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The Best Encrypcurrency Documentary - Skipjack Dime Phenomenon
What is Skipjack DIme? What is Encrypcurrency? Encrypcurrency to take charge of the global market as the “Rise of dime” emerges. However, MR Skipjack, an unknown scientist, electronics expert in embedded hardware and software including robotics and a futurist science fiction, inventor of encrypt currency declares Skipjack (SKJ) as the first encryption currency to oppose traditional fiat money and cryptocurrencies. In cryptography, Skipjack is a block cipher, an encryption for transmission of information. It uses a Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm for distribution of the cryptographic session keys between peers. This tech is said to be developed by U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) but that’s by the way. In this post, I will be making more reference to Skipjack dime itself. You can read more about Skipjack (cipher) algorithm on Wikipedia. Skipjack was born from the weakness of crypto currency. It is a global digital currency and the world’s first secure global encrypt currency in the form of digital to be traded in international financial markets by 2019 and it will be used by more than 50,000 members in a 2018 world conference service, Digital World Congress , to buy, share, and trade knowledge, goods, and services. The value of SJK is determined on the supply and demand plus financial markets from a basket of underlying asset in the form of currencies, commodities and carbon futures. In 2017, Carmen Group from UAE Royal family and a private group of business based in Dubai and London acquired non disclosed amount for the exclusive right from the inventor of Encrypt Currency, Mr SkipJack .Carmen Group becoming World Exclusive Owner and Distributor encryp currency and shall announce that skipjack will be first encryp currency with underlying assets added to the weighted basket that determines the value of Skipjack. According to the company, this change made skipjack “the first and only currency that is linked to the supply and demand backed by asset.” Skipjack is managed by the Feistel Core Network (FCN), that is, it can be sent anywhere and to anyone and is convenient to use. Its structure also makes it great for the environment Carmen Group Superencryp Block Foundation will announce in 2019 the development of Skipjack Funds, derivative financial products based on the Skipjack, including micro-finance and commodity asset pools. According to plan, Skipjack will be used as a fundraising tool for Presidential campaign in 2019. The question whether skipjack currency is a potential. Skipjack have three useful qualities in a currency, they are “hard to earn, limited in supply and easy to verify”. Economists define money as a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a unit of account and agree that skipjack has some way to go to meet all these criteria. It does best as a medium of exchange. More info visit www.skipjackx.com
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[BREAKNG NEWS] Skipjack World Conference Tour finally Confirmed!
HOT HOT ON SKIPJACK ! Latest News in market! Summer / Winter 2018/2019 Skipjack World Superencryp Block Conference Tour Now that we’ve completed the development work it’s time to showcase the new app and various client features by taking the show on the road. The Skipjack team will begin a tour that will take them across Asia Pacific, Europe, Dubai, Germany, and to select International encrypcurrency conferences supported by Forbes Media, Bloomberg and CNBC Tour Schedule: Please find below a list of scheduled tour stops. List updated weekly. (Last update: 01.05.2018) Date: June 2018 Event: Skipjack Superencryp Conference Indonesia Location: Makassar Team Rep: Forbes / Bloomberg Description: The international network of Encryp Conferences organized by Skipjack Media, covering more than 10 European and Asean countries, is holding its first conference in Indonesia. Date: September/ October 2018 Event: Skipjack Summit, London Location: London Team Rep: Forbes, BBC, CNBC, Representative Advisor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Description: This conference brings together Skipjack technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Super Encryp Block in Financial Services. Date: February 2019 Event: Skipjack Summit, Dubai Location: Dubai Team Rep: Royal Family Abu Dhabi, Forbes, Bloomberg Description: This conference brings together Skipjack technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Super Encrypblock in Financial Services in Dubai Date: May 2019 Event: Super Encrypblock & Conference Germany Location: Berlin, Germany Team Rep: Forbes Description: The first large-scale conference in Berlin organized by Forbes, dedicated to encrypcurrency Date: July 2019 Event: C3 Encryp Conference 2019 Location: Russia Team Rep: Forbes and Russia Media Description: C2 is Bringing together leading experts, investors, encryp start-ups, lawyers, developers and everyone who is interested in encrypcurrencies technology. Join the crypto community for this exclusive event in Moscow. Date: September 2019 Event: US Encryp 2019 Location: New York Attendee: Forbes, JP Morgan Description: First conceptualized in 2019 out of the americans, is one of the longest running encryp conferences in the United States. Our 2019 event will build upon past success and deliver even more direction-setting content, invigorating speakers, and cutting edge start-up demos from across the super encryp block space.
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The Future of Currency
Visit www.skipjackx.com for more info.
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[ BREAKING NEWS ] The price of skipjack is increase US$0.50 cents by 5th May 2018
World Media news and Oil trade support plans increase skipjack price demand this week The price of skipjack is increase US$0.50 cents by 5th May 2018 on 6am UK Time. Skipjack investors gain high confident for the demand this month as new plan move circle around skipjack investors.The support from media plan this May for next 6 month from Forbes Media will continue bringing the demand of skipjack 6 times less four month from now.This week, majority skipjack shareholders of royal abu dhabi announced a plan to create an oil-backed encrypcurrency. A plan which received good support from OPEC and nearly every corner of the globe. Skipjack officials suggested a platform to trade oil in encrypcurrency - that idea to materialize - but as the skipjack mindset grips markets, an OPEC-encrypcurrency backed by oil could really shake things up. The likelihood of such an endeavor along with the Middle East’s ambitious superencryp block x renewables plans, things could change quickly in skipjack trading market Such a move could usher in a new era of both energy trade and global finance. Stances on fossil fuels aside, oil is one of the most important industries on the planet, by far. And OPEC is sitting on an estimated 81% of the world’s total reserves, totaling approximately $74-trillion at the current price-per-barrel. Regardless of the outcome of Royal Abu Dhabi pitch to OPEC, it’s clear that things are changing quickly in global commodity trade. Hurry buy buy buy skipjack before usd 0.50 cents on 5th may! WWW.SKIPJACKX.COM
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SKIPJACK ENCRYPCURRENCY - Born from the weakness of cryptocurrency
The rise of the dime, the new encrypcurrency technology born the weakness of cryptocurrency, using block cipher skipjack algorithm. The new revolution that would replace cryptocurrency technology forever.
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SJK Trading Competition 2018
For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/notes/skipjack-encrypcurrency/dime-trading-competion-mechanics/919924604859806/
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MT4 Trading Platform is now open!
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Skipjack Value jumps to 12 USD
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