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Formatting Your Code with Visual Studio
Do you like the open brace on a new line or right after the parameter/class declaration? There's a good way to start an argument between programmers! Well the great thing is in Visual Studio you can set the formatting options to do it the way YOU want! Then use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+K+D to reformat anything you already coded. YOU decide how you want your code formatted!
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How to display code in Power Point
Code Presenter Pro is a really clever app for Office that helps you display code in your Power Point presentations. This video will give you a quick introduction to the features of the add in. This app was developed by students as part of the 2014 Microsoft Imagine Cup
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Faster HTML Coding with Zen Coding
if you install VS Web Essentials for Visual Studio you can use Zen Coding to write HTML code faster than ever! This video shows you a few Zen coding features you can start using right away. Just install the free add-in VS Web Essentials from the Visual Studio Gallery
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How to create a Universal App for Windows and Windows Phone
This short video shows you how to create and debug the Universal App project in Visual Studio 2013. The Universal App project type allows you to build an application for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone and is structure to help you share code between the two applications
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Why use Workflow Foundation
Hear why Workflow Foundation is worth a second look!
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Understanding and customizing the enhanced scrollbar in Visual Studio
The enhanced scrollbar was added to Visual Studio 2013 and helps you track changes, errors, and more within your code. In this video I'll show you the different carets that appear and what you can customize in the scrollbar display
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Sure you can create your own code snippets in Visual Studio, but sometimes we just can't be bothered to create the XML file. That's why it's great that you can drag a snippet of code from the code editor to the toolbar so you can drag it back anytime you need it for any project! You can even organize your snippets in the toolbox
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Adding code to Universal Apps in Visual Studio 2013
Universal apps allow you to share code across Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. IN this video I show you how to add code that can be maintained in one location but used by both your Windows 8 and Windows Phone application. also cover how to use conditional if statements for platform specific code
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Changing the Windows Phone Keyboard with InputScope
Change the keyboard displayed by your Windows Phone app using the InputScope attribute. choose if your keyboard contains the "@", provides autocomplete, just numbers, symbols. You choose the best keyboard to make the best possible application experience for your users
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Finding Code Snippets with Visual Studio Developer Assistant
Did you know you can search for code snippets and error messages from places like Code Project and MSDN from inside Visual Studio? Imagine if intellisense actually gave you code snippets you could copy and paste? That's the power of Developer Assistant
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Keeping Track of unfinished code
We rarely finish the day with a single completed module. A lot of our code is in multiple files and complete in bits and pieces. So how do you easily keep track of the incomplete parts of your code you need to go back and fix? Check out Task List!
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Visual Studio 2013 Peek Definition ALT+F12
The Peek Definition feature added in Visual Studio 2013 allows you to view and edit the code being called inline. In the past you may have used Go To Definition (F12) to see the code you were calling, but that opened up the definition in a separate window. Peek definition opens up an editable view of the code called inline.
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Changing and Creating Themes in Visual Studio
You can change the color schemes used in Visual Studio. In this video I will show you how to modify the color theme and how to create your own color themes
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Visual Studio Quick Launch
The Visual Studio Quick Launch feature added in Visual Studio 2012 helps you find specific features and settings for the Visual Studio tool. No more searching through menus and Tools - Options!
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Fast Selecting and Editing
Since we spend so much time copying and pasting code, knowing all the keyboard shortcuts to select the code to copy and paste can help you code faster. Here's a couple of quick tips to help you out!
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Visual Studio 2013 Peek Definition
In Visual Studio 2013, using the keyboard shortcut ALT + F12 you can peek into a method definition inline.
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Alt Up Alt Down shortcut key
Need to move a line of code? In Visual Studio 2013 you have an alternative to cutting and pasting. Simply select the line or lines of code you want to move and use the keyboard shortcut Alt+up arrow or Alt+down arrow to move the code up or down
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Dude, Where's my files?
Visual Studio project directories tend to have very long file path names by default. You can easily navigate to a project directory or place the file path name in your clipboard with a right click on the code editor tab!
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Visual Studio Collapsible Region
Using the Control M and H keys you can create a collapsible region in Visual Studio
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Don't Touch! Unless you want to... then go ahead!
As more of us use touch devices, we find ourselves automatically reaching to tap the screen instead of for our mouse! Visual Studio 2015 has added some neat touch support to the code editor window. You can now use touch for zoom, select, context menus, and scrolling!
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Visual Studio Comment block of code
Using the Control Key + K + C you can comment out a block of code
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Christopher Harrison, MCT, talks about the My Sites Feature in SharePoint and why you should consider adding this feature to your installation
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Visual Studio Navigate Forward and Backward
Use the key sequence CTRL + "-" or CTRL + SHIFT + "-" to navigate forwards and backwards between different places in your code
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How can I request a new feature in Visual Studio
Is there a feature you have always wanted in Visual Studio and you want to tell the team? Find out how to request the feature you think needs to be added to Visual Studio
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Imagine Cup 2014 Seattle World Finals
Imagine Cup 2014 Seattle World Finals
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Microsoft Student Programs in Canada 2014/2015
Find out about all the amazing programs Microsoft offers in Canada for students in the 2014/2015 school year!
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Teched North America Battle Bots and Kinect
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Juggling lessons at CUSEC - This is what happens on the last day of the show as things start to wind down
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Did you know Visual Studio 2015 allows you to save different screen layouts. This way, when you switch from your laptop to your desktop with dual monitors you can have Visual Studio set up just the way you want it quickly and easily
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Feed The People Windows Phone Game by Carleton University students wins 2nd Place in Windows Phone Game Category at 2012 Canadian Imagine Cup
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Why Canada should participate in Imagine Cup
Craig Mundie and Bill Buxton of Microsoft Research talk about why Canadian students should consider entering Imagine Cup
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Winning team of Windows 8 CUSEC hackathon
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Customizing Find in Files
When you do a Find in Files (CTRL+SHIFT+F), by default the output displays the file path which can fill up the results window. Did you know you can use a registry key to customize the output of your search? Just create a string value in the registry called "Find result format" put it in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\Find (12.0 for VS 2013, 11.0 for VS2012, 10.0 for VS2010) then specify a value for your new registry string value of $f$e($l,$c):$t\r\n This will display file name file extension (line number column number): line of code containing the string match and then inserts a carriage return. The end result simpler search results (as long as you don't need the file path)
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FAST University SharePoint Training
Larry Kaye, MCT, talks about the courses, and free webcasts on SharePoint at FAST University
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