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.NET Core Reporting Tools: Changing the Export Menu Settings from Code
This video demonstrates how to change export menu in the ASP.NET Core Viewer. This is video was filmed on the version 2018.2.2 https://stimulsoft.com
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Top 10 Hidden Gems in Visual Studio - Speed Up Development Without Increasing Your Costs
Full courses: https://iamtimcorey.com/courses-offered/ Blog Post with Code Samples: https://iamtimcorey.com/vs-gems Patreon: https://patreon.com/IAmTimCorey Newsletter signup: https://iamtimcorey.com/general-sign-up Visual Studio is much more than just a text editor. There is a ton of power built into the platform. Before you go out and spend a lot of money on 3rd party tools, you should get to know what is already available to you in Visual Studio. That is why in this video, I am going to show you ten of my favorite features to make your development faster and easier. Top 10 List 1. Open Containing Folder (right-click on a tab) and Copy Full Path (right-click on a tab) 2. Add suggestions for assemblies and NuGet packages as well as prefer auto-properties - Under Tools - Options - Text Editor - C# - Advanced 3. Go To Definition (F12 or Ctrl+Click) or Go To Implementation (Ctrl+F12) 4. Go To All (Ctrl+T or Ctrl+,) 5. Refactoring (Ctrl+. or Alt+Enter) 6. Code Cleanup (Ctrl+E,D) - more cleanup options under Tools - Options - Text Editor - C# - Code Style - Formatting 7. Interactive Window (under View - Other Windows - C# Interactive) 8. Move Code (Alt+Up/Down Arrow) 9. Show Intellisense (Ctrl+J) or Show Parameter Information (Ctrl+Shift+Space) 10. Multi-Cursor (Shift+Alt+Up/Down Arrow)
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Introduction to Menu Bar - Urdu | Visual Studio | 01
This video tells you about the Menu Bar of Visual Studio 2017 - Community Version by covering basics of following topics: - File Creating Option - File Opening Option - Team Explorer - Solution Explorer - SQL Explorer - Debug - Performance Analyzer Option - Tools & Plugin Option - Setting Windows Layout - Searching Option
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Visual Studio The Web Developer Tools option must be installed prior to opening Error HATASI!
The Web Developer Tools option must be installed prior to opening or creating Web projects. You can install this option by repairing your Microsoft Visual Studio installation and ensuring that ‘Web Developer Tools’ is checked in the list of optional components error. Bu hatayı alıyorsak eğer yapmamız gereken; 1-) Denetim masası (Kontrol Paneli) giriş yapınız. 2-) Programlar ve Özellikler (Programs and features) tıklayın 3-) Programlardan Visual Studio seçin ve değiştir (Modify) simgesine basın. 4-) Açılan pencerede Web Developer Tools seçeneğini aktif edin. 5-) Ardından Update - install seçeneğine tıklayın. Sorununuz çözülecektir. Kanalıma Abone Olmayı Unutmayın! ► Abone OL ▷ https://goo.gl/VKCgCo Kanalıma geldiyseniz bu videolar ilginizi çekebilir! ►REKLAMSIZ 10 Dakikada Bebekleri Uyutan Elektrikli Süpürge Sesi: https://goo.gl/S3YgWq ► Elon Musk Falcon Heavy SpaceX Kırmızı Tesla Araba Uzayda! Space Man Don't Panic!: https://goo.gl/5GbJrY ► Daha az internetin gitsin Kota Dostu Akıllı Telefon Uygulamaları : https://goo.gl/1e8Lqe ► Windows 10 Sistem Hızlandırma Yavaşlama Sorunu Çözüm : https://goo.gl/rihwgH
.NET Core Reporting Tools: Changing the Print Menu Settings from Code
This video demonstrates how to change print menu in the ASP.NET Core HTML5 Viewer. This is video was filmed on the version 2018.2.2 https://stimulsoft.com
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Hot Extensions for Visual Studio
In this episode, Robert is joined by Justin Clareburt, who shows us several Visual Studio extensions that he has written, including: - Hot Commands [T01:40], a collection of commands and shortcuts for enhanced productivity in Visual Studio IDE. - Hot Settings [T14:55], menus and toolbars that expose Visual Studio settings - Hot Windows [T22:40], which provides a menu button in the status bar with access to popular tool windows and window layout features. - Keyboard Shortcuts Manager [T27:50], which provides tools to help import and export keyboard shortcuts. Save, Load, Reset keyboard shortcuts. Scans for keyboard shortcuts provided by other extensions. - Hot Keys [T32:25], which installs alternative keyboard mapping schemes to work with Visual Studio. - Hot Source [T32:55], which provides easy access to common source control actions. Includes menu items to Commit, Push, Pull, View File history / Repo history, New Branch, Blame (Annotate), and more. - Hot Tips [T38:35] a Tip of the Day provider for Visual Studio. See useful tips and handy shortcuts that help you be more productive in Visual Studio. - SublimeVS [T40:25], which provides some Sublime Text features in Visual Studio - Justin also shows Whack Whack Terminal [T39:00], which is a terminal emulator for Visual Studio. Allows you to run command prompt, powershell, WSL bash. All including interactive mode. Find all of Justin's extensions in the Visual Studio Marketplace: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/publishers/JustinClareburtMSFT
Visual Studio - How to change Color Theme
1. On the menu bar, choose Tools - Options. 2. On the Environment - General options page, change the Color theme selection to Dark, and then choose OK. The color theme for the entire IDE is changed to Dark.
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Change Font  Sizes in Visual Studio 2017 for YouTube Videos and Code Reviews
A quick video about how to change the default font sizes in Visual Studio 2017. The three font settings concentrated on here are: Text Editor Editor Tooltip Environment You can get to the font options by going to Tools - Options - Environment - Fonts and Colors and choosing which fonts you want to change from the drop down menu option "Show settings for:"
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Visual Studio Tools for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Getting Started-Setting the Options Part 1
Viewing and setting the Visual Studio options for Visual Studio Tools for MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Visual Studio Tools for MicroStation is only available at the Visual Studio Marketplace at https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/search?term=Bentley&target=VS. You can purchase the Visual Studio Tools for MicroStation license at https://innovocad.softwarekey.com/solo/products/Author.aspx?AuthorID=4846875. Price slashed in half until September 7, 2018 to keep the project on going.
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FPV GoPro Settings, Colour Grading and Export Guide!!! - ETHiX
As requested. Hope this helps!! :) Please leave suggestions for future videos down below. ND FILTERS!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMjESgseFcc Joshua Bardwell GoPro Video Series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z56yTMwouII&list=PLwoDb7WF6c8msZXJhtuHtVk3NF-Zukioi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snnnnaaaaaaake/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/Snnnnaaaaaake ********Support me here - https://www.patreon.com/snakefpv ETHiX - https://ethixltd.com/ And to all my sponsors for their ongoing support. Team Blacksheep Impulse RC Flyduino HQ Prop Thunderpower RC DRONE SETUP -Frame -https://impulserc.com/collections/ali... - Motors - https://ethixltd.com/portfolio/mr-ste... - PDB https://impulserc.com/collections/pdb... - FC https://amzn.to/2Jv2hzf - ESC Kiss 32A or https://amzn.to/2EvYFJq - Props - https://amzn.to/2Jts5f2 - FPV Cam (camera tilt 30°) - https://amzn.to/2GLI1Yc - Video transmitting antenna - https://amzn.to/2qfLdFv - Video Transmitter 800mW - https://amzn.to/2v2RcC6 - Lipo Battery - https://amzn.to/2v2sulC - HD camera for freestyle - https://amzn.to/2GJ5Z6p - HD camera for filming - https://amzn.to/2Jwq6qf - ALL UP WEIGHT - 602g - RADIO/TRANSMITTER EQUIPMENT - Radio - https://amzn.to/2uTKPBf - Radio Transmitter - http://team-blacksheep.com/products/p... - Radio Receiver - http://team-blacksheep.com/products/p... - Radio Balance Bracket - https://tinyurl.com/ybpjxnwl Radio Stand - https://tinyurl.com/yajm6xll GOGGLES - FPV Goggles- https://amzn.to/2JrrhY1 - FPV Goggles Receiver - https://amzn.to/2GIDJVI - FPV Receiving antenna (omni) - https://amzn.to/2qfLdFv - FPV Receiving antenna (patch) - https://amzn.to/2H7ykGV CAMERA DRONE - Filming Drone - https://amzn.to/2v07nAp - ND Filters - https://amzn.to/2EwfHqN - Carrying case - https://amzn.to/2v0bE6O VLOG SETUP - Ultimate Vlog Camera Body - https://amzn.to/2Jwqhly - Ultimate Vlog Lense - https://amzn.to/2H5n4uJ - B-roll Lens - https://amzn.to/2GM0XX5 - On Camera Mic - https://amzn.to/2uZGVXy - Lav Mic - https://amzn.to/2GNmXAN - Cinematic/still Camera - https://amzn.to/2GNczZX TOOLS - Prop Ratcheting Wrench - https://amzn.to/2GJl2Bn - Tool Kit - https://amzn.to/2uSE4PW - TS100 Soldering Iron - https://amzn.to/2EvCz9S - Charger- https://amzn.to/2GIpKLv ENDING MUSIC - Metal Gear Solid 4 menu screen.
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Unity Essentials Tutorial 10 - Edit menu - All Commands explained
Unity Essentials Tutorial 10 - Edit menu - All Commands explained Edit menu: Undo (Ctrl+Z): Redo (Ctrl+Y): Cut (Ctrl+X): Copy (Ctrl+C): Paste (Ctrl+V): Duplicate (Ctrl+D): Delete (Shift+Del): Frame Selected (F): Lock View to Selected (Shift+F): Find (Ctrl+F): Select All (Ctrl+A): Preferences... : Modules... : Play (Ctrl+P): Pause (Ctrl+Shift+P): Step (Ctrl+Alt+P): Sign in... : Sign out: Selection: Project Settings: Graphics Emulation: Network Emulation: Snap Settings... : Edit menu commands: Undo (Ctrl+Z): Undo command is used to reverse the last action Redo (Ctrl+Y): Redo command is used to reverse the last undo action Cut (Ctrl+X): Cut is used to remove the content and place in the clip board Copy (Ctrl+C): Copy is used to copy the content and place in the clip board Paste (Ctrl+V): Paste is used to paste the content that is cut or copied in the clip board Duplicate (Ctrl+D): Duplicate command is used to create duplicates of a selected object Delete (Shift+Del): Delete command is used to delete a selected object Renaming an object: Select the object and press F2 Key Frame Selected (F): Frame command is used to frame or focus on a selected object (centers the viewport on selected object) Steps: Select the game object in the heirarchy panel - move the mouse pointer into the scene view - press F key Lock View to Selected (Shift+F): Lock View to Selected command is used to frame or focus on moving selected object and lock the viewport. Find (Ctrl+F): Find command is used to find an object in a view or panel Select All (Ctrl+A): Select All command is used to select all the content in a view Preferences... : Preferences command allows us to customize or adjust the behavior of the Unity Editor like; compress Assets during import or not, load the previous project on startup or not, which application can open the script and image files, customize colors of various UI elements, customize the shortcut keys, etc. Modules... : Modules command displays the list of loaded Unity modules in a Module manager. Play (Ctrl+P): Play command allows us to play, stop and test the game (or simulation, film) Pause (Ctrl+Shift+P): Pause command allows us to pause and resume the game (or simulation, film) play Step (Ctrl+Alt+P): Step command allows us to play the game (or simulation, film) frame by frame Sign in... : Sign in command allows us to sign in to Unity account Sign out: Sign out command allows us to sign out from the Unity account Selection: max 10 selections Selection command allows us to save any selections and load any already saved selections. Project Settings: Project Settings command allows us to customize or adjust various functionalities of Unity with respect to currently working project like; customize Input controls: horizontal, vertical keys etc, create, delete: Tags, Layers, Sorting Layers etc, Audio settings: max volume (global volume) of game sound etc, Time settings: physics time step, max frame time, time scale etc, Physics settings: gravity of the world, default physics material game objects etc, Player settings: logo for the game, splash screen, etc, Quality settings: rendering graphics, how shadows should be rendered etc, Editor settings: select the device to run, compression format of assets, etc. Graphics settings: shaders, camera, resolution quality etc, Network settings: frequency of data transferred over the network etc., modify script execution order etc. Graphics Emulation: is used to test how the game gets rendered on various graphics cards Network Emulation: is used to test how the game plays on various network bandwidths Snap Settings... : is used to customize the snapping behavior while moving, rotating or scaling game objects in the scene ======================================================== Follow the link for next video: https://youtu.be/Wzo91qIeAcQ Follow the link for previous video: https://youtu.be/3cTJ6xeD0wo ========= For more benefits & Be up to date =================== Subscribe to My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/chidrestechtu... Like my Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ManjunathChidre ========================================================
Rapidly Construct LOB Applications with UWP and Visual Studio 2017
Let's build an LOB focused, data-dense application highlighting the best of Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2017. In this session we'll show you some tips and tricks in Visual Studio to accelerate your application development, as well as some new features in Windows 10 that can empower your applications to promote productivity in your businesses.
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PUBG Mobile BEST Settings to WIN!! (Tips and Tricks)
"PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks - PUBG Mobile Best Settings - PUBG Mobile How to Win Tips (Gameplay iOS Android PC) PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Mobile (Max/Ultra Graphics) Best Battle Royale Settings on Mobile (PUBG Mobile Game Tips)" ★ LIKE IF THIS VIDEO HELPED! THANKS! ★ CHECK OUT THE LAST TIPS & TRICKS VIDEO! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_3u5U7d7X8 Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here back with another PUBG Mobile video! Today we are doing a tips and tricks video SO MANY of you all have asked me to do: explaining the best settings you should put for your iOS or Android device to MAXIMIZE performance and get MAX FPS when playing! We look at ultra graphics, but also consider what the best graphics are based off your device...and the best settings! As always, let me know in the comments other tips & tricks videos you want to see me do in the near future! :) Hope you guys enjoyed! Liking, favoriting, and subscribing helps a ton! :D Enjoyed the video? Make sure to smash that “like” button, comment, favorite, and subscribe for more random game commentaries! Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! The next video, whether it’ll be an iOS game commentary, PC game commentary, or any other device/console commentary, will usually be out whenever I don’t have an idea for another series! They’re not posted as often, but they’re well worth the wait! HOW TO RECORD YOUR iOS SCREEN! (NEW 2017) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O9-fok0o54 My Instagram: http://instagram.com/exxotikgaming My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExxotikGaming Use code "Exxotik" for 15% off all EWinRacing products! EWinRacing (US): https://www.ewinracing.com/ EWinRacing (EU): https://www.ewinracing.eu/
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How to use Radial Menu in REAPER - Lokasenna Radial Menu Script
Today we're having a quick look at the Radial Menu script for REAPER by Lokasenna. It's an incredibly powerful reascript with tons of options for personalizing to your needs. If you play games you've probably used radial menus in the form of weapon wheels. A radial menu can be a really efficient way of presenting many options, plus it's only one keyboard shortcut to remember. For the demonstration I've assigned in the Action list Shift-E to "Lokasenna_Radial Menu Setup.lua" and E to "Lokasenna_Radial Menu.lua" To use Radial menu, simply hold E move the mouse in any direction on the wheel to select an action or submenu. you'll see in the middle of the wheel if there is a submenu, in which case a left-click will take you there. Hover the mouse over an action, release the action key. The action will run and the menu will close. If Radial Menu isn't opening from the MIDI editor you'll need to add your action key to the MIDI editor action list for "Misc: Pass through key to main window" For more information and support visit this forum thread https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=186637 If you use Radial Menu consider a donation to Lokasenna http://paypal.me/Lokasenna Get Radial Menu in ReaPack http://reapack.com ReaPack tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjoDu_32ljI Thanks for watching! Subscribe and hit that LIKE button! Visit The REAPER Blog for many more tips, tricks and tutorials. http://reaperblog.net http://www.twitter.com/reaperblog http://www.facebook.com/thereaperblog http://www.facebook.com/groups/reaperblogcommunity http://www.patreon.com/thereaperblog
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8 Easy Steps of DSLR Menu Settings | DSLR Camera Settings | DSLR Video Menu Settings | PIXEL VIILAGE
Setting up the Camera Menu correctly is key to getting good quality images. In this video, we explain some important and very easy steps of DSLR menu settings which if followed, will help you achieve certain level of technical accuracy. The menu and terminologies may be different in other brand cameras. In this video we explain DSLR Camera Settings of Nikkon D810 which will be very helpful for your Camera settings. YouTube Links: How to get Perfect In-Camera White Balance ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VxvCck6dPU How To White Balance In a Mixed Lighting Environment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRNw0EiO6-A The True Power of Auto ISO - Viilage Wisdom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VxvCck6dPU For Indian viewers: Godox AD600 Pro Outdoor Studio Light https://amzn.to/2ryMUO0 Godox AD600B Outdoor Studio Light https://amzn.to/2I54ILD Godox AD200 Pocket Flash https://amzn.to/2rzUw3P Godox SK400II Studio Light https://amzn.to/2wyyMKk Godox SL150W Continuous Light https://amzn.to/2ww57BF SUBSCRIBE to PIXEL VIILAGE for more tutorials on Photography. Follow Pixel Viilage : Pixel Viilage Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pixelviilage/ Pixel Viilage instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pixelviilage/ Follow Radhakrishanan : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/radhakrishnan.chakyat Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/seeradha/ Insta - https://www.instagram.com/seeradha/ Website - http://www.seeradha.com
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Line Segment Tools | Adobe Illustrator cc 2018 Beginners Guide | Toolbar Series
I just hit 500 subscribers prior to July, and I need 500 more. I hope to reach that before the end of 2018. Please help support my channel by subscribing, liking a video, and commenting on a video. Do these 3 things, and I'll enter you into a raffle to win a FREE copy of Windows X. See this "thank you" video for more details: http://vid.io/xvN9 Part 4 of my Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners, part of my Toolbar Series. This episode goes over all of the graphic design line art tools in Adobe Illustrator. In this guide, I discuss in detail the line segment tool, arc tool, spiral tool, rectangular grid tool, and polar grid tool. These tools all work in relatively the same manner. You can click, drag out the object and release to create an object OR click once to get an options menu where you can specify dimensions, angles, and other details. Illustrator CC 2018 Toolbar Tools discussed in this tutorial: Line Segment Tool, Arc Tool, Spiral Tool, Rectangular Grid Tool, and Polar Grid Tool. Other Toolbar Series Episodes: Ep. 1 Selection Tools: https://youtu.be/ghgMDV30Vm0 Ep. 2 Pen Tools: https://youtu.be/OXQwi1BWmR8 Ep. 3 Type Tools: https://youtu.be/khg_RqXejis Hire me: ➜ http://www.vectormaid.com Share this Video: ➜ https://youtu.be/1ywy0j1V8Ls Join my Patreon Community ➜ https://www.patreon.com/vectormaid Intro Music: http://www.bensound.com
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Deploying & Debugging .NET iOS apps with Visual Studio 2017
Want to create iOS apps, but don't want to switch back and forth between your PC and Mac? I'll show you how you can remotely build, deploy, and debug your iOS apps, right from within Visual Studio 2017. **Show Links:** * [Developer Documentation](https://docs.microsoft.com/xamarin/) * [Xamarin and Azure](https://www.xamarin.com/azure) * [Xamarin University Self-Guided](https://university.xamarin.com/self-guided) * Create a Free Account (Azure): [https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree](https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree)
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Introducing to Illustrator Menu Bar & Tools in Graphics Design
Introducing to Illustrator Menu Bar & Tools in Graphics Design. You will know about Illustrator tools & menu bar by our video tutorial part - 2. So don;t mistake Illustrator video tutorial part two. I hope you benefited if you follow our this tutorial video.
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C# WPF Material Design UI: Hamburger Menu
How to create a hamburger menu animation in WPF GitHub https://github.com/Abel13/HamburgerMenu Facebook https://www.facebook.com/abel.o.dutra
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How to convert a Figma design to Webflow
Tips and advice for a quick workflow moving from Figma to Webflow! I'm proud to have Webflow as a sponsor for this video. Try out converting your Figma designs to a working website here: https://wfl.io/figma Converting your design mockup to a working website is made soooo much easier with Webflow. It's a visual code tool, so even though you're dragging elements onto a canvas and changing settings to style like you would in a design tool, you're creating code as you do it. Here's my workflow for taking a design in Figma and bringing it to life in Webflow! Try Webflow out here: https://wfl.io/figma and visit my finished page here: https://designlife.fm/community Why I switched from Sketch to Figma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIyhqEra7Sc More Webflow tips and tricks and process videos here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrJQSKQvgHS4nDWb8QCfYV0fJNP8-M_gc ----------------------------------------------- // ENJOY MY VIDEOS? My videos no longer have pre-roll ads because I think ads are annoying. That means you don't have to sit through ads, and it also means I don't earn anything from the content I put on YouTube. If you want to support me and my channel the best thing you can do is join my Patreon! You'll get tons of extra content and ways to learn, like behind-the-scenes process info, downloadable assets or even a monthly group Google Hangout! Choose your tier and sign up here: http://patreon.com/charlimarie ----------------------------------------------- // ABOUT ME Hello there! I'm Charli and I'm a web and graphic designer from New Zealand currently living in London and posting design videos every Saturday about tools, projects, and concepts and vlogs every Tuesday about my life as a designer. Please subscribe and say hi in the comments so we can be friends :) ----------------------------------------------- // MORE Blog: http://www.charlimarie.com Online apparel store: http://linernotekids.com/ Design portfolio: http://charlimarie.com/portfolio Podcast: http://designlife.fm // SOCIAL Twitter: https://twitter.com/charliprangley Instagram: http://instagram.com/charliprangley Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/charlimarieTV My sister SmayJay's channel: http://www.youtube.com/frangisamme ----------------------------------------------- // MUSIC & TECH Music: YouTube Audio Library My gorgeous intro animation was created by hand lettering animator Austin Saylor, you should hire him to do yours too: http://www.austinsaylor.com/
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How to restrict permission to a page in Microsoft Word Latest 2018
To do this, click on File, then Save As. When the file-save window appears, type in your file name, then select the Tools drop down menu. From that menu, select General Options. This will enable you to password protect the entire workbook and prevent anyone else from opening it and viewing its contents
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Options Settings in Tekla Structures
In this video we take a quick look at some of the most common settings you may want to make when starting a project. Watch to see a review of several options including: -Standard bolt diameter and grade when components are set to "Default" -Dual-Dimensioning in Imperial and Metric - often needed for government contracts in the US -Standard units - commonly used for more accurate gauge material modeling
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Pair Programming Made Awesome with Visual Studio Live Share : Build 2018
Collaboration is a critical component of modern development teams, especially when they’re distributed and/or releasing rapidly. Traditional options such as screen sharing and version control weren’t designed for the real-time, bi-directional needs of effective pair programming, and so new tools and services are needed to help fill this increasingly critical gap. In this session, you’ll learn how Visual Studio Live Share enables developers to collaboratively edit and debug together (regardless of the language!), all from the comfort of their favorite and highly-customized tools
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.NET Core Reporting Tools: Appearance Setting of the Viewer
This video demonstrates how to set appearance in the ASP.NET Core Viewer. This is video was filmed on the version 2018.2.2 https://stimulsoft.com
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Visual Studio Setup for Unity (Extensions, Keyboard Shortcuts, Colors)
Setting up Visual Studio with some useful extensions, better colors and easier keyboard shortcuts. In this video I walk you through how I setup my installation of Visual Studio to use for Unity game development. 💬 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/98YSpu2 Extensions: ✔ Select Next Occurrence: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=thomaswelen.SelectNextOccurrence ✔ Color Theme Editor: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=VisualStudioPlatformTeam.VisualStudio2017ColorThemeEditor ✔ Enhanced Syntax Highlighting: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=StanislavKuzmichArtStea1th.EnhancedSyntaxHighlighting ✔ Line Endings Unifier: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=JakubBielawa.LineEndingsUnifier ✔ Subword Navigation: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=OlleWestman.SubwordNavigation ✔ Fix Mixed Tabs: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=VisualStudioProductTeam.FixMixedTabs Colors: ✔ Punctuation: FFCDD2FF ✔ Operator: FFE2C396 ✔ Parameter: FFB1B1B1 Music by TeknoAXE: Home Sweet Megalopolis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt9QEvsZZpE Figuring it All Out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtZoKB_VI5A
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Torque Sprx 2.0 Menu Showcase + Edit Design.ini & Preset.ini - PS3 CFW #Road To 1k ✔️
Join My Discord At https://discord.gg/458BP5x For Modding , Jailbreak , Glitches , Menus , Tools , Logos , Banners , Game Downloads , Game Updates & Fun Games :) Hope To See U All There 👉Video Description Open For More Information👈 --------RECOVERY SERVICE----------- ✅ Recovery Video: http://bit.ly/2skCDXD ✅ Payment: PAYPAL/AUS/USA PSN/AUS/USA XBOX-LIVE CARD - Don't Do PS3 Modded Accounts Anymore. / Just Yet Anyways But Can Tell You some Legit Cheap People Like Myself. -----------My Setup---------------- ✅ Game Capture: Elgato Game Capture ✅ Monitor: LG Monitor ✅ Keyboard: G510s Keyboard ✅ Speakers: Logitech Speakers ✅ Gaming Mouse: Razer Death Adder Mouse ----------Social Media------------- ✅ Twitter: http://bit.ly/2sNE7Ya ✅ Instagram: http://bit.ly/2r5fiWK -----------PSN Username------------- ✅ PS3: None Yet Till I Get PS3 Again. ✅ PS4: inteli3gaming ---------Xbox Live Gamertag--------- ✅ XB1: FateMadeMnie ----------DOWNLOADS IN VIDEO--------- ✅ None Content: Tutorials Gameplay Design And Glitches PS3 Account: None Yet Till If I Get PS3 Again. PS4 Account: inteli3gaming ----------Copyright Disclaimer------- Activision, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sony, Rockstar & Every Other Company Watching This Video Please Read Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Procreate 4 tutorial - A complete app guide for iPad artists
Procreate 4 tutorial - A complete app guide for iPad artists Here I give a complete video tutorial for the procreate art app on iPad Pro. I demonstrate and give a step by step guide for both beginner and experienced artists. I show you how to draw, paint and manipulate using the app along with all the digital tools such as layers and masks. Procreate have produced an artist handbook in the form of an ebook or pdf but I thought a video version would help give an overview in a more easily digested format. Please refer to the topics below and timings to jump off at your desired section: 00:00 Intro and app basics 05:16 Gallery: How to organise your art and create a new canvas 13:23 Gestures: How to use gestures 18:42 Brushes: How to use, create and modify 34:26 Smudge: How to use, create and modify the smudge tool 35:43 Erase: How to erase using various methods 37:23 Quickline: How to use quickline 39:17 Colours: How to select and use your perfect colours incl. palettes. 47:00 Layers: How to use and manipulate layers 52:42 Adjustments: Blur, colour balance, motion blur etc. 56:07 Selections: use the selection tools to change specific areas 58:30 Transform: change the scale and distort amongst other things. 01:01:13 Actions: share, import and many canvas and preference settings 01:07:28 Perspective Guides and Perspective assist 01:11:08 Workflows including quick menu 01:12:25 Apple Pencil Please visit my Patreon page to help me make more content. thank you :) https://www.patreon.com/jamesjulier
RPG MAKER MV Tutorials | Basic Menu Tools | Episode 1
(I do have to apologize for how blurry the video is, next episode won't be this bad, i'm sorry again for this inconvenience, please forgive little old Toxy) Welcome everyone to another episode, today we are going to be looking at the program "RPG MAKER MV", I recenty just started using this program to it's full extent so I wanted to share what I know about the program to you guy's, sit back in your seats and take a listen cause I try to explain everything the best I can. Hopefully you all enjoy this amazing tutorial series and check out my other uploads while you're at it, thanks a bunch you guys... Please leave a Like and Comment if you want but the Like would help out a lot, and share these videos with your friends and tell them you found a cool new Youtuber, and if you haven't clicked that subscribe button, you really should, it helps me out so much and it's free so theres no harm in doing so, thank you so much and i'll see you all next time.... [ ~ Social Medias ~ ] Instagram (THEREALTOXIMATY): https://www.instagram.com/therealtoximaty/ Instagram (FALLENMINDBRO): https://www.instagram.com/fallenmindbro/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheToximaty Snapchat: therealtoximaty
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Food Menu  Android java   part 1
Introduction of
Image Trace, Live Paint & tracing options in Illustrator
learn everything about Image Trace, Live Paint & tracing options in adobe Illustrator In these free tutorials, I'm also going to share my design experience along with some tips and tricks so that you can easily create better graphic designs, I love to help beginners as well as those designers who are seeking to gain their knowledge and brush up their graphic design skills. Graphic Design Hindi Me is completely Free and very useful for, all graphic designers and clients, Please share this channel with your friends so they can also have a better understanding of what graphic design is, and the best thing is that this channel is in your language Hindi, Urdu. Graphic design is not just all about learning tools and software, graphic design means communicating effectively through your graphics, learn how to communicate not to decorate & If you seriously want to learn Graphic Design From Basic to advance level then please join our online course, visit omscreation.com soon shifting to onmarkmedia.com Feel free to ask questions, Feel free to share your works and ask for feedbacks, Let us know if you need some help, feel free to discuss your project or ask anything related to graphic design on our Facebook community we are always here and ready to help you and we are excited to boost your graphic design career Please join our facebook community https://www.facebook.com/GraphicDesignHindiMe/ Join My Online Course (Learn Graphic Design Theory) - omscreation.com/applycourse.php very soon shifting to onmarkmedia.com Be Creative and Happy Designing..! Om Chinchwankar, Graphic Designer from India. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Logo Design Process & Golden Ratio From Start to Finish In Hindi/Urdu" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM3_K1mIjjs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
How to use Color Fill Option in CorelDraw X8 in Hindi (Basic Series) Part-7
Namaskar Doston ! Is video me kisi object me kaise color fill karenge iske bare me bataya gaya hai. Ye video bahut hi important hai aapke liye. Isi Type ke Tips & Tricks and Technical Videos, Educational Videos ke liye hamare Channel SAI TECHVISION ko SUBSCRIBE karen agar video pasand aaye to plz Like and Share karen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Link for Subscribe : www.youtube.com/saitechvision Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/saitechvision Instagram ID : instagram.com/saitechvision ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~VIDEOS PLAY LIST LINK~~~~~~ Photoshop CC (Basic Series) Play List : https://goo.gl/e46i16 Photoshop CC (Advance Series) Play List : https://goo.gl/6ytBAZ Best Printers Explain : https://goo.gl/fyqCSR Business Standers : https://goo.gl/pXqFBd Science Topics : https://goo.gl/uiyi6f YouTube Videos ki Pol-Khol : https://goo.gl/MHDT7U Sarkari Result.com : https://goo.gl/NDXCDB Computer Tips & Tricks : https://goo.gl/vEFqMV Computer Technical Videos : https://goo.gl/EkTqAb Facebook Tips and Tricks : https://goo.gl/C7DpNV Whatsapp Tips and Tricks : https://goo.gl/m6ZA1r Online Information : https://goo.gl/oeuK6X YouTube Algorithm : https://goo.gl/t48r6R CorelDraw Play List : https://goo.gl/nE76Hh Technical News Play List : https://goo.gl/XeB3wi Basic Computer Videos : https://goo.gl/tqyiBf Window 7 Play List : https://goo.gl/e9N2SV Mobile Technical Videos : https://goo.gl/rNRMbW -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Full Introduction of Sai Techvision YouTube Hindi Channel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0qOz8Om1n8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Studio One 4 - Everything You Need To Know
In this extended video, Russ Hughes gives an overview of the new features found in Studio One 4. Some features are only available in the Professional version, this is shown on the video. Arrangement / Editing • Chord Track (Studio One Professional only feature) • Realtime chord re-harmonization of Audio and Instrument Tracks (Studio One Professional only feature) • Intuitive Chord Selector (Studio One Professional only feature) • Automatic chord detection (Studio One Professional only feature) • Realtime chord input from MIDI device • Song Key Signature with detection (Studio One Professional only feature) • Chord Transpose (Studio One Professional only feature) • ARA 2 support • Expanded “Send to Notion” option for lead sheet creation • Ripple edit mode (Studio One Professional only feature) • Relative bar offset for songs • “Remove gaps” for Events Virtual Instruments – Impact XT • new look and feel • 8 pad banks • 32 outputs (16 stereo, 16 mono) • color option for pads • new 24dB zero-delay feedback filter • filter drive and punch controls • filter "soft" (clipping) mode • pad and individual sample editing • new stack mode for layering samples on a pad • realtime time-stretching (follow song tempo) • trigger quantization • sample choke with 32 choke groups • reverse sample playback • sample level normalization • increased pitch envelope range (+/- 48 semitones or 8 octaves) • improved sample navigation • “Pad Follow” mode for remote navigation • drag & drop pad swapping • drag & drop multiple samples at once • optional auto-slicing on sample import (shift) • “Send to new Impact” shortcut in audio context menu • drag & drop sample import from Sample One XT and Presence XT • import and export of multisample files and ".soundx" containers • eight user-selectable color themes Virtual Instruments – Sample One XT • new look and feel • record page with live sampling • samples from any hardware input, send, output, other instrument • auto-slicing mode creates new samples automatically with adjustable gate • global and individual (sample) edit modes • fx section: modulation, delay, reverb, gater, eq, distortion, pan • expandable keyboard • realtime time-stretching (follow song tempo) • sample snap to zero crossing • sample crossfade • waveform slicing option • sample trim option • sample sustain, release and ping-pong loop modes • graphical envelopes with adjustable attack, decay, release curve shapes • increased pitch envelope range (+/- 48 semitones or 8 octaves) • alternative trigger modes: normal, one-shot, toggle • visual play cursor in waveform view • sample reverse playback • sample level normalization • new 24dB zero-delay feedback filter • filter drive and punch controls • filter "soft" (clipping) mode • LFO random (sample+hold) mode • master volume control • adjustable voice limit • import and export of multisample files and ".soundx" containers • drag & drop export to Impact XT • eight user-selectable color themes Music Editor • Drum Editor • Drum and Melodic Patterns and Variations • Patterns saved in Musicloop • Automatic mapping (Impact XT) • Alternate note coloring schemes • Sync option for editors • “Select notes...” options • New or improved note event options (Humanize, Length, Velocity, Delete Notes) • Multiple Macro toolbars (page selection) • Improved multi-editing • Preserve and restore zoom states Import / Export • AAF Import / Export (supports Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and others) • Import Song Data (Studio One Professional only feature) User Interface • Alternative “light” color scheme • Additional appearance presets • Updated mix console design • Track / Channel Notepads Content • New Sound Set “Impact XT Kits and Sounds” (1.8 GB) • New Demos and Tutorials (1.6 GB) Other • External Plug-in scanner (VST2, VST3) • MP3 Encoding in all versions
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How to Change Action Bar Background Color and Title color | Android App Development video#09
This tutorial is for changing Action Bar background and title color and text appearance of Title of Action Bar in android android, android studio, action bar, color, toolbar, background, how to, material design, change, status bar, custom, tool bar, tutorial, android toolbar, material theme, how, java, xml, javascript, programation, android themes, string, styles, kotlin tutorial, android studio for biginner, android and kotlin, kotlin, theme, how to change color theme, how to change color of the back arrow in the new material theme - android studio, android ui, chnaging color android, how change color android, android java, android app development, studio, android 5, lollipop, kotlin vs java, styling android, tutorial, simple programmer, android developer, simpleprogrammer.com, johnsp69, android development, john sonmez, androidauthority, beginners, programming, studio, native, development, layout editor, code, coding, iphone, app, application, react, react native, textview, imageview, xml, web, program, lesson, xamarin, native mobile development, mobile application development (industry), android kotlin, apps, android developers, learning kotlin, learn kotlin, kotlin, kotlin android, kotling android, kotlin on android android studio, android, android studio tutorial, android app development, android studio tutorial for beginners, android tutorial, android tutorial for beginners, android studio app, android studio tutorials, android developer, gds: full production, developers, tools, beginners, androiddev, getting started, hello world, development, dev tools, product: android, new in android, android update, android release, quick boot, c++, mobile developer, kotlin, android profilers, android gradle plugin, android tools, android emulator, android studio release notes, android studio 3.1 release notes, android studio 3.1, what's new in android studio, what's new in android studio 3.1, edureka, android edureka, android app development kit, android app development tutorial
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Visual Studio & Unity: Getting Started
A few tips and ideas I picked up from my first weeks using Visual Studio. Still early days, but look forward to diving deeper into this scripting editor. Sun model in Game view based on mrwasd's Particle Sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJEBAPRt8AA Support Board to Bits on Patreon: http://patreon.com/boardtobits Check out Board To Bits on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BoardToBits
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Designing a Drawer / Sliding panel in Winform App C# (Skype Demo)
Hi Friends, this is SaLaaR HuSyN.. Coming back with another tutorial.. in this tutorial We'll learn about How we can create a drawer / Sliding panel using Windows form application C#..... Many of You Guys ask me how to get those icons, So in this tutorial I'll let you know, how to pick your icons from ICON8. Coding Reference: Mr. Programmer (YouTube Channel). Download Source Code: https://goo.gl/u3USca ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/salaarhusyn/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ if You Have any Query, feel free to contact Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CsharpUiAcademy/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please Subscribe for more Videos.
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Creating a UWP Console App
Windows now supports UWP console apps that run inside a PowerShell or DOS console window—great for writing UWP command-line tools. Watch the video to learn how to make a UWP app that runs from the command line, has access to command-line arguments and the file system. Then read more at http://aka.ms/UWPConsoleApp.
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Menu, Common Dialog Box and Methods with C#
To understand about the Menu, Common Dialog box and Methods with C#.
Getting started with Painter 2019 - Toolbox review
Familiarize yourself with all the tools in the Painter toolbox before you begin painting. In addition to standard tools for color, erasing and cropping, you can also find tools for applying gradients, creating text and shapes, selecting parts of your image, cloning and much more. Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis reviews each tool in the toolbox and explains what each one does. Some tools have related options nested underneath, which you can see when you click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner to access the flyout menu for the tool group.
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.NET Core Reporting Tools: Changing the Viewer Theme from Code
This video demonstrates how to set the viewer theme in the ASP.NET Core HTML5 viewer. This is video was filmed on the version 2018.2.1 https://stimulsoft.com
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How To Use Adobe ILLUSTRATOR CC For Beginners! - 2018 Tutorial
Hey guys! Today I'm bringing you a video on how to learn/use adobe illustrator (Ai) CC in 2018! In this video, I go over how to use the program for beginners, and teach you the basic tools and functions of adobe illustrator. Make sure to leave a LIKE rating if you enjoyed! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Follow me on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/DelvigeDesigns ► Subscribe to me on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/GenasisGamingyt?sub_confirmation=1 ► Follow me on Twitch - http://www.twitchtv.com/delvige ► Check out my Graphics Store - http://www.sellfy.com/delvige ► My Apparel - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Delvige ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for Watching!
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Easily Hide Large Blocks of Code in Unity
In this tutorial I show you how to use 'region' to hide large blocks of code within visual studio and Unity. ···················································································· ● Check out my Unity Store Assets here: http://bit.ly/2rxFYnq ● Download recent scripts: http://speed-tutor.com/scripts/ ···················································································· ● Website: http://www.speed-tutor.com ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Speedtutoruk ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpeedTutor ········································­­·······································­·­····
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XAMARIN - Why is the best option for your business?
What is Xamarin? Xamarin is the set of Microsoft tools used to create cross-platform applications using C#. What does it mean? It means that you can develop Apps for the main platforms iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS using the same language. What are the benefits for my business? You can save time and resources because you don’t need a great team that manages several languages for your App to be developed and it does not take as long as developing in 3 different platforms. This means savings of between 30% and 40% for your App development. Let’s talk about it! www.brintia.com Twitter: @WeAreBrintia Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/brintia/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brintia/
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Android Developer Mode - How To Enable Developer Mode in Android Phones
In this video you will be teach about how to enable Android Developers option Why we use Developers Option?? Hidden in the Android Settings app is a secret menu called Developer Options that gives you access to all kinds of useful tools and tweaks. If you know how to uncover it, you can take advantage, and there are a handful of helpful things you can do. For example, you can transform the look of your phone and even fake your GPS location. Developer Options, as the name suggests, is built in for the benefit of developers, but you don’t have to be planning to write your own Android game to turn it on. There’s no cost and no consequence, except for another menu on your phone. To enable Developer Options, go to About phone in Settings, then tap Build number seven times. 1) Rooting and installing other OSes One of the primary reasons for enabling Developer Options is to install ROMs of your own, like CyanogenMod or something else entirely. It’s not quite as easy as picking another OS from the Developer Options menu, but there’s plenty of help online to get you started. The first step to rooting your phoneis enablling Developer Option, which lets you do all kinds of advanced tricks on your Android device, from installing more advanced apps (like task automators and file undeleters) to creating full backups of everything on your phone. While enabling Developer Options on its own won’t void your device’s warranty, rooting it or installing another OS on top of it almost certainly will, so make sure you’re definitely up for the different challenges and freedoms the process brings before you take the plunge. 2) Speed up device animations Dive into your newly enabled Developer Options menu and you’ll see options for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. By ramping down these values you can speed up Android and make keypresses lead to results faster. On a slower device it can really speed up day-to-day tasks and even on a faster one it can make it feel snappier than ever (it just won’t look as pretty). If turning the animations off completely causes bugs in some of your apps, dial them down to the 0.5x level instead. Window animation controls the speed at which app windows open and close, transition animation controls the speed at which you can switch between apps, and animator duration handles all of those smaller in-app animations, like tapping menus and buttons. ADVERTISEMENT 3) Fake your device’s GPS location There might be times when you want your friends or the apps you’re using to think you’re somewhere you’re not, and Developer Options makes this possible. Go down the list of options in the menu, and tap Select mock location app to set up this GPS spoofing. As will become obvious, you need a GPS spoofing app as well, but there are a number of free ones available including Fake GPS Location and Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free. Get one installed and launch it to set up the necessary permissions and configuration settings. With that done you can return to Developer Options, select your app of choice, and start spoofing as you like. It’s helpful for apps that are locked to a specific part of the world, as well as for fooling your contacts into thinking you’ve suddenly become a globetrotter. 4) Speed up high-end games If you’re using a premium Android handset and want to give your games that extra little push, you can turn on some advanced graphics processing features thanks to Developer Options. The main setting you’re looking for is Force 4x MSAA(multisample anti-aliasing). Activating this results in a smoother, better-looking visual experience in certain high-end games and apps, but you really need a phone or tablet with a decent GPU inside otherwise it might cause problems (part of the reason why it’s switched off by default). On the downside, all of this extra processing will usually drain your battery faster, though the actual impact is going to vary from phone to phone. Keep an eye on the battery level if you enable this, and decide for yourself whether you think it’s worth the compromise. 5) Record screen activity ADVERTISEMENT If you want to record your screen for whatever reason (from gaming exploits to app demos to Android tutorials) then enabling Developer Options lets you do it. Hook your device up to a computer and the Android Studio package lets you record whatever’s happening. Again there’s something of a learning curve but it won’t take you long to get up and running, and we’ve outlined the main steps you need to follow here. You also need to enable the USB debugging option (in Developer Options) for this to work properly. It’s a good example of that extra bit of control that Developer Options gives you over your Android device: access to the OS
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data warehouse menggunakan model tabular menggunakan SQL Server
Nama kelompok : Hendri Budiarto Yanuar Ferry Chandra Presentasi data warehouse menggunakan model tabular menggunakan SQL Server 1. Buka laman https://www.microsoft.com/handsonlabs/Provisioning/External/294d11e2-b0e2-4899-a07c-663bc73815e2 2. Klik open your Lab 3. Buka Microsoft Visual Studio 4. pilih tools pada menu bar, lalu klik options 5. cari analytic services tabular designers, klik Deployment, pada localhost ganti menjadi localhost TABULAR lalu Test Connection 6. klik pada Workspace database, pada localhost ganti menjadi localhost TABULAR lalu Test Connection, klik OK, klik OK 7. pilih file - new - project, di menu instaled pilih analysis services, pilih services tabular 8. Pada window Tabular model designer, klik OK 9. Pilih Solution Explorer, klik model di menu bar, klik import from data saurce, klik next ganti Server name : SQLSERVER2016BI dan Database name : AdventureWorksDW2016, klik next pilih service Account, klik next, klik next 10. Pilih DimGeography, klik Preview & Filter , lalu klik OK, klik Finish, Setelah Succes klik CLose 11. pada Filed Add column ganti nama menjadi jumlah, klik column di menu bar, pilih Autosum - Count. Ubah jumlah menjadi StateProvinceNAme 12. Pilih Analyze in Excel, klik Ok 13. Ambil Count of jumlah ke values dan StateProvinceName ke rows untuk di pivot 14. pilih seine et marne , klik kanan, pilih show value as - % of grand total 15. pilih analyze, klik insert slicers, centang EnglishCountryRegionName dan StateProvinceName, klik Ok -Thanks for watching - ttd hendri dan ferry
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Creating Innovative Experiences for Fluent Design using the Visual Layer : Build 2018
Explore how to create engaging Windows applications by incorporating effects, animations, and new types of content that form the building blocks for the Fluent Design System. This session showcases new platform capabilities that enable you to craft innovative 2D and 3D experiences using volumetric objects, vector graphics, depth, motion, lights, and materials. Learn how to bring differentiated UI to your application, tailored for a wide range of Windows devices.
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#18 Build a Wallpaper App in Android - Bottom Navigation View
Welcome to this series guys. Throughout this series we will learn how to Build a Wallpaper App in Android with Admin Panel. In this video we will a Bottom Navigation View to navigate through the difference screen of our application. Source Code: https://goo.gl/K3SVez In this series we will learn everything from scratch. We will learn - Creating Admin Panel for Uploading and Managing Wallpapers - Creating Android Application - Integrating AdMob Ads - Publishing App to Play Store The prerequisites are - You should know the basics of Android Studio and Android App Dev. - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Tools Required Are NodeJS: https://nodejs.org/en/ Visual Studio Code: https://code.visualstudio.com/ Android Studio: https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html For more visit: https://www.simplifiedcoding.net Please SHARE this Video to your friends. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplifiedCoding.net Twitter: https://twitter.com/codesimplified Google: https://plus.google.com/+SimplifiedcodingNetOfficial
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Cách ẩn và hiện menu Mini toolbar on selection trong Excel | Show mini toolbar on selection
Có một menu nhỏ khi ta bôi đen một phần dữ liệu trong một ô của bảng tính Excel sẽ hiện menu nhỏ để định dạng. Vậy muốn ẩn, hiện menu này ta vào phần Options để thiết lập mục "Show mini toolbar on selection" http://bluesofts.net/daotaothuchanh/daotaoexcelnangcao.html
Managing User Secrets
In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Cheung (https://twitter.com/AndrewCMSFT) and Alicia Chan, who show how Visual Studio can help you stop storing sensitive data like connection strings and other user secrets in your code. They show how to store secrets locally in json or XML files and how to store them in Azure Key Vault.
[Dev VLog] They Are Billions | Level Editor | Map Props Editor & The Death of Modding? | v1.04
Try out the editor here: https://ash47.github.io/TheyAreBillionsModKit/MapEditorHtml/ ► Discord: https://goo.gl/ef9VuE ► Twitter: https://goo.gl/7mjjim ► Instagram: https://goo.gl/KHxvgZ ► Humble Monthly Bundle: https://goo.gl/TXLKPa ► Discounts on Humble Games: https://goo.gl/j7UfbR This is a VLog of the level editor update we just pushed for They Are Billions - Map Props Editor Update (v1.04). For all your modding needs / discussion, please visit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheyAreBillionsModded/ Please leave any feedback or map ideas in the comments section below. If you'd like us to continue development of this level editor, please make sure you like, comment and subscribe.
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