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Intel's Next Unit of Computing
Intel NUC
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Analogix SlimPort SP1002 microUSB to HDMI Adapter on Nexus 4
A brief demonstration of SlimPort (an MHL alternative) working on the Google / LGE Nexus 4. SlimPort is based around DisplayPort and enables 1080p60 24bpp video output from the Nexus 4, which is scaled from the 720p native display. SlimPort does not require microUSB external power to function. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy Camera - uploaded without any processing. I realize continual auto focus is a bit distracting at the beginning.
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Hands on with Nokia Lumia 1020 - 41MP PureView and Pro Shot Camera
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Moto X - Moto Maker Walkthrough
Walkthrough of the Moto X customization experience named Moto Maker, which offers styling customization of 2 front colors, 18 back colors, 7 accent colors, custom message, storage, and out of box sign-on.
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Samsung SSD 830 Review
Samsung SSD 830 Review
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AMD Brazos vs. Atom H.264 Playback
Demonstration at AMD's CES room comparing 1080p H.264 playback on Atom N550 to Vision C-30/C-50.
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Star Swarm - Radeon R9 290X - Direct3D 12 - Follow Mode
Star Swarm - Radeon R9 290X - Direct3D 12 - Follow Mode
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Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Review & State of Mobile Discussion
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Intel SSD 710 Review
Intel SSD 710 Review - http://www.anandtech.com/show/4902/intel-ssd-710-200gb-review
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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Lag During Background IO
UI lag while downloading at 2.5MB/s on the TF700T
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Thunderbolt on Windows via MSI's Z77A-GD80
For more info check out our preview: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5829/a-first-look-at-thunderbolt-on-windows-with-msis-z77agd80
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GPS Comparison: CDMA vs GSM-UMTS iPhone 4
Verizon (CDMA) vs AT&T (GSM/UMTS) iPhone 4 GPS comparison. Left - GSM/UMTS (Broadcom BCM4750) Right - CDMA (Qualcomm MDM6600) Apologies for vibration - video taken in a moving vehicle to demonstrate tracking differences.
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A look at LG G Flex's Flexible OLED display
LG G Flex has a 6 inch 720p (RGB stripe) flexible OLED display with a plastic substrate and up to 400 mm radius of curvature, G Flex is 700 mm radius of curvature natively.
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iPhone 4S v iPhone 4 GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) Comparison
The iPhone 4S uses GPS and GLONASS from an MDM6610 for location purposes, whereas the iPhone 4 uses GPS from BCM4750. Apologies for shaking, I have applied anti-shake in post processing. It is hard to shoot steady video in a moving vehicle unfortunately :/
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Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Review
Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Review - http://www.anandtech.com/show/5160/seagate-2nd-generation-momentus-xt-750gb-hybrid-hdd-review
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Apple Thunderbolt Display Review
Apple Thunderbolt Display Review - http://www.anandtech.com/show/4832/the-apple-thunderbolt-display-review/1
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iPad 2 vs. iPad 1 - Benefit of 512MB of RAM
A quick comparison showing the benefits of having 512MB of RAM vs 256MB in iOS
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Star Swarm - Radeon R9 290X - Mantle - RTS Mode
Star Swarm - Radeon R9 290X - Mantle - RTS Mode
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Xiaomi Mi MIX: Design
Hands-On with the Xiaomi Mi MIX
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Nokia E5-00 Sample Video
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ZTE Server Immersion Liquid Cooling at MWC 2018
See https://www.anandtech.com/show/12522 for the full story. Big data centers are often cooled by air, and large HVAC/air-conditioning machines. The ones near the Arctic Circle can rely on the outside air to help. If a center invests properly, especially with a specific design and layout in mind, then using water cooling is another investment that can be made. If a designer really wants to go off the deep end, then full immersion liquid cooling is a possibility. Immersive liquid cooling is ultimately not that new, and is based on non-conductive liquids. It allows for the full system to be cooled: all of the components, all of the time, and removes the need for large cooling apparatus, and encourages energy recycling, which is a major metric for data center owners. For data centers limited by space, it also offers better density of server nodes in a confined space, ideal for deployments on the edge of communication networks. There are two angles to immersion cooling: non-phase change, or phase change. The first one, non-phase change, involves using a liquid with a high heat capacity, and cycling through a heat exchange system. The downside of those liquids is that they often have a high viscosity (mineral oil), requiring a lot of energy to forcibly circulate. By contrast, the phase-change variety is, for most purposes, self-convecting. The idea here is that the liquid being used changes from a liquid to a gas by the act of being warmed up by the component. The gas then rises up to a cool surface (like a cold radiator), condenses, and then falls, as it is now cooler again. The energy transferred into the radiator can then be circled into an energy recovery system. The low viscosity of the phase change material aids significantly in the convection, with the act of creating a large volume low density gas displacing the liquid for that convection.
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Changhang H2 Smartphone with SCiO Spectrometer Demo
The Changhang H2 incorporates a SCiO sensor that uses near-infrared spectroscopy to identify a material’s molecular content.
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AMD TrueAudio "Tuscany" Demo
A brief walk-through of AMD's Unity based Tuscanny demo for True Audio. This demo is meant for use with headphones, and all spatial processing should be disabled. TrueAudio is utilized to calculate the spatialization of an audio environment. This effect is powered by AstoundSound 3D RTI plugin by GenAudio, and it includes support for elevation, distance and positioning.
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OIS and EIS Video Smartphone Comparison in Camera Bracket
Side by side comparison of a few current flagship smartphones, mounted into a dual camera mount, and taken for a short walk. OIS and EIS (optical/electrical) stabilization is tested here, along with general video quality. Phones: Lumia 1020 is the benchmark standard and compared to the HTC One, Lumia 925, LG G2, PureView 808, Moto X, and Samsung Galaxy S4. Side by side 1080p full resolution, 4k total size for close to 1:1 comparison if you view in "original" resolution.
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AMD FreeSync External Display Demo: Computex 2014
Here at Computex 2014 AMD is showing off the first FreeSync capable monitor. It runs at 40Hz-60Hz and is being used to demonstrate that FreeSync can be implemented on some current panels and scalers, without the need for extensive technology upgrades. http://www.anandtech.com/show/8129
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USB-IF Demonstrates USB Power Delivery Charging Notebook and Display
65W Lenovo X300 notebook being charged over USB Power Delivery specification and simultaneously driving two displays daisy chained (1080p, 2048x1152) and accessing a USB 3.0 jumpdrive on the final display. Sorry, the end is a bit abrupt as I ran out of storage on the card I was recording on (recorded on Galaxy Camera).
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Gaming on 4G LTE - CS:S on HTC Thunderbolt, Pantech UML290
I repeat myself a bit in this video and apologize for that. This is CS:S using a local server on Verizon 4G LTE in Phoenix, AZ market. For a quick look at latency from both side by side (just the netgraph) go to 3:47.
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Star Swarm - GeForce GTX 980 - Direct3D 12 - Follow Mode
Star Swarm - GeForce GTX 980 - Direct3D 12 - Follow Mode
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HTC One max vs HTC One OIS
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Synaptics ClearPad 3 Touch Controller Demo
Synaptics ClearPad 3 Touch Controller Demo
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iBuyPower Snowblind at CES 2018: A Case with a Monitor?
https://www.anandtech.com/show/12351 One of the most esoteric elements to CES this year was in the iBuyPower booth. iBuyPower is a system integrator rather than a components manufacturer, so it comes across as surprising when they have an ultimate hardware exclusive, and their Project Snowblind is it. Last year at CES iBP demonstrated the Snowblind concept: using a transparent LCD panel on the side of a PC case as a window into seeing the components, but also with the ability to run a set of moving images and video while the machine is on. It is the ultimate RGB add-on. For 2018, the latest version was on display.
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Hands on with Parrot's Asteroid Smart 2-DIN Android Head Unit
Hands on with Parrot Asteroid Smart, which is a double DIN (2-DIN) head unit running Android 2.3.7 and a custom software
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Next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review
Two corrections: The upgraded model is $2799 not $2699, and the system is under 4.5lbs not just over. Check out the full review here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6023/the-nextgen-macbook-pro-with-retina-display-review
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Soldering a Flip Chip die onto a BGA Package
A VIA Centaur employee solders a dual-core Nano die onto a BGA package.
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ASUS Sandy Bridge UEFI Preview
A quick look at ASUS' UEFI utility on its new P67 Sandy Bridge motherboard
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Hangout with ARM's Co-Founder and CTO Mike Muller
Anand spends time with ARM's Co-Founder and CTO, Mike Muller
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NVIDIA G-Sync Compared to V-Sync on/off
Bioshock Infinite running at high quality 1080p settings on a GeForce GTX 760. Three 720p60 videos side by side. Playback is at 50% speed to better illustrate effects.
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