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Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards. Helps to prevent accidental intrusion by pets and children. Functional, Beautiful and Affordable. 20 year Warranty. WHY CHOOSE A PSP SAFETY COVER. Commercial grade heavy-duty hardware. Computerized state-of-the-art equipment for high class fabrication job. 4 Inground Pool Options That Are Trending In 2016. Yes, in fact there are many fiberglass pool designs that have tanning ledges. Some designs have tanning ledges integrated into the pool like our Oasis. S ometimes tanning ledges are separate, stand-alone units that are mounted poolside. It is also possible to build custom tanning ledges on fiberglass pools. Heat Pumps are an extremely efficient type of pool heater that work just like a heat pump for your home. Some heat pump manufacturers offer heat pumps that cool as well as heat the water. This may not sound like a big deal at first, but the water temperature in many pools during the hottest part of the summer can reach the mid-90s. Glass Tile. All concrete pools and many fiberglass pools have a six inch wide band of tile along the waterline of the pool. This is required on concrete pools to prevent staining the surface of the pool. Waterline tile is added to fiberglass pools for aesthetics, but it is not required because the gelcoat surface of the pool in incredibly durable. Fire Bowls. Well, there you have it. Four pool options that have people talking. As always, feel free to leave a comment below. POOL TYPES AND OPTIONS. Vinyl Pools We have built over a thousand vinyl pools. Learn more about some of the Vinyl Pool styles and sizes here . Inground Pool Equipment Learn more about the equipment we use when installing your pool here . Inground Pool Options From sanitizers to basketball games, check out some of the options you have to customize your pool here . Fiberglass Pools Learn more about the quality one-piece fiberglass swimming pools here . Dream. Plan. Build.