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General Data Protection Regulation – Encryption with Sophos
www.bytes.co.uk - 01372 418 500 John Shaw – VP, Sophos explains how Encryption can help achieve GDPR Compliance
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General Data Protection Regulation – Data Discovery with Veritas
Tom Sargeant – Head of Technology, Veritas explains how Data Discovery can help achieve GDPR Compliance
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How Bytes can support your journey to the Microsoft Cloud
www.bytes.co.uk 01372 418 500
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General Data Protection Regulation – Implementation Essentials
www.bytes.co.uk 01372 418 500 Tim Hyman – GDPR Specialist, explains how to achieve GDPR Compliance
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General Data Protection Regulation – Microsoft Attorney, IT Lawyer & GDPR Specialist
What do companies need to think about (0.30), how to meet 3rd party processor obligations (3.30) and practical next steps to take (8.00)
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General Data Protection Regulation – London & Manchester Events
Jimmy Desai – Technology Lawyer invites you to attend his seminars for FREE http://www.bytes.co.uk/info/events/get-set-gdpr
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General Data Protection Regulation –  Centrify Identity Management and Privileged Access Control
Andy Heather – MD, Centrify explains how Identity Management and Privileged Access Control can help achieve GDPR Compliance
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Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service
Simon Dobbs introduces Disaster Recovery Services from Bytes
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Get Started With Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud. Built with sole intent to connect companies, affording them world class software that draws on a Common Data Service to fuel discussion and inform intelligent business decisions. Microsoft 365 unifies CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications to help manage specific business functions, including Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Marketing, Project Service Automation and Financials. Designed to be personalised, enable greater productivity, deliver deeper insights and adapt to business needs, Dynamics 365 applications help businesses accelerate digital transformation to meet the changing needs of customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow.
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Managed Backup as a Service
Matt Compton introduces Backup Services from Bytes Software Services
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Intel Security SIEM webinar
The Intel Security SIEM solution brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and compliance reporting—delivering the context required for adaptive security risk management. Watch our webinar to find out how the Gartner leading SIEM solution from Intel Security addresses these top issues across a broad spectrum of industries: • Big Data Security • Compliance • Real-time context • Ease of management • Integrated security
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Trend Micro Webinar - Securing the Modern Data Center
Watch our 40 minute Trend Micro webinar to hear: - The pitfalls of traditional security - How optimised security for the modern data centre will benefit your business - Trend Micro Deep Security Controls - Anti-Malware and Web reputation Host based IPS and Virtual Patching - Firewall - File integrity Monitoring - Log Inspection - How Deep Security works - How Deep Security is optimised for VMWare and NSX
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Symantec Backup Exec 2014 Webinar
Are you aware of Symantec Backup Exec 2014? With this you could easily backup your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combination of both. Using modern technology, Backup Exec backs up local or remote data to virtually any storage device including tape, disk and cloud. With a few simple clicks, you can quickly search and restore granular file or application objects, applications, VMs, and servers directly from backup storage. Watch our webinar to hear how Symantec Backup Exec can help you: - Get fast and reliable backups that are up to 100% faster than prior releases - Ensure your critical information is always protected - Reduce storage costs through integrated de-duplication and archiving technology - Recover what you need, when you need it - quickly and easily
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Veritas NetBackup 8.0 Update
www.bytes.co.uk 01372 418 500 Watch our webinar to hear how the latest version of Veritas NetBackup 8.0 delivers unified data protection for organisations of all sizes offering; proven enterprise-class scale, high performance, extensive workload integration, and simple to deployment and management from the converged appliance form factor. Hear from Steve Bowman, Information Management Specialist from Veritas covers the new NetBackup 8.0 platform: - Unified platform that protects critical data across cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures - Expanded cloud support, now includes Azure - Protection for the newest Microsoft deployments: Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V 2016 - Simplified remote office data protection - New licensing model, cost effective data protection for virtual environments - Also learn how Information Map can help gain visibility and make informed business decisions on how you store data, saving valuable time and money
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Microsoft Licensing Explained - Webinar
Microsoft Licensing Explained - Webinar 14th November, 2012 (10:30 am - 11:30 am) Microsoft have many different licensing schemes available for both Corporate and Public Sector organisations. As much as it is a headache, it is important to be aware of the options available in order to ensure that you are using the most cost effective and appropriate agreement. Our webinar covers: The Enterprise Agreement and alternatives: - Perpetual Enterprise Agreement - Enterprise Subscription Agreement - Enrolment for Application Platform - Enrolment for Core Infrastructure The benefits and mechanics of each type of agreement When these agreements offer a more cost effective route An overview of the Software Assurance benefits
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Symantec Endpoint Protection 14
Watch our webinar to hear about the key features and technologies that make Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 a game changing approach to endpoint security. Plus, with the new programmable REST APIs you can easily integrate with 3rd party products to build a more robust security infrastructure. Jake Wardell, Information Security Consultant at Symantec will discuss: - Advanced technologies to detect unknown threats and prevent zero day attacks including ransomware - Memory exploit prevention for popular applications and operating systems - Access to the richest global threat intelligence to protect against threats in real-time - Orchestrated response to stop threats quickly - Proven protection across all devices without compromising performance - Delivers a high performance, lightweight agent that boosts efficiency
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IBM SoftLayer Webinar
IBM have been making significant investment in cloud and as a result have a feature rich solution set which addresses all of the key business challenges faced by organisations. Watch our webinar to learn: - Key information about SoftLayer’s features - The USP’s which truly set SoftLayer apart from Azure and AWS - How SoftLayer can be utilised to drive significant cost savings to your business In addition to the above, the webinar also covers the VMware – IBM strategic partnership signed this year and what it means for VMware clients. This collaboration will allow you to: - Migrate your VMware workloads into SoftLayer quickly and easily with no downtime - Avoid converting images or workloads into different formats - Continue using the VMware toolset with no new tools or training needed - Fully utilise your existing VMware investment in the cloud - Seamlessly extend your on-premise datacentre and network into SoftLayer as a single environment - Consume VMware licenses directly through SoftLayer with a unique and predictable per CPU license model
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Citrix Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure
www.bytes.co.uk - 03172 418 500 Watch our webinar to learn more about Citrix Cloud on Azure and discover the benefits it delivers to your business – no matter what the size. You'll hear from Neil Collins, Senior SE from Citrix who will provide insight on how to ensure you gain the best user experience from your Azure & Citrix Cloud move. The webinar will cover: - How to migrate your workloads to the cloud with ease and best user experience - Provisioning XenApp and XenDesktop workloads in Azure to enable your workforce to be productive from anywhere - Gaining control of cloud and application security with the visibility required to keep your corporate data safe - How to remove the headache that legacy applications can cause when moving to modern environments - The Citrix and Microsoft partnership
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Windows 10 Management with VMware AirWatch - Webinar
www.bytes.co.uk Watch our webinar to discover the power of Windows 10 management with VMware AirWatch: - Simplify OS deployment, pushing configuration policies and OS patches instantly to any device - Streamline Win32 application packaging and delivery, making it as reliable and easy as mobile applications - Protect OS, applications and data proactively with policy-based remediation of compliance violations
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Nasuni - Fast Cloud Storage - webinar
Cloud Storage isn’t just about scale anymore. Nasuni’s security model ensures data is always encrypted before it leaves your premises, and their clients save 40-65% relative to traditional storage solutions. If you have an upcoming storage refresh or are over capacity with your NAS storage, we recommend that you watch our webinar to learn more about our new partner, Nasuni. Hear how you can even leverage your Azure subscription for global NAS storage.
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Bytes Software Services - Mannequin Challenge
Merry Christmas from all of the team at Bytes! Check out our Christmas party mannequin challenge... Who do you think has the best costume? Can you spot Where's Wally?
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Understanding Microsoft Lync 2013 Webinar
Would you like to know more about Microsoft Lync? It's a perfect way to significantly improve employee efficiency. In an age where communication and mobility is key, this solution from Microsoft provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience across multiple devices.
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SQL Server 2016 - Features Overview & Licensing Webinar
SQL Server 2016 is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft data platform history with real-time operational analytics, rich visualizations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technology, and new hybrid cloud scenarios. Listen to this webinar to hear Neil Hambly from Northdoor discuss the features overview of SQL Server 2016. Learn about Licensing changes from Bytes Licensing Specialist Fabienne Porquet.
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Barracuda Web Application Firewall webinar
Barracuda Networks has teamed up with Microsoft to bring additional levels of protection to web applications and data hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Watch our webinar to hear how the Barracuda Web Application Firewall blocks application layer DDoS and other attack vectors, directed at online applications hosted in Microsoft Azure. Simultaneously, it provides superior protection against data loss. In this webinar you’ll learn while the cloud may indeed be for you, why and how you must address the above issues. Learn how Barracuda Web Application Firewall delivers key benefits including: • Barracuda Central Operations Center keeps track of emerging threats • State-of-the-art security utilising full reverse-proxy architecture • Malware protection for collaborative web applications • Employs IP Reputation intelligence to defeat DDoS attacks • Designed to make it easier for organisations to comply with regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA
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Endpoint Evolved - Check Point e80 60 Review Webinar
Check Point just launched their new E80.60 Endpoint Release today, promising a revolution in mobile security. So, what’s it all about; what does it bring that’s new and what do you need to know about this release? Hear it direct from Bytes' CTO David Rawle. **Review of E80.60 in action - Available On Demand** Hot on the heels of today's General Availability release, this free update will share the most useful features in Check Point’s latest update. See how the new release enables IT teams to respond to an evolved infrastructure landscape, with the proliferation of cloud & mobile use. In this free webinar, we will share details on the new release including the: * New mobile capabilities * Introduction of New Forensics Blade * New integration with cloud * URL Filtering on Endpoint * Requirements and upgrade paths Our review on this new release shares the good and wicked within and also provides insider tips on getting E80.60 management right. It's a must see for Check Point users who want to be updated on the latest releases first.
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Symantec NetBackup Appliances Webinar
Listen to our Symantec NetBackup 5200 Appliances webinar to hear about: - How to avoid complexity with a single enterprise solution - Reducing management and storage requirements with global de-duplication and appliances - One solution for both virtual and physical environments - Single screen management - enterprise wide - Perpetual license - Three 'R's': Replicate as often as you need, Retain for as long as you need, Refresh hardware with no additional software cost
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Important Licensing Changes to Windows Server and System Center
Watch our webinar to help you understand the significant licensing changes that the future release of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 will bring. The webinar help you understand these significant changes, how it may impact your business and what transition options are available.
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Mimecast for Office 365 Webinar
Watch our webinar to find out how, via a live demo, you can: * Keep email working when Office 365 is offline with Mimecast High Availability Email Gateway * Enhance your security and tackle new threats with Mimecast Broad Spectrum Email Security * Protect critical data with improved data resilience from Mimecast Data Assurance * Streamline your data migration with Mimecast Legacy Archive Data Management * Eliminate the resource drain of on-premises technology with a 100% cloud solution
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McAfee Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention Webinar
www.bytes.co.uk Today's advanced threats are increasing at a rapid pace and are more sophisticated than ever. You can no longer rely on traditional security defences alone and if you don’t have the right security strategy in place, your organisation is at serious risk. Watch our webinar where Dave Messett from McAfee will be discussing how to evolve your endpoint security and outsmart attackers including: - Stay ahead of emerging threats such as WannaCrypt Ransomware - Unmask the most sophisticated hidden threats - Reduce the time and resources to protect your business with intelligence and automated response - Help defeat malware that recognises when it’s being analysed
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NetIQ and Active Directory webinar
We know that Active Directory is critical for both storing and enabling access to information and company data - but do the native tools offer limited capabilities for managing this effectively? Is it all too easy to create extra users, fail to get rid of previous employees and find your Active Directory out of touch with company policies? Watch our webinar to find out how Net IQ can significantly help: - Manage admin privilege sprawl - Ensure accurate information in Active Directory - Get users in and out of Active Directory at the right time - Monitor, report and audit your Active Directory estate - Enable the business to do more self-service This 40 minute webinar will examine the above five key areas where having the right tools and processes will help you keep your Active Directory environment consistent, manageable, auditable and efficient. The webinar includes a demo of how NetIQ can streamline administration and maintenance, ensuring that your Active Directory environment stays clean.
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Symantec Backup Exec 15 Webinar
Watch our Symantec Backup Exec 15 webinar where Miguel Tolosa, EMEA Backup Exec specialist at Symantec, will be discussing: • Today’s top backup and recovery challenges • What’s new in Backup Exec 15 • The features and benefits of Backup Exec 15 • New Pricing & Licensing, support and upgrades for existing and new customers
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Bytes Webinar - GDPR Compliance  The 12 Steps the ICO Recommend
Before you implement any controls around personal data to comply with GDPR you need to know what your current compliance level is, where personal data is held, for what purpose & who uses it. Bytes GDPR Compliance Webinar Series - Session One Gettting Started with GDPR – The 12 Steps the ICO Recommend You Focus On Join Bytes and Steve Marshall, executive Chairman at internationally accredited data privacy consultants Risk-X for a concise update sharing how to audit your current compliance & define your GDPR journey. This informative session shows how you can define policies and create a Privacy Information Management system which is both ISO 27001 compliant & addresses the 12 Key Steps the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) recommend businesses address to comply. This webinar explores each of the 12 ICO recommendations including: • New Individual Rights • Subject Access Requests • Legal Basis for Processing • Consent Collection & Recording • Post Breach Requirements & Reporting • Privacy by Design (PbD) We will share a framework for assessing your businesses' fit with GDPR and detail best practices in people, process and technology to ease the path to compliance by May 2018.
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Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN webinar
www.bytes.co.uk - 01372 418 500 Discover how Citrix NetScaler Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) securely and reliably delivers virtualised applications to branch users, while improving the quality of the user experience, adding visibility into HDX, and simplifying management and troubleshooting. Watch our webinar to hear how NetScaler SD-WAN increases the performance and reliability of traditional enterprise applications, SaaS applications and virtual desktops over any network while simplifying the branch network. Discover how to: - Maintain high performance for mission critical applications even when a network link fails - Improve the virtual desktop experience to branch-office and mobile users and accelerate traditional enterprise applications - Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections, while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability - Support cloud migration with integrated security to protect enterprise data - Simplify IT with integrated routing, firewall and WAN Optimisation to reduce network footprint - Secure data across the WAN and to the cloud with strong encryption, application-level security policies and data segmentation - Gain true visibility of your application traffic across the WAN and make changes in real time as to how applications function across your organisation
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Webinar  - Encryption - GDPR's 'Get out of Jail Free'  Card?
GDPR Webinar Series - Session Four Encryption, The Cornerstone of a 3 Step Approach to Compliance In this concise webinar focusing on optimal data access control and privacy webinar Bytes are joined by digital security leader Gemalto. Gemalto, the world leader in encryption and access security, has developed a three step approach to data protection and GDPR. An approach which gives businesses the right to avoid the painful process of GDPR notification, even under the new Regulation. The approach is to control access, encrypt the data and manage the encryption keys. In this session Manoj Bhati, Senior Engineer at Gemalto will walk you through this approach, sharing how access control and pseudonymisation of customer personal data is critical to GDPR compliance (and why encryption allows businesses the right 'not to declare' a breach publically). This concise technical session will cover the following areas: Authentication of users, minimising data exposure Encryption of data, how and why, best practices Centralised key management, making lost data worthless A variety of real life GDPR usage scenarios for encryption and access control Manoj will also demonstrate the Gemalto solutions which enable customers to have a centralised data protection offering to ensure they protect their key assets & customer data
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Veritas Backup Exec 16 and Microsoft Azure
It’s here! Backup Exec 16 is now available to help your business meet today’s complex data protection needs. There are currently 2.2 million organisations who trust Backup Exec to protect 65 million TB of data, using a whole host of features to help their business save time and meet recovery objectives. With simplified licensing models for easier consumption and new integration with Azure, Backup Exec 16 can not only improve your ability to recover, but deliver confidence in moving sensitive data to the cloud. Watch our webinar where Barnaby Wood, Global Product Marketing at Veritas, and Bytes Veritas experts discuss: - The data protection challenges your industry peers report as top priorities - How Backup Exec 16 helps your business protect data across virtual, physical and cloud environments - Licensing model overview for both existing and new customers - Live demo of Backup Exec 16
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NetIQ Platespin webinar
Watch our webinar to hear how NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate can: - Accelerate workload migration and reduce errors with the highest level of automation available for workload migration, and free up valuable IT resources - Migrate server workloads from anywhere to anywhere - Give you the option for full testing of the platform before committing to the new infrastructure - Reduce learning curves and simplify workload migration with a drag-and-drop interface and built-in workflow
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Bytes l Cyberark Privileged Attacks Webinar
The Common Thread in the World’s Best Known Cyber Attacks Is Revealed. New insights into 2015’s major cyber attacks reveal they unanimously exploited privileged account vulnerabilities to devastating effect. From TalkTalk, through Sony to VTech, when it comes to sophisticated attacks, one central theme has hidden at the heart of the headlines - privilege. In fact, stolen, abused or misused privileged credentials are used in nearly all breaches (not just the headline grabbers). In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, they can allow full control of an organization’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls, steal confidential information and disrupt operations. Webinar On Demand - Securing the Keys to Your Kingdom With this growing threat, organisations need controls to proactively protect against, detect and respond to privileged cyber attacks before they strike vital systems and sensitive data. Join Bytes & privileged security leader CyberArk to turn the tables on privileged exploits and: • Secure, rotate and control access to privileged passwords and SSH keys • Isolate, monitor and control privileged access to enterprise assets • Monitor and record activity on privileged accounts • Detect and Disrupt In-progress Attacks • Eliminate embedded application credentials for improved security and compliance • Enforce least privilege policies on super-user accounts • Properly audit and analyse privileged user and account activity In today’s collaborative environment, organisations must mitigate security risks whilst supporting a range of end-users accessing privileged accounts including third party vendors, contractors, temporary employees and more. See how to strike this balance and keep the keys to your kingdom locked down.
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Nutanix Hyperconverged Solutions - Webinar
Hyper-converged infrastructure will enable you to deliver business applications and IT services while driving down overall TCO. It simply bundles multiple IT components into a single solution. Nutanix has the market leading hyper-converged platform that will bring your compute and storage into a single appliance. Watch our webinar to hear how Nutanix can deliver a cost-effective solution with predictable scalability for even the most intensive workloads, such as: • Server Virtualisation and Private Cloud - allowing vendor flexibility • Virtual Desktop Initiatives (VDI) - accelerating performance • Big Data Projects - matching the right capacity and performance • Disaster Recovery (DR) and best practice business continuity • Application and data control for Enterprise Branch Offices
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Veritas Data Insight Webinar
Watch our webinar to hear how the new release of Symantec/Veritas Data Insight can help you improve unstructured data governance through data owner identification and visibility into usage and access permissions. This intelligence into the data enables effective data management to reduce costs, protect sensitive information and achieve compliance. Symantec/Veritas Data Insight delivers a complete picture of your information, so you can protect what matters and eliminate that which does not. Jaap den Exter, EMEA Information Intelligence Product Lead from Symantec/Veritas discusses how you can use Data Insight to: • Gain visibility into governance problems and devise a strategy to fix them • Take action by implementing policy that aligns people’s behavior with goals • Assume control by improving data management practices to reduce risk and avoid liabilities and costs
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Snow License Manager 7 Webinar
Bytes, in partnership with Snow Software will update you on the new and exciting features in Snow License Manager 7. Already recognised as the leading solution for managing desktop licenses, Snow License Manager 7 introduces a number of features that enables organisations with datacenters to realise significant cost savings on enterprise applications and licenses.
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Trend Micro Webinar - How to Defeat Ransomware
Watch our webinar where Ed Cabrera, former CISO for US Secret Service and now VP Cybersecurity Strategy at Trend Micro will give you the latest information you need to know on how to effectively protect you and your organisation from ransomware and the more insidious crypto-ransomware.
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VMware Automation and Orchestration webinar
Watch our webinar where John Ryan, Systems Engineer at VMware, will be discussing and demonstrating the features of vRealize Suite: • Automated delivery - Deliver infrastructure and applications across multiple hypervisors, private and public cloud services through a self-service portal and catalog • Intelligent - Manage infrastructure and applications across physical, virtual OR cloud environments using predictive analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity, log and configuration management • Business Insight - Align IT spending with business priorities via full transparency and improved decision-making around infrastructure and application service cost and quality, accelerating IT transformation • Unified Management - Simplify management while leveraging existing investments in tools and skills by implementing a single, extensible management platform for physical, virtual and cloud environments
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Data Migration to the Cloud
With IT budgets shrinking and the challenges around IT increasing, the move to the cloud is becoming an attractive option for many organisations. With this in mind, you're likely thinking about the practicalities of such a critical move; what to move to where, how you can protect your organisation from data loss, and how to ensure end to end compliance. We've got the answers in this practical webinar delivered by migration and cloud experts at Bluesource. Watch our webinar to hear: • Different market trends and real world case studies from some large complex businesses • Considerations around best practice and compliance to safeguard your organisation • Review different technologies used based on source and destination migration platforms Bluesource will help you plan and execute every aspect of your migration and work with you to avoid downtime, protect information and maintain an unbroken chain-of-custody. Discover how Bluesource can: • Provide an accurate understanding of the complexities and timescales for data migration • Ensure projects stay on schedule and avoid unexpected costs • Free up resource by utilising dedicated migration and project management expertise
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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Licensing Webinar
Covering the SQL 2012 changes this webinar includes: • Streamlining SQL Server Editions • New SQL BI & Enterprise Editions • Per Processors to Core Licensing • CAL Price Increase • Expanded Virtualisation Rights with SA Hosted by Chris Swani, Bytes
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LiveTiles SharePoint Webinar
LiveTiles, is a powerful user interface design tool that is changing the way Microsoft sites are built and deployed. Functioning like a presentation layer over Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure, LiveTiles lets you rapidly create touch and, mobile-friendly sites that are flexible and – importantly - will get your end users excited about workplace technology. With the help of LiveTiles, transform a difficult SharePoint intranet/website into a great design that users love, giving you the tools to easily achieve great results. Watch our webinar with LiveTiles’ Lee Ralph, to learn about this game-changing piece of technology, including: • Learn to quickly create sites using LiveTiles simple ‘drag and drop’ interface • Understand the value of rapid deployment and building sites users love • Explore LiveTiles’ range of pre-configured tiles and apps; from document, task and calendar lists, to integrated Yammer feeds, news and image carousels • Learn how to easily build a responsive SharePoint page
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Windows 10: Advice and Guidance for NHS Customers
Hear about the NHS agreement with Bytes and guidance on Windows 10 deployment and common challenges when approaching migration.
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Actifio webinar
Actifio takes a new approach to data management that delivers key improvements across access and protection without having to choose between saving money and improving business responsiveness. Watch our webinar to find out more.
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VMware vRealize Business Webinar
Watch our webinar where Phil Davies, Solutions Architect at VMware will be discussing how VMware vRealize Business provides transparency and control over IT services: • Agility – speeds up the IT Services delivery allowing IT to fully meet the expectations of line of business partners • Control – deliver the right level of control to support the needs of IT teams balancing objectives across the dimensions of agility, risk and cost • Make informed decisions with respect to what services to provision and where, on-premise on your private cloud or in the public cloud • Align IT spending with business priorities by getting full transparency of infrastructure and application service cost and quality • Financial insight provided by VMware cloud business management and benchmarking capabilities allowing understanding of the cost of your virtual infrastructure services or private cloud • Allows costing show back and chargeback across your organization • Business/IT Alignment – provide transparency into the operations and cost characteristics of IT services which helps drive better IT and Business alignment
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