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How to Start a Boat Cleaning Business - Financial Projections and Capital Costs - by Lance Winslow
How much capital will I need, and what types of expenses will I incur once I start my boat cleaning and yacht detailing business? Yes, very important questions indeed. I will attempt to address them here to give you an idea on just how to compile this information for your business plan, so you can know exactly what you are getting into in case you decide to set sail on this new venture and start your own business. If you have any follow-up questions, shoot me an email at Lance (AT) carwashguys [dot] com or leave a comment below for perhaps a follow-up video, which will also help everyone else as well. If you are going to do this, it's time to get serious about the money - if you are going to do it on the cheap, fine, but know the real costs too, know what you are getting into before you jump into the water with your own business. Think on this, it's perhaps the most important part of starting this type of business or any other - I wish you entrepreneurial success.
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Starting a Boat Cleaning Business - Customer  Market Segments - By Lance Winslow
Hi, my name is Lance Winslow and in this talk I discuss your potential market segments and customers for your boat cleaning business. It's an important part of your business and the planning process. You'd be surprised how much business there is out there for cleaning yachts, sailboats, and pleasure craft - and all the potential niches. I think this video should serve you well as you contemplate all the possibilities. If you'd like to leave an email below, I will be more than happy to answer your questions, or you an email me; Lance (AT) carwashguys [dot] com.
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How to Start Boat Detailing Company: Market Research - by Lance Winslow
Greetings Everyone - I hope you are well, today we have a dialogue on how to do market research for a small business service company cleaning boats and yachts. I am the Founder of the Boat Wash Guys and Detail Guys and I bring my experience and hardships to bare here - helping all new entrepreneurial spirited future small business owners some simple strategies to really power up their business planning efforts. I hope you like this video, sorry if it's not perfect, it was only my third one, and I can't read a teleprompter as well as some people you've seen on TV claiming to have knowledge of world affairs or running our civilization, so I had to try to wing-it here. Still, I would submit to you that this information is very important for your future business success in the marine service sector. Maybe you can help my timid ego when it comes to making videos by giving me one of those thumbs up buttons? Thanks for listening either way. You can email me if you have any questions; Lance (at) carwashguys [dot] com.
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Boat Detailing Equipment Choices - Business Planning Phase - by Lance Winslow
In this video I discuss the planning of your new boat cleaning and yacht detailing business - specifically the type of equipment you ought consider based on the type of work you anticipate in providing to your customers. I discuss dry dock cleaning, limitations of in-water cleaning, underwater hull cleaning, insurance costs, and the type of equipment for each. You can email me further questions; Lance (AT) carwashguys [dot] com or leave a comment or question below. Let's talk.
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Business Planning for Boat Detailing Business -Table of Contents, Business Plan - by Lance Winslow
Greetings, my name is Lance Winslow and in this video I discuss how to start the business planning process and preparing an outline and table of contents for a service business - specifically in this case study is a Boat and Yacht Detailing Cleaning company. You don't need an MBA to write a business plan, you just need to start the process. I explain how - real world, real terms and easy to digest "How To" information. Having written probably over 100 business plans, this simple method I use can help you too. Thinking about starting a service business, or cleaning company - watch this video. If you are wishing to open a Boat Detailing or Yacht Cleaning service firm - definitely watch this video to get started in your planning process. If you have any comments - leave them below or email me Lance (AT) carwashguys [dot] com.
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Starting a Boat Detailing Company - Licensing and Business Formation - by Lance Winslow
Catapulting your new #StartupBusiness to success - don't forget the legal details and regulatory requirements. My name is Lance Winslow, and I will walk you through some of the decisions you'll have to make and where to find the proper advice. For my #casestudy - I will use a Boat Cleaning and Detailing business model, a simple service type small business. Once you decide the type of business structure you will be prepared and ready to complete this part of your #BusinessPlan . Will you be a sole-proprietorship, partnerships - will you form an LLC. How do you find a good attorney? Where can you get wise business formation advice. In this video I will discuss all this. Need free assistance? SBA, SBDC, Local Chamber of Commerce, Business Groups, networking groups. City Hall, County permits, security clearances, business licensing, environmental certificates. Let's talk. My email address for additional questions, comments or concerns is Lance (At) carwashguys [DOT] com.
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Starting a Boat Cleaning and Yacht Detailing Business - Team Building - by Lance Winslow
Building Teams in business big or small ought to be a priority - when done correctly the company will be un-stoppable in the market place. Hello, my name is Lance Winslow, I am an entrepreneur, now semi-retired and I wanted to share with you some of my ideas on Team Building and for my case study here I will discusses building your team in a Boat Dealing business. In this conversation with you, I will give you new concepts and talk about Start Up mentality, blitz marketing, trust, can do attitude and what to do with good-for-nothing lazy workers. We will have this dialogue continue into issues of adversity and how it builds character and strong teams. If you have any comments or questions, please shoot me an email; Lance (AT) carwashguys [dot] com - or leave a message below for me to answer.
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Financing a Boat Detailing Business Start-up Video - by Lance Winslow
#RaisingCapital for your #BoatCleaning #Startup Business.discussed in this short video. If you want to start your own business but don't have the money this video will give you some suggestions on where to get the capital you need. In this case study - I discuss getting that capital you need to make this happen. You may not have considered all the options. You can do this, if you really want to get into a business of your own. If you have any comments - leave them below - or you can email me with questions or comments at Lance (AT) carwashguys [dot] com. Most small businesses that fail go out of business for lack of capital - don't be one of those, watch this video, find free-consulting help, and really think this through. Sincerely, Lance Winslow
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Starting A Boat Cleaning Business - Self Assessment - Do You Want to Do This? by Lance Winslow
If you are thinking about starting a boat cleaning business - seasoned Marine Services entrepreneur Lance Winslow has some advice. Not wishing to make waves, he'd like to discuss with you today about self assessment - Are you ready for this? Have you done any soul searching? Do you really want to be self employed? It's hard work, long hours, and slow building - but yes, the rewards of yacht detailing and boat washing are also good, Lance talks about some of that as well.
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Starting a Boat Cleaning Business - Sizing Up The Competition - by Lance Winslow
One of the first things small business start-ups consider before entering a business is; - What About the Competition? - What if Someone is Already Doing It? Well, this is what I will discuss in this video, and its time to consider a new way of thinking about all this. I will go through various scenarios of intelligence gathering to determine who your competition might be in the yacht detailing and boat cleaning business so that you can complete a solid business plan. You must know your competition, but you must also resolve to be a competitor. I hope you will enjoy this video, sorry if it isn't good enough for you, I am still new at this online video thing - but I thought this might be a good topic to chat with you about - let me know what you think on this subject - let's continue this dialogue. My email is Lance (at) carwashguy [dot] com or leave a message or comment below.
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Beach Erosion Solution - Innovative Solution of Contouring Seafloor by Lance Winslow
In this brief 10-minute talk, Lance Winslow of the Online Think Tank addresses some of the challenges with coastal beach erosion in the United States and how we might mitigate this in the future using mathematically designed submerged seafloor contours to modify the waves to deliver sand to the swash zones rather than allowing the sand to wash away. Also discussed are the environmental aspects, Coastal Commission in California, challenges with Hurricanes storm surges, endangered species, and protective replacement as a barrier to future storms, Tsunamis and damage. At the end of the video Lance Winslow asks for your brain power and innovative ideas to make this a reality.
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