figurative Sculpture is an exhibition of 19 U.S. based sculptors who are creating innovative works built on the foundations of classical training, but with applications that go beyond the display of virtuosity and into the realm of emotional expression and pathos that seems to elude so much contemporary art. The New York Times covered this exhibition, but Bob is a good friend of TheGreatNude.tv, and we arranged for him to give us a tour of this wonderful exhibition that included artists Audrey Flack, Emil Alzamora, Sequoyah Aono, Deborah Baldizar, Joan Benefiel & Jeremy Leichman, Paige Bradley, Susan Clinard, Tricia Cline, Bob Clyatt, Sarah Coble, Carole Feuerman, Barney Hodes, Alex Kveton, Jedediah Morfit, Bret Reilly, Bernard Rowan, Susan Saladino, Judy Sigunick and Chris Smith.
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Soft Sculpture Slide Show
Here's a video of me talking over a slide show with some examples of Soft Sculpture. Featured Artists: Claes Oldenberg & Coosje van Bruggen: http://www.oldenburgvanbruggen.com Louise Bourgeois: http://theculturetrip.com/europe/france/articles/louise-bourgeois-the-artist-who-brought-sexuality-to-the-public-eye/ Lee Boroson: http://www.leeboroson.com/art/ Annette Messager: http://www.mariangoodman.com/exhibitions/2006-09-07_annette-messager/# Mike Kelley: http://www.momaps1.org/exhibitions/view/374 Audrey Hasen Taylor: http://www.audreyrussell.com
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Check out this amazing compilation of glass blowing art! This is really mesmerizing! The hot glass is like treacle - one wrong move and you have to start over! Glass blowing is a special technique that shapes molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe. A person who blows glass is called a glassblower. A lampworker works with glass using a torch on a smaller scale and producing precision laboratory glassware out of borosilicate glass. This is so satisfying to watch! Which of these glass projects is your favorite? Via: Brenna Baker https://www.hollywoodhotglass.com https://www.facebook.com/georgian.gavrila https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzaViDa7lCXVj0B1Jt_RLAw https://www.kuncglass.com https://www.facebook.com/handcraftedartglass https://www.instagram.com/gabefeenan_glass https://www.gabefeenanglass.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Now I've Seen Everything :goo.gl/xiBW7v Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seen.everything Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/now.ive.seen.everything ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles: http://brightside.me
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Renee Butler Sculpture Magazine Article
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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The art of mathematics: Scientist translates complex equations into 3D sculptures
The art of mathematics: Scientist translates complex equations into 3D sculptures www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2677830/The-art-mathematics-Scientist-translates-complex-equations-3D-sculptures.html ~ These unusual structures - with their intricate designs and symmetrical forms - may look like they have been created by a 3D printer, but they are in fact more than a century old. Displayed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), they are the artistic equivalent of a mathematical equation. According to the team that collected the designs, the structures reveal how mathematics can describe the world around us, even in its most complex forms. Joshua Batson in Wired reports that the structures were created by Göttingen-based mathematician Felix Klein and displayed in Chicago in 1893. MIT, the University of Arizona, Harvard, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ordered a large collection of his models which are now on display. ‘Digitally controlled 3D printers now produce such mathematical objects in exactly the same way as people did a century ago,’ Professor George Francis from the University of Illinois told MailOnline. ‘Both compute the data points from formulas, and build up the models, layer by layer like a wedding cake - but with thinner layers.’
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Murakami Says His Art Is Overpriced in 'Scary' Market
July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Japanese artist Takashi Murakami talks with Bloomberg's Farah Nayeri about his "3-Meter Girl" (2011) towering sculpture featured in an exhibit at London's Gagosian Gallery and art prices. They spoke June 27 in London. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Fiberglass Art Sculpture For Sale By International Artists Litsey artsdirectgallery
Sculptures, Paintings For Sale by International Brent Litsey See my works at the online links below: http://www.artsdirectgallery.com * I have sold my work in over 30 foreign countries. * Personal Art Tours: Central America, Australia, London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Holland, Italy, Germany and the United States. We have visited more than 300 Museums and Art Galleries Worldwide. * I have sold my works in over 30 foreign countries. Exhibit: Wichita Art Museum-Gift Store. Wichita, KS. Art works for sale. 2010-2014 Exhibit: Kemper Museum-Gift Store Kansas City, Mo.1996-1997 Raku Works. Channel 13 TV: Film on Litsey's Studio. News Article: The Moon Valley Art News; Phoenix, Arizona.2000 News Article: The Wichita Business Strategies Pg. 10 Dec,3.1999. News Article: "The Best Kept Secret in Kansas" Eldorado, Kansas. Litsey's Art Studio. Governor's Special Arts Exhibit: KS.1998. Trade Embassy: Tokyo, Japan. 1995-2002. International Trade Show: Tokyo, Japan 1995-1996. Raku by Litsey. International Exhibit: Osaka,Japan. Rinku-Gate Tower.1996. Permanent Collection: Manori, Japan. 1996. Honor from city Mayor. Permanent Collection: Warren Hall lll. Museum Eldorado,KS. Produced Art Show: Aboriginal painting exhibit in Wichita,KS. Sept,16th.1993. International Art Tour: Australia Outback for dream time painting collection. Awards: National Scholastic Award 1st.Place. Metal Sculpture. Owner/Family Galleries: Two working Studios in Nederland, CO. 12 years. Cir. Date 1980. The Litsey: Family were founding members of the Boulder's Pottery Guild 1970.Boulder, Co. Private Art Dealer: Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Karel Appel, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Jack Levine, Robert Henri, Duane Hanson, William Glackens, Jean Gabriel Domergue, Jean Arp, Maurice De Vlaminck, Maurice Utrillo, Hans Hofmann, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria Petyarre, Ada Bird, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, Henry Moore, Claude Monet, Helen Frankenthaler, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse,Amedeo Modigliani, Paul Cezanne, Robert Motherwell, Mary Cassatt, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Max Beckmann, Thomas Hart Benton, Peter Paul Rubens, Peter Max, and Joan Litsey. Designer and Builder: 8 High-Fire Kilns. For Salt Glazing, Stoneware, and Raku. *Our Studio: Is now working with paintings, print making, fused glass jewelry designs, kiln firing, stoneware pottery, raku pottery, fiberglass, welding steel, sculptures, webmaster, video production platforms with video branding, design work and digital photographs. *Artists Statement: As a full time contemporary artist I have been profoundly influenced by our worldly travels viewing art works within more than 300 galleries and art Museum spanning back forty years. The work we are creating today are reflections of all those experiences, keeping that in mind I feel our true art roots start and fall into a style called pure psychic automatism, constituting a significant artistic record of our personal psychic forces with total control to express our freedom. This website designed and maintained by Designed by: Brent Litsey International Artist
Sound Meets Sculpture and Robotics - TECH+ART | Genius: Picasso
Sculptor Andy Cavatorta blends emerging technologies with traditional crafts to discover new ways to create meaning with sound through robotics. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe ➡ Watch all Genius Clips here: http://bit.ly/2WatchGenius ➡ NEW EPISODES TUESDAYS 10/9c. About Genius: Picasso: National Geographic's Emmy-nominated anthology series returns, this time focusing on the story of Pablo Picasso. The all-star cast includes Antonio Banderas, Clémence Poésy, and Alex Rich. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Sound Meets Sculpture and Robotics - TECH+ART | Genius: Picasso https://youtu.be/9gUxWjCcuyE National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Diane Husson: Sculptor/Faux Bois Artist
Diane creates furniture for your garden that look like trees growing from the earth. She aims to both revive and reinterpret the lost art form of Faux Bois, a French technique using concrete that literally means “false wood”.
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Paper Pulp Art by Ami Charan Singh
In India, the Paper-pulp art is a form of traditional & folk art. In rural area many women makes paper-pulp articles at their home, which is used in daily life. In this video you can see the process of paper-pulp art making is more professional than traditional ways.In India, the Paper-pulp art is a form of traditional & folk art. In rural area many women makes paper-pulp articles at their home, which is used in daily life. In this video you can see the process of paper-pulp art making is more professional than traditional ways.
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Cool art in Oslo: from Scream to nude statues
Regardless of season, art stays cool in Oslo. The Scream by Edvard Munch was painted on a hill overlooking Oslo, the world's largest sculpture park dedicated to one artist is in Oslo, 19 000 artworks are on public display around the city, and street art is plentiful We invited 10 people from all over the world to experience Edvard Munch, Picasso, street art, and amazing museums. Check out the short version of an Oslo art visit in the video, and get more info below: The Vigeland Sculpture Park (world's largest): https://www.visitoslo.com/en/articles/fun-outdoor-art-works-in-oslo/ Outdoor art: https://www.visitoslo.com/en/articles/outdoor-sculptures-in-oslo/ Edvard Munch: https://www.visitoslo.com/en/your-oslo/edvard-munch-and-oslo/
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Thank You Luigi Badia - Artist - Sculptor - Engraver
I finally found out the artist that skillfully engraved and poured some passion into the Obverse of our coin! His name is LUIGI BADIA. He is truly an artist and I wish to extend to him a heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us here on the Junius Maltby Channel. Give him some love guys and gals! http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/Sculptor-credits-versatility-for-success-3362462.php http://www.creativeshake.com/professional_details.html?MyUrl=LuigiBadiaStudio http://www.creativeshake.com/profile.html?MyUrl=LuigiBadiaStudio
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Georg Baselitz sculpture „Schwesterngruppe“
The artist Georg Baselitz inaugurated one of his most personal works in Munich - the bronze sculpture "Schwesterngruppe". The work of art was erected in the atrium of the Siemens Headquarters in summer 2016.
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Superbes sculptures d'eau - Vidéo art insolite YouTube
On connaissait la peinture à l'eau mais avez-vous déjà vue des sculptures en eau ? Entre des cascades révélant des dessins et de véritables sculptures animées, découvrez cet art absolument hallucinant ! Lire l'article : http://www.expointhecity.com/2018/07/06/decouverte-etonnantes-cascades-artistiques/
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http://adela-stefanov.over-blog.com/article-constantin-brancusi-73463446.html "Don't look for obscure formulas or mystery in my work. It is pure joy that I offer you. Look at my sculptures until you see them. Those closest to God have seen them. Simplicity is not an objective in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one's self by entering into the real sense of things. Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them. What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface. They are imbeciles who call my work abstract. That which they call abstract is the most realistic, because what is real is not the exterior but the idea, the essence of things." CONSTANTIN BRANCUSI Non profit video directed by Adèla Stefanov Music by GEORGE ENESCU, ROMANIAN RHAPSODY http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adela-Stefanov/21675514786 http://visionaryartgallery.weebly.com/adela-stefanov.html https://www.saatchionline.com/adelastefanov
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How They Made This Amazing glass Turtle
Wow They make Amazing turtle using glass.video credit Raven Skyriver Glass, Please fill our smartphone survey https://goo.gl/forms/ZrgOVV5i3YzMp0oR2
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Linda Williams Sculptures
I met Linda last year at the Art Among the Ruins show in Newburg. You can learn more about Linda through the Large and Lovely article - http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art57377.asp I did on her for BellaOnline.
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MOST AMAZING Time Lapse CLAY SCULPTING Videos - Clay 3D Art Sculptures - Talented Sculptor Artists
Amazing time lapse or timelapse videos of incredible clay sculpting. Clay sculpting timelapse that will leave you speechless. Clay sculpture at its best from these talented sculptors and artists. Subscribe for more 👉 https://tinyurl.com/yavj3ph6 Full videos in order of appearance: Sculpture_Geek Sculpting a Deathclaw from Fallout 4 Traditionally - Sculpture_Geek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=artAZSf7eRY Steven Richter Hulk Sculpture Timelapse - Thor Ragnarok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0woKlj5Zd0 The Dark Power Sculpting a Zombie from Monster Clay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhkulbjHip0 CLAYMAKER sculpting a head in clay part1 FULL VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wg-ejixB8k MUSIC Credits: Fallout 4 Official Main Theme by Inon Zur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzvZE4BY0hY
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New sculpture at Keystone Art & Cultural Center gets finishing touches
Artists George Mummert and Dave Romanchock put finishing touches on sculpture in Lancaster, PA. View article at http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/866781
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Fibreglass Suns by Sculpture Studios
For more of our work, visit http://www.SculptureStudios.co.uk 'Like' us on Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/sculpturestudios Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/adenhynes Please feel free to comment below, and Subscribe to our Youtube channel. 3 fibreglass suns created for the Sun Inn Pub exterior wall and sign, in Cottesmore, Oakham. Carve from polystyrene / styrofoam, moulded from glass fiber, and all cast from fibreglass. Gold paint and gold leaf finish.
Kinetic sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in Seoul
For more travel articles: http://www.penguinate.com/traveling-adventures.html
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Contemporary Ceramic Figurative Sculpture | Beautiful Picture Collection Of Ceramic Arts & Decor
Contemporary figurative sculpture archives figurative artist september ,. Beauty and body image, ceramics, contemporary figurative sculpture, figurative ceramic sculpture, humorous figurative september ,. Beauty and body image, ceramics, contemporary figurative sculpture, figurative ceramic sculpture, humorous figurative art, narrative. No discover thousands of images about ceramic sculpture figurative , athena jahantigh contemporary art ceramic sculpture figures flock of sheep. From the diminutive to the monumental, the figurative to the abstract, four of our favorite articles on contemporary ceramic sculpture to see new london figurative, charlie smith london jelena bulaji , dale lewis, claire partington, november december. Private view thursday abstract figurative ceramic & metal sculpture figures by mary ann prack contemporary expressionist sculptor from western north carolina elizalde holler, susan contemporary figurative ceramic sculpture by this california sculptor. Includes biography, contact information and original artwork, sculpture, ceramics, photography and jewelry by artists. Of new materials and forms of expression, and figurative sculpture was seen by many kathy venter is known for her unique life size terracotta sculptures covered with or idealization, venter achieves truly contemporary figurative sculptures these sculptures could be in bronze, marble, stone, steel, slate, ceramic, or sculptures figurative abstract modern or contemporary sculpture statues statuary well, times have changed they (figurative ceramics) are no longer mere twee figure contemporary ceramic sculpture curated by mike robinson, august contemporary unique figurative clay sculptures of humorous caricatures by midwest artist joe rohrman featuring lighthearted representations of everyday ceramic sculptures artworks for sale by contemporary artists at the absolutearts online art gallery. Buy original ceramic ceramic sculpture, abstract figurative addressing critical social and political issues through figurative sculpture. Of contemporary craft, we have underscored our commitment to ceramics in liz bryant ceramic figurative sculpture. Liz bryant ceramic angel raku keramik figure contemporary sculptures from greece px px clay and mixed media (contemporary ceramics, clay, figurative) shaman, mixed media, clay, ceramic, figurative, sculpture, native, indigenous. Skywalker explore the figurative ceramic sculptures of artsy soul, edrian thomidis. Discover storytelling ceramic clay artwork and contemporary narrative art, and narrative amy goldstein rice contemporary ceramic sculptures. Narrative & figurative forms. Amy goldstein rice, ceramic studio [email protected] Most Discuss Contemporary figurative sculpture archives figurative artist. Ceramics archives figurative artist. Ceramic sculpture figurative. Ceramic sculptures, art ceramic arts daily ceramic sculpture. Claire partington contemporary ceramic sculpture, contemporary contemporary abstract figurative ceramic & metal sculptor mary dmoz arts visual arts sculpture sculptors ceramics. Sculpture contemporary art in online artist galleries at artspan. Kathy venter ceramic figurative sculpture sculpturesite gallery. Figurative abstract modern or contemporary sculptures statues figure contemporary ceramic sculpture curated by mike robinson thumbnails contemporary ceramic art unique figurative clay ceramic sculptures for sale ceramic sculptures absolutearts. Contemporary social issues explored in exhibition of dramatic figurative clayart sculptures ceramics and pottery arts and contemporary ceramics 'skywalker' (original art from kat mciver). Figurative ceramic sculptures. Edrian thomidis. The craft and art of clay a complete potter's handbook google books result. Most Discuss Contemporary ceramic figurative sculpture. Beautiful picture collection of Ceramic Arts & decor
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Stone Carving-Statues And Sculptures || Creative Handicrafts
Stone carving is an ancient activity where pieces of rough natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone. Owing to the permanence of the material, evidence can be found that even the earliest societies indulged in some form of stone work.Work carried out by paleolithic societies to create flint tools is more often referred to as knapping. Stone carving that is done to produce lettering is more often referred to as lettering.Stone carving differs from stone as in marble quarrying in that it is the act of shaping or incising the stone, whereas quarrying is the activity of acquiring useful stone, usually in blocks, from geological sources. The term stone carving is of particular significance to sculptors being a reference to a particular way of producing sculpture, as opposed to modelling in clay or casting. The term also refers to the activity of masons in dressing stone blocks for use in architecture, building or civil engineering. It is also a phrase used by archaeologists, historians, and anthropologists to describe the activity involved in making some types of petroglyphs. Creative Handicrafts is crafting all types of handicraft items in Stone. We are sculpting all types of handicraft items like, pen stand, candle stand, Office decorative, Gift items, tea table, light stand, garden statues,religious idols, shiv linga, agarbati stand, bath room set, animal figures etc.We are also crafting customised sculptures. Subscribe on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/c/CHANNELM2 Website:http://www.gardenandtemplestatue.com Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/modernart.culptures Twitter:https://twitter.com/Creativestonart Empowr:www.empowr.com/creativehandicraft See OUR exciting OTHER VIDEOS Art Of Sculpting | Sculpting/Crafting Marble Female Model मूर्ति(मूर्ति बनाने),How To Make Sculpture https://youtu.be/66qNJsFeaOY Art Of Sculpting | Doing Art Five Head Hanuman Statue Model On Paper https://youtu.be/UOzfw2UuDKk Art of Sculpting: Female Head In Black Stone https://youtu.be/7nDijmgdE5k Sculpting Marble Goddess Radha Statue, sculpture, idol, murti By CREATIVE HANDICRAFTS https://youtu.be/ESjCQM2mSf0 Rath Yatra | Car Festival | Highlights 2011 https://youtu.be/vu7TO9oirU0 Marble Ganesh idol,murti making god मूर्ति (मूर्ति बनाने),how to make murti https://youtu.be/QJ663lEYXlo Sculpting MarbleTulsi Chaura,Tulasi Vrindavan,podium https://youtu.be/1aeZtQ5Vr8I Art Of Sculpting : Sculpting Hindu God Statue | Sculpture | Portrait | In Black Stone https://youtu.be/NoGG2dAX3as Statues For Sale By Creative Handicrafts https://youtu.be/9hD4sbfug8I Making Ganesh Statue From Black Stone By Creative Handicrafts https://youtu.be/ZBf1DfJA2hg Making Idol From Marble By Creative Handicrafts https://youtu.be/LHzv2gm2FFQ Making Statue From Black Stone By Creative Handicrafts https://youtu.be/dHiWwJ9e_uA Sculpting Ganesh Statue From Black Stone By Creative Handicrafts https://youtu.be/pUTet5LA3EE Making Hanuman Idol with Black Stone By Creative Handicrafts https://youtu.be/qbJ1jHlAsBE FOR BUSINESS QUERIES CONTACT Creative Handicrafts Soro, Balasore Odisha, India MOB: +919937169163(MANASH MISHRA) Email us: [email protected]
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World's Largest Paper Mache Sculpture
This video contains evidences and making procedures of World's largest paper mache sculpture, along with various media articles as well.
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Stone Artist(terracotta) in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Stone Art, Sculpture Artists. Statue, Idol
Stone Artist(terracotta) in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Stone Art, Sculpture Artists. Statue, Idol. Udaipur is a major city, municipal corporation and the administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.[2] It is the historic capital of the kingdom of Mewar in the former Rajputana Agency. Maharana Udai Singh of the Sisodia clan of Rajput founded the city 1553,[3] and shifted his capital from the city of Chittorgarh to Udaipur. It remained as the capital city till 1818 when it became a British princely state,[4] and thereafter the Mewar province became a part of Rajasthan when India gained independence in 1947.[5] Udaipur is a very popular tourist destination. Known for its history, culture, scenic locations and the Rajput-era palaces. Udaipur is well known for handicrafts such as paintings, marble articles, silver arts and terracotta. The Shilpgram is a platform where regional handicraft and hand-loom products is developed. Craft bazaars are organised by the Shilpgram, with an aim to encourage the regional arts and crafts, the handicraft and hand-loom works. Stone carving is an activity where pieces of rough natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone. Owing to the permanence of the material, stone work has survived which was created during our prehistory. Work carried out by paleolithic societies to create flint tools is more often referred to as knapping. Stone carving that is done to produce lettering is more often referred to as lettering. The process of removing stone from the earth is called mining or quarrying. Stone carving is one of the processes which may be used by an artist when creating a sculpture. The term also refers to the activity of masons in dressing stone blocks for use in architecture, building or civil engineering. It is also a phrase used by archaeologists, historians, and anthropologists to describe the activity involved in making some types of petroglyphs.
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DIY: Kiss Acrylic Kit - A Pro Review
Viewers have asked for Suzie's opinion of the Kiss Acrylic Kits. In this video, Suzie uses the KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit to see how it is to work with. This is not a sponsored video - Suzie purchased the Kit herself for the purpose of testing for her viewers. Follow Suzie on Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, and her web-sites: https://instagram.com/nailcareereducation https://twitter.com/suzienailcareer https://www.facebook.com/NailCareerEducation/ http://www.nailcareer.com http://www.naildistrict.ca
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Kurt Cobain's art: Collages and Sculptures
Surfaced Original Collages: 7 (0:12) 1. Anatomical Models, Cutouts and Toys (0:32) 2. Nevermind's Inlay (0:52) 3. In Utero's reverse cover (1:12) 4. Kurt Cobain's self-portrait (1:37) 5. Heart-Shaped Box cover (1:57) 6. Early Demos J-card (2:17) 7. Madonna Statue fragments Surfaced Original Sculptures: 2 (2:40) 1. Whores Moaning Clay Doll (2:48) 2. Clay Dolls INFO. COLLAGES 1. An assemblage of magazine cutouts, anatomical models and toy figures. This collage includes a Batman toy holding a cotton swab, a picture of The Rolling Stones, a Chim Chim toy, anatomical bodies, baby figures, diseased vaginas, $50 dollars, an emaciated body, a monster baby, etc. 2. Chim Chim toy figure set against a collage of medical magazine cutouts of diseased vaginas and a picture of Kiss, used for the inlay of the Nevermind release. 3. An assemblage of Stargazer lilies, anatomical models, baby figures, skeletons, turtle shells, and a heart-shaped box. Photographed by Charles Peterson for the reverse cover of the In Utero release. 4. Kurt Cobain's self-portrait composed of a Nirvana comic book tearout and a pencil drawn, emaciated body. This collage was published in Journals, but according to an article written by Tim Appelo in the Seattle Weekly in 2002, journalists were banned from printing this page in articles or reviews, ostensibly because of its dark content. Above the drawing-collage are six lines cut-and-pasted from an Alicia Ostriker poem called "A Young Woman, A Tree". The six lines, which begin the poem, describe a girl who passes a blooming tree, and envies its beauty, and on top to the poem is the word "Swingers" (in Cobain's handwriting); it has been suggested that by juxtaposing these lines with his emaciated self-portrait, Cobain was making a comment on his own loss of creativity and his personal image being in contrast to his public one. The poem fragment is: Be making love, Be making poetry, Be exploding, be speeding through the universe Like a photon, like a shower Of yellow blazes— 5. An assemblage of Stargazer lilies and a heart-shaped box on tin foil, used for the front cover of the Heart-Shaped Box single release. 6. J-card of an early demo tape Kurt sent out to get Nirvana signed. The songs he sent are: "Floyd the Barber", "Spank Thru", "Hairspray Queen", "Mexican Seafood", "Beeswax", "Beans", "Paper Cuts", "Big Cheese", "Love Buzz", "Aero Zeppelin", "Pen Cap Chew", and "Montage of Heck" 7. Madonna statue fragments with three birth announcement dolls, arranged in a suitcase. SCULPTURES 1. Clay marionette doll, xeroxed by Kevin Kerslake for the front cover of Sonic Youth's Whores Moaning EP release. 2. Clay dolls, shown in Nick Broomfield's Kurt & Courtney documentary. The songs that appear in this video by order are: • I Hate Myself and Want to Die • Moist Vagina all by Nirvana
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Handmade Contemporary Ceramic Figurative Sculpture | Colorful Ceramic Picture Set & Decoration Ideas
Ceramic sculpture figurative. Ceramic sculptures, art discover thousands of images about ceramic sculpture figurative , athena jahantigh contemporary art ceramic sculpture figures flock of sheep. Lisareinertsonart blogspot, ceramics figurative, reinertson artist, inspiration, lisa cool trends in contemporary ceramic art. Artnews #collectibles #collections #ceramics #teapots #design #art #handmade #porcelain #isupov explore vicki stafford's board 'handmade ceramic, porcalain, clay' , japanese artisan ceramic production with his work as a contemporary artist and his kiwi porcelain figure (resting) w 'coz studio na dawanda z unique handcrafted contemporary ceramics. Functional and decorative art. Figurative ceramic sculptures. Stoneware and porcelain pottery, hand built and women ceramic sculpture , set of two female ceramic figures figurative sculpture ceramic figures figurative sculpture israeli art ooak handmade ceramics and pottery. Modern porcelain sculpture ceramic vessel ceramic art object. American ceramic nature art and contemporary functional design since midcentury. Handcrafted by maine artisans from american raw materials. Linda lewis, narrative sculptures in clay figurative sculptures from clay with earthy, adam, richard figurative abstract sculpture and pottery by a londoner. Elizalde holler, susan contemporary figurative ceramic sculpture by this california webb, jim handcrafted stoneware table lamps, created and contemporary, handmade jewellery and small scale useful objects made in silver figurative ceramics handbuilt in stoneware. Figurative ceramic sculpture clay artists, ceramics artists, asheville. Clay fired using alternative, raku style techniques; Ginger graziano, figurative clay sculpture h. Kleiber, clay primarily wheel thrown functional pottery; Heather knight, modern porcelain inspired by sculpture. Contemporary metal garden sculpture and furniture scottorn ceramics. Figurative sculpture, animals, birds, human head planters for hand made functional and decorative ceramics in white earthenware or further promoting the leach school of handmade functional pottery was john this same period witnessed a maturing of figurative ceramic sculpture as january ,. Abstract figurative sculpture, ceramics, children, colorful figurative december ,. Anatomy, bronze figurative sculpture, contemporary multiplicity contemporary ceramic sculpture which was organized by the were the literal underpinning of arts and crafts ceramics in the u.S., even if they were antithetical to the the repetitive, hand made forms of a bean finner 'st jingzhe international ceramic exhibition' & 'world contemporary public ceramic art' her coil built figurative sculptures are inspired by postcards and other morgan pitelka, author of handmade culture raku potters, patrons and tea anastasaki ceramic sculpture figures for the wall. Facebook. Anastasaki ceramics figure sculptures Ceramic figure sculptures butterfly decorative wall elegant wall art nine master ceramic artists present their personal approaches to sculpting the human figure in a spectacular volume that's both technically illuminating and Most Discuss Ceramic sculpture figurative. Ceramic sculptures, art ceramic sculpture people. Ceramic sculptures handmade ceramic, porcalain, clay. Ceramics clay action. Handcrafted contemporary ceramics. Fuctional popular items for ceramic sculpture on etsy. Handmade contemporary functional ceramic artists. Colorful handmade ceramic artists inspired by nature. Colorful youtube. Figurative sculpture clay art web guide your gateway for ceramic artist all cached similar figurative ceramics handbuilt in stoneware. Figurative ceramic sculpture. Asheville clay and ceramic arts. River arts district artists. Asheville clay and ceramic arts. River arts district artists. Wisley craft and design fair exhibitor list. Contemporary ceramics the canadian encyclopedia. Contemporary figurative sculpture archives figurative artist. 'multiplicity contemporary ceramic sculpture selectedworks. Ceramics today articles. Res for the wall ; The figure in clay contemporary sculpting techniques by master Most Discuss Handmade contemporary ceramic figurative sculpture. Colorful Ceramic picture set & decoration ideas
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Watch Christophe Roberts Create Unimaginable Animal Sculptures With NIKE Shoe Boxes
Want to learn more about emerging contemporary artists? Visit Us: http://artreport.com Read the full article: http://bit.ly/1UW71jr Follow Us On Social Media: https://twitter.com/artreporttv https://www.facebook.com/artreportllc For all inquiries contact: [email protected] Special Thanks To: Christophe Roberts An Art Report Production: Producer: Jonathan Luna
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What Is Egyptian Sculpture?
Sculpture in ancient egypt quatr. These early sculptures egyptian sculpture the egyptians used in a number of ways. Ancient egyptian art is five thousand years old. Ancient egyptian sculpture youtube. They created statues of their gods, kings and queens, but they also what is called read learn for free about the following article egyptian art. Htm url? Q webcache. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient egypt egyptian sculpture amenhotep iii colossal the made sculptures of varying sizes from a variety materials. They made huge colossuses of rulers and small 22 sep 2009 stone sculptures created by ancient egyptian craftsmen are some the most impressive informative remnants world. Ancient egyptian art reached a high level in painting and sculpture, was both highly stylized symbolic ancient art, painting, sculpture. Egyptian sculpture for kids history. Beautifully preserved life size painted limestone funerary sculptures of prince rahotep and egyptian artists used a wide array materials, both local imported, from for instance, the exemplary statues menkaure (left), builder smallest check out pictures relief sculpture paintings gallery. Study the statues and wall paintings of this great civilization 1 sep 2013 Egypt wikipedia. Egyptian sculpture history, characteristics visual arts encyclopedia. Egyptian sculpture, the sphinx and obelisks sculptor in ancient egypt australian museumegyptian art architecture 10 most distinguished works of egyptian history listssculpture old kingdom boundless. Egyptian sculpture, statues, reliefs of ancient egypt history, types, materials, sculptors 3000 323 bce egyptian art is the painting, architecture and other arts produced by civilization in lower nile valley from about bc to 30 ad. Ancient egyptian art, painting, sculpture crystalinks. It emerged and took shape in the ancient egypt, civilization of nile valley. Egyptian artisans during the old kingdom perfected art of sculpting and kids learn about ancient egyptian. Egypt wikipedia egyptian sculpture history, characteristics visual arts encyclopedia cork ancient art. History ancient egyptian art for kids ducksters. Egyptian art (article) materials & techniques egyptian relief sculpture and paintings pictures ancient egypt for kids mummies2pyramids fo. Sculptors had an important role in ancient egypt as they carved substitute bodies for the tomb, small funerary statuettes and tombstones egyptian style can be seen fully fledged one of earliest sculptures to survive a relief, on slate slab, which art architecture architectural monuments, sculptures, paintings, decorative crafts produced mainly during dynastic periods list 10 most distinguished artworks from ivory statue pharaoh khufu (cheops) is only khufu's portrait category sculpture, content statues comprised set very strict laws, artists follow, are were ranked according exact their learn more about sculpture old kingdom boundless open textbook. Browse more ancient egypt pictures and on histor
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Manhattan Arts International Photographers & Digital Artists
Manhattan Arts International, https://www.ManhattanArts.com, is dedicated to promoting artistic excellence in our curated online art gallery, theme exhibitions and articles and interviews about art and artists. You'll find art in all styles and mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, digital art, sculpture, work on paper, and mixed media. This video has been created for by Renée Phillips, director of Manhattan Arts International. It features nine artists who create art using photography and/or digital art. You'll find their artwork and links to their websites on ManhattanArts.com. The artists featured in this video include: Michael Amrose, James Bacchi, Susanne Buckler, Martha Coaty, Elaine Hunter, Arthur Jacob, Nancy Staub Laughlin, Alan M. Richards, and Teri Leigh Teed. VISIT MANHATTAN ARTS INTERNATIONAL ONLINE ART GALLERY Visit https://manhattanarts.com/art-gallery/ VISIT THE ART BLOG TO READ ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS Visit https://manhattanarts.com/category/articles/ IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST INTERESTED IN BEING FEATURED Learn how to be featured on the Manhattan Arts International website.Visit our exhibitions page at https://manhattanarts.com/exhibitions where you'll find our current Call For Artists. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE MANHATTAN ARTS CHANNEL Thank you for watching this video and your interest in Manhattan Arts International. If you enjoyed it please subscribe to our channel and share this video. VISIT OUR OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, who is also known as "The Artrepreneur Coach", has a YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC28aNf0h0tfyJZmnVS6wycg where you'll find videos about art, artists and advice for artists. OUR WEBSITES https://www.manhattanarts.com https://www.renee-phillips.com https://www.healing-power-of-art.org CONNECT WITH US IN SOCIAL MEDIA https://www.facebook.com/ManhattanArtsInternational https://www.facebook.com/ReneePhillipsNY https://www.facebook.com/ReneePhillipsArtCoach https://www.twitter.com/reneephillipsny https://www.linkedin.com/in/reneephillipsartcoach https://plus.google.com/103723773173749967900 SUBSCRIBE TO MANHATTAN ARTS FREE WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER https://www.manhattanarts.com/subscribe
Tom Hill Horseshoe Sculptures
Tom Hill is a self-taught sculptor from the United Kingdom who has been working with recycled horseshoes to create life-size animal sculptures. The native of Herfordshire, England, utilizes a gas forge, anvil and hammer as well as various welding techniques to heat and shape thousands of used horseshoes to create his sculptures. Learn more at: http://www.americanfarriers.com/articles/6988-recycled-shoes-given-new-life
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Aluminium Can Sculptures - Turning Trash into Treasure
Noah Deledda has found a creative way to turn disposable aluminium cans, into beautiful sculptures. Noah makes sculptures, by crushing empty aluminium cans. Now just to clarify, he doesn’t just simply crush empty soft drink cans and calls it art, he has a process in which he transforms an empty can, into a piece of art. The most impressive part about Noah’s work, is the fact that he creates the precise patterns, not with tools, but using only his hands, he creates the complex patterns by methodically scratching, denting and creasing empty aluminium cans, using only his thumbs. Thanks for watching ____________________________________________________________________ ► Noah Deleddaq Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/noahdeledda ► Sculpture 101 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tilw2vZYPLM ► Object & Method - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcJGZudi9QU ____________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE LINKS ► https://www.businessinsider.com.au/this-painting-just-became-the-most-expensive-artwork-ever-sold-at-auction-2017-5?r=US&IR=T ____________________________________________________________________ ► Wonder World Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wonderworld.ytc.10 ► Wonder World Twitter - https://twitter.com/WonderWorld_YTC For business enquiries, content submission or copyright concerns or disputes, please contact us me.
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Art glass blowing
Glassblowing is a glassforming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison), with the aid of a blowpipe (or blow tube). A person who blows glass is called a glassblower, glassmith, or gaffer. A lampworker manipulates glass with the use of a torch on a smaller scale, such as in producing precision laboratory glassware out of borosilicate glass.
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Magic of Making - Glass Marbles
See the glass-blower at his glory hole, as he works some brilliant magic to create those magical spheres of beauty that we call marbles.
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Frieze Sculpture Trail
Our first adventure to The Frieze Sculpture Trail in London and we eat burgers! Info on Artwork seen at the Park can be found here: https://frieze.com/article/frieze-sculpture-2017-0
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What is SCULPTURE TRAIL? What does SCULPTURE TRAIL mean? SCULPTURE TRAIL meaning & explanation
What is SCULPTURE TRAIL? What does SCULPTURE TRAIL mean? SCULPTURE TRAIL meaning - SCULPTURE TRAIL definition - SCULPTURE TRAIL explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ A sculpture trail - also known as "a culture walk" or "art trail" - is a walkway through open-air galleries of outdoor sculptures along a defined route with sequenced viewings encountered from planned preview and principal sight lines. Often the distinct walkway is one choice among other less structured ways of exploring intimate sculpture gardens, larger sculpture parks and expansive environmental art sites. They are often disabled and wheelchair accessible routes offering viewing and experiencing the art for many. Sculptural works of land art and larger site-specific outdoor installation art, especially in fragile natural habitats, use sculpture trails for low-impact accessibility. Some culture walks have sculptor-in-residence programs for creating new temporary or permanent works. Sculpture trail settings can range from urban parks and private estates, through art museum gardens, to large regional open space and art park sites, with walkways giving access to the sculptures.
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【Why isn't Illustration Art?】
Get a print, original or an artbook: https://bit.ly/LaovaanEtsy I am so happy about all these conversations which my video "This isn't art" has started and I really felt to share some more thoughts on this topic. However, I am only speaking out of my experiences that I made the last 5 years studying art. By no means am I a professor. You might have different views on this topic, so feel free to share them :) Music: Echolox - Sun / Calling Lao ⇨ http://echolox.com/track/calling-lao ⇦ Patreon.................►http://bit.ly/patreonlaovaan deviantArt.............►http://laovaan.deviantart.com/ Instagram.............►https://www.instagram.com/laovaan/ Originals & Prints..►https://bit.ly/LaovaanEtsy Merch & Prints......►https://bit.ly/laovaanstore Twitter...................►https://twitter.com/laovaan Facebook..............►https://www.facebook.com/Laovaan Questions about materials, brushes, colors, paper etc.? Watch my Q&A series! ⇨ http://bit.ly/LaovaanQASeries ⇦ Ink / Colors / Material used: Watercolor (Schmincke), Colorex (Ink) and Pencil on Arches hotpressed watercolor paper (300g) 23 x 31cm about 5 hours Sources: Images: Andreas Slominski:http://mmk-frankfurt.de/de/sammlung/werkdetailseite/?werk=2005%2F91 Dadaism Poet:https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dadaismus#/media/File:Hugo_ball_karawane.png Art Brut:http://www.gugging.at/de/programm/ausstellungen/navratils-kuensteler-gaestebuch. Marlene Dumas:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/02/marlene-dumas_n_7472526.html Chris Ofili:https://www.artsy.net/artist/chris-ofili Jenny Saville:http://jdawson2211.myblog.arts.ac.uk/2014/11/11/jenny-saville/ Baselitz: http://www.leninimports.com/baselitz_bio.html Richard Prince: http://www.diyphotography.net/photographer-sam-abell-talks-about-cheeky-richard-prince-after-prince-sold-his-photo-for-millions/ http://www.americansuburbx.com/2015/06/in-the-wake-of-richard-prince-and-instagram-revisiting-copyright-law-appropriation-and-history.html Marcel Duchamp: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_(Duchamp) Articles: Roylichtenstein vs. Elsinore:https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20100507/0231219332.shtml Lichtensteinproject :http://davidbarsalou.homestead.com/LICHTENSTEINPROJECT.html Invisble art https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/jonathanjonesblog/2014/sep/30/invisible-art-hoax-lana-newstrom-cbc Art Mistaken for Dirt: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/07/cleaning-woman-damages-sculpture-germany_n_1079830.html Baselitz Interview on female artists: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/may/19/georg-baselitz-artist-glyndebourne-opera-festival-exhibition-white-cube Objects Mistaken for Art: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/news/a-pair-of-glasses-were-left-on-the-floor-at-museum-and-everyone-mistook-it-for-art-a7049551.html Do not download and re-upload this video to any other website, for example your Facebook Page. You are allowed to embed it directly by using the YouTube link so that video description and in-video annotations stay intact.
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Shark Bait Kinetic Sculpture
As seen in Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts issue 51. From the article: Shark Bait Kinetic Sculpture - Amaze viewers with these irregularly shaped working gears. Purchase this issue at: http://www.foxchapelpublishing.com/category_s/52.htm Visit: http://www.scrollsawer.com
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What is CLASSICAL SCULPTURE? What does CLASSICAL SCULPTURE mean? CLASSICAL SCULPTURE meaning - CLASSICAL SCULPTURE definition -CLASSICAL SCULPTURE explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Classical sculpture refers loosely to the forms of sculpture from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, as well as the Hellenized and Romanized civilizations under their rule or influence from about 500 BC to around 200 AD. More precisely it refers to Ancient Greek sculpture from around 500 BC to the onset of the Hellenistic style around 323 BC. It may also refer stylistically to later sculpture done in a Neoclassical or classical style. Classical sculptures have been popular since the Renaissance. Only those works that closely follow the canon of classical forms would fall under the term. In addition to free standing statues, the term classical sculpture incorporates relief work (such as the famous Elgin Marbles of the Parthenon) and the flatter bas-relief style. Whereas sculptural works emphasized the human form, reliefs were employed to create elaborate decorative scenes. Ancient statues and bas-reliefs survive showing the bare surface of the material of which they are made, and people generally associate classical art with white marble sculpture. But there is evidence that many statues were painted in bright colours. Most of the colour was weathered off over time; small remnants were removed during cleaning; in some cases small traces remained which could be identified. A travelling exhibition of 20 coloured replicas of Greek and Roman works, alongside 35 original statues and reliefs, was held in Europe and the United States in 2008: Gods in Color: Painted Sculpture of Classical Antiquity. Details such as whether the paint was applied in one or two coats, how finely the pigments were ground, or exactly which binding medium would have been used in each case—all elements that would affect the appearance of a finished piece—are not known.
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Jean Dubuffet Art Sculpture "Group of Four Trees" | at 28 Liberty Plaza, Wall Street NYC
28 Liberty Plaza at Wall Street in NYC. “Group of Four Trees” is a amazing black and white Art Sculpture by Famed French sculptor Jean Dubuffet. The Sculpture is approx 3 to 4 stories tall. 🖼️🎨 Shop Jean Dubuffet Artwork here 👉 http://amzn.to/2poETsA Article: http://www.cheavor.me/2016/10/06/28-liberty-plaza-at-wall-street-group-of-four-trees-art-sculpture-by-jean-dubuffet-nyc/ *Please subscribe and share. Thanks in advance. Have you been to Wall Street before? Reply in the Comments section. ------ @Cheavor, Noted Expert Web Developer to the Stars CEO of Image IZ Everything http://www.ImageIzEverything.com http://www.Cheavor.ME https://twitter.com/Cheavor http://instagram.com/cheavor https://www.facebook.com/cheavor -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "#Celebrities at #NYFW #SS16 #PrabalGurung #Fashion Show | The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station #NYC" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g_DRbZ8MtY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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